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  1. Oh I thought it did! My bad! It said 25 50’s 24 100’s.
  2. Yeah as much as people moan England’s not free to air, the cricket coverage is absolute class. Steve Smith has made a century every time bar once that he’s made a 50.
  3. 2 wins surely does it. Should we qualify I imagine it’ll be in 4th. Which means an away tie.
  4. Roy was always going to be out early from how he played his first ball. Poor.
  5. Lots of penalties. He’s not great. Very over rated. So looking forward to his first two goals of the season on Sunday.
  6. You can always rely on Curran to get a quick 30/40 Too
  7. We did towards the end and then we started going shorter. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  8. 2 wins there this millennium I believe. Both wins came keeping a clean sheet. They're there for the taking there’s no doubt about that. Imagine they’ll go all guns blazing with it being Lampard’s first home game in charge.
  9. Can never fault Chilwell for lack of effort. What annoys me most about him is that he never really seems to bank in beating a man in the final third. Always seems to turn back. Frustrating because he can do it.
  10. Still got Steve Walsh’s elbow in his throat so probably still crying about that
  11. I imagine Wilf will just be on the bench? He’s played 0 minutes of pre season.
  12. Liverpool didn’t even get into second gear. Norwich awful at the back, but they create chances.
  13. I just think if you want to wear a cap that’s fine. And if you don’t that’s fine too. But don’t belittle each other for the choice they make. Is it really worth all of this moaning etc? I’m sure there’s people out there who would love a cap and if you don’t want yours maybe try your best to make good use of it? I’m not really that keen on the idea myself I think it’ll look silly but am I going to let it have any effect on my day? Nah.
  14. The greatest striker we’ve ever had and will ever have.
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