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  1. Agree. Although the results haven’t looked great, we’ve actually been quite unlucky in most games. Dominated most of them. Legitimate shouts that we could’ve won all of them.
  2. We’ll be lucky to get 200 here.
  3. Huge potential. Has flashes of brilliance and has played well for the majority of games he’s played. The odd time where it seems like he’s still in league one, but that’s expected. He will develop well here.
  4. Agree. He’ll play until he’s 35 at this level.
  5. Ah the mighty Wolves. Beat West Ham, Bournemouth & Villa and were gonna win the league. Come up against 2 half decent teams and couldn’t even score.
  6. It’s just not vital to the way a team plays. Just a managers preference on what he wants from a goalkeeper. Otherwise, why aren’t they midfielders?
  7. Apparently that doesn’t matter if he can pass
  8. Oh yeah I’ll bell them both later. It’s not vital, whatsoever.
  9. You’d like to think so pal but that doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed win for us. They get an early goal and it’s backs against the wall.
  10. get out of it. Embarrassing. Every bit as vital. Piss off. Bring back Ben Hamer
  11. Not sure, I think all teams in Europe will vote it in.
  12. I’d personally love Barcelona away WC 19 October. As I’m already going to be in Salou
  13. Yeah but he sometimes kicks the ball out so we need a new keeper
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