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  1. They certainly didn’t seem to be playing so much hoof ball tonight
  2. Yep just hit the post after some lovely link up play
  3. Kings no longer out player his contract ran out
  4. I was getting a bit frustrated with him the first half if I’m honest I felt he was getting caught too much on the ball and I just felt he wasn’t releasing it to other players quick enough . He then goes and scores to shut me up . In the second half he seemed to move the ball a lot quicker but then again so did the rest of the team .
  5. So we’ve had floods all over Leicestershire and your wondering what’s up with the pitch . 🤔🤔
  6. I have an irrational hate for Mason Mount and it’s just got bigger
  7. All that money spent and they are still relying on Giroud or Abrahams as their striker
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