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  1. Well that’s it, we will say AWB went for £50m after one season in the prem and no senior caps. Chilwell will end up going for more than Maguire. But people need to realise that Maguire won’t be leaving unless clubs match our valuation.
  2. Reckon it’s gonna end a tie and rain have the biggest say. Out of the last three games I think this is the hardest. One win will do it.
  3. That’s a great point to be fair.
  4. Guessing you’ve not watched many games then
  5. Amartey is better on the ball than N’Didi, although under Rodgers Wilf has improved greatly
  6. And selling Maguire is going to help that....?
  7. But that was a clear red card tackle, so they’ve absolutely got it right. With the way Hamza tackles he’s either got to get it right every time or sadly face the consequences. Thought he was class all night as well until that.
  8. I just backed someone’s point up. I only care about Leicester, but if Leicester aren’t playing and there’s football on I’ll wafch it. Not sure what’s wrong with that 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. They’ve obviously inserted a clause, chucked a few extra grand a week at him but getting the clause in was the most important thing.
  10. I just think the club will want to be at home that weekend and mark his passing. Could be wrong though just a hunch.
  11. All away as well. Would take a educated guess at being away on Boxing Day as we had it at home last season. Most clubs request home games for Christmas time as the players hate being away on Christmas Day etc.
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