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  1. There was no overwhelming public desire for Brexit, UKIP we’re still a fringe party and despite plenty of opportunities to vote for them they did not win enough votes to suggest a serious amount of support. Even in MEP elections they gained 27.5% in their best results. That is not enough to suggest a majority of people wanted their say on EU membership. They had plenty of opportunities but didn’t take them. The fact the referendum was won shows what what a good job at whipping up feelings that previously weren’t there. Lies on both side caused a fractured and polarised debate. It tapped into a frustrated and disenfranchised electorate. I’m not saying it is wrong to ask the people, but ask them a meaningful question and not gamble the prosperity of the country on an ill thought out referendum with no contingency plan should the result not go their way. There is a greater will now to remain than there was to leave in 2015, that should be enough to trigger a meaningful second referendum based on fact not fiction.
  2. I’m talking about the reason why it was in the manifesto. Cameron offered the referendum to appease the ukippers who polled fewer than 1m in 2010
  3. Why not? That’s a greater reason than Cameron had to call the referendum. I’m not saying we should revoke article 50 because 1.2 million people have signed a petition but should still be an option on the table.
  4. We can legally revoke article 50 at any point, bollocks to any deadlines. We can revoke article 50 have another referendum a general election get some semblance of order and a plan in place and then trigger it again if we want. We are heading down a ridiculous path one that could seriously damage this country’s standing as a financial and political force. The fact that it only got 84 votes is the exact reason why we need this petition and the march on Saturday and any other means available to put pressure on the government to stop being a bunch of stubborn clueless clowns. They asked for our opinion, only a small minority really wanted the referendum. Put the decision making in the hands of incompetents. Fannied about with pointless meetings, general elections that served to cost us money and undermine the very person that called it. They are making a balls up of it in our name the least they can do is actually ask us if we want what they have delivered in our name. This has has just been such a cluster fvck of incompetence that satirists are quitting in their droves. Are you satisfied with what has happened since you voted to leave?
  5. If it becomes the most signed petition on you.gov? There is no majority for anything, No deal, Mat’s deal, Corbyn, the Government doesn’t even have a majority. The only certainty is that we don’t know anything for certain. Ask the people again, Parliament can’t decide, put all the options on the table, remain, May’s Deal, Corbyn’s deal, anyone else’s deal and No deal. X number of rounds of voting least popular gets removed as an option. Then we get our say and the actual will of the people is put in place. May repeatedly asking for the same deal and threatening us with no deal is not democratic.
  6. 12 votes, those dastardly Russians. More likely to be expats, I’m pretty sure that Russian hackers would be a bit more sophisticated than that? Even I could set up a vpn and register a uk email address and spam a few votes.
  7. There is the petition, as mentioned, also a people’s vote march on Saturday. Re: The petition, it may not do much good but at the moment the idea of revoking article 50 is not even being discussed, it should be because it is a realistic option and the only one that can actually be achieved. When you’ve been treading water for 2 years and the promised land is still nowhere in site and the beach you set off from is a short swim back. Just go back have a cocktail and relax, just try and ignore the shifty looking foreign family wearing speedos and shouting a lot. If enough people sign it then it will hopefully put it as an option on a people’s vote.
  8. I remember a report saying he had stopped listening to the advise of the sports science team, but it was fairly unsubstantiated so possibly bollocks.
  9. Having him on the bench would be a start and bring him on ahead of Mendy, then give him some games when 7th is a mathematical impossibility
  10. The £9m was for Brodgers and his staff, but still it’s amazing how quickly £9m has become a relatively inconsequential amount of money.
  11. I assume that is while a Leicester player and inflated by Spurs playing there. How many has he got?
  12. Greatest player? You can argue all day long about that. What I will say is he epitomises this club in a way no player has since Walsh. Even though he’s from Sheffield he is well Leicester.
  13. It’s a piss take there are a few of these around. This is by far the funniest, it helps the source material is already hilarious. When he burps into the camera it gets me every time.
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