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  1. Let’s be honest though, it wasn’t good was it? Not seen anyone go too much over the top.
  2. I’m kind of with you here. We’re yet to concede but if you don’t think that wasn’t a lacklustre perfect tonight then give me some of whatever you’re on. We’re in a strong position to qualify for the knockouts. Was thinking to myself we’ve badly missed Maguire bringing the ball out of defence.
  3. Yep. But we slide beat them.
  4. Southgate loves it. “Don’t lose”. Boring hell.
  5. What’s the path should we come 2nd?
  6. Tuesday has turned into a game now that no one wants to win. No one needs to win. It might benefit us to draw and get the “easier” R16 game but on that showing, it’s no given we’ll do well in that. Never got going from the off.
  7. Yet he’s been out most consistent player these last two games. Says it all.
  8. Why were Scotland happy to play for a point? Not scored in the tournament yet and think they’ll go and turn Croatia over. Pathetic from us. Surely you can only hope we’ve been instructed to draw so we can finish second with a point on Tuesday. Absolutely embarrassing. Always hard to break down 10 men behind the ball, but Scotland still had the better chances and looked the more dangerous team. Absolutely turgid football from us and I’m fascinated to hear what bullshit Southagte’s gonna come out with.
  9. We’ve made their worst player from the Czech game look like prime Cafu.
  10. It’s crazy the amount of times we have gone backwards.
  11. What on earth is this ref smoking
  12. The two expected changes for England. Come on!!!
  13. What a place mate. Would give anything for one last night in there with everyone that made it a great place.
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