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  1. You could tell from the first session Ronnie really couldn’t be arsed. Such a shame his temperament hasn’t always been there else he’d be touching double figures of world championship wins. Well done to James Cahill though whose victory will go under the radar as most outlets will be saying Ronnie wasn’t at his best. I’m sure Ronnie will come out and say that’s it for him or something similar.
  2. Went too aggressive. Even against an out of form Selby that is pushing your luck.
  3. Gun Digger in the Irish National. Get on it EW. Was going really in the 4 miler at Cheltenham until it fell.
  4. We played Saturday Tuesday. There’s no difference.
  5. Put them in the betting thread then - this is for King Power horses only.
  6. That’s fair enough after 2 games, but not after 3 months of playing in the prem
  7. Gone for Maddison for YPOTS because overall he’s contributed a decent amount of goals and assists even though I don’t think he’s played all that well this season, his contributions have had big impacts on the outcome of games. Ricardo for POTS - don’t really need to say much more other than it’s been pretty clear he’s been our best player. Gray for goal of the season. Not the best goal on the list but the one that means the most.
  8. He’s not had the effect on games some people seem to think he has or as much as himself would like I don’t think. Off the top of my head he’s had that deflected shot that went in at Wolves and the assist for Vardy against Fulham. The promise is there, but he just wants too much time on the ball and at the minute he just drifts out of games that bit too much and his inexperience is showing. These few months will have done him good, the experience and learning curve will be huge for him leading into next season.
  9. Yeah. There’s a recording from someone’s phone he’s uploaded onto twitter as well
  10. Not true. Linford missed a penalty, then something was said. Linford has then lost his head and went in two footed and got sent off. After getting changed he’s gone and got his mates and confronted the alleged abuser, which was when the trouble all started.
  11. Fordy would be if he didn’t like the pop too much. He could win the world champs or lose in the final his emotion would be the same either way, too laid back for his own good.
  12. Stating the obvious but Ronnie or Trump. Would love it to be Selby but can’t see it because he’s not playing at his best, although if anyone can turn up at the worlds out of form.... Huge chance for Joe to make his first worlds. Two great wins against players with more experience on the circuit than him.
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