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  1. Fitzhugh played central and very comfortable on the ball in pre season.
  2. What device is this on? Once accepted it shouldn't be reappearing
  3. Season: 2019/20 Voting Starts: 21/09/19 Voting Ends: 24/09/19 Kasper Schmeichel Ricardo Pereira Jonny Evans Caglar Soyuncu Ben Chilwell Wilfred Ndidi Ayoze Pérez Youri Tielemans James Maddison Harvey Barnes Jamie Vardy Dennis Praet (sub)Demarai Gray (sub)Hamza Choudhury (sub)
  4. May halt the progress of Dewsbury-Hall and George Thomas who are on course for a first team appearance aged 28
  5. By a side doing it right with six players aged 18 and under, compared to us with just one in Luke Thomas.
  6. I read somewhere the idea was extra protection for Soyuncu to give him confidence, but then he was doing it back end of last season so it was obviously the plan going forward. With the addition of Praet too I don't think we're seeing the end of it anytime soon.
  7. Another reason why a player approaching 20 in a few months should have been out on loan gaining experience in his natural position.
  8. He had all summer to think about it as we ended the season with Maddison wide in the last three matches. It’s clear how keen he is given how much he wanted another central midfield option in Praet meaning even less chance of Maddison being played anywhere but out on the left. If Tielemans and Praet end up working great together it might start to make sense but Maddison will suffer regardless.
  9. Didn’t count for much against Wolves and Chelsea
  10. I'd be surprised if he wasn't disappointed with the summer transfers. It seems we're still the same side from last season with a slightly stronger bench now. Perez hasn't added anything, but never thought he was the player we needed. Praet hasn't added anything and just gives us another reason to play too many central midfielders, worryingly I think this one Rodgers was most keen on though. Justin hasn't played a minute yet. Tielemans we needed just to keep at the same level but he hasn't hit the levels he set last season.
  11. Season: 2019/20 Voting Starts: 14/09/19 Voting Ends: 19/09/19 Kasper Schmeichel Ricardo Pereira Jonny Evans Caglar Soyuncu Ben Chilwell Wilfred Ndidi Demarai Gray Youri Tielemans Hamza Choudhury James Maddison Jamie Vardy Harvey Barnes (sub)Ayoze Pérez (sub)
  12. What a letdown this has been
  13. How many have we scored though before he's seen sense and changed it up second half
  14. Rodgers stubbornness with this formation is winding me up now, there was nothing to be afraid of here unlike at Chelsea in Lampards first home game
  15. Mark


    For further clarification, as this topic reads like everyone gets banned. This is a full list of members with restricted posts. (this is a limit of 10 per day, probably due to a history of long winded arguments, some of which are duplicate accounts). This restricted gets put in place to try to avoid the same issues which do repeat over and over. And currently restricted from general chat are
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