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  1. mikey54

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    There’s also an outstanding issue with image rights
  2. mikey54

    Ricardo Pereira

    Sky Sports sources haven’t uttered a word so I don’t believe he’s signed
  3. mikey54

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I said the same earlier in the topic. No harm putting in a cheeky bid
  4. mikey54

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Put in a cheeky bid for Gylfi Sigurdsson
  5. mikey54

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    I’ll really miss the meltdowns over the summer...not
  6. mikey54

    Umut Bozok

    Gets clattered just like Vards
  7. mikey54

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    Perhaps in honour of Wenger?
  8. mikey54

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    ...and his hair has returned to its natural colour
  9. mikey54

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I might if I knew who you were talking about
  10. mikey54

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    ‘Quique’ Sanchez Flores
  11. mikey54

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    At least we’ve got the cricket season to look forward to at Grace Road
  12. mikey54

    The level headed transfer thread

    Can’t we have a level headed forum full stop?
  13. mikey54

    Happy St George's Day

    Saint Andrew, patron Saint of Scotland was born in England - a Sassenach
  14. mikey54

    **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Well said that man
  15. mikey54

    **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    So, I think I’ll start a poll to predict who will start the 3rd ‘Puel in or out’ poll.