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  1. To be honest thought he was absolutely doggo the first half kept giving the ball away . Second half much better
  2. Got to say that’s pretty awesome by Maddison in that interview. I’m not his biggest fan personality wise . But he proper came to Ndidi’s aid there good on him
  3. I said pretty accurate is he down the pecking order at Leicester ✅ did he suffer an ankle injury at Derby ✅ Did he suffer an hamstring injury ✅ Now the hamstring was in 14/15 season and he was only out for 16 days so that is embellished a little bit but the rest of it is accurate so in my words pretty accurate. There’s more truths then lies in that article which makes a change for the press so I think my comment is fair .
  4. Cole ain’t much better saying he’s got good pace about him . Now Harry has a lot of things but good pace certainly isn’t one of them
  5. Sadly about his level these days
  6. But in all honesty that’s kinda of my point. Still chasing but still winning the grand sum of **** all . I can always put up with other teams doing better than us I have absolutely no problem with that . But what I can’t abide is media love ins with teams that are over hyped and and are the current media darlings that can’t win sod all .
  7. Yep but we beat the big boys . Don’t get me wrong I know it was a one off and I have absolutely no illusions of grandeur . But I’m sorry no one remembers 2nd or 3rd . And I’d honestly prefer to win something once then be permanently runners up or always be the nearly men .
  8. True but they still haven’t won anything. I know we’ve not been great since our title win but we still managed to win something. I get fed up of the press constantly saying how good Spurs and Poch are yet in the 5 years of him being been there they still haven’t won anything . Nothing, zilch , a big fat Zero
  9. On another note i thought Mings looked solid only problem is will he be able to stay fit
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