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  1. He’s just posted on his insta story he’s with his agent in Turkey
  2. Clearly our best defender
  3. I’m glad it’s gone to be honest always thought it looked tacky , add to this a few of the players did the dirty on us and was starting to look worn and tatty
  4. No one likes a show off 😉
  5. To be fare who really wants to understand that bollocks on the PA it’s not like it’s going to be anything interesting
  6. Actually went to more games when we were shit then I do now simply because I could easily get a ticket at the last minute . Not been to a single match since our return to the premier league. Never miss a match though .
  7. Hadn’t realised he’s now been there for 5 seasons which makes it more confusing the press constantly bigging him up when he’s won three grand sum of nothing .
  8. i think I heard his daughter was ill last week
  9. Keep, but get a better option in . He isn’t a starter for me but ok for a squad filler and may eventually come good
  10. Was our best winger/forward today mind you that wasn’t hard Gray looked clueless and Albrighton rusty
  11. Did Chilwell make a single forward pass in that half
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