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  1. I believe football has become very shallow, fickle, and petty. I myself am very shallow, fickle and petty. That being said.......................................................... PHOOK YOOOO MAHREZ !!!!!!
  2. Castagne was making moves that our mid-field weren't even seeing. Like a damn winger. Guy has a good football brain. Hope some of our boys learn to keep up.
  3. Who do we call to make the guy in charge of over-dubbed fans to play 'Vichai had a dream' ???? Really miss hearing it.
  4. 2nd in the league....WOOHOOOOOO !!!!!!!! Just before lock-down too ! Champions league here we come !!!
  5. I am slightly ashamed to admit I AM A GRAMMAR NAZI ! Basic intelligence huh ? Who would have (not of or ov) thought it ?
  6. 'Should 'HAVE' been. Sorry, can't stand lazy English grammar.
  7. Keep Youri on the right...suits him.
  8. Okay !! Braced for another ass-kicking. Enjoy all !!!
  9. Don't even want the humiliation of European football atm.
  10. Rodgers is rubbing players up the wrong way. He needs to go WITH the hairs.
  11. That's harsh. If Ricardo, Maddison, and Chilwell were fit (and Youri hadn't turned into absolute pants)...we wouldn't be in this position.
  12. We ALWAYS present strugglers with gifts
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