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  1. Voll Blau

    Cricket 2018

    Even more moronic to stay there when the fielder's hurling it in like his life depends on it and the keeper's stood like that. Surely you'd twig?
  2. When did you think it was time to go for Ranieri, out of interest?
  3. Voll Blau

    Cricket 2018

    Talksport's coverage is actually not bad. Typical that they'd rather have Adrian Durham et al chatting bollocks as usual on the main station than actual live sport coverage they've spent money on mind.
  4. Possible legal action hopefully averted... http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25004560/michael-carberry-leaves-leicestershire-mutual-consent-stand-off
  5. Yeah quite. Howe would be eaten alive here I think because the thing is, if we were to sack Puel now while we're actually doing OK, that decision is being made on the basis that whoever replaces him WILL do better - not on the basis that we're in a bit of a hole, need someone to get us out of it and then build for the future (the context in which Puel was hired) with a focus on success in later years. The expectation would be immense on whoever comes in to actually deliver the things Outers say Puel can't/won't do, but within the same time frame. As a manager you'd have to have a ridiculously high confidence in your own ability to consider coming here under those circumstances.
  6. He's thrown a kettle over a pub.
  7. Sounds like some you lot would be more content shouting "Fat Cockney Rapist" outside branches of Sports Direct than attending Leicester games. You're always going on about Rafael Benitez. Let it go Lynn, you're never going to meet him!
  8. Albeit backed up by the league position we achieved after taking on Puel last year, in comparison to where we were when his two predecessors were sacked, not to mention some of personal achievements our squad have managed under him.
  9. Voll Blau

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 72 seconds  
  10. The sensible thing to do would be to reintroduce Football Specials, with clubs subsiding the expense with the loose change from their TV cash (believe Chelsea or Spurs actually did do this for a late game against us fairly recently?). That's too sensible mind.
  11. Agree, he gets the same stubborn attitude some fans had towards Pearson, regardless of how we're doing, because he doesn't play up to the cameras. Such a weird thing to dislike a football manager for, and I personally quite enjoy Puel's dry sense of humour.
  12. Voll Blau

    The Jam

    Bit sad, but whenever I was in London on my own I always used to put Strange Town on while I was walking around/on the tube.
  13. But, as per the title of this thread, who will come to us (realistically) who shows more ambition? Two Cup quarter-finals last season and an emphasis on youth which has seen three of our young first teamers become involved with the England squad. As long as Europe/Cup wins are our aim (even, if as happened last year, we fall disappointingly short) and we have a squad chock full of youth/academy products which we can be proud of then I can't claim to be too unhappy to keep the bloke in place and give us relative stability, which we desperately need, even if it can be frustrating at times (though surely most of us recognise times of frustration are fairly par for the course supporting City?). Another sacking and, as I've said before, the clock's reset again. The bottom line is that if we keep sacking managers at the rate we have been (no matter how necessary that has been in some cases), no one capable of fulfilling what Puel Out lads think we're capable of will actually come to us.
  14. Voll Blau

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    Might take you a while, but you'll soon get used to seeing new threads whose titles aren't based on word association.