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  1. The year we signed slimani we could have had: benteke for £31 million morata for £30 million or hulk for the combined £55 million
  2. I don't get it, kelechi was poor up front on his own, so was slimani, but kel gets a pass cause of slimanis bad attitude and big fee, wasn't kel 25 million as well? All of the complaints about how he doesn't play like Vardy are from all the people saying we need a plan b, it's not like slimani can strap a pair of rockets to his thighs and fly past centre halves. I do think they could function well as a pair though, but Brendan seems determined to play 3 in midfield to create sod all
  3. Think its Fuchs playing at left wing in the hard working target winger role, reminiscent of James Scowcroft
  4. Could be 352, justin and albrighton wing backs, perez in the hole and gray and nacho up top...
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