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  1. Crap on the pitch and crap off it too from both sides. Even though this shite format encourages games like that, I really expected both to play like it meant something more. Now both will have to play in that fashion on Tuesday or risk a tough last 16 draw or elimination. Also made me realise just how good our end was at the Cup final. Last night had the atmosphere of a friendly. The capacity restrictions are no excuse - Leicester showed you can still make a racket under those circumstances.
  2. Assumed a 90s L would be a nowadays XL as everything was baggier then!
  3. Harry Redknapp's still expecting him to turn up in England's back four tonight.
  4. Three Red Stripes en route - One for Sterling, one for Phillips, one for Barnes. First time I've worn a replica shirt (1998 home off eBay) to a game since about 2003 but it feels very right.
  5. Some outstanding Tartan Army in London content online yesterday. More of the same today please.
  6. Reading up it seems they campaigned very hard on that. #FBPE types trying to claim it's all about Brexit but I'm not having that. Railways and Government incompetence have lost the Tories this one.
  7. Fair play to the LDs for that one. It'll doubtless get little attention compared to Hartlepool but that's a staggering effort to rob so many Tory votes. Be nice to think this means people left of centre are finally going to stop being complete dipshits and realise tactical voting is a necessary evil in our system too if we all truly want that lot out...
  8. Salaries Velocity session pale. Vert refreshing.
  9. I think Scotland officially got something like 2-3k and the overall allocation is similar to what the Cup final was. Guess the total number of Scots in the crowd could be anything as tickets are quite easily transferrable. Only got mine last week because my mate's old man couldn't make it.
  10. Feels like fielding has been the difference yet again.
  11. Yes then Finland! Edit: Spoke too soon. Fvck VAR.
  12. Another frustrating one as it shows (batting-wise anyway) what we can actually do on our day. Mind you, did well to get that close against that Yorkshire side.
  13. No singing?! I think you're watching a different game...
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