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  1. That was almost a superb shout, unlucky mate 🥴
  2. Is it? Every comment I’ve read up to this point has been slating Rodgers, and rightly so.
  3. Today yeah. But what about Man C and Arsenal away?
  4. As shite as we have been lately, I can see a smash and grab 1-0 win here, and Christ we need it 🙏
  5. One of the worst first half performances I’ve seen from us, utterly dreadful and so lucky not to be behind. Has to be changes at halftime as this set up clearly isn’t working, no attacking threat whatsoever.
  6. I’m more of a lurker on here these days 👀 Still love the forum but just rarely post anything, seems to be too many other distractions at the moment. Loads of great posters from years back are sadly missed but there’s still some old timers left at least 😁 Stay safe and well everyone!
  7. Quick question....I had bought 5 tickets to the Palace match which was due to be played over the Easter weekend. Just wondering if and when I would be able to get a refund?
  8. And then he ruined it all with his botched celebration 🤦‍♂️
  9. Yeah that’s him 😁
  10. The worst fart I can ever remember was executed by a mate of mine in Wolverhampton student union, circa 1996. We were standing in a long queue, trying to get in to see a band, who’s name eludes me. There was a limit on capacity and our chances of getting in weren’t looking good. My mate calmly said ‘I’ll sort this’ and moments later a smell developed, so indescribably toxic, it was eye wateringly horrendous. Within moments, the majority of the queue had dispersed, literally retching, and we proceeded towards the entrance, comfortably gaining access to the gig. The only other thing I remember f
  11. Is that the man, the myth, the legend that is Hossein Kaebi?
  12. Man City was bad, but this is just ****ing embarrassing.
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