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  1. Considering going this time next year, appreciate it if let us know what you think. Cheers
  2. Really? After their long European trip it made perfect sense for themto sit tight and conserve energy. Later in the season I'd agree but today we needed to hit them hard.
  3. They sold us Bryan Carey they don't deserve anything from us ?
  4. Might get some discount. If he's as good as he's rated by Chelsea fans that follow the hundreds of players they have then, he might be a good med term gamble
  5. Clyne or the guy from Chelsea and James /Armetey as back up. I don't know how Puel got Ricardo here but he's clearly a top European club player. We need to get into Europe quickly
  6. That's how they stay in the top 6! Just going off what the utd fans by me are saying they seemed concerned. They are desperate to get youth in team and start again.
  7. Liverpool are supposed to be in for him aswell apparently. He's a Liverpool fan so I think he might end up there.
  8. Hope we aren't selling N'Didi?
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