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  1. Nacho man has a couple of funky dots on his name
  2. Yes they will probably bail out the banks but those that suffer during an economic crisis are the poor. In recessions suicide rates increase and health issues related to diet, alcohol and smoking increase. An economic crisis is not without it's death toll and should be avoided if possible. Whether this path the government is on is the best one I don't know and we may never know, but the only way to go forwards is to trust the government that they are doing the right thing and follow their instructions. If enough people start thinking they know better and going against government advice then their approach will fail.
  3. I'm no fan of this government but it is an impossible situation. It may seem callous putting economic activity ahead of the lives of the elderly and vulnerable, but how many lives will be lost/ruined in the event of a recession. Suicide rates increase dramatically in a recession as well as health issues arising from poverty. There is no right answer and these decisions are not being taken lightly. The virus is only one aspect of it, the economic and societal impact of any measures need to be considered. What benefit are extreme measures if they deal with the virus but cripple the economy for years.
  4. I really want to know what 1 and 2 are now
  5. They went to the game on Monday and I predominantly work from home so I'm probably more likely to get it from them. My bigger concern is the other half who commutes to central London and the nipper who is in nursery, so far plenty of hand washing and sensible precautions with no signs of infection. I'd just feel awful if our visit gave them a potentially life threatening illness.
  6. I'm torn over this, if we're expecting we will have to go into lockdown at some point in the not too distant future why are we not doing more now. If all people with the capacity to work from home do then it will slow the spread, same with large gatherings of people at sporting events. Or do we actually have it under control, the jumps in numbers are alarming but still quite small, fewer than 500 out of a population of 66 million is a pretty small percentage. We haven't had any concentrated outbreaks like the towns in Northern Italy, and most are able to be traced back to foreign travel to infected areas. Then I swing back the other way why are we not doing more with people coming back from abroad. The woman on BBC breakfast this morning who came back from Italy wasn't fully aware of what she needed to do and there wasn't any guidelines at the airport so got on the tube. This weekend I'm supposed to be seeing my parents who are close to that at risk age, but with no underlying health issues and we don't know if it's worth the risk...
  7. I have no idea, how bad it's going to get but drawing parallels with Italy is wrong, they had a few concentrated incidents that they failed to control, we have had hundreds of isolated incidents that we seem to have controlled but the concern is the spread of these isolated incidents.
  8. I wash my hands as soon as I get home, but other than that not much. I mainly work from home and the company I'm currently working has put travel restrictions in place. My daughter is in nursery and my other half commutes to work on the Heathrow branch of the Piccadilly line so it's not really me I'm worried about. Apart from hand washing/sanitising as soon you get off public transport and trying not to touch your face there's not much else to do.
  9. So that's a jump of 54 from 5pm yesterday. Not the biggest daily increase but still worrying. Some comfort is that we saw the daily cases increase into the thirties 6 days ago which means that the infected from those cases will be showing by now and it is not a huge leap. Interesting that Greece has implemented the delay phase, shutting down public gatherings and playing sport behind closed doors despite fewer than 100 confirmed cases.
  10. And that is consistent with most corona viruses, it can last for a few hours or up to 9 days depending on conditions, but is easily removed with antibacterial spray. Most sources still say there isn't enough conclusive evidence. Same as Kopfkino's point on mutation. Just dropping a "fact" with no context causes panic and confusion, whether intended or not. The message remains the same wash your hands, don't touch your face and go about your daily business and don't stockpile. The endless speculating and "information sharing" is just noise that distracts from the message and gets people needlessly worried.
  11. No new cases in Hubei, excluding Wuhan in the last 24 hours. That's a tick in the box for totalitarian regimes. How do people still not get it? It spreads quickly, all the young/middle aged healthy people will probably be fine. But if we don't all act to try and control the spread we are putting the elderly and ill people in our lives at risk. This kind of unsubstantiated fear mongering doesn't help. I have seen no official reports of it evolving and getting more aggressive. Same as whoever posted on here that they read it lasts for days on hard surfaces. This is all speculation and just leads to panic. Keep washing your hands and be prepared to self isolate if necessary.
  12. Totally deliberate to make the message go viral
  13. They are the Government's figures for worst case scenario. We all hope it doesn't get to that.
  14. The worst case scenario is 80% of the population will end having caught the disease and a fifth of the population could have it at the same time. Ultimately if you're fit and healthy with no existing respiratory conditions and catch it you should be fine. Should you have any complications or a completely unrelated issue that requires hospitalisation you're in trouble because the NHS is going to take a battering in all this. So just in case wash your hands.
  15. There's 2 interpretations. One we are loving being third more than Liverpool and Man City are being first and second, and we don't give a fvck. Or we're acting like we've won the league when actually we're third and falling and should perhaps wind our necks in. Knowing the internet I'm pretty sure it's the latter.
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