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  1. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    Yeah, that's definitely what I'd like to see.
  2. Voll Blau

    Cricket 2018

    To think the daft bastards put us in too.
  3. Voll Blau

    Cricket 2018

    The 444 could be in danger here...
  4. I don't think it matters too much given it's basically a Second XI out there today.
  5. Voll Blau

    Girls of 2018

    Some for the Colombia appreciators...
  6. Voll Blau

    Girls of 2018

    at the facial expressions of all the weird blokes filming that kiss by the way.
  7. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    I wasn't accusing you of that, but there have been some other posts in this thread to that effect. I'm well aware of our ownership history, but like I've tried to say in a roundabout way, "spiv" owners shouldn't be the benchmark by which all football club owners who come above that standard are judged. The minimum standard expected of good owners should be the criteria I set out, which I've acknowledged the Thais have lived up to. All I've really tried to say is they shouldn't be free from the same scrutiny people give everyone else involved with LCFC, but there seem to be a fair amount who think they should (again, I know that's not your personal standpoint). As for "would I bring in anyone else?", I'd rather there was a different ownership model entirely for all clubs in England. But I'm a complete idealist, it'll never happen, and it's another debate for another day anyway I reckon.
  8. Voll Blau


    Valid. Poor bloke can't be responsible for achieving anything now because some lads knew better all along, apparently...
  9. Voll Blau

    Best England pre-tournament song?

    I've been all over this for the past few days. What a track.
  10. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    I don't disagree with much of your post, but I just find the hyperbolic nature of the "they won us the league" type posts a bit laughable. They landed on their feet with Pearson agreeing to come back to rebuild a base and club culture he'd already been building once before, then with the Ranieri appointment too and everything that followed. Providing a solid financial base and being willing to invest in the club you own should be the minimum required of anyone running a football club (not that spending big has exactly helped us much when we've done it). Just because there are so many bad'uns out there, it doesn't make those who are generally good - like the Thais - immune from criticism over certain things.
  11. Voll Blau

    Girls of 2018

  12. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    You're obviously a bit hard of seeing so I'll say it again... Saying that someone isn't above criticism is blatantly not the same as saying you hate someone.
  13. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    Saying that someone isn't above criticism is blatantly not the same as saying you hate someone.
  14. Voll Blau

    The owners.......

    Not seeing any "hate" for them in here from anyone?
  15. Voll Blau

    Girls of 2018