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  1. I’m fearing Perez will join slimani, silva, ghezzal and Musa on the expensive scrap heap
  2. 15 corners in 2 games so far for lcfc! No threat at all from any
  3. Wonder what year we will score from a corner, I’m going 2023
  4. Flabbergasted Rodgers hasn’t made a sub! So he’s happy with that shower of sh*te
  5. It’s easier to be a Liverpool or glory supporter like lots of people in Leicester! Problem is real fans you can’t choose who they support, it’s unconditional
  6. Sickening how pro Chelsea Sky are! Wow!
  7. For all that pre season excitement about potentially upsetting the top 7, it’s back to the leicester we know! Not bad but not good either
  8. Unlucky kit! Change at half time 🤣🤣
  9. Rodgers gotta change it ASAP, hamza and Perez off for preat and albrighton... let’s get control of the ball here! Come on!
  10. Always get really nervous when Ndidi gets the ball, best player off the ball but the worst on!
  11. It’s not Perez fault, he’s not in his preferred position so he drifts in, leaving nobody out wide... far to easy to defend against! I don’t think you can play Maddison, vardy and Perez in the same 11 and be effective unfortunately
  12. We look worse with Perez in the team, too narrow for me
  13. Hoping wolves tire now, but we are lucky it’s still 0-0 anything other than a loss is a good result today
  14. Wolves came with a plan and it’s working an absolute treat, we’ve barely had 1 decent chance for
  15. For all the good play we’ve had wolves should be 1-0 up now
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