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  1. Don't want to over promise here, but imagine if Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Conrad Logan had a child... yeh that's me!
  2. Apologies to all on here that will be disappointed after Brendan see's me waddle around the pitch for a bit tomorrow, and think we need a 16 stone, 6ft1, 32 year old in the middle, forget that Tielemans fella 😂👍
  3. Yeh I've somehow managed to get in! First time I've ever been selected from any ballot!!
  4. I would think it may mean just selling Maguire if we got close to the 70m for him.. This season we sold Mahrez for 65m and spent 100m on transfers and our net spend was about the 4th lowest in the league. Think we still turned over around 155m if my memory serves me right and we can expect a bit more in the prize money pot this year. I don't see it as hugely unrealistic to see players coming in to that value, with only one big name player leaving. I suppose the question is, is it worth parting with a player like Maguire to make it happen?
  5. Probably put it over the top of the urinal...
  6. I bet he went into that disabled toilet all by himself didn't he?! Typical greedy Gray..
  7. Tielemans, Depay and Mitrovic and we would be well set. All about quality over quantity now. If we spent £120m on those 3 it would be a solid investment
  8. I think if he was 25/26 it would be much harder for us to look to keep him. We would be a springboard for him cementing his international place and could be the star of the show here for the next few years to come.. At the point where he is 24/25 we will either have moved forward to match his ambition or he has progressed and will deserve his move on. For what its worth he seems so happy here and grounded for a young footballer, I feel confident we will get this done.
  9. One more goal, or wolves concede one more we would go 7th wouldn't we?
  10. What about Dan James at Swansea? The kid is rapid.
  11. Exactly this. Maguire to leave doesn't fill me with much dread at all. Chilwell would be a much bigger loss. We rarely lose more than one player a season we see as a key man. Kante, Drinkwater and Mahrez etc
  12. I'm sure there is plenty going on behind the scenes to make this happen. Hopefully the official line is we are waiting until the summer to make a decision, is to put other suitors off! Be such a shame not to get this done now we've all seen what he is capable of
  13. Think we should make it £75m just so it's the same price as Van Dijk... the comparisons when it all goes wrong will be much easier for the journos!!
  14. There isn't an appointment that will keep every one happy. I think this satisfies quite a few different points for me though. 1. We've taken a manager from a club that took ours 18 years ago. When we got Puel it felt like no one in a job would touch us. That has to be progress. 2. Someone that will look to unite the club and the fans. 3. A name. Most people know how Brendan Rodgers is and his style and what that would mean to us. 4. The youth crusade we are on can continue! Has promoted youth pretty much everywhere he has been. Some great young players at Celtic also, could go back for Tierney/ Edouard who can make the step. 5. Unfinished business in the Premier league. Yes we don't expect to fight for a title, but his reputation was damaged by the time he left Liverpool. He is young, hungry and has something to prove. 6. His missus is fit 😂 All in all, I'm with him!!
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