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  1. Yep... due to the “winter break”.
  2. 1-1 We dominate the ball West Ham score late in the first half on the break We huff and puff throughout the second half and equalise with 15 to go
  3. Time to see if John Percy knows then
  4. He’s best mates with Barnes. They room together. Even get the piss took out of them because they often turn up in the same clothes.
  5. Also can’t believe nothing has been said about the second stone wall penalty we weren’t given
  6. Both of their goals were shit scrappy second ball goals.
  7. We had a poor game against Norwich after winning 9 on the bounce. Then two poor games against the top two. Then two good away performances resulting in 6 points. So I’m not sure where 3 months is coming from.
  8. Because with him we were still winning games. We haven’t been poor for the last 3 months. Get a grip.
  9. Hate how much he goes looking for the free kick. It’s embarassing. You can always tell when he’s gonna do it because he doesn’t release the ball.
  10. Says it all for me that their keeper was man of the match. That’s a game we should’ve never lost but sloppy defending has cost us. We had more than enough chances to win that game by 3. Desperately need a shit win from somewhere and quick.
  11. Not sure. If it was a replay then certainly not.
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