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  1. Not sure why Dan is getting pelters he wasn’t at fault for any of the goals and the whole defence was pretty poor . Yes he did a couple of bad back passes but it didn’t cost us . We didn’t lose the game because of him or any errors by him
  2. Not condoning their actions and there was obviously a party but seriously do you actually believe the suns word on this with no exaggeration 😂
  3. Yeah but can he boot it from one end of the pitch to the other
  4. Nah move on nothing to see here .We've not really lost anything just a roll of the dice that hasn’t worked for one reason or another. I’d rather take a chance than not . Look at Youri for instance we took him on loan and a lot of Monaco fans were slating him at the time and a lot of our own fans were saying what’s the point of signing him on loan he’ll just sign for a bigger club we’ve no chance . Sometimes it’s works sometimes it doesn’t this hasn’t . Next
  5. You lot need to get out more ..... oh wait 🤔
  6. Christ that’s a band I’ve not heard off in a long time I had their first album . I preferred I hate people .
  7. Not interested . Yes he will go down as a legend as part of our title winning season but he literally was a one season wonder and bailed out as quick as he could .Some would say he’s the reason we won the league I would say he was just one of the cogs in a wheel .
  8. Just shows what confidence can do,his first touch at times was horrific balls pinging all over the shop . Gets some confidence and it’s like the balls suddenly glued to his foot . There was one bit of play yesterday where he brought a high ball down with the top of its foot cushioning it . Fantastic to see
  9. Did any one else notice it looked like Maguire was gonna burst into tears at one point ....you just love to see it
  10. Looks like a real changing of the guard could be happening. Fantastic
  11. Jenas is such a predictable **** absolutely frothing over Man Utd and hardly mentioning us
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