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LCFC vs Walsall

All-time stats vs Walsall  
Goals for47
Goals against20
Season 2008-2009
Goals for6
Goals against3

Last 5 games

03.02.20094 - 1League One
21.10.20082 - 2League One
08.02.20034 - 1Division One
09.11.20022 - 0Division One
04.03.19891 - 0Division Two (old)

Largest Victories

05.01.18959 - 1Division Two (old)
30.03.19015 - 0Division Two (old)
03.02.20094 - 1League One
08.02.20034 - 1Division One
09.11.20022 - 0Division One

Largest Defeats

24.11.19000 - 2Division Two (old)
28.01.19780 - 1FA Cup 4
26.02.18981 - 2Division Two (old)

Top 5 players with most appearances

George Swift101
Johnny McMillan81
Jimmy Brown61
Dick Jones60
Jack Walker60

Top 5 players with most goals

Tommy Brown24
James Scowcroft23
David Skea23
Willie McArthur23
Harry Smith12

Official games against Walsall


show entries

Date Result Competition Stadium
03.02.20094 - 1League One Bescot Stadium
21.10.20082 - 2League One Walkers Stadium
08.02.20034 - 1Division One Bescot Stadium
09.11.20022 - 0Division One Walkers Stadium
04.03.19891 - 0Division Two (old) Filbert Street
12.11.19881 - 0Division Two (old) Fellows Park
28.01.19780 - 1FA Cup 4th roundFellows Park
30.03.19015 - 0Division Two (old) Filbert Street
24.11.19000 - 2Division Two (old) Fellows Park
27.12.18992 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
25.09.18992 - 1Division Two (old) Fellows Park
25.02.18992 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
26.09.18981 - 1Division Two (old) Fellows Park
26.02.18981 - 2Division Two (old) Fellows Park
16.10.18973 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
20.03.18971 - 1Division Two (old) Fellows Park
28.11.18964 - 2Division Two (old) Filbert Street
05.01.18959 - 1Division Two (old) Filbert Street
08.12.18943 - 1Division Two (old) Fellows Park

Players who have played with Leicester City against Walsall

show entries
George Swift101
Johnny McMillan81
Jimmy Brown61
Dick Jones60
Jack Walker60
Alf Ball50
Rab King52
Tommy Galbraith41
Paul Dickov31
Willie Freebairn31
Walter Robinson30
Jimmy Thraves30
Billy Wragg30
Harry Bailey20
Godfrey Beardsley20
Trevor Benjamin20
Bruno Berner20
Tom Bradshaw21
Tommy Brown24
Albert Carnelly22
Jamie Connachan20
Nicky Cross21
Herbert Dainty20
Harry Davy20
Teddy Daw20
Billy Dorrell20
Lloyd Dyer20
Matt Fryatt21
Hugh Gallacher21
Kerrea Gilbert20
Bob Gordon22
Jack Hamilton20
Jacky Hill20
Jack Hobbs20
Steve Howard21
Arthur Howes20
Archie Hughes20
Muzzy Izzet20
William Keech20
Andy King22
Peter Kyle20
David Martin20
Joe Mattock20
Ali Mauchlen20
Gary McAllister20
Willie McArthur23
Billy McKinlay20
Roddie McLeod21
Mike Newell21

Players transfers between Walsall and Leicester City

To Walsall

Player From/To Fee Date
Willie Bushell To Unknown August 1931
Jim Campbell To Unknown October 1946
George Meek To Unknown July 1961
Gordon Wills To Unknown June 1962
Howard Riley To Unknown December 1965
Mark Blake To Free 23.08.1996
Stefan Oakes To Free 03.07.2003
Michael Cain To On loan 20.10.2014

From Walsall

Player From/To Fee Date
Edward Silvester From Unknown 1892
Mark Wallington From £30,000 March 1972
Nicky Cross From £65,000 21.01.1988
Matt Fryatt From Unknown 09.01.2006
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