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  1. Because it makes us look like a bunch of fvcking morons. No one else does it. It's not witty, it's not clever, it's just thick.
  2. Fans need to actually get organised and partake in mass action. Given we're all English, I won't hold my breath...
  3. If it were that simple then they would be behind the goal, trust me. At the time the group set up, that corner was literally the only space available to get that many people up for singing all game stood together. It's the same today. You're right about being unable to hear other parts of the Kop sometimes, but SK1 always joins in when they can hear other songs starting.
  4. Until fans start to actually stick up for themselves, the government will feel no compulsion to take any action.
  5. Yeah, I can well believe it. I can assure you the usual lot were going for it all game though. Never transmits well unless everyone else joins in though.
  6. Assuming you can still afford to go after being fvcked about so much that is...
  7. We've done well to let them finish on 379-7 from that.
  8. Pray for those innocent bins. Would rather Leeds and Sheffield United came up for a bit of variety. Don't mind Norwich and once played in a charity match at Carrow Road, but I'd far rather the two clubs I mentioned came up with Bristol City winning the play-offs.
  9. Think they held talks a couple of years back over a permanent groundshare and increasing capacity to 20k, but apparently the rugby club weren't happy because it's way beyond what they'd ever need themselves.
  10. Groundshare narrowed down to Coventry rugby ground or Birmingham City... https://coventryobserver.co.uk/news/breaking-coventry-city-groundshare-options-include-cov-rugbys-butts-park-arena-and-birmingham-city/
  11. Yes mate, it was absolutely the kind of gaff the town was crying out for. Shame they were denied planning permission to move (think they were hoping to set up in the old print shop nearby?), but obviously moving the bar round has worked wonders in terms of allowing them to put a wider selection on.
  12. It was those two. That's where I had them.
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