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  1. "Playing down".
  2. Port Vale were formed at Port Vale House and were originally Burslem Port Vale.
  3. People act like he's a Conrad Logan figure sometimes. It's so bizarre.
  4. As a club though, we still have more ambition than the vast majority - and definitely more than any that King would be likely to depart for. Shakespeare said himself there's a hunger to challenge for Europe next year now. Who says he is happy on the bench anyway? Maybe he's just professional enough to not go public on it and would rather keep his battle to fight for his place to himself? Wanting to fight for a place in a side which has its sights set again on European football to me shows more than enough personal ambition.
  5. Are you on commission to ask that question as often as you can or something? Most footballers would give their right arm to spend their peak years playing for the champions of England and in Europe for their clubs. You'd have to be on crack to foresake that just to get first team football at clubs with little ambition other than to survive year on year.
  6. Happy to end their hopes just to see the away end meltdown, but "win it for Chelsea?" Have a word. Expect to hear "Carefree" being sung though given singing other clubs' songs in the name of banter seems to be the done thing among our fans these days.
  7. Very sad. Fondly remember having him in swap for several sticker albums as a kid, always had a soft spot for him because of that.
  8. At least go out and spoil your vote. Make a statement. Sitting at home is tacit consent that you're happy with the current standard of politicians in general.
  9. Usually find Owen Jones a bit pretentious, but enjoyed this... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/apr/20/brexitland-fractured-nation-politicians-unite-labour?CMP=soc_3156
  10. Few empty seats in the West Stand too judging by the number of flags left there.
  11. Oh, and the prices of tickets.
  12. So irresponsible of people who are nothing to do with the families of those they want to applaud to put stuff out like this. Going to be even more disappointing for the poor kid and her family, who are now no doubt expecting this to happen, when it doesn't because we're all too busy booing Atleti for imaginary card waving or whatever's actually going on at five minutes in. Not a game goes by now where I don't see someone trying to set something like this up. This may sound harsh, but it really needs to stop.
  13. Wasn't there admittedly but always found this a weak excuse. There are plenty of open stadia which host great atmospheres across Europe week in, week out.
  14. Hi Nick.
  15. I dunno. A couple of exceptions aside, you tend to see English fans singing their own team's songs when they're abroad rather than '10 German Bombers' and stuff.