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  1. glen parva fox

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Not sure Harry Maguire will play, he's been in for a minor op yesterday.
  2. glen parva fox

    Maguire future

    Just for information, Have seen Harry at the spire hospital this morning, he was being checked in for an operation.
  3. glen parva fox

    New chants and songs

    Any chant at the moment would be good👍
  4. We will NEVER forget, What planets he on? Looking for excuses, get a grip and for your job properly.
  5. glen parva fox

    Matt Piper

    I'm with you on that, 👍
  6. glen parva fox

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    The only good thing I can judge Puel on is he is giving young players a chance. Other than that I can count a number of games on one hand that I've actually enjoyed. I've been bored to tears at his tactics, never really look forward to any game, a few have surprised me but on the whole very very disappointing. Performance counts for everything as far as I'm concerned, not league position, I want to be excited when I go to a match, I can take defeat as long as we play well.
  7. Have a look on Facebook then there is plenty about it, don't shoot the messenger unless your a pal of that tw*t
  8. My wife has just showed me this on facebook Keit Vaz and presume his wife the only people not to stand up for the 2 minutes silence
  9. glen parva fox

    Car sticker

    There's plenty advertised on City website under car accessories
  10. glen parva fox

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Got an invite email today, better late than never
  11. glen parva fox


    9 wins in 27 premier league game, 33% win rate, 4 wins in the last 19 games and the majority of those games I have been bored shitless, don't know how much more I can take.