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  1. manders86

    Who do you want January 2019

    I think when I walk around a house I want to buy with a massive stonk on that's part of the reason no one will sell me their house!!
  2. manders86

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Rodgers is the type of manager that we should be going for when looking for our next. Lots of experience but still has something to prove in England. Would also get the majority of our fan base support (except those that demand Pep or Klopp!!)
  3. manders86

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Just back from today's game. It's beginning to feel like visiting a relative you don't like going down to the KP, you feel you got to go but don't really like it. Everything today felt wrong from the outset, the crowd didn't seem up for it from the start, the team matched it. Regardless of the formation and selection, the pressing and desire didn't seem there at all today. Passes wayward and without confidence. Again we got what we deserved going 1-0 down. Mendy had an absolute stinker today no denying that, but has enough credit in the bank this season to have another chance. Great to see Hamza again be the best player in blue today. What set him apart was the apparent desire he was showing. This wasn't as clear in some of the older Pros. Thought Vardys contribution today was minimal, Wes was throwing his arms around in the second half showing frustration, which is worrying for a leader when we're under pressure. Good to see Harvey Barnes in the squad, unfortunately I think way too much expectation is going to be planted on his shoulders too soon this season. Madison and Gray should be taking much more of that responsibility and so often flatter to deceive. All in all a terrible afternoon, Puel must take his portion of the blame as must the players, who seem to be getting away with too much after poor performances whilst the manager takes it all. I'm not Puel in or out, I'm just Leicester city through and through and until the board make the decision he's no longer the manager gets my support.
  4. manders86

    Barnes coming back

    Can absolutely guarantee he will written off having not had chance to settle into the squad. It's what we do best!
  5. manders86

    Che Adams

    There is an element of this that makes me quite happy we are not chasing the journeyman signing.. the usual types that Everton and West Ham go for the zabaleta, Walcott, nasri when they're best is behind them.
  6. manders86

    Che Adams

    I would potentially look at taking both. Similar situation to that at Everton then with DCL and Lookman. Like the defence then the potential up top would be superb.
  7. manders86

    Who do you want January 2019

    This is my Thinking also. Would also be tempted to say you get more for your money in the Summer. Huge summer window ahead of us for many different reasons
  8. manders86

    Who do you want January 2019

    I don't think we will add anyone this window for a variety of reasons, that said if we get the summer window right next season we have a real chance to progress. The defence won't need touching at all with the emergence of Benk and Soyuncu. Unless we need to look outside of the academy to replace Fuchs. That means our whole budget can go on signing exciting attacking players, a centre mid, a proper mahrez replacement and another winger on top of that and a striker. It would be lovely to go to a game thinking we have players who can be exciting again.
  9. manders86

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I think we will get to 40 points soonish and then lose a lot on the spin, the intensiteeee won't be there and we will nosedive, putting us in the same bracket as what Pulis did season on season for West Brom. Think Top will stick until the end of the season, we should be looking at the best out there available to us from May and change then. This can't be long term the way it is
  10. manders86

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Silva and Iborra cannot be worse than James and King. Embarrassing selection, embarrassing application, embarrassing result. We got what we deserved. Shambles.
  11. manders86

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Any thoughts on whether Maddison could be that creative player in a 3 if pushed back? I guess my question marks around that would be if he has the engine.
  12. manders86

    Everton Post match Thread.

    The game as a whole was a bit of a shocker today. That said if it was a good game would be have won it? The first half was turgid Sunday league hoofball, but as soon as we got in front I don't think it was ever in doubt. A Puel ball master class and the sort of game that suits his style. As the game got stretched we looked more dangerous. In my opinion we were unlucky to only win by one. Notable shootouts today for: Ricardo- he's just bloody lovely isn't he. I've never seen a fullback make so much of a difference. Granted he was playing further up today but he is so dangerous. I'll wait while someone tells me of a better right back in the league right now. Evans: defence is an area we really aren't struggling, huge strength in depth and today he was absolutely terrific. Alongside Maguire they are collossals. One brain fart of a minute but that aside was superb. Choudhury: no coincidence us picking points up when this lad has been introduced to the team. He plays like a winner. Great attitude, superb engine and seems to be enjoying himself. I can see him adding goals at some point too. All in all 7th in the league, 9 out of 12 at Christmas. What more can people ask for?
  13. manders86

    Moronic things fans near you say....

    There is a guy a couple of rows behind us in SK1 that ever since Demarai Gray signed he has slagged him off for everything.. so much so me and my mate are convinced Demarai has been playing around with this chaps mum or wife (could be the same person with this chump) Actually heard against Cardiff when the ball was across the other side of the field "look at the way Gray is running, it's a disgrace". It's always a good addition to the match day fun!
  14. manders86

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    I would blame the recruitment that has happened since we were champions. I don't think recruitment is in many managers areas of responsibility these days. Certainly not that of Slimani, Musa, Silva, Iheanacho, etc.
  15. manders86

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    Today walking away from the game made me realise why football fans can be such d*cks.. Yes we lost the game, we could and should have won, but it happens. Booing your manager when a clearly spent and injured Vardy is brought off is support now is it?! Makes us look like an entitled bunch of tossers, and ultimately we got what we deserved. Yes a poor performance, yes a terrible penalty. We had to change system today to try and break through and it didn't work. Walking out of the kop at full time the amount of cretins screaming abuse at our manager is classless and poor beyond a doubt. My view is you win some, you lose some. To taste the highs of man city and Chelsea you go through days like today. Our squad is still in transition and the quality isn't good enough beyond the first 11.. not Puels fault.