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  1. It’s probably the club. Telegraph wouldn’t run it if there wasn’t something in it.
  2. Who is the second most expensive then that we’ve sold?
  3. He’s the manger of all three sites. One of my close friends works at the new training ground and one of my close friends is the head groundsman at belvoir drive.
  4. Just call us Sunday FC from now. At least no late kick offs though.
  5. Yeah I agree that Chilwell’s engine is better. But Justin’s acceleration would see him beat Chilwell over 50-100m
  6. But over 100m Justin is quicker. Which is all that matters really.
  7. We always seem to get him against the bigger clubs
  8. Fight fire with fire. It’s always funny when karma bites the Aussies on their ass.
  9. Someone that’s really too big for his boots. Fell into the captaincy by default and not a great wicket keeper batsman at all.
  10. Any streams anywhere? I’m at work
  11. Well for the money they’ve spent with the players they now have, you’d expect them to be higher in the table.
  12. It is. But I’m sure the opportunity will arise
  13. Can see Cags coming in for Fofana being the only change. Can’t wait to see Barnes running at Chilwell.
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