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  1. It's difficult because they can't release things too soon, I don't think they left it too late. I had nearly completed gen 1 when gen 2 came out. I'm now just 2 away from completing gen 2. So depending on how they release legendaries that will keep my interest for a bit longer. They've kinda got it spot on for me, but more active players might have lost interest.
  2. Seems like Pokémon go fest is a disaster, massive queues to get in and huge server issues, niantic CEO booed off stage, refunds offered and 100$ of in game coins as compensation.
  3. Been having fun on splatoon today, good multiplayer options not hit up the single player yet, but I'm just enjoying the gameplay style something a bit different to your standard fps but with enough familiar game mechanics to pick up and play and enjoy.
  4. Got to walk quite a few miles to get ampharos then it's just unown to complete gen 2. Not sure about the raids, think they need tweaking before releasing legendaries, interesting to see how the events going on this weekend go down. Could be a success or a bit of a damp squib, it's also kinda annoying that no safari events are happening in London, I need Kangaskhan, heracross, and Tauros.
  5. Laziness?
  6. Dammit, what did I miss?
  7. I find that Zelda games are always different and do always try to innovate and they will have learnt a lot from this game and the feedback. It's not Nintendo's style to just churn out the same game. They will also have more time to develop with the switch. I would expect another open world, and they created an amazing world, I just feel they focussed too much on just making the biggest map possible, but sometimes less is more. Fewer weapons, fewer ingredients, fewer cooking options, fewer fetch missions, more storyline, more developed skill tree, more unlockable areas, more dungeons. Towers are also getting a little passé.
  8. Sure you could replace Shearer, but you need continuity, you can't keep replacing pundits and presenters to save money every season. That would damage the brand. You also have to accept that footballers have spent their career on massive salaries and offering them peanuts to do TV will probably not interest them.
  9. But this is all about brand recognition, the BBC has earned that reputation for quality broadcasting and content and Sky for its football coverage. This is done in part by keeping the talent, of course you can replace presenters but if you were replacing them every year then you would lose the stability and your reputation. Gary wasn't great when he started but he developed into the role and is now an integral part of the BBC. If they can't keep of hold of their talent it says something about the state of the BBC. Unless there is a reason to get rid, like Keys and a Gray, nobody wants to lose talent to the competition, even if it means paying more than you would want to, that is how market forces drive up salaries even for a company funded by the license fee. It will be interesting to see how the backlash is handled by the Beeb, they could use it as an excuse to get rid of high earners without losing face.
  10. If true it is 6 figures then it makes sense the champions league isn't every week, and he covers more than just match of the day for the BBC. Put it this way I doubt he gets paid less for an evenings work on BT than BBC. Whilst clearly being overpaid all football presenters are because of the ludicrous amounts of money in football these days.
  11. You are probably right. As a consequence of everyone now going to Uni and being given a huge maintenance loan to live off (which they will never be able to pay back as it is tied in with their fees) there isn't the youth labour market to do the unskilled jobs. They just don't need to work because of the huge maintenance loans. The percentage of students in work is dropping steadily and fewer are taking up seasonal jobs outside of term time. A lot of these unskilled jobs that immigrants are taking were previously done by our youth, either as an alternative to further education or as part time/seasonal jobs by those in further education who needed money. Most of us at uni in my day, when loans were about £3,000 and fees about £1,000 per year worked, either part time during the year or full time over the summer or both.
  12. What was the fee? Only says undisclosed on the OS.
  13. You don't think he is getting at least that on BT sport (what's a few extra million when they paid 1.2bn for champions league rights). Lineker has also confirmed he has received higher offers from rival broadcasters: The amount of money involved in football it is no surprise presenters are paid a fortune.
  14. People still don't get that the BBC needs to maintain its status as a premium broadcaster, it needs to keep its reputation as a broadcaster and content provider. Regardless of the license fee it still makes a lot of money selling content to other countries and selling other merchandise, to maximise that it needs talent. Match of the Day is a huge brand when it comes to football, it is seen as the premier league show and recognised internationally. Its trade mark is licensed to magazines and DVDs and probably a ton of other merchandise. To maintain that status you need an internationally recognised front man. Chapman is decent but he doesn't have the status of Lineker or even Shearer to front a show about the most watched league in the world. You want to attract talent and keep them you have to pay for it. Like McEnroe at Wimbledon or Michael Johnson at the Olympics. Anyway, lets just all remember the abomination that was the premiership on ITV and just be thankful we have motd.