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  1. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    I noticed this last night but to me it looked more like Shakey didn’t have a clue what to do and Appleton was telling him to make the change to 3 at the back
  2. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    Sorry to say it but he needs to go . It’s not so much the fact we are not picking up points it’s more the manner in which we are playing or should I say not playing football .
  3. Ian Stringer Q+A

    He’s dog s**t and full of self importance always looking to create a perfect sound bite
  4. Next seasons kit manufacturer

    Nah I just thought you were trying to be a p****. Oh hang on
  5. Next seasons kit manufacturer

    Obviously as they have boot contacts etc .
  6. Next seasons kit manufacturer

    Well with all the pictures of players with bags full of Adidas stuff latley in guessing Adidas
  7. The OH Leuven Thread

    Watching that Pearson interview was just like watching an old interview at Leicester virtually word for word
  8. Nigel Pearson

  9. Wilfred Ndidi

    i don't think it was his attitude he's just clearly out on his feat . And ok in your eyes then if he's that tired then he should have been subbed then That's up to Shakespeare to make that decision not the player .
  10. Wilfred Ndidi

    I think anyone would be tired playing two games fairly close together where your basically playing in midfield by yourself .
  11. Wilfred Ndidi

    So the entire 3rd goal is down to Ndidi jogging back not sprinting . Not one single other player was at fault or didn't get back
  12. Wilfred Ndidi

    So because you don't agree with what I say it's moronic. Pot and kettle springs to mind . And I didn't say better option than anyone I said the better option than the other two . Would Iborra had got back , I doubt it . The lad is currently our best fit midfielder and with 20 minutes to go he didn't get back . Half the bloody team didn't get back.
  13. Wilfred Ndidi

    Exactly this
  14. Wilfred Ndidi

    Rubbish , ever heard of getting your breath back . How many times have you seen players sprint up the pitch then struggle to get back as they are out of breath yet 5 minutes later they can manage a full sprint as they have got their breath back . And as for my last sentence being moronic it's not really is it , a tired Ndidi is sill better than the other two options . Yes Iborra would offer height at set pieces but thats about it and how many set pieces did we get
  15. Wilfred Ndidi

    Not necessarily I'm talking about that moment in time he might not have had the energy to sprint back as he'd just gone up the other end of the pitch . And who would you bring on to partner King . Chirst Iborras even slower and Amartey just not a midfielder .