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  1. Captain...

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 103 seconds  
  2. Captain...


    https://pokemongohub.net/post/guide/using-the-sinnoh-stone-how-to-prioritize-your-evolutions/ This goes through the reasoning. Roserade is top poison type and Weavile is a top Ice and Dark attacker if not the best in either but has double typing.
  3. Captain...


    You don’t have the candy for togetic, you probably have lots of high powered Fire types, Entei, Moltres and Ho-oh all superior to Magmortar. I’d go for Rhyperior if I were you. Top Rocker and second best grounder in the game.
  4. Captain...


    As for eggs, after the regional hatching event I changed my egg policy and now aim to only have 2k eggs in my bag. So I walked off all the 10, 7, 5k eggs and every time I hatch one I wait to see what my next egg from a poke stop is before incubating. This way I can always clear space quicker when egg events happen.
  5. Captain...


    Thursday is my research breakthrough day went for Rhyperior as I had a high level Rhydon. Got a week to decide which one to evolve next.
  6. Captain...

    Ok two questions regards Top

    1. The money comes from King power international and possibly AFI (Asian football investors) not sure if they are still involved. Vichai’s personal wealth is separate. We have also had some very profitable years so I don’t think we need to worry too much on that front. 2. Vichai was chairman of both OH Leuven and Leicester so there can’t be any reason why Top would be stopped from doing both. The only impact Vichai’s tragic death will have on Top’s capacity as chairman of both Leicester and Leuven is if he doesn’t want to be reminded of his dad everywhere he goes and he finds it too raw emotionally. Nobody could blame him if he wanted to take more of a back seat.
  7. Captain...

    President Trump & the USA

    Then get yourself a Trumpy Bear
  8. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Yes the level of discourse is incredibly sad. Which is what this “whinging” remainer has said all along. Leaving the EU is not necessarily a bad thing but I had zero faith in this sorry excuse for a government and opposition making anything other than a complete hash of it.
  9. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Surely the only way out of this is put it back to the people. You asked to leave the EU this is the best we can do so now you get to choose again.
  10. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I imagine it will work the same as non eu countries at the moment with the European health card or a UK equivalent. You will not be left to die on the street if you can’t pay. If you are a resident in an EU country then you will be paying tax and have access to healthcare in that country as a resident.
  11. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It may not be as good as we have it now but for your average Joe who likes to holiday in Spain it is no different. For people who travel extensively with work it might pose a problem but I’m sure there will be measures taken to account for them. My only complaint is that it has taken this long to be “agreed” and it still hasn’t been finalised.
  12. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    That is your right and you deserve to have your say which is why a second referendum is important and democratic.
  13. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I’m a big fan of the benevolent dictator model.
  14. Captain...

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    We may be doing better than the Eurozone in terms of growth but it is meaningless if it all comes to an end post leaving the EU. One effect on growth is companies on both sides of the channel stock piling goods in preparation for a potential no deal. Even if we avoid a no deal there will still be consequence of this stock piling as trade will almost definitely slow down around April next year. Why should a leaver believe a second referendum will be honoured? The first thing to consider is referendums are not binding they give the ruling government a mandate to pursue a course of action, a government is obliged to go against the result of a referendum in the interest of the country. The result of the referendum was honoured that is why we triggered article 50 and have been negotiating with EU for 2 years. Will this apply to General Elections? We do have a second vote after every General election, normally 5 years after but it can be called earlier, or be forced by a Government losing the trust of the people. Democracy is giving the people a voice, not giving them one choice. All referendums and elections are democratic in nature regardless of frequency. It is all the lies and corruption and dodgy spending during the campaign which calls into question democracy. What happens if we can't get a deal through parliament? My second referendum would be as follows, Remain, Deal, No Deal. Everyone has a first choice and a second choice, for this very reason. If any outcome wins on first choice votes then that is what we must do. If no option wins on first choice third place is eliminated and their second choice votes are counted. Imagine 40% no deal 35% Deal, 25% Remain. Remove remain then counting second choice of remainers, 45% no deal, 55% deal. The people have spoken deal has won. So then what happens if the deal fails? If no deal can be reached then we go back to the original count remove the Deal first choices and count their second choice. Now lets be hypothetical here. the majority of Dealers would rather remain. Then we could potentially get a 55% Remain 45% No Deal. It is a very good question though, and it would be interesting to know how many brexiteers would prefer to remain than have a no deal. It would also require second choice votes to be kept a secret as it would influence the negotiation of a deal. This then goes to your second question if Remain win when do we have a third referendum? Following the above method if the winner does not get a majority first choice then then at the next general election there would be the same options on the ballot paper. Until a clear majority is found. I don't agree with a lot of American politics but I do like the way they use elections to give their constituents a voice on different issues, such as legalising cannabis in that state. Finally, second referendum would be popular vote, not constituency. There is no reason for it to be constituency based.
  15. Captain...

    Puel in, but the debate should be there.

    I agree with the sentiment, Puel has done a decent job and he has not taken the easy option, he has tried to rebuild the team into one playing the way he wants them to play. The players have worked hard to adapt, but I still feel we are not getting the best out of the squad we have and it is right to have the debate as we have dropped points when we shouldn't have. Obviously recent events have overshadowed all that, but as we get back to the football he will come under scrutiny again. I agree with the point of a target man, sometimes we are crying out for Slimani or Ulloa to change the dynamic of the attack. Even if we just bring on Iborra to add an aerial threat. I question the logic in overloading the flanks with attacking full backs if there is nobody to get on the end of their crosses. A target man isn't the only plan B, I would like us to be more direct at times, suck teams in with the passing, then switch it up when they start pressing, go direct to Vardy a few times in a game and it keeps them worried at the back. I do feel we are one or 2 key signings or changes away from making it click, but I also fear we could be one injury/crisis of confidence away from it all going horribly wrong. @Suzie the Fox The writing style needs work, first off there are a number of errors, it needs proof reading. Secondly I dislike the first paragraph, (the lead) it doesn't sum up the article or set the scene. I would write something like this: Claude Puel took over the reins at Leicester City in October 2017. He comfortably lead them out of the relegation zone to their second best league finish in 20 years. He has built a young exciting squad with 3 young foxes getting full England call ups. With the club currently comfortably mid table why is the softly spoken French man's position constantly questioned by the fans and the media? Obviously that is personal taste and I am not qualified in any way to comment, but that then leads into the article.