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  1. Can't wait to play Man city.... Think it will be similar to last season
  2. Champions League 2016/17

    That's the main stream English media not giving a shit about the Champions league anymore this season!!
  3. Worth a watch. Made my Scouse mates watch it and they are blown away with it. Catches the season to a tee.
  4. It's called.... Leicester city Kings of England The fans perspective. It's a barclays premier league world.. Best program EVER.
  5. The book - "THE UNBELIEVABLES" - it's happening

    Just finished reading it. Took me back to a fantastic season. Well done sir. Great read.
  6. Everton (H) 7/5/16 5:30pm

    me too, joys of living in scouse land....
  7. Premier League 2015/16 Stuff it in here.

    Same here, listened to all the talk about it for 2 days saying disgraceful dive. Looks like a stone wall to me.. he slides in and takes is foot out which trips him up. If that had been Vardy i would be fuming if it wasn't given.
  8. Would love to go to this 120 mile round trip COYB!!
  9. Those clapping devices

    What I was disappointed with yesterday was so many people leaving early. We have just been on an amazing run. I thought fans would want to show appreciation for the effort the players showed over the last couple of months. We where never going to not lose a game! i and a lot of fans gave them a standing ovation. COYB.
  10. Arsenal (H) 26/9/15 3pm KO

    Arsenal ticket for sale £40.00 SK2 Pick up at ground tomorrow PM Me...
  11. 1 ticket for sale Arsenal game SK2 price £40.00 Pick up at ground Pm me.
  12. Ranieri - Shocking perfomance

    Well said sir.... What gets me about all this moaning. Most people on here think we will finish anywhere between 17th - unrealistically 10th you don't finish in those places wining all your games. Ive been watching Leicester for many years and this is one of the most exciting teams i have ever seen. Enjoy the ride folks.
  13. Everton Away

    i got the last ticket, its like a home game for me only 20 mins away. COYB....... Will be drinking with a few locals before game.