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  1. Not feeling confident with Roy definitely out tomorrow.
  2. The same original 17, with quite a few additional tracks from Crash Nitro Kart (which I never had).
  3. Karts are certainly a lot quicker than on the original, and Adventure mode is more difficult too. Apart from that, they've managed to stay true to the original with some enjoyable additional features.
  4. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong - this whole debate is severely lacking in qualified opinion and, like I say, booking him as a guest is depressing and cynical. My main gripe though is with the way it's been packaged by GMB, basically saying the programme wholeheartedly agrees with Boycott's view. Astounding.
  5. I've no problem with them reporting his view, even if he is an utterly depressing and cynical choice of guest for this topic - guaranteed to provoke the kind of conversation we're having on here. But to promote his view as that of common sense, befitting of a Prime Minister, is an absolutely extraordinary editorial stance for the programme to take.
  6. The ones who didn't believe hard enough. You can't expect people like that to ever accept any kind of culpability, it's just not in their nature.
  7. Regardless of what he's said on that show, that's an alarming editorial policy from GMB.
  8. Oh yeah, it really was some comeback to behold. Good management of the tailenders after Roach went and proper hitting. The six over backward point was unreal.
  9. Probably the best game I've ever watched live. Great atmosphere which in the end, I think, got to Brathwaite. I think most would have been tempted to end it that way though if they'd been hitting it like he had and had a complete bunny at the other end. Nerves of steel from Boult too. Thought for all the world he was going over the rope. Hope the Kiwis win it if we don't. Was chatting to some Windies fans on the tram back to Piccadilly, asking why the likes of Campbell, Narine and Bishoo weren't considered. They were baffled. Not saying any of those would be the solution, but they've been one consistent performer away from having a side which would have genuinely challenged for this World Cup. Imagine the week we'd be looking forward to now if those two results had gone the other way yesterday...
  10. Aussies don't. They look competent due to three or four world class players. Annoyed they're basically nailed on for a semi spot.
  11. I think it's only IPL fanboys who love Slog Slog Slog CC v Crash Bash Smash XI type affairs, even though it's the type of cricket we excel at at the moment. Ball slightly on top will always produce the best games. Luckily we live in a country where that happens more frequently than elsewhere.
  12. The result the tournament needed. Just wish it wasn't at our expense! Off to Old Trafford tomorrow, so hope the Windies take heart from it and we get a good contest. If someone could shock the Aussies and India now, that'd be great...
  13. Baffling that we keep going back to him like he's our extremely good-looking ex who ultimately keeps letting us down.
  14. I wondered if that was the same guy. Yeah, did play for Kibworth. Good to see Germany get so far. there's clearly competition and development among the associate nations, even if the ICC want to keep turning a blind eye to it.
  15. "Extreme scenario"? They were playing Spurs, not Dog & Duck FC. Both were always going to be TV games, but they could have been placed in slots which were satisfactory for all possible scenarios in the first place instead of mucking us about with a few days notice, and people having already booked trains and hotels etc.
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