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  1. Will be going Rotherham to tick that ground off
  2. Give Brendan Rodgers a lifetime contract if he’s finally the manager to realise how crap he is and sells him!
  3. So St Etienne finished 0-1, Granada 1-0 up. So a goal away from £500? joe had a silly btts and win 5 fold and all lost
  4. Thought he did well defensively though... for Fulham when he kept giving them the ball!
  5. Got to get back to the car in the stadium car park to get to the front!
  6. Shocking today. Has about 1 in 10 good games.. think the stick Ghezzal gets is harsh when you have him who’s just as bad and gets away with it
  7. Gone for an 8 fold today/tomorrow.. I’m surprised it’s still going?
  8. Well yesterday’s treble went well portsmouth, Barnsley and boro to win? Anyone found any good value for today?
  9. Haven't seen one so thought why not aha anyone staying up to watch David Hayes fight? what time does his fight start anyway? :L
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