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  1. From a Canadian TV programme called Kenny vs Spenny that no one over here has heard of.
  2. Against the far right? Ok mate
  3. Weren't Grimsby gonna do this a year or two back? Wonder what happened to that.
  4. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. So Labour voters are smarter than Tory voters
  6. Wonder if the Daily Mail told olduns to eat dog shit and soup would they do it.
  7. Makes sense. Would take about a week to count though! I reckon we have 1 vote then another with just the top 2 to chose from. Seems easier
  8. Yeah, take Southort for example. I'm on my phone so don't have the exact figures, but pretty sure if you added Lib Dems and Labour together they would have double what the Tories had. Surely every voter who voted for Lib Dem and Labour would prefer the seat to not be Tory so they just screwed them selves over. We need 1 main lefty party to battle the Tories. Whats SVT?
  9. Just having a play around the BBC election map and it's so obvious to see that the current system we have is really not fair. So many constituencies are won by a party that the majority of voters didn't want. Lib Dems are Labours worse enemy.
  10. Or not
  11. DUP sound mad
  12. So if Tories and DUP together works out at over 326 it's a Tory government? Is that right?
  13. First time voting Labour. Was an easy decision after reading the manifesto's.
  14. Theresa May is Holloway and Corbyn is Pearson? If so the next 5 years are gonna be pretty good.
  15. Tories wouldn't have anything to say if they weren't allowed to chat shit about Labour.