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  1. Great little player. Give him the ball near the corner flag on 88 minutes and he’d keep it there
  2. Tripped over an empty crisp packet apparently No idea if it was Walkers or KP
  3. ‘Fergie Time’ again. (Duncan on this occasion)
  4. He will certainly be a big miss for them. Hoping he makes a full recovery and as the song goes ‘Ings can only get better’
  5. Sad news. He came across well as a pundit on Sky Sports. Get well soon big man
  6. Along with your other responses in this thread, you have spoken the most sense I’ve seen on here all day
  7. That West Ham game has always stuck in my memory bank. I can’t remember who scored for the Hammers but I remember Brian Dear who always seemed to score against us
  8. Add Alan Hudson, Peter Osgood, Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles to the list
  9. Can we expect a lesson in GBH from Ederson for the 3rd time?
  10. I thought Jonny boy was still suspended - or does the cup game count as the third game?
  11. Mahrez was seen at various airports last week
  12. Happy Birthday Bernie 🍰
  13. Tielemans - there were murmurings before the lockdown
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