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  1. Just glad we are safe already, can’t see where the next win is coming
  2. We had chances today, we were the more deserving team at HT, still rubbish but second half to be second best to Norwich is unforgivable, the players looks like they don’t really want to play, Maddison is already thinking he’s holding up the untied jerseys and joking with maguire
  3. I back Rodgers 100% but he needs to start giving answers, to start dropping out of form players and to have another way of winning games, when we go 1-0 we really do look clueless
  4. Maddison and Chilwell certainly making life easier for Southgate...
  5. Would you walk into a bookies and put a grand on us finishing top 4?
  6. Rodgers is genuinely clueless on how to fix this, all he has done is drop Tielamans now and again, that’s his plan....no other ideas..... can’t think of a drop off like this before, I just can’t see us winning a game anytime soon
  7. We can’t even beat the worst team in the league home or away 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. You know it’s bad when Newcastle and Bournemouth are ahead of you in the form table
  9. The question I’m thinking now is... Can we even scrape a Europa league place now?
  10. Glad we are well clear of relegation, cause wouldn’t fancy this lot in a relegation battle atm, let alone a top 4 finish
  11. Ederson did the same to Mane, but with his foot last season, straight red, 3 game ban! The favouritism is appalling
  12. The penalty at the Etihad where soyuncu arm was by his side! It’s beyond belief really
  13. Anyone that plays leicester are guaranteed 3/4 free headers a game! Zonal marking at its worst
  14. Evans single handily keeping a clean sheet here!
  15. If we manage to be in the champions league next season, we need at least 3 quality players... we have zero depth and zero plan B
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