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  1. I know they got him on a free but, that is over £20m for that contract. If you think of it as £10m and £65,000 p/w then it isn't so bad.
  2. Return of international cricket Lose toss and an early wicket
  3. Don't get me wrong I don't expect us to win the cups, but I do think we are capable of winning them, and we should be taking them seriously from the start next season and not messing about trying to rest players and then losing to Shrewsbury, or Millwall. You get a stinker of a first match like Chelsea and narrowly get beaten, then fair enough. There is every chance next season is over by March, like West Brom, one way to keep it alive and keep some of the buzz going is to progress in the cups. If at the end of the next season we have finished 10th and not made any progress in the cups I will still be happy, but 5-6 years of that and interest starts to go, attendances drop, enthusiasm goes, players struggle to get up for the games against the other mid table teams and you turn into West Brom, functional, successful, but boring and one of those teams that will eventually get sucked into the Championship and probably disappear for few years.
  4. ...and even more retweets of people pointing out they got it wrong.
  5. I'm not comparing this season to West Brom, I'm comparing how next season could go, and saying why we need to focus on the cups and give our season a bit more purpose. There is a risk of becoming a West Brom or Stoke, who will both probably go the way of Villa eventually drifting down the league in a wave of apathy and drop out the league much to everyone else's relief.
  6. I think that will be the big thing next season, taking the cups seriously. A semi final or final gives our season a bit of gloss and something to remember, a season like West Brom's must have been dull for the fans. Shouldn't knock stability, they finished 10th - higher than us and never looked like getting relegated, but they went out of both cups to lower league opposition at the first hurdle, their top scorer got 8, they had nothing to play for from Feb onwards. There shouldn't be anything wrong with finishing in the top 10, but sport is all about drama and excitement and without any rivals as such if we don't give it our all in the cups, and don't end up in a relegation battle it could be a dull season.
  7. A risk for sure with age and injuries, especially as one of his main attributes was pace iirc, but if the scouting team and fitness team say he has something to offer and worth the money then I fully endorse their opinion. We need more competition at RB and options, Simpson can't play as a wing back if we want to play a back 3/back 5 Debuchy of a few years ago would be excellent in that position.
  8. He's obviously on a fresh water lake, you can tell by the lack of waves. Wouldn't advise that technique in the sea, a shark might bite your nob off...
  9. Oh I see it, and have commented on it enough times, there is a lot of entitlement going on with some of the noisier contributors to this forum, delusions of grandeur and all that.
  10. If by very odd, you mean absolutely pathetic, then I fully agree with you. Winning the title has brought out the worst in some of our fans. This season was a good season for Leicester City, one of the most successful in my lifetime, arguably some of the biggest games in our history. We have finished as the 12th best team in the country. We were League one not that long ago. Apart from last season and 4 seasons under MO'N you have to go back to the seventies for the last we troubled the top 10. Last season was an incredible freak, but one title doesn't mean we can attract the best players and world class managers. There is nobody out there we could attract better suited to the role than CS.
  11. Good to hear, Shakespeare is the best man for the job, would rather have him than any other name in the frame. He has had a huge hand in everything good about this club in the last few years and has shown he has the mentality and backing of the players, but for a few iffy decisions from match officials and an injury crisis in defence we could have easily claimed 8th, oh and 6 months of crap football under Ranieri.
  12. It is hard to say how Pearson would do at Boro. He took over a Leicester team at its lowest ever position. Which meant he managed a big fish in a small pond and expertly guided us to the league one title. This bought himself a lot of goodwill and support and most importantly fostered a mentality of winning. If we hadn't been relegated would have come in and done the same job? I don't know, but he might not have had the room to build things on and off the pitch that he was granted. At 'Boro if they want an instant return to the prem, they may be disappointed by Big Nige, he plays the long game and builds for the future. If Gibson buys into the project and is willing to back him in clearing out the bad eggs and bringing in his type of players, then it will work to a point. I wouldn't call him tactically limited or naive, just stubborn. He can be accused of showing too much faith in his methods and his players and in his time at Leicester he would not change things up early in a game and he would persist with crap formations that didn't work. He did always manage to turn it around in the end.
  13. One thing that is massively under appreciated is his touch, the way he, and Mahrez and Albrighton, can bring a long ball down and bring it instantly under control is just phenomenal and a level of technical skill not often seen from a Leicester player. I do wonder if they just spend hours at Belvoir drive with Kasper, Huth and Morgan punting balls at them to have a touch like that. On his day that touch, pace and his lethal finishing he is just unstoppable, even when it is not his day he is an absolute pest and a menace to any defence.
  14. What an incredible punt to take on a non league player, yeah it cost us a record amount for non-league player, but to see the raw potential in a non-league player and turn him into a premier league winner with a record breaking goal scoring streak, goals in the Champions League and European Championships for England. The amount of people claiming we had been ripped off in his first season and it was money down the drain is hilarious in hindsight, all credit to Pearson and Shakey and co for spotting him, spending the record fee on him, sticking by him when he had a poor start and a terrible haircut, and turning him into one of the best players in the country.
  15. Didn't know that Scotland already had a diving ban since 2011. Different approach and a better one in my view. All footage is reviewed any incidents of simulation identified are punished with a ban, then a player can contest the ban and it will go to a panel to judge it.