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  1. Under for corners from now on please BR. Maddison restricted to 25 yard free kicks only !
  2. Under needs to be in the first team setup
  3. harry Define Relate List Discuss See Hear Love Definitions from The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. transitive verb To disturb, distress, or exhaust by repeated demands or criticism; harass. synonym: harass. transitive verb To attack or raid, as in war. transitive verb To force along, as by attacks or blows. transitive verb To batter or buffet. Used of the wind or storms
  4. Maybe Brendan needs to take notice of this display tonight. Not the best opposition but it proved how if you harry and get on to them, the mistakes in your favour happen 80% of the time. Our worst defeats have been when we're slow and we drop back to allow them on to us. We saw tonight how games can unfold when we are like foxes with the sniff of Tuesday's chicken korma in the bin bags of Leicester.
  5. Could be worse.....we could be Arsenal supporters.
  6. Must've missed what he created. I'm talking about his demeanor. Like he doesn't want to be there. Admittedly I am player watching and hopefully setting myself up to have a dozen eggs on my face.
  7. Been watching him closely. I stand by it.
  8. Nacho is useless so far tonight. No positioning or making runs. The rest are all wearing left boots.
  9. For all his faults after we won as champions...Ranieri said 'as long as the team put EVERYTHING in to the game, even if we lose...the fans are happy and I am happy'. We didn't do that today. Edit....I suppose we have to be careful though. We have 12 games in the next 6 weeks. Would have loved to make THIS game to be the one where we knackered our players out though.
  10. Kasper was a phukn trooper for us tonight. I don't understand why our boys didn't pounce on any attack. If you press quickly on oppo players, 7 times out of ten they make a mistake and hoof out. We didn't press their players AT ALL tonight. Stop the attacks on Albrighton. A player who came here on a free ffs, and helped us to a title. Privileged little s...s.
  11. How the f... is Albrighton the bad guy in this ? ALL players were shyte !!!
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