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  1. All these tax reliefs from the government and incentives are great and all, but how the fvck are they going to make up the shortfall after furlough with no stamp duty income VAT reductions and giving away free meals? Or have they have resigned themselves to defeat in the next GE and are just preparing an elaborate revenge on Labour for the no money note.
  2. As I said in the other thread, at worst he allowed his momentum to carry him into Mustafi and made no effort to not hit him. Typical behaviour if you get clattered it is not his responsibility to protect the player that flattens him.
  3. Immediately goes over to him to check he's ok.
  4. When the commentators pointed out that all 3 of our centre backs were right footed I was pretty surprised, Cags was exposed partly because of this, should have been Fuchs at LCB. But we're playing better whilst still lacking a cutting edge, one of the issues we have is there is no time between games to work on things. Switching seemlessly to 3412 after our most creative player and first choice LB join our first choice (and arguably best player) on the injury list was never going to happen. Bennett seems decent but having 3 right footers at the back seems a needless risk. We have 4 days before the next game to fine tune things hopefully we see an improvement again and a comfortable win against Bournemouth.
  5. Man-bat possibly my favourite Batman enemy concept. Or 100 bumble bee bat sized humans? That's easy.
  6. As usual with the advice during the pandemic it seemed a little wooly looking back on it: From the gov website: "When walking your dog in areas used by other people, you should consider putting your dog on a lead to ensure you can stay 2 metres away from others." Iirc there were various reports saying dogs must be kept on leads when social distancing rules were relaxed. Maybe it wasn't as strictly enforced nationwide as I thought, but the park I was in had clear signs up at the entrance saying all dogs must be on a lead. Not that many people paid any attention to it.
  7. JJ had a shot that bounced off 2 Arsenal hands, but would have been very harsh to give as a penalty. I think the commentators were right when they called it a modern red card. First look a yellow seemed right, slow mo made it look a lot worse. Wouldn't be given without VAR.
  8. He was probably happy to let his leg swing in that direction, fairly standard process when you get clattered, if you're momentum is taking you into the defender why would you pull out. He clearly didn't mean to scrape his studs on his face.
  9. Arteta being very salty, but how are the Sky experts not saying it's nonsense? Nketiah went in with his studs up nowhere near the ball, which he had no chance of getting and drove his studs into JJ's leg. Vardy fell over. You can argue they were both unintentional but Vardy had no control of his legs or body, Nketiah did.
  10. Hopefully proves a decisive point. Effectively ends Arsenals chances of catching us. If they'd won they could have reeled us in. Massive last day of the season in the offing. City vs United and Chelsea vs Wolves with 2 or 3 Champions league spots up for grabs
  11. Burgers: Good quality burgers are amazing, thick juicy patty, bacon, cheese, onions, sauce. Brioche buns can fvck off though, I'm not having pudding. Also if you need a toothpick to hold the burger together you've gone too far.
  12. This, all day long. A medium sized dog came bounding over to my 16 month old practicing walking in the park. The owner made no attempt to stop it despite it being twice her size. Just shouted "she's friendly". I don't care if it's a friendly dog, doesn't stop my daughter having allergies, doesn't stop my daughter being scared of dogs. Doesn't mean she won't scream or grab the dog. That's true of anyone don't let your dogs bother other people. If we wanted to share our space with a dog we'd fvcking buy one. This women doesn't even apologies and tells me to look after my child, who by this point was in my arms crying. Not even mentioning this was during lockdown when all dogs should be on leads. A few days later same park I hear a shout turn round and again a dog is bounding towards us. This time the owner is chasing after shouts the dog back. Gets the dog under control then says sorry, says the dog is really friendly, but that he was worried about my daughter as she's very small. I said no worries mate and thanked him, because he was a responsible owner and not an entitled arrogant cnut like the other one. Dogs aren't the problem, arrogant/dickhead dog owners are.
  13. Agree with most of it but surely building up is largely a practical consequence of trying to fit as much as you can on as smaller foot print as possible, for space saving reasons. The alternative is building wider or underground.
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