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  1. I didn't know that, but it strengthens the reasoning, they need to test the protocols before the league cup final. If anything that makes it even more to do a test run before the league cup final and 8,000 fans. 2 chances to make sure everything is in place for the league cup final. Again it's risk free, they couldn't really have fans at the semi it be a disaster and then 8000 fans turn up a week later. They can't cancel fans at the league cup final at this late stage.
  2. 2 reasons. 1 if anything goes wrong with neutral fans then you've not completely fvcked up their day out. If it takes too long to get everyone seated you're not going to have a riot. They probably won't be drinking beforehand and won't be spilling out into the streets and transport system after. 2 if you can't get it right with a handful of neutral fans you shouldn't be letting real fans in. It is a very sensible approach to use the 2 semi finals as test events, you have 2 hits at it with the end goal having real fans in at the final. By the time the final c
  3. They will probably be free tickets too so it won't matter too much if they miss kick off or if there is some disruption to the game due to the restrictions.
  4. One way systems, sanitizing stations, social distancing entering and exiting the stadium. Capacity for things like toilets and refreshments. You don't want people massing and queuing inside for the loos or food. You can try and model it but you can't predict it.
  5. The alternative is no fans, they are not just going to open the doors and say everyone come back. Test events are to check the covid protocols and effectiveness/practicalities of restrictions and distancing in a footballing environment. That will be so much easier with neutral fans that will clap politely rather than lose their shit when a goal is scored. Not to mention the travel restrictions that will still be in place and the uproar if they allowed some teams to have fans at not others Neutral ground neutral fans makes the most sense and it also acts as a test event
  6. Or fewer, not sure how many times we played top of the league in 15/16... When we played Man City and Liverpool earlier in the season they weren't top so we'll only have had 1 game vs top this season.
  7. Why? It's a test event not a license to break all travel and stay local restrictions. Neutral fans at a neutral venue much easier to regulate than actual fans at their home ground. It is just a small step towards what we all want.
  8. HZD free from 19th thanks for the heads up.
  9. Captain Hindsight here, going with 2 up top was a mistake, overrun in the middle but can't really take off either Vardy or Nacho because then we have nowhere to go if we need a goal. Needed a big balls decision on the first 11, drop player of the month, in form Kel or Vardy who loves a goal against Man City.
  10. Hoping Maddison is fit enough for 45mins Madders for Perez will make all the difference.
  11. We're not even looking for the counter Kel and Vardy virtual passengers, Perez not good enough to break the Man City press.
  12. If we're playing 2/3 up top we need to get the ball up to them quicker. We are massively out numbered and out skilled in midfield so why try and play through the midfield?
  13. Can Kasper please just boot one-up for Vardy to chase, these little chip clearances are going to Man City every time. Just smash it.
  14. After asking you I did a quick Google if G is B than Gran Tug is Bran Tub and apparently that's a lucky dip where the prizes are buried in Bran... https://www.collinsdictionary.com/amp/english/bran-tub I've never heard of that before.
  15. I'm not sure what Gran Tub is supposed to be, but if every B is a G then surely it should be Gran Tug!
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