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  1. Not quite sure about that. The title is pretty much done over there where it’s not here, for a start.
  2. Imagine the Man City game in May will get moved should their still be a title race by then too.
  3. Considering 10 years ago we were on the verge of winning league one, then winning the championship, winning the Premier League and reaching the champions league quarter finals I’d say no English team had achieved anywhere near what we have done in terms of context.
  4. Hull 10/3 at Brentford? Seems big.
  5. If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands then check out Gaultstats.com
  6. You’ve obviously missed the light hearted nature of the post.
  7. It was more of a general view not a direct comparison
  8. Both close! 3 Weeks to go!!!!!
  9. Amazing stuff. Going from strength to strength. Great for his ranking points too. Plays Bingham in the first semi final tomorrow.
  10. But remember it’s the in thing these days to completely disregard the ability of our pro’s especially the longer serving ones because it’s cool
  11. He’s seen off Ding and moves into the quarters!
  12. He’s doing really well the boy. Soon be in top 100. A great chance to progress to the last 16 when he faces Jak Jones.
  13. Vardy? Just because he’s having one quiet season yet still being our top scorer? Nah. Maddison yes.
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