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  1. He’s a world class striker. End of.
  2. The club have people who read the forum. Have done for years and years.
  3. Only been confirmed for ten years If not longer.
  4. Does it really affect people this much? Almost probably lost in translation, we had the best season of our lives with a huge thanks to him. We are currently 2nd in the league having had our best ever premier league start. Enjoy that rather than getting worked up about this.
  5. Fantastic football team at the minute.
  6. Can’t see it mate, doesn’t play for one of Southgates favourites.
  7. Don’t assume things. Never once said anyone from UFS is Elite. However you want to interpritate it is your choice.
  8. We are due a decent result against these. For some reason they always seem to turn up against us. There’s a different feel for me though about playing them this weekend. 3 points!!
  9. That’s because of social media. You can’t avoid the moans and groans about it all. If the vote was remain it wouldn’t have made any difference to me. I’d have been saying the same thing should it have been the other way round. Maybe it’s just me but I thought when people voted, majority ruled.
  10. Pretty much every person that has voted remain didn’t like the result and also hasn’t accepted the validity of it else they wouldn’t be crying for revote.
  11. Wasn’t even joking. It’s true. Would be saying the same if it was the leavers trying to do the same thing because I have no affiliation to either side of the shambles of what it is. You just stick to being a capo.
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