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  1. 1965/1966 Newcastle United at home - 1-2 defeat. I think Tom Sweeney was the City scorer. The team included Gordon Banks, David Gibson, Jackie Sinclair & Derek Dougan. My dad’s mate gave me and my brother his season tickets for the game in the Centre Stand and I recall vividly the smoke from cigars etc - I’m sure everybody smoked back then
  2. Early contender for ‘Worst post of the day’
  3. I remember a night match down at Filbo - possibly 1967/1968. Rodney Fern was through one on one with the keeper, took the ball to one side and slid the ball towards the empty net, turned to celebrate but the ball got stuck short
  4. For some of the so called fans on here I’m sure it didn’t
  5. Evans on the bench. I thought he was out for a few weeks
  6. Can I start a new thread ’Not conceding more goals than we score in a match - the pattern of Puel’
  7. The ‘Puel Out Brigade’ will be delighted with this if we lose.
  8. Happy Christmas from The Quorndon Fox 🦊
  9. Jon Sammels- need my eyes testing, didn’t see him first time
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