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  1. The black horse, aylestone, blue moon, with a slice of orange, 6th march
  2. Without being rude, is your forum that shit??
  3. Nice to see, and hear, i live on a council estate, was really good to see loads make the effort
  4. Oddly enough, i got an email yesterday £10, free spins, used it all won £3 used that on the live roulette on red lost, and got the hell out of there, didn’t think twice about depositing my own money, such a negative feeling the bookies taking your money week after week, im loving it tbf
  5. Not having a single bet in 3 weeks, and im absolutely loving it tbf, first few days i was betting on silly football leagues then thought sod it this is weird, not had a bet since, longest i have been without a bet in bloody years, feel good lots of money saved that i would of wasted, hoping it dont draw me back
  6. Yea good idea pal, let it blow over while a pint at the winchester!
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