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  1. Peter Swales, Ron Saunders(?), Mike Summerbee
  2. I think they’ve been linked with Lemina at Southampton
  3. Soyuncu already down as the scapegoat
  4. A bit further over. On the bench
  5. With the right game management I think he could carry on for at least a couple more years. By this I mean have someone else (e.g.Perez) chasing down defenders. Jamie still has pace but I believe his finishing will only get better
  6. I’m expecting the usual mediocre pre season performance and over reactions by many on here
  7. Fee apparently £35m - according to Rob Dorsett
  8. Does anybody know who recognised Youri as a potential signing despite the fact he’d been branded as a flop at Monaco? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere
  9. He didn’t forget him - Gray not that exciting
  10. Only 1 goal conceded in the last 3 games against top 6 teams. Merson suggested earlier that Arsenal should sign our back four en bloc
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