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  1. It's so funny seeing the United fans on social media melt down... long may this continue.
  2. I feel so relaxed about this its untrue. To me feels like a win, win, win... 1. The Man U fans are in meltdown and are like a school bully, years down the line when they realise that the kids have grown up and will not be pushed about. They are just left incomprehensible! 2. If Slabs goes, we get a world record fee for a defender, I dont think anyway could see that as bad business.. we've seen the guy week in, week out and he isnt faultless. A key member of the squad, yes, but not our best player in my opinion. With that cash, Rudders and Congleton will go and bring in some more quality. 3. The value is not met, and we keep the Lad until at least January, where the supply and demand may be stretched further and a "big" club may need to pay even further over the odds, whilst our two young promising centre backs have another 6 months to bed in!! So I guess my overall message is, sit back, enjoy the madness. Either way we are MASSIVE, and Man U are our play things!!
  3. Most enjoyable half of a friendly match I've watched all season 😜👍
  4. manders86


    #freeSlimani..... #algeriaisrugbyclubwithoutSlimani
  5. If we were to sell Maguire for 90m, and we had always planned to, it has been excellent business by the club to make our key signings first, before clubs realise we have the extra cash on our hands. If we sold Maguire now, would it dampen the enthusiasm for next season? I dont think it would personally. So happy with the balance of our squad
  6. He was probably conceived the day we signed Muzzy permanently... it was written in the stars!!
  7. Heroin foods more like!
  8. This is beautiful and agonising in equal measures.. This video needs to be spectacular!!
  9. So you mean to say according to this, we are trying to agree a deal with ourselves for Tielemans.... and we still cant manage it!!
  10. For what it is worth, I agree
  11. The bottom caption has to be my favourite insult in recent times! Top notch!
  12. Happy with this. Congratulations Ayoze! Welcome to Lesta! (Apologies for not selling you to Man Utd for £400m in 2 seasons)
  13. manders86

    A. Perez

    I feel like the people are writing the guy off as a waste of money, bad signing etc are missing a pretty big trick. It's so easy to look at stats, but the pressure he would have been on at newcastle to be the biggest source of goals with a lack of supply due to their negative tactics is a fairly big factor. If you take his qualities, which is an eye for goal, scoring and making chances and his skillfullness, and add that to Vardy, Maddison, Barnes and hopefully Tielemans it adds up to a lot of threat, which teams will struggle to snuff out. I think personally he will be a pretty shrewd signing.
  14. Totally agree with this. I know its easy to get carried away pre-season, but surely we have never been in better shape, both on and off the pitch?
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