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  1. Mark

    Invasive pop ups on mobile

    You had a lot of tabs open it could have been any site, but thanks for letting me know it's being looked into.
  2. Puel played him mostly as a left back at Nice according to this https://www.transfermarkt.com/ricardo-pereira/leistungsdaten/spieler/215876/plus/0?saison=2015
  3. Mark

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

  4. Mark


    Pearson left in the last few days of June both times
  5. Mark

    Championship 2017/18

    Surprised by the stat they showed that 15/16 teams who were behind in the first leg went out, that makes it only Watford against us who went through?
  6. Mark

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Could say the same about Redmond, incredibly frustrating
  7. Mark

    Test Thread - Post whatever you like as practice

    I posted the same link and it worked just left it for a second to work
  8. Mark

    Test Thread - Post whatever you like as practice

    It should embed, if thats what you tried to do?
  9. He'd snookered himself by putting Maguire in midfield, meant he was there for the rest of the game and he only had Diabate and Choudhury left to take off in midfield/attack as Mahrez and Vardy weren't going to be, nor Silva as the only central midfielder left. If he'd not been so stupid as to move Maguire forward, Silva could have dropped back at half time and we could have had Gray/Iheanacho or preferably Barnes on at half time, leaving better options later in the game. That would have been too sensible though.
  10. I thought the same, was a good opportunity but on come Gray and Iheanacho later in the game to do what they normally do
  11. Couldn’t believe it either, it was the ideal chance to correct the mistake of playing Silva behind Vardy in that first half and he goes and moves Maguire into midfield keeping Silva where he was. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Mark

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Allardyce needs to stay in a job. 😟