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  1. Funny you should say that: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54296224 Even though it looks good for this vaccine it will still be 6 months before it's available en masse.
  2. I think there is a difference between being able to unlock everything and play to win mechanics. Having lots to unlock is a good thing, grinding to get the next weapon/move is a part of what makes games enjoyable. Rewarding people on multiplayer games for skill and effort is just. Where the problem is is random "loot boxes" stars wars battlefront 2 is the biggest offender of all the games I've played. Play to get credits or just buy credits then use those credits to get something completely random and of no value. I think as long as you know exactly what you're spending real money on and can make a value choice it's ok. Pay to win mechanics is another thing, but that is more about gamer ethics than gambling.
  3. No, but you know the risks involved and accept them. If you're worried about getting lung cancer, don't smoke, you don't ban cigarettes for everyone. If going to the pub increases the risk of getting covid and you are worried about getting covid don't go to the pub. If you are not worried about getting covid then should you not be able to go about your daily life? It's tough and I get both sides of the argument. There are always going to be idiots that don't follow the rules, but if you let society figure out its own rules they will get more support than just having draconian measures imposed by an incompetent government.
  4. Living with it, in the way we live with flu, colds, cancer etc. We dedicate a huge amount of time and money etc finding ways to minimise the risk and lower the death rate we don't impose social restrictions and economy destroying lockdowns. 35,000 people die a year from lung cancer, but we haven't banned smoking. 7,500 people die of alcohol related causes but we can still buy alcohol. Living with it means not massively disrupting our way of life we have lived with risk all of our lives and made our own choices to manage the risks. Some people get sick, some people die, it's life. We can't live in a hermetically sealed bubble. Not really answering your questions but it's deliberately vague because if you get too specific you then discuss the question. It's more the feeling. Are you at that point where the increased risk to you and yours is acceptable to not impose these restrictions on society and the subsequent damage to the economy.
  5. Reading this article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54228649 And just the general public mood it got me wondering just how many people are ready and willing to just accept the risks and get back to normal. I think I've just about reached that point, we are getting to the point where the cure is going to be worse than the virus and we know a lot more know than we did in March on minimising risk, but I would be devastated if any of my loved ones were seriously affected/killed by this virus.
  6. The bit that gets me every time is when they refer to the "traditional" top 6 when the actual top 6 regularly had us, Wolves, Sheff Utd in.
  7. Telling the story of our last few seasons, sure. I would love a proper behind the scenes look at 2008 onwards. I don't want a fly on the wall documentary going on during a season. I also don't think it is something Top and the board would want. They generally don't covet the limelight.
  8. PL money is silly money, they haven't invested much because we get so much money from the PL (and CL and EL this season) and shrewd sale of assets and being bloody good on the pitch. We're in a weird situation financially we have the money to spend on players, but we don't want to spend stupid money and pay silly wages. Our big money signings have largely not worked out and our mid level signings of hungry players with something to prove have.
  9. It's sensible long term planning, like with Soyuncu and Benkovic.
  10. I'm not normally one to even notice this sort of stuff let alone get "triggered" by it but it was just so blatant last night. I thought he was going to say that if he improves his finishing he could go on to play for England*, but he didn't he thinks the pinnacle is aspiring to play for "City" or Chelsea. It just shows the mentality of the guy it's all about career progression/money not being the best footballer you can be. Why even mention Chelsea that has been the graveyard of many young promising English talents for years. *This would have made the exact same point without being a cvnt about it.
  11. It's not Nuno that's the key but Jorge Mendes the agent that sorts all these deals.
  12. They were going to do a film to tie up Rick's story, but maybe they've got Rick, Maggie and Michonne to agree to come back for a final season.
  13. Surprised they're going to finish it, but not surprised they've realised it still needs a shake up. I thought that they might start building to the end tie up a few loose ends, but fair enough, it's had a good run.
  14. Football is first and foremost a team game, the team comes first, we can't sign anyone that will destroy team morale no matter how good they are. Look at the Sven era and what Pearson needed to do to fix all those costly mistakes.
  15. Reading a bit further between the lines, Evans has no injury and he was ecstatic not to play. If you look a little deeper down between the lines you'll see that Northern Ireland didn't actually play any games and doesn't even exist. It's all a conspiracy but you carry on wearing your masks and flying "round" the world. Wake up sheeple!!!
  16. Our best signings normally are.
  17. I'm pretty sure our scouts have a better understanding of his strengths and weaknesses than even the most knowledgeable Burnley fans. That is their job they study and track players for years, Dwight would have been on a lot of clubs radar's before most Burnley fans would have heard of him.
  18. Just because his role at Burnley is to get the ball in doesn't mean that's all he can do. I think our scouting team do a bit more than just watch some highlights on MOTD and the odd game against a top 6 side. If they see the right stuff in DM I tend to trust their judgement more
  19. These Salt & Vinegar bastards are my nemesis. I love all crisps (and chocolates and sweet stuff, I have a huge sweet tooth but also the savoury equivalent) but nothing gets me binging like Pringles. I have even woken up with a hangover, despite not drinking, because I've polished off a couple of tubes.
  20. That's weird you've quoted me but it is @Babylon's post.
  21. What's not clear is how long he's been antagonistic before the camera starts, but yes it did escalate quickly and wasn't handled well, but I expect from experience the policeman knows that he isn't going to reason with him he's going to have eject him from the train eventually just get on with it and kick him off. Although using pepper spray in a confined space is probably not a good idea.
  22. The antagonist didn't say he had an underlying health condition it was his mate shouting it. Edit he might have said it before the filming started. But at what point does he become a confrontational and antagonistic person and it becomes a public disturbance/nuisance offence?
  23. Face coverings have been mandatory on public transport now for 3 months. The evidence based research out for even longer if you don't know how to Google it there isn't much hope for you.
  24. On that matter: https://fullfact.org/online/police-mask-fines-arrests/ This is investigating the claims on Facebook that the police have no powers to enforce mask wearing. The pertinent bit below, but it just shows how misinformation spreads and leads to bellends thinking that because they read something on Facebook it's true and they can challenge the police when they can't. The regulations that will impose the face-covering rules for shops in England have not been published yet, but those making them mandatory on public transport have been. They explicitly give police officers the power to enforce the law and to remove people from transport if they don’t comply, and say that not complying can be punished with a fine. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/592/regulation/5/made The law states that bellend should be removed from the train.
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