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  1. Just pay the money and bring him in. Cannot let the Spuds get him at our expense
  2. Derby/ Northampton at home please
  3. Rather sign our former player Liam Moore.
  4. Back to our crisp passing and intensity where have you been! That’s more like it. Hopefully onwards and upwards now.
  5. We have two premier league games before Villa in the Cup. We need to get 6 points, hopefully the players wake up to the challenge. Other teams are faltering we can really cement ourselves with a Top 3 finish.
  6. Piatek from AC Milan was linked with Newcastle! If he is available he would be perfect for us.
  7. well done mate! Having bought my first car last year I can tell you it’s certainly a life saver!!! Volkswagen are a good make for a first car imo You won’t be on the whims of mum and dad you can be independent.
  8. Emiliano Buendía from Norwich looks a good player I was impressed with Him in his performance against us. Has 7 assists this season. Would be perfect for us.
  9. Perez is class in the middle the wing position doesn’t suit his playing style he gets more through the middle.
  10. Can hear Jamie Vardy’s having a party Chant outside my window Happy New Year all whenever you are in the world.
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