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  1. I'll be up for doing a draft but I'm away until August 2nd.
  2. I think you'll always get 100% commitment from Kasper. He's very professional in every aspect of what he does.
  3. Well that's the thing, you have no idea what's going on behind closed doors. Same with Robin Williams, Gary Speed. No-one will ever know what's lead him to this.
  4. Well I would say ever since I started taking an interest in football. My my first memory of a Leicester game is the playoff final when we lost 1-0 to Blackburn. My first game was tranmere at home 93/94 so a good 24 years I've been going to games.
  5. Bloody hell pal. You dont know what the guy was going through. It's awful this has happened and he felt the need to take his own life. People have lost their loved one here
  6. Has hung himself. Certainly not one of LP's greatest fans but they had a few decent tracks that I did enjoy. RIP.
  7. See I think he's class at PL level but just can't adapt to the national level. Utter guff for England.
  8. He's better than Livermore that's for sure.
  9. He used to have a brilliant track record and only followed him when he was going on about the Vardy story as he seemed to know it all. But it the source wasn't him it was another Arsenal fan.
  10. I follow an arsenal fan who seems to be quite ITK - has 66k followers and he liked a tweet from another Arsenal fan saying the bid had been accepted but he rejected us as he's very happy, even with limited playing time and loves London. Just read the link. Said exactly what I've posted without reading.
  11. Nice work Geoff. Personally would be surprised to see him feature tomorrow but with this club who knows.
  12. I'm fine pal, but if someone's gonna try digging me out i'll stick up for myself.
  13. Col the troll strikes again
  14. Did I? Pretty sure I just relayed what John Percy told me.
  15. I think if they were to offer £35m he will go. If an English team wants him we will want more.