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  1. Like barca dislike Celtic Man U
  2. Another Betting Partner - Ladbrokes

    Does this mean you can do a acc before the game
  3. Yes mine came in the post yesterday mate, i rang up Friday and they were being sent Friday/Saturday so it not yet you should Monday Tuesday
  4. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Who the hell is this woman presenter on sky! Ffs what next, mixed teams 😂😂
  5. Iheanacho

    "SHAME.........SHAME.................SHAME............ OFF WITH YOUR HEAD
  6. Kelechi Iheanacho

    http://m.leicestermercury.co.uk/leicester-city-transfer-news-25milion-kelechi-iheanacho-deal-agreed/story-30432733-detail/story.html get in
  7. Mahrez to .......................?

    Nah no chance, defo on the bench come on in th last 20
  8. Season tickets bought today

    I know some money who only had a silver membership, but got a season ticket, because he knows someone quite high up!! Very wrong,
  9. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Bloody hope not ,
  10. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Man U West Ham?, pluss isn't there at least 5 televised games over the weekend ?
  11. Boxing

    Dissagree to agree mate
  12. Boxing

    Mayweather will k o mcgegor without a doubt
  13. Boxing

    You just cannot compare, they hit different,a boxer could see and ufc punch coming from a mile away, the diffence in fitness two is staggering
  14. Boxing