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  1. I've told stringer on Twitter to let it be and not be sensationalist and he has said I don't value freedom of speech... total bell
  2. Also there is quite a big rumour in the West Mids that's Grealish has a relegation release clause of around Ā£40m, so if Madders went and we replaced him with Grealish that could again be a masterstroke in the long run and financial sense
  3. What is the United DNA? They seem clueless.
  4. I would argue that Maddison is one of our most important players, more so than Tielemans and probably less replaceable than Ricardo, Evan's and Soyuncu.
  5. Ollie Watkins is being raved about every week in the championship. Is he a natural wide player?
  6. Keep them both... I can't help feeling our confidence in taking 2nd place so far this season and not wobbling over games in games we should win but don't (I.e Watford,Everton,Newcastle), is because we have players in the squad who have been there and done it against all the odds. Must instill a huge belief that anything is possible. The word legend is used far too often but both of those are Leicester legends.
  7. Maybe put some pressure on Chilwell at Left back also, and push him for his place to get some better form from Chilly
  8. If only we could get a clear cut chance... like a penalty šŸ˜®šŸ˜‚
  9. They are bringing the pies back into the 1884 arent they? No more pissing about with baked crisps!
  10. I remember being at Megsons first home game where he took the microphone off the Birch and launched off on a passive aggressive rant about him being a former forest manager... very bizarre
  11. I remember that Vardy finish from a Nuge knockdown. Super performance that day
  12. I'm judging by success rather than being there at the time.. I presumed that was an unchallenged fact as we have never won the top division before!! šŸ˜‚
  13. Just a quick shout out to Brendan as well. Surely it's no coincidence we have only conceded 2 goals in the second halves all season. As well as the game turning tactically both last night and against Palace. I just get the feeling he is finding the holes needed in the first halves, getting it into the lads at half time and they are aware enough for it to make the difference. He feels like a world class manager.
  14. The 15/16 season felt so stressful week after week, wondering if we could do it. I felt like I was almost willing the season to end. Instead of worrying about the title, top 4, top 6 this season I'm determined to enjoy this, we are amazing and it feels sustainable and that is amazing. These are the best days of 135 years. Let that sink in!
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