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  1. True happiness? Is it possible?

    From the parts of your life you share on here it is clear you are an incredible human being and have done more good in this world than most other people have, and had to deal with way more than your fair share of shit as a consequence. As for happiness I don't know, I know I can keep the demons away most days and sometimes the smallest unexpected thing can keep me going for weeks, but other days something trivial can send me into a downward spiral.
  2. Diving

    The problem is the wording of the rules are so woolly that the definition of a foul is subjective so you'll never get a consensus.
  3. Diving

    Those comments make no sense, surely saying you are entitled to go down under any contact is more likely to turn it into a contactless sport not punishing people for throwing themselves to the floor.
  4. Ashes 2017

    Woke up to Stoneman's wicket, happy that we're only 2 down and 2 players with question marks over them have turned up and put in decent knocks. Still a very long way to go but so far not bad.
  5. Diving

    Richarlison and B. Silva were investigated but they weren't charged.
  6. What grinds my gears...

    Anyway I came on here to vent about people being selfish pr*cks. Every time I go somewhere there will be someone who just acts like a pr*ck and there is no need for it. Case in point, last night I was at a gig, we were quite happily watching the support act and the venue was slowly filling up, but there was plenty of space about. This couple walk up and just stand right in front of us, the tall man standing right in front of my girlfriend and about 2 inches in front. She politely asked him if he could just move a bit, a step forward or a step to the right or left and everyone would be happy, as I said there was plenty of space. Instead of moving slightly he decided to get into an argument be an aggressive patronising twat about it. There was literally no need, he didn't need to stand directly in front of anyone, the floor had a really good gradient and there was plenty of places to stand to see the stage, why he chose to stand 5 cms in front of my shortish girlfriend when he could have stood a couple of feet further forwards I don't know. Why his instant reaction was not to be polite and apologetic and argue the toss, I really don't know.
  7. What grinds my gears...

    Question for you and all the above: What is the greater evil, an innocent man losing their job over false sexual harassment claims, or a woman getting sexually harassed in the work place and her complaints ignored? I have no idea who Emily Lindin is, but when it comes to discussing these things twitter opinions lose all nuance so I will try to elaborate on her behalf (I think it's called mansplaining), there is clearly a perfect point where all men guilty of sexual assault get punished and no innocent man is punished by false accusations (really the perfect point is nobody gets sexually harassed but we are a way off from that) and I'm sure Emily would agree with me as I'm sure would all of you. At the moment we are not very close to that perfect point, the balance of power is massively skewed against women in cases of sexual assault/harassment and the burden of proof required means that predatory men know they can get away with it, as long as there are no witnesses. If we are going to redress the balance and get closer to that perfect point then maybe some innocent men might get caught up as collateral damage, anyone who falsely accuses men of sexual assault are scumbags, but do we just ignore and do nothing about systematic abuse in the workplace in case someone abuses that and an innocent man loses his job? How many woman not being abused/able to confront their abusers would you value at the same level of a man's career? How many innocent men's careers do you honestly think would be lost to false accusations if assault and harassment claims required the burden of proof to be on the accused to prove that they didn't do anything? Personally I would like to think that nobody would ever falsely accuse someone out of spite, but I also think nobody would sexually harass and assault people at work and they do. All I can say is if I lost my job because of a false accusation I would be angry, but I would be angry at the person that accused me not the system that let it happen. At the moment victims of sexual assault and harassment are not believed and do not feel they have any option than to try and move past it, often quitting their jobs and losing their careers as well as their confidence and self respect, they are being abused by their attackers and let by the system that is designed to protect them. If we get to a point where victims of false accusation outnumber victims of sexual harassment then I will be concerned about them, but until then I don't think the risk of an innocent man losing his job is grounds for doing nothing, so I agree with her I am not concerned about it, at least not as much as I am concerned about systematic abuse in Westminster, Hollywood, the music industry and every single day.
  8. President Trump & the USA

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/american-football/42079902 Trump sport double header: More stuff on taking the Knee Then calling the father of a basketball player he single-handedly rescued from a Chinese prison a fool.
  9. Cricket 2017

    Does Vince have much of a reputation against short fast bowling? My memories of his last spell for England are getting in looking unruffled get to 20-30 then get out driving at one he should have left alone.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    You mean like Villa, Fulham, Cardiff and QPR did and 'Boro, Sunderland and Hull are going to? (It isn't that easy) They recovered from relegation by keeping the team together, not sacking people left right and centre and building on something positive. Dyche is clearly a bit of a tit, but if you can't see that he has done an excellent job at Burnley then you are blind.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I don't like him, but you can't deny that what he has done at Burnley has been impressive, and credit too to Burnley for sticking with him when he got them relegated first time round.
  12. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Re: Mahrez, that isn't what I said, I said he has been snuffed out by the opposition, nullified. He's not lazy but he does drift in and out of games. That is in part due to how we've been playing. He would get more of the ball and more time on the ball if he worked harder to find space, or come looking for the ball, draw them in, pass (and not try and take everyone on) and then find the space he has created. Mahrez is a wonderful footballer, but he could be even better. Switching to a passing/possession game will probably help Mahrez even less as the opposition will have more time to get back find their shape and swamp him as soon as he gets the ball.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Niasse has been charged with diving: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42066734 I'm a bit surprised considering there was some contact especially as Richarlison wasn't charged, but we want this sort of behaviour stamped out so good, I'm in all in favour of this, until Vardy gets done, then I'll call the FA a bunch of corrupt cvnts, obviously.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    They charge when they are connected to the console, I always slot them back in and I have never known the controllers to have low battery, but then I play a lot in handheld mode which charges the controllers from the switch's battery, until you can dock it again.
  15. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    I am not saying anything negative about Barnes, I have only read reports on here and seen highlights. I can't really judge him, but there are very few players that can stroll around and give them self the space and time to perform at their best. Even someone like Ozil who seems lazy actually covers more ground than Sanchez (according to something I once read) but because he is constantly moving rather than moving in bursts it isn't as noticeable. If Barnes is like that then fine, but if he is just going to hover around by the touch line and only come to life when he gets the ball then he will struggle in the premier league as he will be closed down and denied the space. It is great he is doing well at Barnsley but if he is just coasting through games then it isn't great preparation for the premier league.