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  1. Cheers mate. Pontus Kamark and Matt Piper are also a couple of my favourites. Pontus is just such a character!
  2. Yeh I know. I'm in touch with Spotify to get it sorted! Hope you enjoy the show! Any feedback you have let me know
  3. Me again! Pontus Kamark joined us this week. He was amazing to speak to, give our latest show a listen, available now on all podcast streaming sites.. Dean Hammond joins me on Thursday, Ian Stringer last week, our episodes are getting some real traction. Enjoy if you get a spare bit of time! https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Pontus-making-his-KaMark-erb53g
  4. Agreed. I can't wait to record our show tonight... would have been hell had we lost!
  5. Had a good chat with Ian Stringer today. Actually a really likeable and honest chap. Give it a listen if you get a chance (please, I've heard if you do, we will definitely win the league!?) https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/ALLEZ-LES-BLEUS--Ian-Stringer-eqtk8p
  6. Yep me again... brazenly coming back on here to ask you, the Foxestalk massive to give our latest show a listen. Featuring Iwan Roberts, who still loves us! https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Iwan-is-a-fox-for-life-Welshman-eqgk9c
  7. Thanks for that! Bloody Spotify! Hope you enjoy the show, Matt Piper is a great bloke.
  8. I haul him over the coals for it every week... said he doesn't get into the villa over John Mcginn... Thats why we are predominantly now more guest focused now 🤣
  9. Episode 5 now live. An interesting hour with ex chief exec Barrie Pierpoint. Give it a listen for us! It's been doing really well and we enjoy making it! Iwan Roberts next week! https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Episode-5--Pierpoint-IN-eq8smk
  10. Episode 4 now live with Mark Draper and @UpTheLeagueFox Geoff Peters. Give us a listen, you might like it! Available on all podcast streaming services.. Barrie Pierpoint next week. 👀 https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Hero-to-Villain--Mark-Draper-and-Talksports-Geoff-Peters-epr6ao
  11. I agree. Was expecting to see the lines on the screen?
  12. Show 3 featured QPR fan, former chief hunter and New Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley. He was a great laugh and has a huge soft spot for our club. Next week we have @UpTheLeagueFox and Mark Draper joining us. Have a listen 👇 https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Episode-3---Peter-Bleksley--Hunter--Ranger-epfvo4
  13. Yeh I see your point 😁 Had extremely good feedback from the first two shows, and the listening figures are in top 25% of all new podcasts first show, so give the Matty Piper episode a listen if you get chance!
  14. Evening all... Episode 2, is a 1 to 1 interview with Matt Piper. Detailing his career, life after football and views on the current crop. On your way to work (or another lockdown day at home) give it a listen. Its on all major music streaming services, and let me know what you think... https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Matt-Piper--The-Man--The-legend-epb2r7
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