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  1. Elite is the best of the best, elite premier league clubs are Man City and Liverpool, they have been the only 2 teams competing for the title for three years and won a number of other trophies in the process. Elite are clearly better than all others and it is a temporary status. Big seems to be a club that has been competing in the top 6 for a decade + Historically big are teams that have won lots of trophies in the past, but are not competing at the top at the moment. We are just Leicester.
  2. Because in between those 2 periods you mention we were very mediocre for the majority of our history. Nobody can argue we are footballing elite when you look at the history of United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Spurs, Villa. Chelsea and Man City are late to the party, they don't have the history and will never quite be considered elite. They are considered big clubs because of over a decade of continuously challenging for trophies. We are who we are, we don't need to revise our whole history just enjoy where we are for who we are and how we've got there.
  3. If we win the league we are automatic top seeds. So get a draw like last time which was on the easy side. Likewise if we qualify by winning the EL, we are top seeds. I'd be interested to know how well we would need to do in the EL to get our coefficient up to be likely 3rd or 2nd seeds. If we qualify by finishing 2nd-4th we will get a tough draw and have to hope for Russian or portuguese champions as top seeds. We are currently 49th in the UEFA coefficient, we need to be top 16 to get pot 2 and top 24 to guarantee pot 3 otherwise we will probably get a stinker of a dra
  4. Agree with this, I think it has to be Cags and Fofana vs Brentford, Cags needs minutes under his belt and we need to see if they are a compatible pairing. If they look good together vs Brentford you'd probably give Cags the 90 then rest him vs Everton, then maybe look to Leeds or Fulham to play Cags and Fofana in the league give Evans a rest. Or maybe Cags and Evans vs Leeds, Cags and Fofana vs Fulham. It will soon be clear if we need Evans to marshall the defence and Cags and Fofana are not suitable as a pair. Then with the Liverpool game coming up there is the option
  5. I've not done an extensive survey, but how many people copied David Beckham's haircut? How many people look dress and act like their favourite footballer. It's not just general public but the influence on lower league footballers, non league footballers and the average Joe public who play Sunday league/five aside (obviously not the moment). Maybe I was harsh to call them idiots, culture influences that's just a fact. Whether it was right or wrong to make it an issue, footballers were asked to curb their celebration and by the majority just completely ignoring the advice and doing w
  6. But you forget how many idiots there are out there that do take their cues from overpaid sheltered and often thick people that can kick a ball or sing a note well.
  7. It's all for appearances, but with the amount of covid cases happening within football clubs any unnecessary contact should be avoided. On the pitch is one thing, but all the nonsense before and after the game can be binned off. Surely nobody would be offended if 103 year old Hodgson would prefer not to touch elbows and keep his distance. Celebrating a goal is a bit different, but when players can do a pre planned goal celebration like whatever the fvck that was with Pogba, they can plan to do one that keeps their distance. Last minute winners are one thing, but a penalty to go 3-
  8. He made a mistake he was punished, we move on. Didn't the victim deny it happened and defend him in court? Or am I getting my footballer abuse stories confused?
  9. So I've seen all kinds of headlines about Pogba's stunning volley, to the point where I actively looked up the highlights on youtube. It was pretty shit, Pope would have saved it easily but for a massive deflection that squirmed through his legs. I'm not normally one for " the big club media bias conspiracy theory" but the only reason I can think anyone would call thst a "stunning volley" is to push some alternative agenda.
  10. If we can get a decent amount for him just get rid, it's not working for him or us. He's not a shit player just not getting any sort of game time. We need a credible alternative to Vardy but we can't have another player who just sits on the bench waiting for him to be injured or rested.
  11. Considering the amount of idiots and guns in one place that is a surprisingly low number.
  12. If we have 3 up and they go to play it short we then need to commit 2 defenders out to deal with the short corner then we are left short handed in the box, or we allow a free run into the box. If I was facing a team leaving players up at a corner I would play it short draw out the defence and look for the space or the big man, it will have the joint effect of bringing the players up back to help out negating the quick break, you are also not pumping it into the keeper's hands to facilitate a quick break
  13. If we have 2 or 3 players up then the attacking team won't be able to commit as many players forwards making for a less congested box and easier for a keeper to come and claim the ball. The biggest danger would be from a short corner and giving them a free stroll into the box.
  14. It's all about fan base and marketability, it doesn't matter of Arsenal are 14th stories about Arsenal get more clicks and Arsenal games get higher viewing figures than Leicester, probably the same for Newcastle and Everton although we should be pushing them close. We are a club outperforming our size and stature and that is great, but it is not going to turn into legions of fans lucrative sponsorship deals. Arsenal and Chelsea will always be a safer bet. It is the same reason Bournemouth were never really considered a premier league team, rather a league one side massively over pe
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