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  2. Captain...

    3 / 5 at the back thread

    I think that formation would need a different midfield pairing Iborra is too static and Silva too attack minded. Either Mendy or Amartey would be needed to give a more solid base, especially against tougher opposition. The CMs need to be able to cover the space behind the wing backs and hold their shape. They also need to cover for the CBs going marauding. Silva would be vying with Maddison for that position behind the strikers.
  3. Captain...

    I’m disappointed

    We don’t need World class players, look at Trippier, Maguire, Pickford. Nobody would have called them world class before the tournament but they thrived because they were playing in a position that played to their strengths. Biggest criticism of Southgate has to be that he found a formation that work. The back 5 with Pickford and Henderson was a real strength but Lingard, Alli Kane and Sterling did not click. We needed a proper midfielder in there, World Class or not, Wilshere or Drinkwater could have done that job if they had not had shocking seasons, the obvious choice would have been Shelvey. Lingard or Alli as an attic king midfield role not both. Loftus Cheek would have given us more balance, but not the creativity. Southgate despite not picking the usual suspects at the back still fell into the classic England manager trap of picking the best players not the best team. Our 4 attacking players created very little the goals from mainly set pieces should have been a clue. We didnt need a world class midfielder we just needed a proper central midfielder who could grow into the team and tournament the way Maguire, Trippier, Pickford did.
  4. Captain...

    Riyad finally gone

    Some people moaning about the fee. Obviously I want more and think we should get more but £60m is the fourth highest fee paid by an English club, Pogba, Lukaku, Van Dyk, Mahrez. I think all our heads have been turned by silly transfer fees paid by ourselves and other clubs. We were not going to keep hold of him, no other clubs came in we didn’t have the strongest hand. We made our point in Jan sometimes you’ve just got take the offer that is there.
  5. Captain...

    Riyad finally gone

    What an absolute privilege it has been to watch him strut his stuff in the royal blue. Most talented player I’ve ever seen, thanks for the memories, the goals, the trophies and for dumping 3 Villa players on their arses in one turn. Good luck in 36 of your league games next season and you can fvck right off in the other 2.
  6. Captain...

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

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  7. Captain...

    Crazy Stat Time!

    First to score in a World Cup winning campaign...
  8. Captain...

    Colombia v England - last 16 round - 03/07 at 19:00ko

    The way this game goes I think will be decided by how Colombia approach the game. If they consider themselves underdogs then they could approach it like Russia and Denmark sit back and keep it tight and hope they get something from a mistake or lapse in concentration. Or they take the Japan and Mexico approach and try and get at us from the start pressing and chasing from the front. I think both approaches would be effective against our back 3. If they don’t consider themselves underdogs then they will just play their natural game, which is probably best for us.
  9. Captain...

    Colombia v England - last 16 round - 03/07 at 19:00ko

    For England it has been as no fvcker passes to him. If you piss about with it in the middle it gives the defence time to set up to nullify Vardy. You could say the same is happening to Sterling dynamic attacking player banging in the goals for Man City who play quick attacking positive football. A few sideways passes and he has to check his run and try and find space again against a set defence.
  10. Captain...

    UK Geography Quiz

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  11. Captain...

    England v Belgium

    I’m just confused
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  13. Captain...

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    When a player is sold they get a loyalty bonus unless they hand in a transfer request that is standard/required in all contracts. Without a transfer request it is deemed that it is the club’s choice to sell them and not the players choice to leave. When Mahrez wanted to leave in January he handed in a request to help push it through and was happy to sacrifice his loyalty bonus. He has since withdrawn his transfer request probably on the assumption that the deal will go through in the summer anyway and he’ll get a nice wedge of cash. It is his right to do so, but I can see the club’s point that he handed in his request in January and went on strike so doesn’t really deserve a loyalty payment. Technically we do owe it to him so it is now a case of who blinks first. Mahrez hands in a transfer request or Man City up the offer to cover his loyalty bonus. It’s still early in the window and everyone is trying to get the best deal so I’m not too fussed, although Mahrez stands to lose the most so if I was him I’d just hand in the transfer request and get it done.
  14. Captain...

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    That it’s 8:51 in the morning and he’s having a pint in the street I’m not sure either
  15. Captain...


    Are you not doing the research tasks you could have caught all 3 legendary birds from gen 1 by now and mew.