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  1. If Norwich are true to form they will come at us in a 4231. I feel that lends itself to us returning to 4141. They will look to the flanks for overloads, and we won't need 4 in midfield to win that battle. It would be harsh on Nacho but I'd go back to Perez and Barnes and maybe play Praet instead of Youri, Nacho can torment Everton again midweek, while Vardy puts his feet up. Whatever formation we play we should have enough to beat Norwich.
  2. I was saying earlier in this thread that Vardy isn't world class, very very good but not quite world class. I was wrong.
  3. This, if we keep on posting every moronic tweet about us this thread will be full of shite in a day. This thread is for when people of consequence say something of interest, not nobodies tweeting irrelevance. I would include washed up has beens trying to generate clicks in that.
  4. It is Liverpool's title to lose, they will be top on Christmas day with a game in hand. We are on record breaking form, and we will probably need to surpass our title winning points total to finish second. Forget the title enjoy the ride and see where we are in March.
  5. Sell an individual, create a team. Maguire might have been our best defender last season, but we now defend as a team and are much better for it.
  6. Another one that has improved under Rodgers. He got stick for his distribution because at times it was awful. Fulham away last year sticks in my mind he just lumped the ball over Chilwell's head and out of play about 20 times in one game. Maybe that was under instruction and now he has free reign to pick the pass he is happy with and take it.
  7. Why pick something that people can universally agree with, when you can pick something controversial that will get people riled up. How many people will be talking about it and retweeting it if it was an FA Cup winning goal.
  8. Savage was a fan favorite for a few seasons all action, charging around the pitch with his blonde locks flowing. He was a character off the pitch too. He wasn't our best player but he did give our team energy and drive and his antics geed up our fans whilst winding up the opposition. Many fans had Savage on their shirts. He wasn't always the irritating media presence he is now. In some ways he was the Vardy of that team. (Obviously not in terms of football ability)
  9. Surely it is better for people to not let their dogs shit in the street? No dog shit no problem. I would say it is more like choosing to pick up dog shit rather than ignoring it. The closer to home it is the more likely you are pick it up. There is nothing wrong with ignoring the dog shit that isn't on your door step, but it does perpetuate a world where it is ok for dog owners to let their dogs shit everywhere. I get the point but unless people get called out for leaving shit everywhere you are not going to have room to walk around it.
  10. I think what is healthy for the league is competitiveness. If one or two teams dominated each year, like Barca & Real, Juve, Bayern, PSG, Celtic & Rangers, even if none ever get 100 points, then it isn't healthy. The premier league has had periods of dominance but over the last 5 years 3 different teams have won it and 4 other teams have finished 2nd. I don't think it matters if a team gets 100 points as long as it's not the same team every season and they don't run away with the league like Man City did in 17/18.
  11. He's seen as being just as good on either side RB or LB. Although he did look like a right footed player playing on the left yesterday and not a two footed player. That's probably why he's behind Fuchs as a left back option.
  12. Add Palace to that list. Liverpool are having a great season but they aren't close to Man City 17/18.
  13. If it was a record we've just broken it.
  14. Was very impressed by what I saw. Looks like a very good footballer and I'm not going to be worried if he has to start a few games to give Ricardo a rest over Christmas.
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