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  1. Funny how against Liverpool we had nobody up for corners when we needed a goal, I'd always have a couple of players up gives you an easy yet very threatening out ball.
  2. No problem with the team that was put I think they are all good footballers. My issue is players like Mendy have barely kicked a football all season, while we run Youri, Wilf and Ricardo into the ground. Mendy had every right to be shit on Saturday and it is a credit to him that he played well. Especially as he probably won't play again in the league... It was a massive and unnecessary risk, but it paid off. Norwich, Everton in the cup, Everton in the league were all games that we could have made more changes rotated kept players fresh.
  3. Wigan are better than West Ham. I didn't comment in the match thread but I do disagree with this approach. I hated it when Pearson did it and didn't like it yesterday. The difference was our second string are good enough to beat a mid to lower premier league side. So why not use them in games like Norwich, where we looked tired, rather pick one game then relegate them all back to the stiffs.
  4. Clear and obvious error has been the most inconsistently applied aspect of VAR. Are you happy with goal line technology giving or not giving a goal by a matter of millimetres? I know the big difference is the speed at which goal line technology works and there are fewer variables, but nobody is arguing that there should be a grey area for goal line technology. Offside is offside whether it is a millimetre or a mile.
  5. Another question, and for me the most important. Has VAR offsides been consistently applied all season? Yes, from match one, Sterling was offside by an armpit. We cry out for consistency, now we have it people want more. I honestly only care that games are refereed consistently and fairly. In the case of offside and goal line technology it has been so. You can argue frame rates and armpits all you want it has been consistently applied. This is my frustration with VAR and handball/fouls so inconsistent and frustrating. Happy to have the rules refined and the technology improved as long as they can be consistently applied and that means fractional offsides will happen.
  6. No but in the same way you're not supposed to just let a player dribble past you. If you can't stop them without winning the ball it's a foul. Goalkeepers need to be held accountable, you take someone out without winning the ball it's a foul. You need to judge if you can win the ball cleanly if you can't don't dive in if you do and miss the ball then you risk conceding a foul/penalty.
  7. Frustrating to lose, even though Man City were very very good. We defended very well, a deflected shot that was going to Kasper's arms and a daft/soft penalty were our undoing. That's Etihad, Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford visited this season, only 1 point from these 4 games, arguably the toughest 4 games of the season, yet we are still second.
  8. But he's comparing them to Martial, James and Rashford, not Sterling, Sane, Traore. They do not have express pace. Vardy would have them all on toast. The other thing is the implication is we don't attack in numbers, we get plenty of people forward quickly either on the counter or as part of a high press. We don't just lump balls up to Vardy and hope he does something.
  9. And we didn't with our owners? There is no real connection, despite some spurious claims of watching us in the 90s. Vichai wanted a football team we were available, we won the lottery, admittedly just the national lottery compared to Man City getting the euromillions on a triple rollover week. But we still lucked out massively, when you think of some the shady characters that have owned clubs like Forest and Leeds. I am pretty sure Mandaric would have sold to anyone with money.
  10. If it was iconic premier league player of the decade then yes Aguero. But the BBC can't decide if it is Premier League or English football's iconic player. For English football a player that started the decade in non league ended the decade with 2 league winners medals, a premier league goal scoring record and a handful of England caps and goals, not to mention wound up every football fan in the country that can give it but can't take it. The man's a legend!
  11. Or just leave it on there, we don't need every opposition moron's verbal diarrhoea in this thread. If I want read ill informed opinions from nobodies I'll create an account myself.
  12. If he is interested in business, I'd say don't study it just do it. This is based on doing a degree in business studies and learning nothing of use. It's a tough decision there are so many non academic skills you learn at University that I would say it was hugely beneficial to me going, even if I didn't learn anything useful. That was before fees were extortionate. If he doesn't know what he wants to do Uni probably won't help him decide but it will set him in good stead for most careers. The alternative is do what a friend of mine did which is start working in something they are interested in, in her case fashion retail, found something she wanted to do, was told she needed a degree to do it so went and studied that (international merchandising). She now handles the Asian markets for a large fashion brand. As others have said, go to open days, stay in the application process, if you don't get the application in you can't go. Keep all options open if he has some offers he doesn't have to take them.
  13. Some people avoid Twitter because it is cesspool of hatred and bigotry and the occasional spoiler.
  14. Mark Robins was another, although that was pre O'Neill who we also got from Norwich. A few went the other way too, including Steve Walsh .
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