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  1. It’s time to move on, the thread has run its course. Let’s focus on getting behind the lads for Sunday.
  2. That’s his pool background coming into play. Can’t believe how much he’s come on these last two years. Great lad as well.
  3. Well that’s it isn’t it. You ideally want to hit form going out of the quarters into the semi final. First round is always a struggle for most, getting used to the surroundings and the cloths.
  4. Jude’s been quiet for a while. You could literally pick any of the top 8 and have a decent argument for any of them. Buzzing for it to start.
  5. Apparently it’s the lads at a house party
  6. There’s breaking rules. But there is breaking rules when you’re in the limelight, specifically after being told to keep your heads down. Whether people agree or not, being in the public eye, making bad decisions & flouting rules will always make headlines much more so than your average Joe going round your mates house. As many have said, it’s now time to move on and focus on the rest of our season.
  7. Happens a lot to me too I still think he could’ve at least attempted a dive at the first on Sunday but we’ll find it hard to replace him - Not Just on the pitch but off the pitch too.
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