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  1. Br√łndby's version of the Macarena before the Danish Cup final. https://youtu.be/1lO-dvWV8Eg
  2. Yeah, you have.
  3. I think there's a sizeable section that boycott all home games due to Bayern taking full control of the stadium isn't there?
  4. It's absolutely logic-defying isn't it? Couple of decent derbies (of sorts) in the promotion/relegation play-offs in Braunschweig-Wolfsburg and 1860-Jahn Regensburg.
  5. Where is that poll?
  6. Looking forward to popping down tomorrow.
  7. Swiss Cup final in Geneva. Basel v Sion. Basel: Sion: Love that last pic with the mountains in the background.
  8. Asymmetrical stripes can get in the bin.
  9. Oh do fvck off would you. Anyone with half a brain on every part of the political spectrum knows the only people responsible for these attacks are the evil cvnts who perpetrate them and, by and large, that's who most on all sides have been condemning in as public a way as they possibly can. Seeking to point score politically in the aftermath of this is nothing short of shameful. Don't @ me with a few examples of extremist weirdos and claim they speak for an entire political ideology by the way please, it's a waste of both our times.
  10. On second reading, there's nothing actually inaccurate about the Cosmo or Mirror headlines. Entirely possible there aren't actually any Muslim taxi drivers who were involved and wanted to be photographed. That said, for the sake of clarity I'd have left the religion off those involved off the headline (let's face it, it's not what's important to most of us - "Manc cabbies being good eggs in time of crisis" is what matters).
  11. No, but then again there doesn't seem to be any evidence of it actually being him other than this screenshot? Plus, IS-type lads aren't exactly known for issuing specific warnings ahead of their attacks.
  12. Fair enough, but not seeing it as being verified anywhere that this was him. Obviously I'll happily accept it if it's true, but stuff like this can so easily be faked. I'd say it's more a reflection on Cosmo's preference for clicks over accuracy rather than them wanting to suit some kind of narrative tbh. Absolutely dreadful either way.
  13. Agree with focusing on the victims entirely, but the public have a right to know the identities of criminals and the crimes they've perpetrated. It'd be a very strange society we lived in if we didn't do that. Thought by and large the media did very well with the Westminster Bridge attack reaction. Only one or two irresponsible outlets went big on the attacker's background, most provided the right amount of information without glamourising.
  14. Where? I've struggled to find any.
  15. Fantastic that Ajax one. Like how Adi's aren't consigning themselves to plonking three stripes everywhere.