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  1. Be careful with eBay, bought my mum a 6s off eBay and it’s fine bought my Dad one this Christmas it looked brand new but the battery died within a few months, so he took it to the Apple store and despite being sold as new it didn’t have an Apple battery or screen and had a purchased date of 2017. It was £50 for a new battery for those discussing battery replacements, that was a couple of weeks ago at Highcross Apple store.
  2. I think the point is they didn’t deserve to be promoted ahead of Reading who finished second but because of the reduction of PL teams didn’t get automatic promotion.
  3. Nobody voted for it because it wasn’t an option on the ballot paper you may have voted with the hope we deliver a hard Brexit/No Deal Brexit but nobody voted for any type of Brexit you voted to leave the EU and that could have been delivered by now. Coming out with the Brexit means Brexit line painted herself into a corner. A soft Brexit following a Norway or Switzerland model would resolve all the issue around NI and all the chaos over trade and customs unions and maintained the status quo as best as possible. Yes it would have pissed off a lot of people who voted for Brexit and a large chunk of her own party but it would have got cross party support and probably got over the line and it would have got rid of that turd allowing her to actually lead the country. She could have delivered a Norway EFTA deal and if people were still not happy they would have their say in the next election. Instead she delivered nothing sowed chaos and doubt has driven a wedge between her own part the opposition party and the entire country. I do feel sorry for her but she has largely brought it on herself.
  4. Yes, May was dealt shit hand, Cameron handed over the keys but left a giant steaming turd on her desk. Instead tackling it she shouted about how turd means turd positioned herself as a hardline brexiteer when she wasn’t then tried to shore up her position with a snap election all the time not dealing with the big steaming turd. She weakened her position spouted a load of guff that made it impossible to make any progress without contradicting then triggered article 50 without any sort of plan. In euphemistic terms she started trying to remove the turd without any gloves on yet was trying not to get her hands dirty. She spread it around without actually cleaning it up. She eventually tried to come up with a compromise failed so tried the exact same thing 3 more teams with the same results. Now the turd is seemingly smeared all round number 10 and there is suspiciously more turd than when she started (Boris sniggering in the corner doing his belt up). Any sensible person dealing with a turd gets rid of it in the quickest way possible and for that it would have been the softest of all Brexits nobody voted for a hard Brexit nobody voted for years of chaos and uncertainty, a soft Brexit with a Norway deal would have kept this country strong and stable whilst taking a significant step back from the Eu.
  5. I’m still undecided although I’m probably giving Huawei a wide birth now. I’d prefer a new phone over galaxy S8 because it will be supported for longer, even if the S8 has better specs they tend to stop supporting phones after 5 years so that’s only a couple of years before the S8 needs upgrading. Edit: After doing some further research seems Android phones stop being supported much earlier than Apple. Maybe I’m better off with an iPhone that will last 5 years rather than a Samsung or Google phone that will last 2 or 3... Damn choice why can’t life be simple.
  6. We did sign Cambiasso so why not Robben, another out of contract player is Juan Mata. Don’t know if we could get him but you don’t know if you don’t try.
  7. I don’t think I would accept crappy cup performances, I get the need to use cup games to rotate but we need to have a squad strong enough that resting a few players doesn’t turn us into a sub league one standard side. This means a squad with options, not a clear first 11 and some others, and options that can be used in league games tactically and not just because of injuries. I liked the idea of Puel trying to play Gray as a striker giving an option other than Iheanacho to Vardy and a change in playing style. OK it didn’t work but having a forward that can play wide or through the middle would give us a lot of options to rotate and keep players fresh. We need to start thinking of a permanent alternative to Vardy but we can’t bring someone in just to play cup games and a few league minutes and expect them to reach potential. The other consideration is form, especially in young players, they have dodgy patches where a few games off just to give them a break work out any niggles and they generally come back fresher. This window Dow will be difficult we can’t just make one big money signing we already have a few squad players to replace and hopefully a few more will leave, but we can’t sign Youri and then add 3 or 4 more proven quality players, we don’t have the budget.
  8. Nah, Jon was happiest boning Ygritte, he never wanted power or responsibility he enjoyed being a wildling, one of the free folk.
  9. What I noticed was that in early seasons whole battles were not even shown, the battle of the whispering woods where rob captures Jamie is never seen (same as the book) just the build up and the aftermath. The battle of the blackwater was understated with the main focus on Tyrion and not creating a huge spectaclenatio. Wildlings vs Crows at the wall was similarly understated I but as budgets grew they got more obsessed with the spectacular and forgot the heart of the show was the political machinations. The battle of the bastards was truly outstanding but then the trip beyond the wall, the long night and the burning of kings landing all went on too long made little sense and in the case of the long night was just impossible to see what was actually happening in many ways a victim of its own success and budget.
  10. The time lost is only part of the problem it’s all about killing the game killing any momentum every time you start to build a little pressure the opposition kills the game, time wasting, arguing, play acting, subs it’s all designed to turn the last part of the game into a mess. You could add 5 more minutes on but it will be 5 more minutes of the same. We need to punish teams that play like this not just add more time on at the end.
  11. That is basically what is supposed to happen now, but refs are unable to enforce it so why do we think they’ll be able to enforce a more convoluted rule. Simpler rule would be to add a minute on every time the ref knows they are playing silly buggers. We need to stamp out this culture of illegally killing off games not create more convoluted rules. I would add making no attempt to play the ball, buggering around at set pieces and any other sort of delaying tactic. Repeat offenders are fined and can be punished by reducing the number of substitutes they are allowed to make in the next game. This is exactly my problem it’s a half measure, like going off for treatment, or all the respect bollocks that is well intended but will never last. I can guarantee that after the first few weeks of the season the only players leaving the field by the nearest edge will be players trying to save time for a substitution. Everyone else will go off normally.
  12. Interesting not exactly what I expected but at least it was a coherent ending that made sense. I just wish there had been more grey area over Dany’s actions last week then it actually would have felt like a difficult decision for Jon. A real dilemma, he loves her but not sure if he can trust her to not kill others. Instead she had to commit the greatest atrocity in history of Westeros, even then it took Tyrion to convince him.
  13. I think it’s good that they are addressing some of these but I feel they are mostly half measures that will not be implemented consistently. I mean the sub one is just going to cause confusion, who knows which is the nearest side of the pitch when you’re in the middle of a game. Is VAR going to do graphics to show the nearest side of the pitch, are they going to be punished for going to the wrong side? What if they are injured? Will they have to go the long way round? Is it the same for red cards? How many players are going to get abused walking past opposition fans. The handball one is also going to cause confusion. You can’t have handball being an offence in one area of the pitch but not another. The most contentious handballs are the ones around penalty decisions and that is still going to be the case.
  14. Where did Pearson bury it? Head or between the shoulder blades?
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