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  1. Should be a bit of a laugh. Wonder who'll represent us.
  2. Went to do my weekly shop at my local Morrisons yesterday evening. Got close to the turn for the retail park and there were cars queueing round the roundabout and up the A-road. Thought "FFS". Turns out the cretins were all queueing for their last burger at the McDonald's round the corner. Supermarket basically empty. This country is pathetic.
  3. Looks like you're already in luck in the following areas...
  4. Even if they have to run that bag of shit The Hundred surely they could run the CC concurrently instead of the 50 over tournament?
  5. This Australia v New Zealand cricket is still on if you're keen for a 3.30am start?
  6. Really good comprehensive list here: https://www.coolasleicester.co.uk/leicester-food-drink-delivery-collection-guide/?fbclid=IwAR3UjOB4kNODNp-2ygjgC1ZkAxM_cQX2E91uNgmthEn8VzMPDxt88_lDtEE
  7. Imagine my shock the ECB are planning to prioritise The Hundred over the Championship if we get any cricket this summer. That cash had better get to where it's needed (assuming it actually materialises).
  8. I'd consider everyone turning to their local newspaper in times like this, if they feel the national press are taking the piss. Plus they need your cash/clicks more than the nationals do, and through advertising support the kind of businesses most likely to go to the wall first.
  9. The top clubs (us included) really need to step in financially to aid the game at all levels once the impact becomes clear. It will no longer be good enough to just claim that the well-run ones have survived, and tough luck to the rest.
  10. With all due respect lads, it is important that these sort of things are brought up but could it not go in another thread? Otherwise this one will just become clogged up with people having a moan?
  11. It's a shame to see some of the "celeb" (if you like) journalists putting commercial and/or personal interests first here. There's plenty of good, responsible journalism going on during this crisis. It's a shame that's not getting more of an airing.
  12. Beerhouse (also in Harborough) doing takeaway beer https://www.facebook.com/beerhouseuk/photos/a.1510054942540670/2653269504885869/?type=3 Obviously feel free to extend this to other outlying areas with decent City-supporting bases.
  13. West Indies cricket when they play well in any format. Also any associate nations giving full ICC members a bloody nose. Was genuinely buzzing for Scotland when they beat England in an ODI.
  14. Independents and small businesses need our support, where we are able to give it, more than ever now. To that end, thought it might be decent to open a thread listing city and county shops, pubs, restaurants etc which have launched new initiatives to help them get through coronavirus. Don't want to be all preachy, but if you are lucky enough to have money to spend on luxuries then please consider getting involved. I'll get the ball rolling: Blue Boar and Ale Stone in Leicester offering takeaway beer (mentioned already in one of the pubs threads) Ascough's restaurant in Harborough introducing a delivery service
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