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  1. Looks good on the front. Shame they don't let the stripes run to the top on the back. Guess it's easy with their colours, but Bradford often have attractive kits.
  2. I wonder if it's because he himself worries about being overbowled, as he frequently was last summer. His economy rates are often really good so the temptation's been to bowl him for longer. Both he and Wood are going to need careful management because it's clear the aim now is to build them up to lead the attack in India and Australia over the next 18 months.
  3. I've got a Moon Gazer Dewhopper Norfolk lager in the delivery. Will report back!
  4. This Jofra-Tino Best Twitter spat is getting tasty.
  5. Standouts from tonight: Glaslyn Ale from Purple Moose. Had one of their beers once in North Wales and this one was even better. Cairngorm Gold. Must be summat in the water they have in these mountainous bits of the UK. Makes for nice beer.
  6. He should've had one then before he got fed up and chose Scotland. Likewise with Muzzy.
  7. Fully support each individual's freedom of choice on taking the knee but it's his reasoning that's laughable. As mentioned, the idea that he "doesn't do gestures" is ludicrous. More easily disprovable untruths coming out of his gob. Also laughable to say he's been bullied over it. He's the most powerful man in the country and people, rightly, want to know and understand his stance on it.
  8. There are plenty of people in here saying they wouldn't be best pleased if his antics were going on near them and that they weren't surprised by what happened at Brentford/Man City. People join social media for all sorts of reasons. In his case this channel is very definitely an attempt to make himself well-known within our fanbase and even beyond that. He's carrying on in the same fashion so clearly hasn't learned from his mistakes and is not willing to accept valid criticism. If being on social media is affecting your mental health then you need to a) seek help and b) get off of it. He clearly has no intention of doing either of those things.
  9. Well, as many people have pointed out, having this guy near them at a game does affect their life because it severely affects their enjoyment of the game. If he doesn't want to accept what is largely valid criticism of what he does and how he conducts his business then he shouldn't go to such lengths to make himself a public figure. No one forces him to put himself out there. He chooses to do that.
  10. Sure he's a power-mad unelected bureaucrat, but he's based in Westminster so that's OK apparently.
  11. Round One to Holder then... Need some tail-end hitting here. Reckon I'd even fancy the Windies top order to surpass what we're looking at at the moment.
  12. Mostly lagers and pilsners I've never tried before - but a few golden and pale ales in the mix, as well as a Dusseldorf Alt. Largely German gear but stuff from Estonia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and here too. What you gone for?
  13. Exception rather than the rule. Cornwall's their preferred spin option but they were never going to go with him here due to how garbage their batting is. This one was a good toss to lose, as I said yesterday. Holder definitely didn't look too miffed at the outcome. Currently wondering what odds I could get on England's second innings commencing before close of play today...
  14. I guess his thought process is that their batting is worse than ours, and that he's backing himself to make significant scores in both innings (and why wouldn't he given his form over the past year). Our spin option is actually far more likely to mop up than theirs in the second innings too, though that might have been a different story if they'd picked Cornwall. Holder v Stokes is going to be a brilliant personal battle over this series, and especially in this game when they're both captaining.
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