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  1. Following Lee Chappy is worse than following me
  2. Also had his medical in Germany
  3. Otherwise he’s having to quarantine for two weeks! Same reason Castagne had his in Germany.
  4. Oakland! First win for Panthers, bizarrely without CMC.
  5. He’s certainly getting better with each game.
  6. @Col city fan is absolutely fuming that he’s played really well today
  7. Very well connected, he’s West Ham’s personal Fabrizio Romano
  8. Not if we are playing like that.
  9. Don’t talk about people having medicals and then not signing on here
  10. Kasper Tark Evans Soy Ricardo Tielemans Praet/Mendy Timmy Maddison Under Vardy Also we have to consider that Rodgers has said things are tight and we’re blowing it all on a CB to sit on the bench?
  11. I think with N’Didi now out until the new year, we’ll go 3 at the back.
  12. Smokescreen to get Fofana
  13. But it was his first competitive game for 2 months, which was a mighty fine excuse for other players 👍🏻
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