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  1. These are good players being exposed by a shit system. They are following this ridiculous game plan of overloading the flanks leaving us massively exposed at the back. It is so predictable. Chilwell is so often caught out of position because too much attacking burden is on him. The full backs have to attack otherwise we have no numbers going forwards but every time we lose the ball we leave ourselves wide open to the counter. The same mistakes week after week and Puel has had long enough to sort it out.
  2. Captain...

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Do they mean everyone has figured out our old style? If anything they have figured out our new style. Keep it tight in the middle send us out wide wait for the inevitable cross to the centre halves. Hit us on the counter. Or put pressure on Morgan and Ndidi until they give the ball away? Or just wait for Schmeichel to kick the ball straight to the opposing striker?
  3. Captain...

    Wolves A Match Thread

    And Ndidi, Hamza’s been the better of the 3 in every game. Lot of pressure on Barnes to play the number 10. Simpson in seems like a backwards step. Oh well here we go again. Come on you Foxes.
  4. Captain...

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    I get the argument that it is the players delivering the crosses not Puel, it is the players giving the ball away under no pressure, not Puel and it is the players making stupid tackles not Puel. It largely stems from the system we play with attacking full backs and over rely on them, the emphasis on overloading the flanks and using the over lap comes from Puel, but when they double up on the flanks it leaves just Vardy and Maddison in the middle and maybe the opposite wide player. The CMs don’t swarm into the box so we are really limited with what we can do. You spend a lot of time and energy getting some space on the flanks it is frustrating to them have to go backwards especially as it is to Ndidi who is sloppy in possession or Mendy who has zero attacking qualities. You get in that position with full backs advanced and lose the ball thn you are screwed as there is a lot of space to counter. Put a big cross in you might get a corner or a scrappy chance but you will also give the full backs time to drop.
  5. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    You also have think of brand partnerships. By showing a sense of social responsibility they will be seen favourably as event sponsors corporate partners for brands that also want to be seen as socially responsible. All we need now now is a spike in protest sales as manly men buy their products just to video them melting them on a bbq while boys be boys in front of them and they will have a clean sweep. Meanwhile the ad men have already started plotting their “accidentally” sexist lady shave adverts which sends the twitter sphere into an even bigger frenzy as millions re-tweet the video of their pink over priced lady razors and this one screaming hypocrites until their heads explode.
  6. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    Fair enough I agree it is pretty crass and heavy handed and could have done with more focus rather than trying to cram all of man’s ills into one advert, then if it wasn’t would it have got as many people talking? Also from a marketing point of view would it have made more sense if the arseholes all had scraggy unkempt beards and the good guys were all immaculately smooth?
  7. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    It’s not about stopping people talking about women. It is about understanding where the line is and calling people out when they cross it, or when they start getting close to it. It is also about reassessing what you think is acceptable and isn’t. If you see a “fit bird” there is nothing wrong with thinking she’s fit, but is it ok to stare at her? to nudge your mates so then she has a whole table of guys staring at her? To make a comment to your mates so then she has a whole table of guys staring at her sniggering? To then make a comment as she walks past so she can hear? Then go over and ask her for her number then get all pissy when she says no and call her a lesbian? Then follow her out the pub as she leaves? At what point will you get shit off your mates for saying something? It’s not an exact thing and it is not a simple thing the Gillette advert highlights many aspects of toxic masculinity the take away from it should be that maybe we need to reassess what we deem as acceptable behaviour and when we see someone crossing the line or getting close to it we should call them out. That line is obviously subjective and a little blurred but if we all reassess it a little then that might go a long way.
  8. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    But we all allow that behaviour by not calling people out on it. Even defending it sometimes. I’m sure you’ve been in the pub and a mate or mate of a mate has said or done something pervy and you’ve not said anything or just laughed. The culture we need to break is that of it being acceptable. You’ll never stop people being dicks, but if you call them out on it then they might think twice before being a dick around you. They might then start to think twice about being a dick full stop. If you compare it to racism and how it went from being generally acceptable to not it was a cultural change to make sure everyone got the message that certain words and actions are not acceptable. It didn’t happen overnight but the change came when decent people felt empowered and right to call people out on racist behaviour and felt that they would get backed up by their friends. That was the change, when racist people stopped assuming everyone thought like them and that it was acceptable to say these things in decent company. “Lads” think it is ok to be “lads” because it is just what “lads” do and if you don’t then you’re the odd one out not them. If the ad does one thing I hope it gives people more courage to call people out on unacceptable behaviour. It may not be the watershed moment but it is further support to those who believe that the majority of men are not violent aggressive misogynistic perverts and we should no longer accept this cultural norm where it is acceptable for men to behave that way.
  9. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    It is not about individual change it’s cultural change. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t harass women, beat people up and generally be a cvnt, yet there are still men out there that do it and think it is their right to do it and do it unashamedly. The bigger point of the advert advert to me is that we should call out this kind of behaviour. How many times has a mate, or a mate of a mate done something “not cool” and you’ve just gone along with it, or you’ve seen lads at the football or in the pub being a bit lairy and ignored as it is lads being lads. The fact is it is a lot more complex issue than a 90 second ad a few posts on here. If you take away anything from it it should be that we are moving away from “lads lads lads” having a scuffle picking up birds as being the societal norm and actually “lad culture” is a lot more diverse than Nuts magazine. I’m not saying finger a minger or pull a pig competitions are a thing of the past, but it will be marginalised and the assumption that every lad is up for that sort of behaviour will disappear so that those who do will not be the perceived norm, because the reality is most men are decent blokes but they get dragged down by “toxic masculinity” to feel they need to fit in to this sort of behaviour. As I said it’s a complex issue and not one that was handled well by Gillette and probably not well expanded upon by me but if gets debate and discourse going then it is worthwhile.
  10. Captain...

