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  1. Will Shakey Make christmas as Manager

    please get a life you will want Pearson back !!!!!!
  2. i have a couple of Questions about Seville

    My Taxi Driver in Seville said there will be 1500 as that's all the tickets they got as he is coming over for the game flying in to Birmingham !!!
  3. Dignity and Respect please

    Interests Gaelic Fox Kniting Gambling , sport , fly fishing , hunting , racing , gardening and kniting
  4. Dignity and Respect please

    Super post from a life long Leicester fan lets hold on in there
  5. Chelsea Tickets Available

    I do not need a ticket any more thanks yours
  6. Hi I am coming over from Paris this weekend to see my Mum and I am looking to get to the game between seeing my Mum (shes 91) Life long City fan for 45 years following as I can was in Porto and going to Seville any one can help PM Me Thanks all yours
  7. I am coming over to see my Mum (Shes 91) and looking for a single ticket for this game if anyone can help please MP me it would be nice to get to a home game
  8. Deja vu.....

    There you go then thats all we needed
  9. Deja vu.....

    or the ZIP
  10. SEVILLA!

    its close to the city bus it in
  11. SEVILLA!

    you can get the Bus or Fly from City airport to orly BA or Airfrance
  12. SEVILLA!

    22 Feb Paris Orly to SEVILLA 33.00€ 23 Feb SEVILLA To Paris Orly not so good 147.00€ Via Baca Total 180.00€'s not that bad
  13. P.S.G would be nice just a hour away
  14. Hope not been there to see Bordeaux won 2-0 cool