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  1. Kasper to get a red card for diving
  2. http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2017/clubs/player=250085543/index.html as clear as mud
  3. Lost his gloves maybe?
  4. Looks like a good prediction
  5. Whatever the result, I'll console myself with the fact that we have not been an embarrassment to the Premier League, or ruined the coefficient. Spuds and Arses did a fine job on that score
  6. Up to 13th -and we could go above Bournemouth if they lose later
  7. Claudio's grasp of the English language is far better than Carragher's
  8. Vardy's got a good shiner there
  9. A ban on pundits making stupid suggestions would be better
  10. On East Midlands Today just now - the poor bloke suffered 3 heart attacks and actually died. Great work by all those concerned
  11. Shakespeare for Manager Of The Month
  12. I'm not sure I'd like to see any erection (statue or not) of Vaz's
  13. Got one wrong and scored 98% - but not sure how they work that out.
  14. Give the job to Shakey. Get the scouting system off their asses with a clear agenda of what's needed and get the targets in quickly ...and on a personal note, I'll breathe more easily
  15. The Hull result worked in our favour as well - a 6 point favour