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  1. There are different levels of denial, one is denying that the climate is changing which is becoming an untenable position based on all science and just by experiencing the changes that are clear to anyone. The second level of denial is that none of this is down to man and it's happening naturally and would happen anyway. You seem to think anyone disagreeing with you is immediately taking up the XR position and is spouting Doomsday rhetoric. I'm not, I have made the simple point that the extreme weather this summer has lead to fatalities in modern developed countries. MattP seemed to be drawing the line at climate change not killing anyone, all I did was point out he was wondering and stated a simple fact, nearly 1500 people died in France over the summer because of extreme heat caused by climate change. Why does that threaten you? Why does that devolve into scaring children and Doomsday scenarios? Yes you have understood me correctly there may be a way to prevent climate change natural or man made, we are a pretty fantastic species, we have messed around with the natural order of things intentionally and unintentionally many times, if we can find a way to prevent our own planet from destroying us we will, whether or not it would be ethically right to alter our world sufficiently to prevent a natural extinction event is one for the philosophers.
  2. 100 years ago it was a very different time and we are better able to predict extreme weather and prepare for it. We have made huge technological advances and learned a lot, yet modern developed countries with all the technology and knowledge available still can't protect their citizens from extreme weather. But you are an intelligent person and you know that again for some reason you just want to argue.
  3. So you are a climate change denier, someone who denies that climate change is man made or at least influenced by man. Yes climate change occurs naturally, but that doesn't mean we can't influence it, accelerate it, exacerbate it and also delay it and possibly prevent it. If this is completely 100% natural and there is nothing we can do about it, we should still be looking to reduce air pollution, contamination of seas and rivers and creating a better world to live in.
  4. This is what I don't understand you seem to be trying to argue with me but you are agreeing with me. Matt said that climate change isn't killing people I'm saying it is, and saying it killed more in 2003 just backs up my point. You have both agreed that man made climate change is a thing and both agreed that extreme weather kills people. I agree that we need to react to climate change, but I don't think kitting out all of Western Europe with air conditioning is the answer.
  5. The 2003 heat wave that was attributed by some to global warming? The fact fewer people died in a hotter heat wave is testament to nothing other than France learned from its past and was better prepared for extreme heat this time. The point still stands that climate change is killing people.
  6. No, but if it becomes a change in attitude it will filter through to companies that what the consumer wants is more sustainable products, easier to recycle packaging, and not excessive mixed packaging. We have seen some small victories with the war on plastic, more loose veg offered in supermarkets, Morrison's now provide paper bags for loose veg not plastic, Waitrose trailing a bring your own packaging option, Burger King has stopped giving away plastic toys, each individual thing is small, as is each individual change but it all adds up. We are going to see the end of pure petrol/diesel cars in our lifetime, which is great, but all of this comes from pressure and the greatest pressure is consumer pressure.
  7. Exactly and we are seeing more extreme weather in recent years as a result of climate change ergo people are dying because of climate change. The French put the number of deaths in France due to the extreme heat wave this summer at nearly 1500. Now I know the counter argument is they were mainly elderly, some would have died anyway in a normal summer, they're French who really cares. The fact remains we are seeing increases in extreme weather which results in loss of life.
  8. I've read that they rattle through the filming, at least 2 tasks a week, otherwise they are just sitting around a fancy apartment 3-4 days a week.
  9. The extreme weather of recent years has claimed many lives Matt.
  10. But for many of us it is simple, reduce, reuse, recycle. That is the message that is getting lost in the battle to be right about what is wrong. I agree Twitter is a cesspool.
  11. I must admit I haven't read all your posts on the subject, some of them are really long and I don't understand half of it not have the time to read around the subject. Hence the simple question. I think open panels and agenda free debate is great but most people don't have the time for that, they need simple digestible chunks whether it is a teenage soundbite reminding us that the impact of our actions will be felt by generations long after our death, or a crustie gluing themselves to the houses of parliament. The message is clear something must be done. Likewise a tweet from Piers Morgan or Jeremy Clarkson can do just as much to confirm some people's belief that it is all nonsense and poppycock.
  12. I'm not calling you a climate change denier but it is an issue with the polarisation of all arguments and a problem with XR. We lose sight of the fact we probably all agree on the big picture but differ on the methods to tackle it. I don't agree with you on the human race not being worth saving and that the planet would return to an equilibrium, previous mass extinction events have not been man made and have not been preventable, whilst there will inevitably be another mass extinction event we should be doing as much as we can to not accelerate the process so it happens in our lifetime or the lifetimes of our kids/grandchildren. Also the human race despite all it's flaws is pretty magnificent but it is that balance between progress and preservation. Regarding how much we do individually it is a similar balance that I struggle with, maintaining a decent quality of life for me and my family without placing a huge burden on the environment.
  13. A simple question for @MC Prussian and @MattP and onhers on this thread are you climate change deniers or do you think we as a species, people the world over are damaging our environment irreversibly and we cannot sustain our levels of growth and consumerism without a dramatic shift? Is your issue just the way in which people are protesting? If it is the way they are protesting then how do we get the message across? I don't believe you think the amount of carbon in our atmosphere and plastic in our oceans is a good thing. Do you think our government is doing enough and the various other governments and global organisations are doing enough? Are you doing enough? Ok that's a few more questions but on a basic level I think there is a lot of common ground on here, but we spend so much time arguing semantics and engaged in a bizarre battle to be absolutely right that the basic things we all agree on get lost.
  14. You are right they should invent their own portable energy source.
  15. I disagree, it is ordinary people that can change things. We have been waiting too long for politicians and big business to get its act together and it is still way behind. In this economic climate companies are not going to adopt green policies at the expense of the bottom line without pressure from ordinary people and a desire for ordinary people to be more conscious of their buying habits. You can have as many new businesses starting up as you want selling organic, carbon neutral, ethically sourced, packaging free products but if people don't change their buying habits it's not going to make any difference. Slow fashion seems to be the new buzz term but Primark is still packed out every weekend with people buying £3 t-shirts. This affects all of us and we all need to make sacrifices, I don't agree with XR, I'm more of a Greta fanboy but they have pushed climate back to the top of the agenda. In a week when Hurricane Lorenzo hit the west of England as the strongest ever recorded this far north/east we are constantly being hit by extremes of weather yet are doing so little about it. We are experiencing record storms, blistering heat waves, extreme weather records being broken every year and still people bury their heads in the sand, if the only way to get it back to the top of the agenda is for extremists to super glue themselves to busses then fair play to them. Their demands are ridiculous but the message needs repeating again and again until politicians, big business and ordinary people start doing more.
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