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  1. Brighton - 19th August

    Need one adult ticket if possible, PM me please, you'll achieve legendary status in life, in my eyes at least
  2. Replacing Mahrez

    For some reason I always get mixed up with Patrick Roberts and Patrick Bamford, suppose just because they're relatively young and both called Patrick All I know is one of them is a bellend, my money's on Bamford. God, i'm bored.
  3. Shinji

    He's an enigma, but that pretty much sums him up, and his importance to the team.
  4. What a joke, **** 'em
  5. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    There's a bar, not a free one though!
  6. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Gonna cost close to £500 with the fuel, hotel, beers etc but **** it, may never see my beloved team in the Champions League knockout stages again so it will be worth every penny. Atmosphere should be amazing, we grab the first goal and the stadium will be rocking, there's no doubt we've got a bloody chance! If we get through I'll be doing the same for the next round, told the missus no holiday this year
  7. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    I'm coming up from Cornwall for this, can't wait! Had to go down the hospitality route to get a ticket, that alone is costing me £275 No way I could miss this though despite not being a fan of prawn sandwiches
  8. Woy?

    No, Vardy right back, Morgan or Huth on corners.
  9. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Anyone with a decent stream PM please, cheers
  10. Next manager odds

    Mancini clear favourite Anyone but ****ing Pardew.
  11. Millwall live streams

    I would also appreciate a PM of a decent stream if possible please
  12. Faith in Ranieri Poll

    I'm torn I am DESPERATE for him to turn things around, it would be so sad to see him given the boot after what he achieved last season, but it is becoming increasingly clear that for whatever reason, he is looking incapable of reversing our fortunes. Everything is so wrong at the moment and it's hard to get your head around the incredible contrast between last season and this. Of course the players should shoulder a huge portion of the blame but ultimately the buck stops with the manager. The big worry that if we do get rid then who is out there to replace him. The names bandied about either inspire little confidence or are an unrealistic target. I'd love to say continue to keep faith in him, but relegation would be a monumental disaster for the club and is looking increasingly likely given the abject performances for the large majority of games this season and if anything they are getting worse and more disjointed despite Ranieri's tinkering. Sad and worrying times, what a comedown.
  13. Ulloa

    He should never have been considered a 'legend' before this sorry saga and certainly shouldn't be now
  14. What is on Daniels tshirt!?

    Highly unlikely we'll ever find out
  15. When does Mendy return?

    I'm no doctor but i'd say that's a pretty pessimistic prognosis