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  1. It doesn't help we're asking him to run up and down the right side by himself, no support from Perez playing an inverted winger role he was used to in previous seasons. He's a full back who's great at overlapping whoever is playing in front of him.
  2. Season: 2020/21 Voting Starts: 07/05/21 Voting Ends: 10/05/21 Kasper Schmeichel Timothy Castagne Wesley Fofana Çağlar Söyüncü Ricardo Pereira Wilfred Ndidi Youri Tielemans Marc Albrighton James Maddison Kelechi Iheanacho Jamie Vardy Ayoze Pérez (sub)Luke Thomas (sub)Nampalys Mendy (sub)
  3. Ricardo off for Thomas. Must keep that back five.
  4. That’s great timing and serves Rodgers right for being so stubborn
  5. Remember the away game against Newcastle? Complete domination in our normal formation, change to a back five for the last 10, invite pressure and almost gave away a 2 goal lead. The main issue as it always is in this formation, we have no ball runners, wingers or overlapping full backs working in conjunction with the winger to get us further forward and create space/turn the opposition defence around. When the ball comes to Tielemans there are no wingers, just defenders providing width so if the ball goes out to them, it's only coming back inside. We can't get the ball forward into
  6. Thinking I should reinstate it now.
  7. Chance to break then but Maddison needed his 20 touches
  8. Castagne at centre back, keep the back five at all costs
  9. I did say that but on reflection probably best to wait and see. When I said ruined I just mean by exiting the top 4 in the same way as in both seasons we have ended with a back five and losing what got us in that position. Obviously its been a great season overall, I just hoped we'd learnt from last season.
  10. It'll never work because we'll still be relying on defenders to provide width and all wing play = the ball just getting passed inside to Tielemans all match as they are defenders. We become one dimensional. It hasn't benefitted any attacking player apart from Iheanacho. I don't remember Barnes having a good game in a back five either as he has to play more inside. It's the main reason I hope we don't sign Gosens, as good as he may be it just means we're planning for a back five from the off.
  11. It all started to go wrong a few series ago when they decided there was a 4th man and dragged the whole H story out even further.
  12. Possibly, but in a 4-2-3-1 Iheanacho would still be taking up a role dropping off Vardy which he is doing at the moment. Ideally we also sign a striker capable of playing the lone role Vardy used to though given his age and form now.
  13. He did have Barnes in front of him though. As it is now there’s little chance of combining or overlapping. He doesn’t have a skillset that’s hard to defend against as he himself appears more of a defender and that’s the issue we have we’re asking him to play further forward than he’s used to, at the highest level.
  14. As I said we had full backs providing width for 69 minutes, and then Albrighton until the end. The tactics remained the same, pass inside to Tielemans and hope. As @Finnegan said in the match thread, it was made for doubling up on the wings given the red card and at no point did we try, it was constant through the middle.
  15. No Barnes, Justin or Ricardo all allowed us to create openings and turn defenders the other way. Tactics now seem to be get so far up the pitch then wing backs pass it inside and hope Tielemans can find a through ball.
  16. Didn’t make alot of difference as we still had defensive minded players providing the width all game. Wheres Ricardo? Why not give Under a chance? Surely better options to provide or create an opening through direct running than Albrighton, Thomas and Castagne when desperately need a goal.
  17. Season: 2020/21 Voting Starts: 30/04/21 Voting Ends: 05/05/21 Kasper Schmeichel Wesley Fofana Jonny Evans Çağlar Söyüncü Timothy Castagne Wilfred Ndidi Youri Tielemans Luke Thomas James Maddison Kelechi Iheanacho Jamie Vardy Ayoze Pérez (sub)Marc Albrighton (sub)
  18. Half at most but negative outset negative result, summed up by just having defenders providing the width all match. Does it benefit any attacking player we have apart from Iheanacho?
  19. Enough wingers so that a back five is only used when necessary
  20. Despite the change at HT we’ve still only got Thomas and Castagne providing the width
  21. This is the issue and always will be, unless we have direct runners like Ricardo and Justin in top form this formation will just be a struggle.
  22. This formation today is like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on
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