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  1. Encountering white Bajans is a massive headfvck at first, especially if you've been on the rum and in the sun all day over there.
  2. I think he's one of my top 10 favourite sitcom characters ever.
  3. All three of those clubs have used yellow as an accent colour at some point in the last 20 years...
  4. Christ, I've ruined a few 'Cheer Up Sleepy Jean' pub singalongs in my time singing that. All deserved. Because of him I was denied the chance to present Iwan Roberts with the 1996 Junior Foxes Player of the Year Award.
  5. So it turned out attracting a load of smarmy gits with #FBPE on their Twitter profiles wasn't a big vote winner. What a shock.
  6. Most, if not all, classics get sung in SK1 every single game.
  7. They haven't. Someone else has. What aren't people understanding about this?
  8. But she clearly hasn't in this case. Be fair and play the ball, not the man (or woman).
  9. Eh? They haven't announced this, have they? It's been given to The Sun by a third party source. I'm sure most of us wish she'd conduct herself a bit differently at times, but you're being unnecessarily harsh here.
  10. Then don't moan. You're getting the shite on the site for free.
  11. Well they wouldn't need to put up those awful intrusive ads or try and attract as many clicks as possible to impress advertisers if people actually bought the paper. At the end of the day they're giving you free news on that website. Admittedly I don't read the Merc very often as I live outside its circulation area, but when I do I find it's a much better offering than the clickbait stuff on the website. If you want good journalism, pay for it.
  12. Also came out as spot on for me. Much more interesting than the anoydyne "what do you call a bread roll?" Facebook memes you see all the time. Hopefully this will be of some use to dialectologists, although I suspect it won't come out completely accurate as people might take more notice of comparing how the words on the screen look to them rather than what they actually sound like when they speak naturally.
  13. They're not a charity. If you don't want that, buy a newspaper instead? Wouldn't lay the blame at his door too much. It's a strategy that's come from above anyone at the Mercury in the company that owns them. The problem is enough people do click, especially when it comes to football...
  14. Is that the National Football Museum one? Looking down their list entire teams have been inducted in it before (Forest 78-80 being one of them). I think it would be far better to see the entire team/club honoured if anything.
  15. I think the length of the ban is because of the total number of demerit points he's racked up over a two-year period, rather than just because of a single offence.
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