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  1. Dr Marco

    Aretha Franklin

  2. pure coïncidence I've listened to it this very afternoon! they're gonna rerelease it for it's 50th anniversary! great album!
  3. Dr Marco

    The Beatles

    New Macca song
  4. Dr Marco

    The Best Song You've Ever Seen Live

    my favorite moment was with Blur in 2009 in Hyde Park during the final song "the universal" when all the crowd was singing "it really really really could happen" I had shivers down the spine it was so emotional
  5. Dr Marco

    Danny Amartey

    hope we'll get rid of this fookin' shite!
  6. yes but only one season with Monaco when they won the title
  7. Dr Marco


    currently listening to the Teenage Fanclub remastered reissues sounding really good
  8. Dr Marco

    St Etienne

    Monaco won without Ghezzal 3-1 at Nantes
  9. Dr Marco

    What gigs are you going?

    U2 in Paris in September The Apartments in Bordeaux in October Etienne Daho in Bordeaux in November