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  1. Best get in touch with the club? I *think* this months is the last payment anyway?
  2. He’s put some weight on post retirement!
  3. Under rated for me. Could do a job anywhere on the right side. Worked hard. A good cross on him. Perfect for the O’Neill era.
  4. Bert

    Corona Virus

    Both can be sorted from home though 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Bert

    Corona Virus

    The government have been top draw for me up to now.
  6. Dyer, Hereford away. Unreal. Perhaps my favourite ever away.
  7. The best. My hero growing up. Absolute magician. Many players used to say he’d do things in training you just wouldn’t believe. Sometimes the session stopped for applause. The goal at Grimsby. His loyalty. If I could’ve picked any ex player to come back and played a part in the title winning side, it’s Muzzy.
  8. In a boozer apparently. Top class championship player with a wand of a left peg.
  9. Next season perhaps won’t start until September. Can see the league cup being canned.
  10. Just donated £20k to Age UK Leicestershire. 💙
  11. They’ll all be played at a neutral venue
  12. As @Father Ted said, Levi Porter too.
  13. Gareth Williams never really recovered all that well from his either.
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