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  1. This is still available after a few people messing me about
  2. You enjoyed it? Wow, i was very disappointed with the whole season tbf. Other then the long night, it was poor
  3. Absolutely shite finale to finish of a crap season, really had hi hopes for this season, very very poor
  4. lestajigs


    Coventry 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  5. What the hell is garath bale missing penos for doncaster for
  6. Charlton v doncaster, omg what 2 teams full of absolute wimps, falling down at every opportunity, i have never known a player to whine as much as charltons number 9, ffs man up
  7. Did not know he was on so much, thats bloody nuts!! No wonder 80% of real fans want him gone 😂
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