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  1. I suffered with my gluteus - took a couple of weeks, but I’d think the club physios will work on it better than anyone
  2. I seem to recall that Filbert Street was a venue for a couple of FA Cup replays between Sheffield Wednesday and Arsenal (I think)
  3. Have you considered a career as a TV pundit with Sky Sports?
  4. Played right back here - not sure if he could also play left side
  5. Talksport reckon that Wilf injured in training
  6. Whatever happened to Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth - wasn’t he linked with Liverpool? Not really had a good season by his standards - neither have a majority of the Bournemouth team though. I think he’s out of contract in the summer - worth looking at perhaps?
  7. Like some of the posters’ reactions to the team selection you mean
  8. Listening to the post match interview with BR, it sounds very much as if the changes for this game were in the planning 4 weeks ago
  9. Big Sam looks like Magnum (Tom Selleck) - where did it all go wrong
  10. Brilliant pass from Ricardo - from right centre midfield for Nacho’s goal. Not bad for a wing back
  11. If I was a betting man I’d put money on a late late winner for MC
  12. Looks like he’s finally selecting the right option rather than going for glory
  13. Spurs without Kane due to illness apparently - must be feeling a little horse
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