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  1. Mark

    Thread Management

    Warnings are given for abusive posts usually, don’t really use the strike rule anymore just a time limit depending on how bad it was. Post limits are usually given when regularly getting into long drawn out arguments across multiple topics
  2. Mark

    Thread Management

    There hasn’t been 10 if you’re referring to ‘PUEL OUT NOW’ and ‘Sack him now’ which were creating during the night, they were gone once I’ve got up and seen them. I can’t monitor it 24/7
  3. Mark

    Thread Management

    I don’t think there is, maybe when there’s a bad result or big talking point there’s an increase, but anything bad still gets deleted. Here’s some new topic stats, the drop in 2010 was most concerning that led to new guidelines on the mod side, we had so many giant topics at that point and topics were merged regularly.
  4. Mark

    Thread Management

    There was a point in the forums history where we had a lot of giant topics, posters were jumped upon for starting new topics, activity was down and new discussions were too. I made sure everyone was aware that merging topics was a last resort - if there was an identical topic, such as duplicate match threads. Anything else is fine. Obviously certain topics over the past few days have been drivel and were deleted. But if you think a new topic regarding Vardy should be merged, it won’t be. I’ve seen forums full of giant topics and it’s not user friendly, the latest posts could be appearing on something like page 836 of 840. Guest members would just be directed to page 1, their browsers don’t recognise the latest post read - so less chance of new members wanting to join the discussion. That’s just one example of why topics were stopped merging a few years ago, and I think the site has benefitted from it. Obviously when its busy though it will look worse, but personally I welcome new topics of discussion.
  5. Mark

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    To be fair he was screaming information at them, what that was and who was listening though?
  6. Mark

    Barnes coming back

    Not really, Gray has had enough chances on the left and Barnes mostly played there for West Brom.
  7. Maybe they just long for some good times again, I don’t get this whole entitled rubbish. Apparently we’re entitled whenever we moan about Puel, codswallop.
  8. Not sure I like this, now everyone can tell us we should be happy to be 9th again
  9. Mark


    I think got it right with the front four Hamza was never going to start in a two given Puel hasn’t tried him in that formation even at home, who knows if he can do better than Mendy or Ndidi in a two? I’m not sure myself, but I know we need a different option to Mendy. The right side of defence was the main issue, surely it’s time to move on from Morgan and Simpson now
  10. Mark

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    I do wonder who is in charge of the contracts we give out, some of these long term ones we come up with don't make sense.
  11. Mark

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    At least it might save us from giving the job to the caretaker again.
  12. Season: 2018/19 Voting Starts: 19/01/19 Voting Ends: 24/01/19 Kasper Schmeichel Danny Simpson Wes Morgan Harry Maguire Ben Chilwell Nampalys Mendy Wilfred Ndidi Ricardo Pereira Demarai Gray Harvey Barnes Jamie Vardy Jonny Evans (sub)James Maddison (sub)Kelechi Iheanacho (sub)
  13. Mark

    Wolves A Match Thread

    That last moment sums Gray up
  14. Mark

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Er, we were just warned 10 seconds earlier and then we let them in to score straight away
  15. Mark

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Morgan and Simpson