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  1. Mendy, Castagne, Praet and Tielemans as well
  2. Happy Fox


    Don’t Atlanta have a choice? if we offered that amount they could just say to Roma sorry he is off to Leicester seems a prospect..
  3. The way they talk about us it’s as if we Play like a championship relegation fodder team. Bitter comes to mind.
  4. He’s will keep on playing to his late 30s no reason why he cannot he has the hunger to keep on improving.
  5. I reckon this start to the season will have Top opening up his check book. We have a great chance of finishing Top 4 ( I know it’s early days) with a extra quality player or two.
  6. He’s going to score 30 premier league goals this season I reckon.
  7. Mendy is like Kante, literally f**king everywhere.
  8. The lad is still learning the game but he is getting better and better, going to be a top player. Him and Barnes are going to be playing for England very soon.
  9. Brendan is a quality manager there is no doubt about that he just needs to believe it more he can produce wonders for us. We have players that are good enough for the Top 4.
  10. He says he will be fine for the next game no worries Jamie Vardy’s having a Party
  11. That should shut up the Blue Scousers that they are going to win the league no chance Everton!
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