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  1. Have to jump on that one, I Bumped into Tom walking in St Ives in Cornwall between the lockdowns and he was more than happy to chew the cud and have a chat, asked him how life was he was very open and said he had an addictive personality and was sorting his shit out, they are still together and living in Cornwall he said the lifestyle suited him down there and with no one around was easy to get his head down, we had some mutual contacts and he was good as gold very open chat and he looked really healthy, said he had written stuff and was going to get back, I wished him after a time and I walk
  2. Wow this is going to go down like a lead balloon
  3. Let’s be clear it was a perfect storm that year, we never came close to repeating it again with that team, so obviously was more than those parameters cos of it was we would have gone close again and we didn’t
  4. All is relative ! The league is much stronger and other have talent we will never have really
  5. We have reached 50 points in 27 games, what an achievement not many times we have done that in the top flight
  6. Squad is a mid table team and injuries have proven that Rodgers demands so much of his players he needs a big squad of quality players given the tools I think he could achieve so much
  7. They are getting tired now ROGERS BALL means the team is at max pace all season our squad isn’t as good as some claim and now we are likely to struggle, glad we are out of Europe we should slip out of the FA cup now and focus on top 4 we can’t win the cup given all that’s now happened with players and injury we still need to strengthen in the summer and are 3/5 quality players short of being a true top 4 team
  8. His contract will need to be huge I suspect to really ward off the super clubs , he is the find of the season across the league for me , let’s get him on a new 5 year deal with £150/200m buy out clause
  9. Decent squad player will mature into a decent player needs time still, 25/26 time to judge him, but he has a lot of ability and his work rate to fantastic
  10. Let’s not point fingers folks let’s try understand and help others understand and together we will get through this together. divisions in society have no place on a forum dedicated to a football team that’s worked very hard to unite their local community
  11. The rates in some Locations in Leicestershire would fulfil local lockdown criteria as they stand now ! So we need people locally to stick to the rules and start to drive the rates down faster
  12. At one stage this was almost 1:3 we would not be in top 4 how would you vote now !
  13. How much of a sad tw*t do You have to be to be laughing and taking the piss out of a young man who did nothing wrong here only work hard and try get on this thread sums up much that is wrong with society 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄🙄
  14. One club in Leicester must be 15 professional clubs in london ? Maybe more
  15. Won nothing can’t cover costs crap training centre owe 1 billion ya huge 🤣🤣
  16. can’t see how they are that much bigger than us to be honest
  17. Our 2nd best player most improved footballer in England this season, one of the emerging superstars of English Football This boy has it all ! from carrying out flowers for the 2016 trophy ceremony and forming a ballboy guard of honour that day to now having the world at his feet is a remarkable journey One of the most exciting young players in world football and we have to recognise Rodgers has helped bring him to the boil they are made for each other this boy is special, no young player at this club has given me gooseb
  18. One of the Top 5 managers/coaches in Europe ! what he has done for so many of our squad is frightening ,they have all improved and look better players for his leadership and coaching genuinely sick in my tummy that we can’t be witnessing this amazing moment in our history , enjoy him while we can because this man is a super star coach !
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