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  1. We need to not bottle the big relegation battle games
  2. Never expected anything more tbf
  3. Has anybody told the boys we need a win not a draw?
  4. I find it odd, how people would rather Bournemouth go down instead of villa or watford
  5. Man u getting all the media about this 4th spot, its like we don’t even come into the fold, Solskjaer this Solskjaer that! Cant believe he’s even the manager of Manchester utd tbf! Lets upset the apple cart
  6. Im supporting Bournemouth, so hopefully Watford and villa drop
  7. Thats the the spirit!!!!!! £500 bet on Leicester to win then! Maybe not
  8. Think Renault have come a long way in the last couple of years, the new megane looks beaut, that beaut i think it might be my next car,
  9. I’m hoping Bournemouth escape relegation
  10. He absolutely has a valid point though, with wes and bennet in a 3 man defence against there front 3, doesn’t fill me with confidence
  11. Oh dear, he’ll be down the doll office Monday, and shopping at Iceland
  12. How is that not a pen? Hoping man city thrash these, no more goals for sterling though please
  13. in Greta Thunberg’s voice “HOW DARE YOU”
  14. Head butts, and head locks all round then, gowon on big nige😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  15. Well we are mentally weak, so can’t be much worse tbf
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