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  1. In the championship you get time and space. So he’s looks a world beater at that level. Premier league there is less space more about making space for yourself. He goes on bursting runs but his end product is shocking majority of time. Hopefully he can pick up soon I rate him and think he will do the business in seasons to come. But we are missing a quality wide Man, and have done so since Mahrez left.
  2. We weren’t good enough simple as that, disappointing result but not the end of the world we are still second in the league. Still Plenty of positives.
  3. Anybody else watching interview on the Watford FC website it’s a good watch! I genuinely wish him the best, wouldn’t surprise me if he pulls off a result on Saturday.
  4. Would be nice for us to go to the jugular ala Newcastle at home.
  5. Defensively Manchester City are weaker this season, we can get something from that game whether it be a draw or a win. They are not invisible.
  6. Watford to beat Liverpool would be lovely come on , he will deliver the unexpected
  7. I would happily pay £30m for Maupay slightly annoyed we didn’t go for him when he was at Brentford he’s very Vardy esque.
  8. We are most definitely in a title race, please let’s not overate Liverpool they are a good team but They are not unstoppable. 8 points is not a huge gap. Liverpool are beating the teams they are expected to beat so far. They do have to play better teams soon, ie us, Wolves. The season is not over! Believe!!!! Champions League football and a cup would still be a stellar and amazing season, if we win the title it will be simply amazing!
  9. I meant with regards to goals scored in a premier league season I can see him beating Shearers 34 goals
  10. I have to disagree with you there; he scored a 11 in a row! He’s a premier league great imo, and will prove that this season by beating Shearers record
  11. Yes absolutely, he’s certainly can play till his late 30s.
  12. Vardy only needs 4 more goals to become a centurion; he’s on track to score 38 goals this season!! Can definitely see him beating Shearer’s record.
  13. Come on do us a favour next Saturday please!!
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