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  1. Forest are shite, so good to see thanks MON
  2. We do need a striker but not sure if he would be the right choice. Che Adams for £15m would be a much better investment.
  3. Thank you agent Martin for guiding Forest to their rightful place in the mid table
  4. I wouldn't write off our chances of just yet! We do produce results against the big boys, so we do still have a chance albeit small. Fulham are capable of getting at draw at Wolves. Watford's mind will be on their cup final now, so can see their results dipping a bit, and Everton are on the beach already.
  5. So we are down to the final furlong in the race for 7th and potential European football next season, how many points do you think we will accrue and the other teams in contention? Leicester City (Points Total so far: 47) West Ham (a) - win Arsenal (h) - draw Manchester City (a) - lose Chelsea (h) - win Points predictor - 7 points Wolves (Points Total so far: 47) Brighton (h) - win Arsenal (h) - lose Watford (a) - draw Fulham (h) - draw Liverpool (a) - lose Points predictor - 5 points Everton (Points Total so far: 46) Manchester United (h) - lose Palace (a) - draw Burnley (h) - win Tottenham (a) - lose Points predictor - 4 points Watford (Points Total so far: 46) Arsenal (h) - lose Huddersfield (a) - win Southampton (h) - draw Wolves (h) - draw Chelsea (a) - lose West Ham (h) - draw Points predictor - 6 points Maybe slightly biased our end and quite conceivably it could be a points tie come the end of the season where goal difference will come in our favour whether we finish 7th or not.
  6. Rodgers is the best British Manager there is, quite comfortably. I think he is a Top 6 Manager no doubt about that. I think next season we will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. This Leicester City team is a joy to watch.
  8. How did your newly married wife let you get away with it
  9. 2-0 Win for us; Barnes and Vardy, Job done 7th place.
  10. Speaks volumes that he is now a first team regular for us, I hope he can continue his progress and score some goals and provide more assists.
  11. He is a top 6 manager imo, he certainly has improved us in the short time he has been here, obviously it’s too early to judge and he needs time, but the signs are encouraging.
  12. Lovely belting out the classics yesterday, seemed everyone was up for it which was nice. Atmosphere was class, I am not going to lie my eyes watered when We did the tribute for Vichai. As for the game what a commanding performance from everyone, Brendan Rodgers has got these players performing to a good level and there is still room for improvement so happy days!
  13. Class act, we need to sign him permanently. He’s going to improve further when his fitness picks up imo.
  14. I had to run out the house to get the bus to the train station. That’s the of effect Lee Mason 😂 , in all seriousness though I don’t think we should be to wary, I know it’s a match post international break , so that intensity might not be there fully yet but I think we have enough about us to get the job done.
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