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  1. Corfu in 2 weeks, bloody with thomascook though 🤬🤬
  2. Wtf is clinton Morrison on sky sports news,
  3. 1.3 away win then typical Leicester thats the sprit!!!
  4. Its September and you have only used 5 days holiday? Please tell me your holidays dont start in January
  5. 3.1 home win “Thats the sprit”
  6. Different kind of player, but i sort of understand 😂
  7. Now thats how an away end should be!! Not like the shite you get now
  8. Best 4 days iv ever had with betting, not winning the most but winning 5 of my last 6 bets, topped if of tonight with
  9. I think id put it up there with losing o’neil, devastating
  10. Had a fantastic couple of days with the over 1.5 goals, going for 3 games, putting 15 on yes you only make 20 at a time, but i have won the last 4 bets, were in the past i have gone with 5 matches, and only win 25% of the time
  11. Mmmm man u or west Brom??? Now thats a ****ing hard one!! 🤨
  12. No he did does not 😂, that is a poor decision from the ref, he was fouled 100%, ref should of played on!
  13. Not really, for us anyway, i think he has more in him now, then if he had been playing at a top level since his 20s
  14. Oh my word, lennon does not come close to how important vardy is to us!
  15. I reckon luton away, you wanna have dough on it??
  16. Very happy with this selection, he is going for it for sure!!
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