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  1. Can we expect a lesson in GBH from Ederson for the 3rd time?
  2. I thought Jonny boy was still suspended - or does the cup game count as the third game?
  3. Mahrez was seen at various airports last week
  4. Happy Birthday Bernie 🍰
  5. Tielemans - there were murmurings before the lockdown
  6. Peter Bonetti and Clive Walker?
  7. I thought it was Le Tissuer initially
  8. Dier likely to be in big trouble and might have to play the next six games as punishment
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51607364 Garth Crooks names his team of the week - what a tw*t
  10. Not sure how you can judge a player over 45 minutes
  11. I suffered with my gluteus - took a couple of weeks, but I’d think the club physios will work on it better than anyone
  12. I seem to recall that Filbert Street was a venue for a couple of FA Cup replays between Sheffield Wednesday and Arsenal (I think)
  13. Have you considered a career as a TV pundit with Sky Sports?
  14. Talksport reckon that Wilf injured in training
  15. Like some of the posters’ reactions to the team selection you mean
  16. Listening to the post match interview with BR, it sounds very much as if the changes for this game were in the planning 4 weeks ago
  17. Big Sam looks like Magnum (Tom Selleck) - where did it all go wrong
  18. Brilliant pass from Ricardo - from right centre midfield for Nacho’s goal. Not bad for a wing back
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