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  1. Absolutely appalling and the kind of thing Labour absolutely needs to expunge to regain trust in the north again.
  2. Man United clearly keen to replicate that Southampton game in the 90s where they had to switch shirts at half-time.
  3. Saw them live in Manchester a couple of years back, missus is a massive fan. What an absolute talent gone to waste and an unbelievable voice. His lyrics and vocals were a huge part of adolescence for people of my age, whether you were into them or not.
  4. Yeah, possibly a nudge from Cook there to pick an Essex player over Stoneman. He must be doing something right for them to be where they are though.
  5. Ridiculous idea and I can't believe he's still plugging it.
  6. Westley gets the nod. Hope Malan's picked too... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/40666788 From that squad I'd go: Cook Jennings Westley Root Bairstow Malan Stokes Ali Broad Wood Anderson
  7. Looks like we're after one for the future... http://www.buryfreepress.co.uk/sport/football/non-league/exclusive-afc-sudbury-star-on-trial-at-premier-league-leicester-city-1-8063978
  8. Yeah, always going to be a worry with Surrey batsmen that you're not getting a true sense of them. He's got six fifties in all this season though which, while worrying he didn't convert more, is still a better count than most of those in contention. I do feel bad for Hameed. For a kid that age, once you have a couple of bad early season knocks the "need a score soon" pressure's bound to get to you as Test selection time creeps up. Perhaps a vote of confidence in him to have a go on the most batsman-friendly wicket in the country would be just the fillip he needs to get going again. He's got uncanny patience for a modern, young batsman and if we don't take advantage of that over the next few years I think we could end up in deep trouble at Test level with the way players' techniques are changing. Think I'd go: Cook Hameed Stoneman Root Bairstow Malan Stokes Ali Broad Wood Anderson What do we all think of Ben Coad by the way? Seen a lot of rave reviews about him.
  9. Would be happy with that. Has any consideration been given to Rory Burns by the way? More than 700 runs at 60 in the Championship this season.
  10. That Sheeran bit...
  11. Few from the 2 Bundesliga can be found in this Twitter thread... Not keen on Bochum's this year.
  12. Yeah, the authorities really ought to step in over stuff like this. Clearly just a money making exercise.
  13. No, of course someone who's clearly paid into the system shouldn't be allowed to use it when they need to. For what it's worth, I didn't claim when I became unemployed a few years ago. Mixture of feeling too proud/like I was "sponging", in spite of the fact I was doing everything I could to find employment (well beyond the parameters of what the Job Centre required of me to do so too, I might add). By the time I decided I actually needed the help because my search wasn't going as well as I'd hoped, it was too late. Would advise anyone entitled to it to claim because you never know if you'll need it a few weeks down the line. Luckily I found work before too long, but I could have got myself into a right mess if I hadn't - all because I felt too proud to claim.
  14. Not able to watch at present. We getting ourselves out or are they getting us out?