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  1. Lukaku's finishing is Akinbiyiesque so far! Terrible. My mate text me saying he reminds him of the fat shite player in every 5 a side team... made me chuckle!
  2. My team would be: Ward Simpson Benkovic Evans Fuchs Silva Choudhury Ghezzal Maddison Gray Ndukwu Give the lad a chance up top to compete with Nacho, Okazaki as the back up striker. I've been impressed in the little I have seen of him!
  3. manders86

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    I disagree. I think we will score a lot from set pieces this season.
  4. manders86

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    This coverage must be dual linked with MUTV surely? Same old sky. Can't wait for Harry to bag in the last minute to win this for us, and us still not get mentioned post match
  5. manders86


    I fear it's going to be the same outcome as Shakespeare. Feels like we're caught in a groundhog day style situation every season. Was a great chance to break that this summer. I wonder if the owners were tempted?
  6. Schmeichel Pereira Evans Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Mendy Gray Maddison Albrighton Vardy I have put Mendy in instead of Silva as he is more defensive and at Manure away we will need some stability. He's had a good pre season also and looks like the player we thought we were getting when Kante left. Also Albrighton will be needed for the defensive side there. I don't get the hate towards Morgan at all, he's not good enough for us anymore at this level but is the most decorated captain in our history and will rightly go down as a legend. I hope Puel does the right thing and removes him from the team before any further damage to that reputation is done. The bone heads will soon forget the last 12 months after that. I'd like to see this team change for Wolves though with the intention of ripping into them. The most over confident team that's ever been promoted. We could do them 4 or 5 if we played to our strengths that day.
  7. manders86

    Udinese Match Thread

    Schmeichel must be getting some game time on Wednesday against Valencia you would think. Getting close to the start of the season now and some of the world cup stars are going to be going in without much/any game time
  8. manders86

    Notts County - 21st July - Match Thread

    Time for a FT sweepstake... how many minutes on the pitch does Maddison get before he's officially a waste of money and need loaning out?! ?
  9. manders86

    How much is Maguire worth?

    Keep having a little chuckle every time I read an article that quotes him at 60m, no way we would part for that right now. Also saw one article that described him as £22.5m valued Leicester player! I think he is worth at least 85m on current market values, but to us I think he's priceless and we should build the squad around him.
  10. manders86

    Pereira & Silva

    Was looking forward to the ultimate Foxestalk commentary on Pereira's performance tonight. He was either going to be Cafu like or Darren Kenton. Guess we know now!
  11. manders86

    Pre Season - any word?

    Is it just me or do we look like we're only taking part in 2 friendlies this year? Seems a little late in the day now for anything else to be announced. Was hoping we may have a Burtonesque style weekday away day to look forward to!!
  12. manders86

    New training ground announced

    Absolutely this! Class post
  13. manders86

    Will we be relegated in the next 3 years?

    Yes next season, unless decisive action is taken by the owners asap. Just as a thought right now, is anyone of our squad now thought of as irreplaceable? I'd be very up for cashing in on mahrez, vardy is going to decline soon, I'd take Butland over schmeichel. We need wholesale change in my opinion .
  14. No. This is a chance to break the cycle. We need a full revamp of the club at the minute though. We seem to be rotten and if we carry on I can see us going down next season
  15. manders86

    LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Anyone know what was going on outside the front of the stadium at full time. Seemed like some fighting but multiple flashing lights both ambulance and police still arriving now and one sheff united bus has stayed behind?