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  1. That's because the new voting system proposed was a crock of shit and a poor compromise from the Lib Dems because the Tories didn't want to let us have a crack at PR. A PR system with larger constituencies, whereby somewhere like Leicestershire (and Rutland) would elect 10 MPs in total rather than 10 different areas of the county electing 10 different MPs, would be better. Last time out I worked out it would have led to the county electing 6 Tories and 4 Labour (rather than 7 and 3) - but of course if that system were in play people would be more inclined to vote for minor parties, so they could easily end up winning seats needing only 10% of the county's vote. In 2015, it would have been 4 Tory, 4 Labour, 1 Lib Dem and 1 UKIP - if you're interested.
  2. Oldest football chant in the world. Probably my favourite one too.
  3. Once again she'd being shown up as out of her depth (I don't think she's biased, just incompetent). Fed up of saying this, but... yes I'd be saying the same thing if she'd reported it was "looking grim for the Tories". Quite a few reasonable people (not headbanging Momentum conspiracy theorists who think the whole world's against them) saying they've given up on the BBC as a trusted news source this campaign. Such a sad state of affairs - again, not down to any idea of bias but just because they feel the standards of reporting have slipped so badly recently.
  4. You couldn't though, could you? Making predictions about life under a Johnson government (Johnson's made some equally eyerolling predictions about possible life under Labour) isn't the same as actively pumping out disinformation about what's actually happening at the moment in the way the Tories have done this campaign. If Labour had employed the same tactics of actively promoting disinformation and avoiding scrutiny during this campaign, I'd be criticising them just as heavily. But then again it seems to be working for them. We've got people bending over backwards to try and dispute the veracity of a news story about a sick child on the floor of a hospital to the extent they'll spread a false social media post published by multiple dodgy accounts claiming it's bollocks - just because it helps the Tories if it's not true. The fact the editor of the traditionally Tory-supporting Yorkshire Post has had to come out and defend the initial story should say it all to Tory supporters about the fact their party has gone too far promoting this kind of shit. And I don't know why you think I'm defending the state of the Labour Party at the moment. I'm not. By rights, they should be wiping the floor with the Tories after everything that's happened in the past nine years.
  5. The Tory strategy in this election has taken things to the next level compares to the usual eyerolling "pinch of salt" stuff we (sadly) expect during campaigns from political parties: - The party's press office masquerading as an independent fact-checker during a live TV debate - Doctoring footage to make Starmer look like he hadn't a clue about Brexit, when in fact he'd given a detailed answer - Telling outright lies about alleged assaults to senior national journalists (who, yes, should have been doing their jobs much fvcking better before reporting those lies) - Being found to have made misleading claims in 88% of paid-for Facebook ads (by comparison, 0% of Labour's were found to have contained such claims) - Hiding from an interview with arguably the most forensic journalist in the country at present - Abandoning a speech because five protesters turned up - Hiding from journalists in a fvcking fridge And that's before we even get into stuff like the spurious prorogation of parliament before the election. About what exactly? If by some miracle Corbyn gets a majority, there are enough MPs in his own ranks who'd stop him from turning us into the third-rate Banana Republic you're convinced he wants us to become. If he doesn't, MPs in other parties will.
  6. This is all going to become much worse once he's got his majority. The man is simply used to getting whatever he wants and will do and say anything to get it. The way the Tories have carried on with the way they've hidden from scrutiny and actively put out disinformation has been alarming. Make no mistake - this campaign is the rehearsal for what they hope to get away with if they have the numbers. We can't say we weren't warned...
  7. I love that tune as a football chant. Have heard a few different clubs in Germany use it.
  8. She's under no obligation to solely present the claim as quoted to her without challenging it. As I say, it's not bias. I just think she's incompetent.
  9. I think people are a bit more entitled to trust what they see from a national news source? Like I say though, piss poor from C4. The standards of journalism during this campaign have often been absolutely dreadful. See also this... Just parroting. I don't think she's biased, but I do think she's rubbish at her job.
  10. That is piss poor from C4. Absolutely piss poor.
  11. And the public wants what the public gets...
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