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  1. Andros Townsend...

    I wouldn't mind him coming to LCFC but no way at that price. £12m tops
  2. Chris Smalling

    So would love this to be true
  3. Spurs Home Post Match 1-6 (SIX !!!)

    ****ing pissed off
  4. First pic of white 3rd kit

    I'm definitely going to get that one!!
  5. Mike Jones Returns!

    That is a disgusting decision by the FA
  6. Alan Young on the radio again...

    It's Taggart :-) Great choice!
  7. I was born and bred in Kent and now living in Hemel Hempstead and have supported the mighty Foxes sine 1973. My whole family supported Chelsea and still do but I wanted to be different and chose Leicester City FC through thick and thin!! They are my team and always will be. Will be coming up for a match of two before the season's end. Come on Leicester!!!
  8. Forest post-match

    Well done Leicester. Plenty of fighting spirit shown. Well pleased :-)
  9. Wigan AWAY

    I'm hoping to go. Have family (in-laws) in Wigan. But will have to sit in Wigan end :-)
  10. Wayne Hennessey - Gone to the Palace

    Would be gutted if Kasper left :-(
  11. Fulham Match Thread

    My nerves are shredded!!! GET IN!!!!!
  12. Bournemouth Match Thread

    Good girl!!
  13. Bournemouth Match Thread

    I am thank you very much