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  1. Never going to happen already stated we have too many midfielders why would we sign more plus it doesn’t go along with Puels ethos of young players
  2. baldeagle

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    I can’t understand how for so many Slimani has suddenly become the answer to us needing a striker . He was pretty woeful when he was here one of the reasons we wanted to get rid . Add to this the rumours of being a bad apple and the alleged punching incident a rubbish time at Newcastle and by the sounds of it he’s not doing much better in Turkey with 1 goal why the hell would we want him back .
  3. baldeagle

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    The golf club owners sold it not Leicester City they just bought it .
  4. baldeagle

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Doesn’t look like we have too many defenders now does it
  5. As others have said I thought the first half we played some really nice football and we were unlucky not to score, the second half was horrible to watch . We looked drained mentally and physically which to be fair is totally understandable . Burnley then decided to play for the draw and play hoof ball which was awefully on the eye . How so many people were calling for Dyche to be our manager not long ago still amazes me as they were awefull today and played awefull last season although proving successful really hope they go down . Best three players for me today were Ghezzal, Gray and Evans with the latter being my motm
  6. baldeagle

    Gray ??

    Great interview
  7. baldeagle

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Not really questioning his captaincy more stating the fact that hes inconspicuous .
  8. baldeagle

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    This , as much as Wes Morgan has been a solid player for us until recently he’s been the most inconspicuous of captains
  9. I’m neither a Puel in or a Puel out as I’m still unsure but I think he got everything right today . After losing Amartey we had to drop Periera back to right back who hasn’t been the best defensively so he put Albrighton in front of him whoes pretty good defensively . He then bought Gray back in which meant he could move Maddison back to his best position . Then later on when Gray looked tired and Periera was on a yellow he bought on Simpson who’s great at defending so we could hold onto our lead and let him pay some respect . Then the final sub of Iborra whose more defensive for Maddison to close it off
  10. baldeagle

    Gray ??

    I maybe being a bit harsh but I thought today was his first performance where he actually showed passion towards the club and not just thought of himself . I mean that in a positive way as he’s often come across as a bit sulky and entitled but today was the complete opposite.
  11. baldeagle

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Is that the first time Leicester fans have sang Claude’s name because I can’t recall another
  12. baldeagle

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Thought it was a nice touch to bring Simpson on and also a very good tactical substitution by Puel today
  13. baldeagle

    Helicopter crash

    Been found
  14. baldeagle

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    One of the most frustrating things I’ve noticed recently for me is Harry holding onto the ball for far too long and trying to do too much . It’s happened a good few time where he’s gone on one of his surging runs from defence and we look like we’re about to counter attack and he either doesn’t release the ball quick enough or he will try to take too many players on which ends up with him losing the ball . Still love him though .
  15. baldeagle

    Leicester v West Ham- Pre Match Thread

    Like I said he’s our best striker but whatever he does Puel will be in the wrong