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  1. God Of War

    This is my first foray in God of War and on normal difficulty I am progressing nicely, a few encounters needed a couple of goes and there was one nasty bugger guarding a chest that I wanted. I could have ignored him, but I wanted to see what I could do. It depends on your playing style if you like exploring you will pick up plenty of items and silver to buff Kratos to overpower most enemies in the story without much problem, but you will also encounter some over powered enemies that are best left in peace to return to later, if you race through the story you will probably start to struggle quite quickly, but why race through it when you can marvel at the stunning scenery and pick up plenty of items to help you on your way. There is also an easy setting if you just fancy a stroll.
  2. Happy St George's Day

    Boredom, they should organise a parade to distract us so we don't argue all day.
  3. Happy St George's Day

    Strongly agree, there is nothing more English than doing your own thing in your own way. My tongue was clearly firmly in my cheek on that one, but the point remains if we are going to celebrate Englishness why have it tied into a confusing figure of history and mythology that the only thing that is certain about him is that he wasn't English and had most likely never even visited here. He was Catholic, certainly not CofE (the religion of our country). The only link to our shores that I can find in admittedly limited research was that he appeared to our soldiers during the crusades (not our finest moment in history). So why not ditch the foreign dragon slayer and pick another day to celebrate Englishness, why not tie it into an unequivocal representation of British culture, William Shakespeare, why not celebrate on his birthday instead or the day he died. That would make much more sense.
  4. Happy St George's Day

    We are a nation of contrary, argumentative, underdog loving, wonderful, free thinking people. I'm pretty sure celebrating Saint George's day was never a big issue until people felt like they were being told they couldn't celebrate it, even though nobody was saying that. If it became a popular mainstream cultural event then it would be greeted with scorn, contempt and terabyte's worth of cringe gifs and yet everyone would still use it as an excuse for a piss up. Finnegan is right Saint George's day could do with some serious PR, or just binning it off with it's bloody dragons, Syrians and religious connotations and we create a whole new England is great day, fvck it lets do it on the day we officially leave the EU.
  5. Happy St George's Day

    ...and did anyone complain? try and stop you? call you a racist?
  6. Happy St George's Day

    I know that Saint George beat the Nazis so that you personally had the freedom of speech to say that, but seriously why be a dick about it? Feel free to celebrate it, although a strongly doubt you will, you are more interested in making a pointless.* Sometimes I wish the dragon had won. *that is a point that nobody cares about. FFSFIF that's why you have a posting ration!
  7. God Of War

    Loving it so far, really torn between extensive exploring and game progression. Likewise do I power up and craft new equipment or save my hack silver and resources for more powerful weapons later on, I'm still a little confused by the progression for skills and equipment. I found this a useful read: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/04/22/ten-things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-god-of-war/#13656a004104
  8. The dieting thread

    Just about managing to maintain my weight after a month of multiple stag dos and various nights of enforced eating out and drinking copiously. A couple of days of being good is normally enough to clear away any excess weight. The last few days of beer and ice cream weather hasn't helped. Back on it this week and hoping to hit a new low, before wedding season kicks in.
  9. Breaking Bad Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  10. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Preseason starts now? Does that mean Dragovic is staying? Only complaint is why not try 3 at the back with Albrighton and Chilwell wing backs.
  11. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I’ve watched that about 10 times and I still have no idea what he was trying to do and how he managed to do what he did.
  12. Did we really want Europa League?

    Doesn’t really matter what happens there will be bedlam on here, they can’t even give people free chocolate without getting slated.
  13. Did we really want Europa League?

    I would be happy with that, but I mean in the post draw press conference just say it isn’t our priority this season and it will be a chance to rest a rotate players and give the academy and fringe players a chance to push for a place in the squad. Everyone knows what that means.
  14. Did we really want Europa League?

    As a Leicester fan I would love to see us play in the Europa league. As a football fan that loved the cup winners cup and the UEFA cup but the Europa league in its current format is a massively inferior bloated competition that serves very little purpose. That’s been the case since they expanded the CL and merged the other 2 competitions and shoved them on a Thursday. The only reason big clubs take it seriously now is that you can get into the champions league which is basically the definition of second rate. Look at the finalists before the winners got into the champions league. Full of Ukrainian, Portuguese and the likes of Fulham and Middlesbrough. It is not dismissive to call it a second rate competition when it clearly is. Doesn’t mean I don’t want Leicester in it, I just want a more meaningful second European competition.
  15. Amusing News Stories

    Meh, it was just an early form of click bait.