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  1. Bert

    North American Sports Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 88 seconds  
  2. Rochdale away please
  3. Bert

    Cricket 2018

    Unbelievable that he’s got away with it. Couldn’t be any more clearer to see what happened. Any average Joe would be facing 3 years in her majesty’s finest. Money talks.
  4. Bert

    Benkovic signs

    He might get some game time tonight with the 23’s.
  5. Bert

    Cricket 2018

    It was tongue in cheek more than anything. Nice to see us dominate just a bit of shame that it’s only really home tests at the moment. Off to Trent Bridge on Sunday so hoping for a full days play whilst getting a twat tan boozed up
  6. Sky have been doing top flight English football for nearly 25 years. They’re miles in front of everyone. But as mentioned. Couldn’t care what it’s on when there’s a game on.
  7. Bert

    Cricket 2018

    Haha, to be fair I’d not expected much play today but came from the races to see them down for 7. Great stuff. Roll on next week.
  8. Gonna be unbearable if Wolves win. The media hype will be horrendous.
  9. Bert

    Cricket 2018

    Leave it to the pros lads
  10. Bert

    Ricardo Pereira

    Yep it all happened so fast and I’m not saying he absolutely should’ve saved it. But it wasn’t one of the where you thought ah well didn’t have a chance at all there.
  11. Absolute baffler mate. He loves making a quick rash decision. Vardy against stoke springs to mind.
  12. Just seen the Jagielka red card. Don’t think it was. But then I seen it was Craig Pawson reffing. The bloke just can’t help himself. Also so I really wish wolves had won yesterday. For obvious reasons.
  13. I’m just glad @Dan LCFC live MOTD Twitter commentary is back 🤙🏻
  14. Yep. Got the arse when he wasn’t involved one game away at Reading so the club didn’t want to sign him after that.
  15. Bert

    Ricardo Pereira

    He’s got more than his arms he can save the ball with. Ask most goalkeepers, they’d be disappointed not to have got something on it.