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  1. They sold us Bryan Carey they don't deserve anything from us 😁
  2. Might get some discount. If he's as good as he's rated by Chelsea fans that follow the hundreds of players they have then, he might be a good med term gamble
  3. Clyne or the guy from Chelsea and James /Armetey as back up. I don't know how Puel got Ricardo here but he's clearly a top European club player. We need to get into Europe quickly
  4. That's how they stay in the top 6! Just going off what the utd fans by me are saying they seemed concerned. They are desperate to get youth in team and start again.
  5. Liverpool are supposed to be in for him aswell apparently. He's a Liverpool fan so I think he might end up there.
  6. Hope we aren't selling N'Didi?
  7. Also if we converted more of the chances we make then the boring tag would slip away somewhat. We don't take enough of our chances it is as simple as that. Definitely need a new option upfront.
  8. He assisted again today, who is he supposed to cross too? Only Vards consistently gets in the box so he's easy to crowd out need the big Wilf joining him.
  9. Mint_Fox


    Brave by Puel as well, he must know that some fans and press would prefer us not to succeed so they can say cheerio. For me Puel might not be the person everyone wants but he is what Leicester needs. (As long as he doesn't make 4 changes a game!)
  10. Gerry Taggert on the hand was always the weak link.
  11. Each to their own but for me he was a born leader more than happy to get stuck in. His 'tackles could lift a team and crowd and he was the most dominant player in the air I have seen.
  12. Not much ever seems to be said about him in the press, seems to be quite happy working behind the scenes. Not every player will be a success but since his appointment he and his team have got much more right than wrong with in and outgoings. I hope stays from looking in, from the outside. Who would in their right mind want to go there? The set up from ChairmEn(?!) to stadium to the fans who think they are better than they are is wrong, really needs a sort out hope it doesn't happen soon!
  13. https://www.moorethanjustaclub.com/columnist/why-do-west-ham-still-want-macia-after-husillos-successful-first-summer/ This one is still lingering. Hopefully it's just clickbait
  14. He's like the players version of Bernie! Nice to know he's alive but you don't want to see to much of him
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