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  1. It's mad that any human being would vote against this. What grounds are there? That a minority of the kids who'd benefit have wasters for parents? No child is to blame for that. Punishing them for the alleged sins of adults is beyond reprehensible.
  2. I've met quite a few senior Labour and Tory politicians in my time, very few of either colour impressed me as people. Andy Burnham was easily the most notable exception to that, he's one of life's good guys.
  3. Greater Manchester gets a £22m support package from the same government offering £60m a few hours ago. Call out Burnham for playing politics all you like but it's a fvcking disgrace that the government is effectively punishing the people in that area for his tactics. Either £60m is necessary to support people in Greater Manchester or it isn't as far as the Treasury is concerned. It can't be both?
  4. The problem is Man United don't care what the local matchgoing Mancs think. There are millions of "fans" worldwide watching every game on TV that will love it. English supporters are a disorganised bunch and don't have the political will to fight these kind of monstrous developments together in the same way fans do in other countries, which is why we so often have the piss taken out of us by those in charge.
  5. Simple. The PL and FA would bend to the will of the clubs involved, give them preferential fixture dates, reduce the number of teams in the league and probably scrap both cup competitions too. Oh, and let their B teams compete in the lower leagues so they always have match-fit players handy.
  6. It won't though, will it? If we won the league again we wouldn't be invited to play in this shitshow.
  7. Plenty of the best ones around the country don't do food.
  8. I place the blame firmly on the people charged with executing this, not the people who voted for it in good faith. People had all sorts of reasons for backing this (good mates of nine included). The big picture is the outcome is going to let us all down, regardless of what we think about it.
  9. I will answer, because I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying the deal was mis-sold to the electorate by the most disingenuous bunch of people ever to run this country. And it looks like we'll all suffer for it.
  10. Because the phrase used wasn't "oven ready WA" or "oven ready FTA". It was "oven ready Brexit deal". All encompassing.
  11. The phrase used to win hearts and minds was "oven ready". It clearly wasn't.
  12. Well you can't praise the UK for playing hardball and then moan about the EU doing the same. It was obvious that a trading bloc representing almost 30 countries was always going to have a stronger hand than one country on its own. It's concerning the people who led this campaign, and who are now running the country, weren't bright enough to recognise that. That's not how it was sold to the electorate though, was it...
  13. Not rolling over from what? The "oven ready" deal they readily agreed, signed off and won an election on? That deal? The EU's job is to look after the interests of its members, not give in to the whims of non-members. I don't think the EU is perfect by any means but I'm afraid it's tough tits on our part if we don't get everything we want. We left the club, therefore we don't get to call the shots.
  14. Yeah, from my limited knowledge of it over there it's mostly Asians and West Indians involved at the moment. The novel Netherland gives a good overview of the cricket scene in New York. The history of cricket in America is actually quite something. I don't know what his username is on here (think he's on here anyway), but Jack from the Philadelphia Foxes is involved with Philadelphia CC and that club has a history as rich as any in England. Like you say, an England tour of the States would be great. Dunno how I'd feel about sitting next to Big Chad and his Frat Boy pals
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