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  1. Nah no chance, defo on the bench come on in th last 20
  2. I know some money who only had a silver membership, but got a season ticket, because he knows someone quite high up!! Very wrong,
  3. Bloody hope not ,
  4. Man U West Ham?, pluss isn't there at least 5 televised games over the weekend ?
  5. Dissagree to agree mate
  6. Mayweather will k o mcgegor without a doubt
  7. You just cannot compare, they hit different,a boxer could see and ufc punch coming from a mile away, the diffence in fitness two is staggering
  8. pacquiao
  9. Garcia, Thurman, maidana, Peterson, these are just top of my head
  10. Mate this is boxing, not ufc, HE IS NOT A BOXER
  11. Without being rude, you don't have an absolute clue about boxing, there are a lot of boxers at his weight who will hit harder!!
  12. Good chance this will be on sky
  13. Not in a million years should this go on his record, to beat the great Rockys record with this opponent, is an utter disgrace
  14. Like mcgegor has any chance what's so ever, utter farce!!!!! 🤑🤑🤑£££$$$€€
  15. i wonder if this will be on sky