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  1. Captain...

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    You'd hope their experience would tell and they will play a little deeper let Ricardo do the running. They won’t be stepping out with the ball like Maguire so should keep a good shape, but they don’t have Mendy and Ndidi screening them so could be in for a busy night as Iborra and Silva will not offer much protection.
  2. Captain...

    Jonny Evans

    Evans is clearly a good defender, but he has spent the last few years at West Brom a team who parked the bus at every opportunity and had a back 4 of solid defenders with a midfield in front that was conditioned to protect the back 4. He he doesn’t have that here and so he needs to adjust. Maguire likes to carry the ball out, Ricardo and Chilwell get forward a lot so it’s a very different style and environment he has come into. Defending is largely about organisation and your relationship with your fellow defenders. I even think right now Wes and Evans could be a better CB combo than Maguire and Evans.
  3. It is just ridiculous that there isn’t retrospective action on these kind of things. Blatant cheating, time wasting, unsportsmanlike behaviour is so ingrained in the culture of football now. You can’t get every decision right, but after each round of fixtures, where there is the means, each player should be assessed and if found to be cheating or guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour they can be warned, fined or banned. In extreme cases of a team persistently cheating docked points. It may seem draconian but we have let the standards slip so dramatically over the years and expect so much from the ref who has limited means of punishment. This is part of the problem the rules of the game are so wooly that the ref can interpret them in so many ways and punish at his discretion that nobody wants to be the first ref to send off 5 players by having a stricter interpretation of the rules than his colleagues.
  4. Good write up that, shows up Garth Crooks who just selects anyone who scores and half the time does not even talking about the player he has selected. Honourable mentions for Chilwell, Maddison and Vardy too.
  5. I think you underestimate how "clever" these types of players, Ronaldo isn't an idiot, he knows that doing the VAR sign will have no effect because that is not how VAR works. However, it does put doubt into the refs mind and winds up the opposition. Simulation rarely seems to cover exagerrated reactions to contact off the ball, so it is a risk free way of putting the thought in the ref's mind and winding up the opposition player. Next time he might go in a bit harder of leave a leg in as revenge and the ref will go, "hang this is the second incident he's involved in" and pull a card. Or the player starts thinking, "this player's trying to get me sent off I better be careful round him." It's all about getting in to the heads of opponents and the ref. Pure shithousery, but very deliberate.
  6. Captain...

    LCFC Relegation Quiz

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  8. Captain...

    Balls. A quiz about them

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  9. Captain...

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Fair enough stick Fuchs in still love the guy even if he’s just killing time before he moves to the States.
  10. Captain...

    What's that thing called quiz.

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  11. Captain...

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    One of the many advantages of three at the back is it gives us width and means we don’t need a double pivot in the middle. Ideally Silva could play with either Mendy or Ndidi and dictate the play assuming he is the player we thought we signed and not the player we have seen struggle.
  12. Captain...

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Not got the legs to get up and down for 90 minutes.
  13. Captain...

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Maguire, Kasper, Ndidi, Maddison and Chilwell have played a lot of football for us and internationals. Everyone else should be well rested. C’mon Claude play 3 at the back: Ward Morgan Soyuncu Evans Ricardo ————————Albrighton Mendy Hamza Silva Vardy Nacho Something like that not really sure who can play LWB if we rest Chilwell.
  14. Captain...

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Biggest positive for me is that we looked to attack quickly and down the middle not just go wide and push all our attacks through our full backs. Controlling possession is pointless if you have no cutting edge and attacking full backs is only effective if you do something with the ball in wide positions. A 3 pronged attack of Maddison, Vardy, Nacho looked very effective but it is not clear yet how best to set up to support them. I would love Puel to set up with a 3412 against Wolves.
  15. Captain...

    Leicester Music Quiz

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