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  1. I was hoping he'd show the same commitment as big Was his fellow countryman, but sounds like they're Poles apart
  2. The last I heard, the Scottish and English were of the same race
  3. You forgot the issue of ejaculation - or failure of
  4. Initially misread that as impotence - an easy mistake to make
  5. Groundhogday@LCFC.com
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7oR79ja1u-o
  7. In my opinion we'd be crazy to sell James or Lawrence (or both). We don't need the money and both would appear to have had excellent seasons in the Championship. As for James, Shakey certainly needs to take a good look at him pre season - particularly his fitness after such an awful injury.
  8. Ridiculous prices, yes - but only in the premier league. A £29m outlay is probably huge for Roma
  9. Groundhog Day
  10. Neither Everton or West Ham mentioned so must be fake news
  11. One what?
  12. That's Jay Rodriguez
  13. This is turning into The Two Ronnies sketch
  14. Definitely have mixed feelings about this. Having said that, I felt the same when we bought Speedie - that turned out alright (ok we didn't shell out a lot for him) Can you imagine the reaction had Foxestalk been around back then?
  15. Apparently Chelsea are asking for one