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  1. Didnt that Dmitri Halajko bloke who is now head of our u23 development also come from Norwich . Pretty sure he will know him best
  2. Pretty sure he lives in Harborough or one of the surrounding villages and has for quite a while . I can remember seeing him in a local night club over here when he was managering Leicester so it's more a case of managerimg a local youth team
  3. He'll still be here, I don't know of many cases where clubs have signed a player that's currently injured
  4. That just screams Pep playing poker to me if true
  5. Most people in Birmingham have something but it's not necessarily somthing you'd want
  6. Most definitely, especially as some think Wes is off to Newcastle and on here last year someone mentioned Huth's feet are f***ed ( he was out for a bit with foot injury ) then before we let him go we need someone in
  7. There's a lot off chat on Twitter about him going Besiktas
  8. This does absolutely nothing for me , I understand he's going to be just a back up but if Kasper leaves in the future I would prefer a younger keeper as back up to get the odd game who can eventually take Kasper's place instead of having to fork out a shed load of money for a new 1st choice keeper . And as for Hamer why is he still here and why are we still paying him
  9. This lad is 20 and every time I've seen him play he's scored . He's not a Vardy workrate kind of guy but he's a proper handfull . If we pull of signing him it would be a proper feather in our cap
  10. Very good point, I know we all get a bit fed up of people always saying oooh he could be the next Jamie Vardy when we look at or sign players from the lower league but it also got to work to our advantage . They will see we took a gamble on Vardy and made him a premier league player and hopefully think I'll have some of that .
  11. Oh I got all excited when I first seen this thread had been dug up thought somthing was cracking off
  12. That's my favourite
  13. Christ since when did we become so big we could turn down a manager like Mancini . Yes he has flaws but he's still a massive manager
  14. Officially leaving
  15. Yes only . We were supposed to be losing Kasper ,Vardy,NG and Mahrez last summer we only lost NG. Don't get me wrong he's world class and one of the main reasons we won the title last year. But the fact still remains it was only him that left out of a rumoured 4