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  1. It would really stress me out having 31 pages open on safari... other than that sounds good!
  2. Are you ready for the: "ITS ONLY AUGUST" replies in the next few days! 😅
  3. There's a day that will live long in the memory!!
  4. Did really well again today and his crossing ability is very exciting. Expect to see much more of him down filbert way.
  5. Troy Deeney.. right pair of shithouses they would be together!
  6. On Thursday nights under the lights, we'll be in Ukraine, we'll be in Norway!
  7. Some days he looks quality, some his ball control makes Trevor Benjamin look like Lionel Messi. Today was the latter.
  8. I can't even put into words how frustrating it is to play out a 1-0 defeat, tapping it around at the back and not throwing everything at it. Our squad does not have enough depth, but why wasn't Kelechi put on the last 15?
  9. anyone else a bit worried in that game everyone he crossed it out of play, or more specifically when he fell on his arse and the ball rolled out for a goal kick? Thinking Chelsea might realise what they are interested in signing maybe not the best fullback in the league. Wouldn't be disappointed to see him go, but he's not as awful as some on here make out.
  10. He looks way off at the minute. He is right to be in for criticism as much as anyone else. I highly doubt he is finished. Needs a rocket though. Maybe time for Kelechi to start against Everton.
  11. I think he's had a rotten half that first one. So dangerous though. If he can finish it will be like from when Sterling went from average to top class
  12. Anyone having a pop at Kelechi, mystifies me. This season hes been very effective as our second option. We will win this 4-1, have faith.
  13. Gutting. They deserved a point overall though. Typical leicester style to do that though.
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