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  1. No I totally get that but it just seemed a few times he ran out of ideas . I’m not trying to put him down as he’s a young player and still learning it’s more a case of stating I’d never noticed it before tonight
  2. A few have said in other threads how often Chilwell runs forward then ends up turning round and going back in the other direction. I hadn’t really noticed it before but lost count how many times he did it tonight
  3. Look I’ve told you already it’s got to be the scoobydoo ones
  4. Happily sell for 65m especially if it meant we had money for Tielemans
  5. I heard a rumour it will be ready before the Spurs stadium but don’t quote me on that
  6. No it was long drawn out tactical sessions the day before the match
  7. Fuming love on the rocks doesn’t even make it on the bench . Rogers out
  8. Liverpool for me, the technique wax just perfect and it was a screamer also proved that Vardy has more than just pace
  9. And to think some people were saying what’s the point in signing this bloke on a loan for half a season .
  10. Thought he was excellent again yesterday . It also seems like he’s really happy here and settled in well with the others which will all help if we do try to sign him permanently
  11. 1 million pounds . Just let that sink in
  12. Funny isn’t it Play to Vardys strengths and he starts scoring . How’s many is these in a row now
  13. Great result but the game just summed up a lot of our season in one . Some great play that was exciting to watch then falling to sleep and looking clueless at times . Great to get a win and as others have said we’d have lost that under Puel . Best for me was Barnes looks some player some of his flicks were lovely . Worst was Harry love him to bits but needs to concentrate on defending
  14. Thought he was poor and nothing worked and hardly got the ball had to go looking for it . Not just jumping on the band wagon or anything
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