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  1. I reckon, the virus might have weakened to, were in March you might of been really ill, now it doesn’t seem as much lethal,
  2. At the start of the season would of snapped your hand of for a 6th place finish, if we finish 6th now I personally would be disappointed, shows how well we have done, or how shite the so called big 6 have performed, but overall finish in a European place is an achievement for a club our size
  3. MASSIVE, gonna see where were at, loose cant see us making top 4, a win on the other hand we will be in a fantastic position, a draw okay
  4. Penalty if it was at the other end, and Liverpool needing a win
  5. Brighton could well be dragged back into the fold with there next 2 games, i’m hoping they stay up tbf
  6. I quite like the idea of 4 teams in the fold come last day, then villa and west ham go 😂
  7. Wouldn’t mind a villa win, I’d like it to go all the way to the end with a relegation battle, proper entertainment
  8. We just, are not very good, completely over achieved, the first half of the season
  9. Like others have said i just cannot see were a goal is coming from, from us
  10. Chillwell and maddison must be still recovering from a heavy sesh on Thursday night 😂
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