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  1. https://anchor.fm/mark-manderfield/episodes/Episode-1-ep12sa Here's the link! If anyone has a spare bit of time and thinks its worth a listen that would be great! Feedback appreciated!
  2. I have absolutely no idea what happened there, even worse I've no idea how to change it on the edit!!
  3. Hi Guys, hope you are all well. Myself and 4 friends have created a new Leicester City podcast! The first episode is due to drop tonight. One of the lads is a villa fan so he is giving us a neutral view on Leicester. In the first episode we discuss the FA cup, Southampton, the transfer window, KS 400 game landmark, Vardy @34 and much much more.. We had a laugh making it, and we hope it makes anyone else have a chuckle to at a time we are desperately needing one! The next episode will feature a interview with former Leicester winger Matt Piper and
  4. Someone will print that OP on a teatowel one day. Words of a genius
  5. They are going after our soft centre so it seems. Perez is going to get a bit of rough and tumble!
  6. Shawcross, Batth, McLean and Vokes, we can expect some shithousery of the highest order today...
  7. Think Justin and Thomas will be playing high up, more like a 3-1-4-1-1. Let's see how it goes before the major overreaction.
  8. We haven't turned up today, passive at best. In the middle we lack any bite and they are walking through our press. Fuchs is having a torrid time at the back, as is Albrighton. I'd take Albrighton off for Under. 4-3-3 it have a go and go down fighting
  9. Can see Under making the difference for us tonight.
  10. My love for international football is at an all time low unfortunately. Boring football, no passion, especially when Southgate loads the team with as many defenders and defensive midfielders as possible. That said I seem to like watching Belgium for some unknown reason! 🇧🇪
  11. I would expect at least one of Henderson or Robertson to be available. I wonder if they were given the nod from Liverpool to pull out of the last round of internationals. We are still going to have to be at our best to go there and win, can we win though? Of course we bloody can, and I can't wait for it!!
  12. Absolutely joyful to watch us. We kill the soul of our opposition week after week and then go for them and really the score could have been anything. Special mentions for Hamza and Thomas who I thought were near on perfect today. Fofana is ridiculously good. Maddison the catalyst for everything and Justin was so good, he is really a key part of this shape right now. Brendan Rodgers is one of the best man managers around, to get the best out of every player in the squad, keep them hungry and taking their chances when they come along is a huge credit to him. I rec
  13. All part of the bielsa masterclass, to lure us into a false sense of security thinking they are crap. Man's a genius, sky should do a show about him..
  14. "Brendan, what is it about Leeds under Marcelo Bielsa, that makes us at sky go giddy as a school girl". They are a decent side. So overhyped though.
  15. You not enjoying the poch/bielsa sky lovefest?
  16. Think they are asking around to see if anyone has any mates that can turn up?
  17. Surely we loaned benkovic knowing that Cags injury was at least potentially serious? Doesnt make sense
  18. Ah no. That's utterly depressing
  19. Ward Castagne Big Wes Little Wed Justin Mendy Praet Under Madders Gray Any one.... probably gonna be Slim though.
  20. Sounds like a Sean Dyche comment.... are we bringing Chris Wood back?!
  21. The mendy, hamza sub was baffling unless an injury. That said if there wasn't an injury and I was BR I definitely would say there was one!
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