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  1. Must've missed what he created. I'm talking about his demeanor. Like he doesn't want to be there. Admittedly I am player watching and hopefully setting myself up to have a dozen eggs on my face.
  2. Been watching him closely. I stand by it.
  3. Nacho is useless so far tonight. No positioning or making runs. The rest are all wearing left boots.
  4. For all his faults after we won as champions...Ranieri said 'as long as the team put EVERYTHING in to the game, even if we lose...the fans are happy and I am happy'. We didn't do that today. Edit....I suppose we have to be careful though. We have 12 games in the next 6 weeks. Would have loved to make THIS game to be the one where we knackered our players out though.
  5. Kasper was a phukn trooper for us tonight. I don't understand why our boys didn't pounce on any attack. If you press quickly on oppo players, 7 times out of ten they make a mistake and hoof out. We didn't press their players AT ALL tonight. Stop the attacks on Albrighton. A player who came here on a free ffs, and helped us to a title. Privileged little s...s.
  6. How the f... is Albrighton the bad guy in this ? ALL players were shyte !!!
  7. Liverpool fans on here.....WE LET YOU WIN !
  8. No pressing, no harrying to make them make mistakes, playing like we're scared. We deserve to lose playing like this
  9. Interested by Stringer's line of questioning to Brendan the other day. He seemed to be alluding that a late VAR referee change from David Coote to André mariner might be less than desirable. VAR is gonna shaft us tonight methinks.
  10. I refuse to pay my license fee until this brudda is employed by BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKtRrdZYwHk
  11. I believe football has become very shallow, fickle, and petty. I myself am very shallow, fickle and petty. That being said.......................................................... PHOOK YOOOO MAHREZ !!!!!!
  12. Castagne was making moves that our mid-field weren't even seeing. Like a damn winger. Guy has a good football brain. Hope some of our boys learn to keep up.
  13. Who do we call to make the guy in charge of over-dubbed fans to play 'Vichai had a dream' ???? Really miss hearing it.
  14. 2nd in the league....WOOHOOOOOO !!!!!!!! Just before lock-down too ! Champions league here we come !!!
  15. I am slightly ashamed to admit I AM A GRAMMAR NAZI ! Basic intelligence huh ? Who would have (not of or ov) thought it ?
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