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  1. The more Perez doesn’t play, the better player he becomes for us, the alternatives aren’t great! Albrighton unlucky not to get more minutes I think
  2. In the grand scheme of things, happy with the point! Norwich the better team! Man City and Liverpool next 🤣
  3. Soyuncu been terrible today, had to bail himself out with his pace time and time again
  4. Off day, wrong formation from the off, changed it early, subs not made an impact either, draw the fair result, but likes Nick it 👏🏻
  5. I can think of many players in the premier league like Barnes, good all round play but with no finish! I think it’s a position we can improve upon in the transfer market
  6. Barnes needs to learn how to finish if he ever wants to succeed in the premier league
  7. Rodgers, what have you done to iheanacho... kids having a stormer...
  8. Think this is our worst person of the season
  9. Maybe the hangover from Copenhagen Christmas party has lasted a few more days
  10. Perez has had more than a fair chance this season without impressing, id take that 30m back in a heart beat for him
  11. Don’t think Perez is the answer, need to add a bit of quality in January to the wing
  12. How are Man Utd on there? And now weren’t we on there when we won the league or in the CL quarter finals?
  13. How far we have come since the “previous manager” is unbelievable! Just shows how correct most of the fans were and how lucky we are to have Rodgers! I just hope we get to keep him for years to come
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