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  1. Also can't believe Ward-Prowse actually missed a free kick from the edge of the box
  2. It really doesn't make any sense. They said that its not a handball because it came of his thigh then it his hand but for me, whatever it came of doesn't matter it still hits his hand ( which also is in an unnatural position) and clearly hits his hand. Wish they actually had clear rules on these things so we don't need these debates anymore and we can actually talk about the game.
  3. I think it shows the quality Man City possess when they don't even have a recognised striker and they're top of the league. Credit to pep as much as I don't like him
  4. I think with the inconsistency show in the season, if city can go on a bit of a winning run then they could win the title easily.
  5. Vintage Mahrez, absolutely brilliant finish.
  6. I remember hearing something about the club took a big loan out of some Australian bank and that they expect that it's probably for this expansion. Im quite surprised that they are doing it so soon after finishing the training ground but at the same time it is so exciting to show that the club wants to progress so quickly and establish ourselves as a top European team. Exciting times at this football club!!!!
  7. I remember quite a while ago I watched them play against Everton and this was in the period when every one was talking about that derby record. Despite them losing 3-2, I was really impressed with some of the performances and I didn't used to rate Scott Parker at all but he's showing some positive signs. Also that Looman looks really good, obviously scored a goal last night but when he came against spurs they were 1 nil down and he came on and changed the game and got a beautiful assist for the goal. I'd look out for Fulham, they beat us obviously and look like a tough team to break down. Weth
  8. Yep every game is nervy at the end and there not gonna get away with it every game. In there last few games they won 2-1 against Fulham, 0-0 against Liverpool, 1-0 against burnley, 2-1 against villa etc. you get the point, they are narrowly winning games and in the future they will drop points. The difference between us and united is that we always look like we have goals in us whereas united don't look like they have goals in them. Maybe too reliant on Fernandes?
  9. Dennis Praet is the perfect backup midfielder. He's great in the attack and I love the role he plays when he drifts between an attacking role and out wide. If he's happy sitting on the bench and coming on when called upon then I'm not complaining!! You can also see the link up play with Tielemans and late in the game, he can bring a different type of attacking spark. Love him, we're building a good bunch of Belgians!
  10. I agree, they have a world class attack but a bottom half defence. We can match them any day! Come on boys lets not get too disheartened, one result isn't going to change our whole season and the title race is just hotting up...COME ON LEICESTER
  11. Think Josh Knight may not reach the heights we want and expect to see him leave on a permanent in the summer. Looks good in that Wycombe side and think that we should maybe let them have him?
  12. Damn. We're gonna need an Ademola Lookman masterclass
  13. My favourite has got to be against WBA. Everything was perfect about it; the ball from mahrez, the vardy finish and then the celebration
  14. For all the penalties they didn't deserve and got given. then an actual penalty and it's not given
  15. Wan Bissaka playing him on then. Defensive shambles from united...LOVE IT Great finish from Lookman.
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