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  1. Yes, I'm sure The Hundred will get us somewhere close to that IPL figure when the largest cricket ground in England holds 30k. Our top level of sport isn't as well watched as the top level of sport in countries which have bigger stadiums and many multiple times our population. Colour me shocked...
  2. If we ever do that, the last place you'd find me is anywhere near a Leicester City match. Imagine if this conversation had cropped up in 2008, fairly certain you'd have had a different point of view given our relative standing at that time... Oh, and not sure I'd be using The Hundred as a brilliant example of how this kind of thing is wanted and/or needed. It's gone down like a bucket of cold sick with most existing cricket fans.
  3. Uptonsteel have taken on the naming rights at Grace Road. https://www.business-live.co.uk/enterprise/uptonsteel-buys-naming-rights-leicestershire-19696630
  4. Love seeing Pakistan back playing Tests in their own country. Side note, but do any of you who actually subscribe to Sky Cricket feel short changed by how few internationals are actually on there? They seem to have the rights to so few series. This Pakistan v Saffers game is today, granted, but they've also whacked it on Sky Sports Mix so even also rans like me can watch it without paying extra.
  5. Looks like the India series may not be on Disney after all. What a farce.
  6. Reckon we have a relatively low number of fans who get to games via public transport too. Not entirely the club's fault but they could do a lot more to combat this.
  7. Exactly the kind of innings we need Sibley to deliver. And I know I've slagged him off in recent months but I've got to say fair play to Buttler too, his keeping's getting better and he's often doing the job with the bat too. Still glad Foakes is getting a go in India though.
  8. Currently on a Columbus 1492 from Stiegl. Like their lager, turns out they can do a decent pale ale too.
  9. Root's on fire. Tempted to get up early tomorrow to see if he tons up again.
  10. I like Big Keir but this is great...
  11. Obviously a different vibe from Newcastle because it's a two-club city, but Liverpool's about the only place that comes anywhere near close on this front for me.
  12. Pleased to report seeing a few youngsters with 'Vardy 9' on their backs as far north as Derby too in recent years. It's been mentioned a lot before but it's great to be finally able to take advantage of our potentially huge catchment area.
  13. It's genuinely unique in England I think. Even somewhere like Leeds can't boast that level of loyalty among its population. Yeah, those are absolutely fair enough points and I think the whole North-East passion thing is a huge cliche (though the non-league scene is pretty strong compared to many other regions, I'd say). I'm just basing it off the feeling I've got any time I've been up there. There's not another city here where you get the same feeling. Probably partly because of the ground being slap-bang in the middle of town.
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