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  1. Thought he was very good today . My only gripe is his lack of defensive duties or willingness to get back .
  2. There is no denying Pope kept them in the game but we let Burnley turn it into a scrap which is exactly what they want . I think the ball was in the air more than the pitch . But our pedestrian passing didn’t help matters and invited pressure .
  3. Like I said In my original post he was hitting the deck a lot . Some were just silly some were fouls
  4. Wasn’t his best game and he was hitting the deck a lot but I’m pretty sure our fans were also accusing Grealish of this in the semi . Burnley were also being there usua horrible l selfs leaving there foot in on quite a few challenges .
  5. For me the passing has slowed to almost Puel style . Our passing was much quicker, precise and with more purpose at the start of season . Now its a lot slower side to side and no cutting edge
  6. Burnley making my eyes bleed as always . Imagine having to watch this muck every week
  7. Christ has he really been here 3 1/2 years
  8. I said at the time Mahrez had already beaten Chilwell before a ball was kicked which was definitely a mentality thing . If might have just been a simple case of he used to tear him a new one in training when Ben was still learning his trade but his forms definitely dipped since then .
  9. I know Tielemans deserves to be on the bench as his form has dipped but Christ you have to pinch yourself sometimes when little old Leicester has a player of his calibre on the BENCH
  10. I wish people would stop spouting about him being Englands first choice left back like it’s a given that it makes him awesome. Don’t get me wrong he’s not terrible but he’s not exactly got much competition. Shaw who is overweight or injured . Ashley Young who is past it and not a left back by trade . Or Danny bloody Rose say no more . He was poor up to the Southampton game then once he scored seem to get confidence and had a run of good form . Then since December his form has dropped again . The guy just needs to get his finger out no need to get rid of him but he does need some healthy competition instead of Fuchs someone to actually challenge him for his spot and not just play back up
  11. On form Praet should be Starting ahead of Tielemans
  12. I would have left Praet on and taken Tielemans off as I thought Praet was playing well. I also think this game highlighted the huge difference between our LWB. and our RWB we need a left sided Ricky . Thought Pérez was good and I actually thought when they were bringing Nacho on he was going to score which is a nice feeling to have for a change .
  13. 2-0 and not even got out of first gear . Totally bossing it
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