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  1. Fair point about the goals timing, but my point about luck is even assuming Vardy flicked the ball exactly where he wanted it to go, which I doubt, Vardy couldn't see Ederson, he couldn't deliberately flick it past Ederson he just had to flick it on target and hope for the best. If Ederson hadn't done a star fish and just stood there he probably would have saved it. It was still an audacious flick and a brilliant bit of improvisation and deserves all the praise it gets. Maddison saw where Ederson was and stuck it out of his reach no luck pure skill, that just edges above Vardy.
  2. I would say the Germany goal was a lot more deliberate and controlled. Vardy did brilliantly to get in front of the defender and get any sort of clean contact with the ball, but for it to squeeze past Ederson was in part luck, he couldn't place it or direct it with any real control. Maddison was in complete control of the situation and yes he's missed a few like that but that just goes to show how good a strike it was. It's just my opinion but Maddison is the better goal.
  3. A tough one for me. I loved Vardy's goal but there was an element of just get something on it and hope it goes in, at that speed it could have gone anywhere brilliant improvisation but an element of luck that Maddison didn't need. The build up to Maddison's goal was also a nice passing move but to find the space and strike the ball that well is pure class. Maddison for me.
  4. I like this, Tielemans and Mendy worked really well together, Mendy is nowhere near as good as Ndidi at being a solo destroyer he needs players close to him to pass to and work with. Tielemans looks better as a traditional midfielder not going too far forward and that gives Maddison the freedom to find space.
  5. Mendy and Ndidi occupy the same space of the pitch but that is where the similarity ends. They are 2 very different types of players and are not interchangeable. If we are playing 4141 or 4123 Ndidi is the best as the 1 protecting the back 4 Mendy is not very good in that role. The difference against Man City was he had Tielemans as a midfield partner and they worked as a team hunting the ball together and playing their way out of danger together. Ndidi is a lone destroyer who works better on his own, playing as part of a double pivot just gets in his way, as a lone destroyer he has license to hunt the ball and snuff out the danger and not worry too much positionally. Mendy isn't fast enough or strong enough to play that role but playing with Tielemans seemed to bring the best out of him. It was obviously a specific formation for Man City, but I wouldn't be upset to see us line up like that again against West Ham, injuries permitting, maybe Under in for Praet to play a more adventurous 343.
  6. We were still capable of it, we should have beaten Chelsea in both games, we were unlucky to not get any points from Liverpool and Man City. We did beat Spurs and Arsenal.
  7. Same as last season, capable of beating anyone, capable of putting a string of results together and capable of getting in a great position to actually win something. But we are also capable of dramatic capitulations, throwing away great chances to win and going on runs of relegation form. Where we end up depends on our consistency and how many of the "big 6" have poor seasons. Spurs, Chelsea, United, Arsenal all underperformed at times over the last few seasons. Hopefully we can maintain our status as best of the rest and take advantage when the wheels come off Ole's bus or Jose has a meltdown or Arteta and Lampard have their lack of managerial experience exposed.
  8. I know of a few people who have always voted Dem but just couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hilary so voted Trump.
  9. Many times, but you'd just assume that if someone has added another personal email on copy there is a reason for that not just for shits and giggles. I guess not being married and having the same surname means it's not obvious it's my missus but we're joint applicants on everything. Even people we've dealt with a number of times and have spoken to both of us in the course of a transaction do it. As a general rule at work I'd much rather be copied into something that doesn't directly concern me than not be copied into an email that does. I've even had it where someone is asking me to do something in an email I'm not on copy and then sending a passive aggressive email to me to ask why I hadn't done it.
  10. Professional people who don't get reply all, we're currently selling/buying a house and there is lots of associated admin and every email I copy my other half and vice versa so we both have visibility of what is going on and if one of us is busy the other can respond. But they keep on just replying to the sender. It's doing my head in. How can people in 2020 still not get emails.
  11. The difference with stickers is you are encouraged to swap and you are limited by the physical money in your pocket and the number of packets in the corner shop and the trade off between the pocket money spent on sweets or stickers or comics was a valuable lesson in the value of money. There is also an achievable finite limit on stickers you can collect. They don't release a new batch every month as an addition. The infinite capacity of digital and the lack of a physical transaction and no concept of the cost of these transactions just leads it to be an unreal sensation where money is being spent on literally nothing. Are there now digital bank accounts for kids where they can manage their pocket money? They can decide then on what they spend it on and if they spend it all on fortnite skins you can't buy anything else with your pocket money.
  12. I think they are getting confused between. Micro transactions and loot boxes. But micro transactions probably still need to be looked at as they are problematic and despite it not being pay to win Fortnite is guilty of encouraging children to spend their parents money on cosmetics. They are no where near as dodgy as random loot boxes to win which are a blight on the computer games industry.
  13. I don't mind them changing the slogan, it basically means the same thing, but if some people can't disassociate some of the extreme political views from a fringe element of the original incarnations of BLM from the global movement that want one thing, black lives to matter as much as white lives. Then great go for a more inclusive message, they are still kneeling so nothing has really changed.
  14. I think there will be some positives that come out of it, such as greater flexibility at work to work from home, we've relocated from London because we can now both work from home so we can continue our jobs whilst living in something bigger than a shoebox. People will have a greater appreciation of "key workers" and the NHS but all of that will disappear quickly if we are plunged into a crippling recession and people will revert back to selfish type.
  15. Some people are, even on a Leicester forum. The issue is Wales, Scotland and England are all acting separately and that is causing confusion.
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