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  1. FA Cup 2018

    If you put together 8 f**ks, 23 c**ts and a few other similar expletives you can work it out 😉
  2. FA Cup 2018

    The Fighting Cock forum was heading towards a meltdown 10 mins ago - must take another look 🙂
  3. Man City Away Match Thread

    Mancs haven’t paid the monthly subscription
  4. Swansea H match thread

    Unrecognisable from Wednesday as well
  5. Swansea H match thread

    That doesn’t happen very often
  6. Bernie

    Bernie is currently residing in a care home here in Quorn. Apparently he is suffering from dementia - though he looks clean and minus any LCFC shirt ☹️
  7. Diabaté Signs

    Am I right in thinking that he was spotted by Claude and not by our scouting team?
  8. Name this Leicester team

    Lawrie Mcnemenemeny
  9. Name this Leicester team

    Nigel Callaghan?
  10. Rodney Fern

    If I had to compare to any of the present squad, I’d have to say he was nearly as good as Mahrez but as bad as Musa - often in the same match
  11. Rodney Fern

    Late 60s - left in 72 I think
  12. Rodney Fern

    http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/sport/view,millers-legend-rodney-fern-dies_25262.htm Sad news - one of those players who could be brilliant and crap in the same game
  13. Aiming for 6th or 7th realistic now?

    Arsenal fans probably asking the same question right now
  14. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Kasper to get booked for diving
  15. Diabaté Signs

    Not to mention the needle