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  1. It's naughty kid syndrome. There was always that 1 kid in school who got away with not wearing his uniform and always acted like a little shit because it was easier for the teachers to just let him get on with it. Every single person in that away end is looking for an excuse to riot, so the police don't give them one!
  3. Bochum took the entire end last time they went
  4. Shouldn't just be getting caught diving for a peno, any dive anywhere on the pitch 5 game ban. 10 game ban for rolling around on the floor like a girl after a tackle and doing a Sanchez and pretending the ball hit your face when it clearly hit your shoulder should be a season long ban. Seriously hate all that shit.
  5. Nobody would have walked away mate don't worry
  6. The reason I probably love Vegas so much is because every time I go I end up winning money!
  7. Yeah I do actually play Poker as well, split a tourney between 4 in Planet Hollywood for $500 as well I don't really class Poker as a casino game as per, so out of all the gambling games craps is the best.
  8. Pretty crazy thinking thinking the roll of a dice from a stranger could cost you thousands of pounds, such a brilliant game When I went in Feb I rolled about 6 doubles in a row and the whole table was going crazy, I only know the pass line bet so had no clue why they all liked it at the time I've since figured it out.
  9. Yeah, Its where all the loud shouts come from in the casinos. You bet on the dice roller getting a 7 or 11 on his first roll, and if he doesn't you are betting on him getting that number again before a 7. Really good game, won about 300 bucks playing when I last went, just kept it simple and kept winning Also has the lowest house advantage to any other casino game.
  10. My advice is learn craps. The best table game going.
  11. No dress code at all. You will get guys in 5 piece suits playing craps next to guys in wife beaters and flip flops. Seriously is my favourite place on the planet.
  12. Enjoy Vegas mate, ****ing magical place! Blondies sports bar in Miracle Mile is pretty sick.
  13. Unsurprisingly The Sun was the first thing that pops up on Google when you type in 'Killed by a cheese sandwich'
  15. I get where you are coming from, I too am against things for no reason. I am 100% anti cheese sandwiches. No matter what anyone says they won't change my opinion.