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  1. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    Anybody actually bought their tickets yet - I have just gone online and our tickets are not showing in reserved tickets section
  2. FA Cup 2018

    Very well deserved Rochdale😀
  3. FA Cup 2018

  4. New training ground

    Old news, members and staff have know this since before Christmas
  5. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    On first year back in PL this sold out on P1 day as was on bank holiday weekend. Can't see it getting passed P2 given it's Saturday 3pm
  6. Another unsuccessful ballot , Liverpool

    This is exactly the issue we are going to have next year. STH group of 7 in family stand for last 8 years (well N1 that was renamed P and grouped with rest of stand). We currently have 2 adults, 2 under 22 and 3 under 18. Oldest is now 17 so next season we will have to be moved - dreading what crap seats we will be offered.
  7. Stadium Admission Issues - Club statement

    We received an email during last week informing us of extra checks in family stand with advice to arrive earlier to avoid delays. We did this however one adult in our party was arriving separately and they weren't going to let him in as he had no children with him, he had to explain we were already inside.
  8. Brighton - 19th August

    Correct, we have 7 STH and last year we also had 3 x city fox memberships (purchased to buy Wembley tickets). We are not renewing memberships this year as we will just use season tickets when son/husband can't make match which we have been doing for years.
  9. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Interesting priority bands - having been P1 since league one season we have fallen down to P2, granted we were more selective over away games last season due to European adventures. I wouldn't worry too much, if your P3 for this would think you will easily get tickets.
  10. season tickets

    Correct it stated in renewal info that unless you change age band or move seats you need to keep existing season card. I would also guess many people have still to renew their tickets- we are a group of 7 and I haven't done ours yet.
  11. Claim back £10 on your Palace away ticket

    I have now cheques arrived today, one each for me and other half - might not be much but it covered cost of my teenagers ticket
  12. Premier League Season 2016-17 Stuff it in here.

    Only because they played in a earlier kick off than us that day, and were beating Arsenal before being pegged back to a draw!
  13. West Brom (A) Sat 29th April 3pm KO

    Mine too
  14. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    Just be aware the £10 back has to be claimed by each individual and they must have a separate UK bank account, only one claim per person and you have to send original ticket with claim form and you will receive a cheque made payable to name on claim form
  15. West Brom (A) Sat 29th April 3pm KO

    Anyone ordered online and got your tickets? We ordered this game and Arsenal on P1 day - Arsenal tickets arrived on Tuesday but still no sign of these!