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  1. Great game but i can’t help but think they are going to shit house us with a last minute goal .
  2. Hope he does try to recall Vardy and he in turn tells Gareth to shove it up his ass . And using the word recall implies he’s wasn’t playing well so go dropped when in fact he retired .
  3. Most of our managers have but unfortunately the guy just can’t stay fit and I’m not sure his body would cope with the intensity in which Rogers likes to play . Plus we’ve moved on massively . Would you put him in front of any of our other midfielders ?
  4. Nope nothing to do with them beating us . Other teams do it regularly and i don’t dislike them the way I do these .
  5. Really hope we beat these for some reason I have an unreasonably dislike for them and I don’t know why . Just one of those clubs .
  6. Apart from not being able to score last night I thought he was one of our better players
  7. Knight is a Fleckney lad
  8. Clearly his best game in a Leicester shirt . Onwards and upwards
  9. Clearly on a mission tonight . Well done and long may it continue
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