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  1. I’m sure all the injuries are to do with the stop start end of season then add in squeezing loads of games in at the end . Then a very short lay off then back to training for the new season and lad I’m loads of stupid internationals . Recipe for disaster and it no surprise we have a lot of injuries along with other clubs .
  2. What I noticed and also liked last night was him shouting and pointing at people to hold the line at free kicks and push out at even telling Evans where to go at one point .
  3. Wtf are you on about I’m the only one focusing on gender . I’m was replying pointing out people were saying the ref was very good not because she was female but because she was good
  4. No only mentioned because she’s was very good and let the game flow nothing to do with sexism
  5. I thought he looked a bit brighter tonight to be fair
  6. Thought he looked a little brighter today .
  7. Was excellent today and fed some excellent balls to Barnes just a pity Barnes didn’t return the favour and was a little greedy a couple of times .
  8. I sure he didn’t arrive a free we paid West Brom £3.5 million for him
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