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  1. baldeagle


    Average player, if we’re are to move forward as a club then there is no room for average.
  2. Nah he only had a small hand in it
  3. Someone’s been in isolation too long
  4. I see similar elements in this to what happened with Youri. A loan move to start with then buy, a young talented player who most of us think would never come here as they as too good . Another one although not young was Cambiasso I never believed we’d sign him in a million years even though he was coming to the end of his career . We can live in hope
  5. Stones is Maldini one moment and Sol Bamba the next . It just depends which one is the real Stones
  6. Kante, Messi, Ronaldo , Roberto Carlos , Pirlo etc etc
  7. People said that about Slab-head
  8. Chilwell is far from word class .
  9. That’s only if he’s not ran down a blind ally only to turn and pass backwards first .
  10. Anyone slagging this lad of is an idiot . Basically been thrown in at the deep end with no real first team or competitive football experience apart from U23’s . Yes he made a couple of errors but he’s also stepped up and done his best . Some of his crosses and passes were quite refreshing to see compared to a Chilwell run forward down a blind ally then slow the play down and pass backwards .
  11. Who cares stop living in the past ya muppets
  12. Yep watching Burnley still makes my eyes bleed imagine having to watch that muck every week
  13. This , there is no in between on here criticise someone you’re a hater give plaudits you’re a lover . Oh then you’ve the people who can’t wait to post the told you so comments depending on which side it falls .
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