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  1. Attention-seeking nobheads like him do the Remain side far more harm than good. Christ, seeing some of the outfits on show on Saturday even I thought of changing my vote...
  2. With Leicester: Filbo Old Wembley Highbury Layer Road Upton Park White Hart Lane (seeing as how people are counting the revamp as a new ground) As a neutral: Underhill For cricket: County Ground, Northampton
  3. I think so, but not all of them?
  4. Why are LCCC actively promoting this on social media too? Moronic.
  5. Come on mate, let's forget all that and get behind our local *checks notes* river...
  6. WYS on 60 was great yesterday.
  7. Not really. Don't know about you, but I'd like to think the people we elect as legislators should actually be informing themselves properly and paying attention to the finest detail of such things, rather than skimming them because they might be "pretty much the same" as documents they've read in the past. It's what they're paid to do and as an electorate we should demand they scrutinise these things to the best of their abilities. If they need time to do that, especially with legislation of this magnitude, so be it. I'd rather they did their jobs properly than cut corners.
  8. I think Labour MPs backing the deal because they reckon it'll save their hides by getting potential Brexit Party voters on side in their constituencies are probably mistaken. Oh well, time will tell. Think I'm gonna need a well-stocked spirits cabinet whenever the next election night is...
  9. This game has been rescheduled because of Amazon.
  10. Thanks for reading my posts properly...
  11. Became a Best Western a few years ago. Bar bit has had a revamp since, but not sure about the food side of things.
  12. Yes, but if you read my posts properly you'll realise I'm not actually grousing about how this just affects me personally. I agree, but Boxing Day games have always traditionally been played at 3pm or earlier - and as such I don't think it's a fair comparison as the authorities in the past haven't considered them as "midweek fixtures" and have obviously given some consideration to how people like to spend this time of year and the limited transport options available. Sticking a game on at 8pm obviously flies in the face of that. Like I say, I've always accepted the fact there are no trains and can usually get a car full with family or mates on Boxing Day - but who wants to spend their Boxing Day night rammed in queues on Leicester's roads because the transport options are even more limited than usual? It's completely inconsiderate.
  13. Again though, it's not about the ability to have a few ales pre and post-match. Everybody knows there are no trains on Boxing Day so have to adjust plans accordingly if they usually go by rail (which I do). But having it so late means there will be no public buses running after the match, meaning gridlock in the city at 10 o'clock at night for everyone who can't get home on foot (and no doubt thousands streaming out to beat the traffic from 75 minutes onwards too). When all's said and done, no it's not the end of the world but it is an unnecessary and thoughtless decision which will impact one many people's ability to enjoy their day - not to mention the 3k Scousers who won't get home until the early hours now.
  14. Think they do to a couple of places, but nowhere near enough for them to be a viable alternative to public transport on an occasion like this.
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