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  1. Did make me laugh, but as anyone who's read Muzzy's biography knows it's completely inaccurate.
  2. I'm usually a bit of a negative **** on this thread, but slightly surprised at some comments about today. I thought it was great overall, though nerves got the better of most of us second half. So gutted we'll never be on that terrace again. I know Brentford basically had no choice but it's still sad.
  3. Not sure many of those near-ish the ground are the kind of boozers people head to on a Saturday night out. Two or three I've used in recent years have been absolutely dead when games aren't on a Saturday. People just aren't as interested in a few pints on Sundays or weeknights, which is obviously fair enough. Some do rely (probably too heavily) on Saturday football trade.
  4. Well yeah, it's right next to the ground. I'm more on about the boozers within walking distance that do a brisk trade on Saturdays, but now won't get that same footfall. A couple of places reported taking a hit towards the back end of 15/16, if I remember correctly.
  5. Feel sorry for the pubs near the ground.
  6. Will be interesting to see the geographic distribution at the end of it.
  7. Anyone else seen this by the way? The most Australian injury in history...
  8. Rabada's dad is a doctor, though someone like Makhaya Ntini was discovered playing barefoot in the street as a kid. I think the point my mate was trying to make is that the quota system, as opposed to proper grassroots funding, isn't going to give South Africa a chance of finding a middle ground whereby black kids from poor backgrounds can develop through organised clubs or the schools they attend having access to better facilities and coaching.
  9. Was chatting to a (white) Saffer mate about this a while back. His main point was basically it doesn't really solve anything because all of the black players who've made it (I think he said apart from Bavuma) aren't township kids, they went to the same fancy schools and came through the same kind of educational/coaching pathways as many of their white counterparts. As usual, it comes down to administrators and politicians trying to solve a more complex issue with what they think is an easy solution which can be quickly implemented. Surely better funding at grassroots level is the key, even if it takes decades for the rewards to become obvious at the top level?
  10. Saying we have slipped to third in the league is completely accurate. We were second and now we're not. What other verb would you have them use?
  11. Cornwall would be an absolute dream. Worra bloke. John Campbell opening with Azad could be an interesting pairing. Like setting one of your batters on ICC Cricket Captain to the highest aggression bar and the other to the lowest.
  12. Stringer *guessed*. There is a quite significant difference...
  13. Looks like Phillips is jacking it in.
  14. Stringer's problem is he seems to want to be both a pundit (who has some licence to speculate without being in full possession of the facts) AND a journalist (who doesn't really have the same freedom). He needs to choose which he is. It's fine for him personally not to believe what the club have said, but going public on that hunch, without actually knowing that for certain, is deeply unprofessional.
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