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  1. It’s actually quite a tough situation for the club £70m + is a phenomenal price for Harry Maguire, but they can’t just say fvck it sell. They owe it to Harry to discuss the situation with HM. If he wants to stay then we should turn down any amount, but at some point it will reach a valuation which it would be madness to ignore and Maguire will know that if they are willing to pay that much then that will come with a wage to match. Then it becomes a game of chicken, the club don’t want to admit they want to sell and the player doesn’t want to admit they want to leave, but unless one of them pushes it the deal won’t go through. If Maguire goes this week for £70m then no fan should be upset, it is a ridiculous fee.
  2. VAR at the women’s World Cup has caused some concern but I do think it is a good thing they stopped reviewing the goalkeeper staying on the line at penalties. Really football needs to decide does it want to be a passionate crazy sport that divides opinion and causes debate or a clinical game of exact margins and games decided, correctly, on millimetres. Var can still be used without completely killing the game, but it needs to be used in a way that empowers the ref, without putting them under pressure. Every time the ref is told to look at the screen they are under pressure to change their decision and it takes fvcking ages. If 4 qualified officials in a van can’t decide if it is a foul then it is not a clear and obvious error. Trust the ref to read the game and manage it and help them out when there is something off the ball that the ref can’t see. Offsides still need work, the rule is to prevent unfair advantage not a millimetre advantage. Football is a fast paced game and we want to see fast attacking play rewarded not cancelled out because of a big toe being offside.
  3. And 7 professional players out of the squad unable to play. We really need to get some players out the door.
  4. Danny Coyne. Saw he was part of Woodgate’s backroom staff, remembered the name from back in the day checked his Wikipedia to see who he played for. Turns out he played four times for us amongst other things. It was 15 years ago but I had no idea.
  5. There are a lot of intelligent people at the club with greater knowledge of the rules and the clubs books than me. All I know is we have an option to sell Maguire for £70m if we are in trouble and I’m sure there would be many suitors for Maddison, Chilwell, Ricardo etc but we also have a lot of talent we can offload first without harming the first team. Shining and Simpson have gone taking a chunk off our wage bill, Slimani and Silva being the obvious ones to sell. Worst case scenario £10m each and reduce wage bill. Nacho, Ghezzal, Mendy would be next on the list. Then you have players like Kapustka, Diabate, James, King. There is a lot of value in those players enough to cover what we’ve spent so far and then some if we get some good deals then it could cover the Tielemans deal. Of course all of this relies on selling players and there hasn’t been much movement in that front yet. I don’t think we need to panic just yet, but we do need to sell. We had too many players for our 25 man squad last season and if we don’t ship some more out, loan or sale, we will be paying a lot of wages to players who can’t play.
  6. I don’t know if it is his style of football, Dyche and Warnock are still making 90s football work, but his approach will feel very alien to modern footballers. He was very hands off during the week, players wouldn’t see him Robertson was their mate who would do all the training. Then match day came and he would come in command authority pick the team get them fired up then he’d disappear again until the next game. He’s an old school manger who wants to be in charge of all parts of a club. A lot of “managers” are just head coaches and don’t have a huge say in the running of the club/transfers/etc. If they were expecting a head coach who is at the training ground everyday they would have been sorely disappointed, if Keane was taking the training and the board were doing everything else then what was O’Neill doing all week? Anyone who is looking to hire a manager should do some basic background research into their managerial styles and not just pick them because they played for the club once.
  7. She obviously has one of these:
  8. Photobooks I imagine a lot of you have done them there seem to be lots of companies doing them now. Looking for some recommendations on photobooks, mainly ease of use but also cost and whether they work better with MacBook or Windows etc. Any help appreciated
  9. And I thought it was because you fvcked the chicken.
  10. I didn’t actually get it at first and thought it was just a ha ha shit women should be at home doing the ironing. Seeing you say three irons on a shirt and I realise it’s a pun 3 irons 3 lions this actually gives it some comedic value which is much better than this pic: Which is just sad lazy attempt at belittling women and much more deserving of @Swan Lesta‘s ire.
  11. Just so predictable from the moment we scored. We sat back created very little put ourselves under so much unnecessary pressure by constantly going backwards. Stones Maguire and Walker were all having poor games fortunately so were Depay and Babel and some of the other Dutch players. We were fortunate to score and did nothing to change the momentum of the game. It reminded me of many games under Puel.
  12. There are many similar logic puzzles out there the prisoners and their hats springs to mind: https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/1980/four-prisoners-wearing-black-and-white-hats @Buce don’t worry some of us got the joke.
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