    Gilette Advert

    It reeks of a cynical marketing exercise. Especially after Nike’s Colin Kapernik campaign. The message is good, but the delivery heavy handed. It is ironic that the over the top reaction from “real men” says more about the culture of toxic masculinity than any marketing exercise. If you are really that bothered by someone asking you if you could be a better man then maybe you really need to stop and look at yourself rather than get angry. We can all be better men and we all need reminding of that, by our friends, by our family or by our choice of face scraping tool or carbonated sugary beverage.
  11. Captain...

    Non Top 6 Alternative Table

    There seems to be some misunderstanding over the term false position. Being in a false position doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be there. You play the games take the points and you deserve to be in the position you are in. Saying that you think we are in a false position in 8th is saying that despite the results our performances and squad/managerial capabilities suggest we are not the 8th best team in the league. Look at Burnley last year or Huddersfield they fully deserved their finish but it was clear to everyone that Burnley would not be able to maintain it and that Huddersfield had performed out of their skins to stay up, you could say the same for Cardiff at the moment. Back to Burnley the fact that we imploded as did Everton and everyone else challenging for 7th doesn’t make Burnley the 7th best team in the country they just took advantage of the situation. The fact that we can beat Man City and Chelsea then lose to Cardiff, Newport and Southampton makes it very hard to judge this team, but if trends and performances continue we will not finish top half. Despite us being top half now on merit. That is why it is described as a false position.
  12. Captain...

    Barnes coming back

    Glad a decision has been made now the club and Barnes need to prove it is the right one. I’m a bit confused as to why it took so long to recall him. Especially to then do it on a Friday. It would have made more sense to bring him back before Newport and get some “free minutes”. I doubt he’ll start against Saints as he’s had no time with the squad but we’ll see. The advantage of the tougher games coming up is we’ve been going 433 in these games recently Barnes on the left of a front 3 seems ideal. Good luck HB.
  13. Captain...

    The Perils of Short-Termism

    I agree, but I, and probably millions like me, don’t do enough to effect it at an international level. On a personal level I do more than most but probably still not enough, but as you said change needs to come at a higher level. So how do you do it? Join Greenpeace? Vote Green Party? Join Swampy up a tree? The problem is the old ways are steeped in stigma of fringe looney lefties and support will be marginalised. What is needed is a new cause, Climate change, and a new political movement that embraces it, which is what is lacking at the moment. There are millions possibly billions out there that see climate change as an issue but with no co-ordinating voice. I think people are waiting for it to happen organically but maybe it needs someone to push it, I don’t know who maybe me, maybe you or Leicsmac, maybe all it needs is a hash tag. I am guilty as anyone of sitting around waiting for someone else to do something about it.
  14. Captain...

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Does anyone on here actually think it is Claude’s decision? He will probably have sanctioned the loan and will have an input on whether to recall or not, but I don’t think it is his decision to make. The reason for some of the comments in the press will have been to put pressure on Rudkin to trigger the recall. I really don’t think it is up to Puel, and he shouldn’t get the blame if this goes wrong.
  15. Captain...

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    But we sold Lee Marshall for the same as we paid for him, so in terms of value for money he offered little but cost us little so comes out evens.