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  1. Us and Manchester United will finish in the top 4 can see Chelsea dropping out
  2. Villa were never going to stop Manchester United, we hold our own destiny I am not worried.
  3. Happy Fox


    Whose selling their house in Corby? https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/55369194
  4. Chelsea were lucky to win today, cannot see them beating Wolves and Liverpool
  5. Decent point, all things considered we never win there so I will take it have to beat Bournemouth and Sheffield United now.
  6. We will beat them, I think we have found our mojo again, the players look up for the challenge. I can see us remaining unbeaten now for our last 5 games.
  7. Happy Fox


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAn-pCs6UOw Kate Ovens
  8. We did play better though no doubt about that regardless of the opposition! But you are right the mentality was spot on today I think some home truths were told to the players prior to the game and let’s hope now the players, play now with that same mentality in the last remaining 5 games.
  9. We are back in town thats much more like it! Never write Jamie Vardy off
  10. We play with no intensity it’s so frustrating
  11. Agreed there will be serious issues if we don’t win but don’t underestimate Palace! (it seems we have been underestimating our opponents for a long time) hence the results, Palace have an outside chance of finishing 7th. But you are right the attitude (mentality) and performance needs to be spot on today. The players need to realise the clubs future is at stake, we need champions league football if we want to progress.
  12. Spurs are dogshite, even with Mourinho.
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