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  1. I am not convinced by Chelsea tbh, I think Southampton are a better team this season, and we just beat them, if we are on it we will beat Chelsea.
  2. Liverpool win and/ or Manchester United draw would be good today tbh for us. Manchester United winning would not be so good.
  3. But you do win the league by winning the most games right? And we are right up there on those numbers if we can draw those games that we would think we would lose like against the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City I think we have a great chance to be honest. Signing Edouard could give us a boost in the second half of the season.
  4. Derby County in league one sounds about right
  5. Dierby will be lucky to stay up, they are going down.
  6. Rodgers rates him highly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ricardo had a word with Sidnei that it would be better to stay here, he will get opportunities now that Praet is injured from the bench.
  7. Sons of Anarchy is really good so far.
  8. you should they would be right up your street! If you are a foodie
  9. Have you seen Food Review Club on FB and David Portnoy el Presidente on FB?
  10. He’s a good player we have outgrown him but he can hold his own at a lower end premier league club same as Schlupp.
  11. Grass isn’t always greener on the other side is it Chillwell 😂
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