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  1. Shakey back as number 2???

    No we need to be reborn
  2. Shakey Sacked

    The general feeling is, nice guy not prem league quality though
  3. Shakey Sacked

    What's all the hate with Sam?? We need to stay in this league, at the minute we are not, sams record for Keeping teams up is spot on
  4. West Brom Post Match

    No fight or nothing
  5. West Brom Post Match

    What an absolute shower of shit, something needs to change or we are going down, first half was Sunday league football, second half was not much better
  6. Our most intelligent player?

    Andy King, at a guess
  7. Why are they even putting this shit on tv 😂😂
  8. England are so ****ing boring
  9. Boxing

    Yea it's all the Man U fans that's 80% the reason for his good support
  10. Football Rivalries

  11. Boxing

    I think I'll be a mug and pay it tbf 😀
  12. Peak Leicester. Remember this?

    We have got to be grateful we are in the premier league, I'd say rewind 9 years that's when it all went wrong! Be happy how far we have come
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    West brom disgraceful accepting defeat with 30 min to go
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    West brom losing 2.0 and Ben foster taking his time with goal kicks like there winning 4.0 wft! What a dumb ****