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  1. berniethebolt


    Scored some of the scrappiest goals I've seen at the KP but they all count! offered so much in our champions season to allow Vardy the freedom he thrived on. Also so unlucky, we've seen scissor kicks, overhead kicks, volleys crash of the post, bar or stopped with a worldie save from the keeper. He could of had a few specials as well but not to be. I loved his time here but do think if he wants to prolong his time in English football then this is his move and forces the clubs hand to strengthen.
  2. berniethebolt

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I agree with lots of points and getting rid now achieves nothing. Whats interesting is when you look purely at the league stats we sit 5th best in goals against @ only 23 with teams like Arsenal on 31, Man Utd on 32 - We are clearly much more difficult to beat Wolves fans as an example must be really enjoying their season. Ruben Neves sounds like the best thing since sliced bread when you follow them through the bbc. They are viewed as a good footballing side who move the ball extremely well.... They have actually scored less than us on 21 and conceded more! Funny old game
  3. berniethebolt

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Lifted straight of the comments section of when he was sacked by Southampton for finishing 8th and cup final loss, its paints the exact same pattern we see at the King Power. "Lots of uninformed comments on here. Those saying 'finished 8th and got a to a cup final = madness to sack him' didn't have to sit through countless turgid home performances last year like I did. It's not all about where the club finishes; it's about being entertained. I paid £670 for my season ticket last year and saw 17 goals in 19 games at St Marys. That's £39 per goal" "Football is supposed to be an entertainment business. 17 goals at home all season isn't very entertaining. Liverpool got rid of Roy Hodgson for the same reason. It might have all been very professional and well drilled but if smoking had been allowed in the ground people would have been stubbing cigarettes out on their arms to see if they were still alive" I actually think the team is more stable than last season - We certainly defend better, and Chillwell and Ricardo benefit alot from this system. Perhaps with time the attacking bite will appear, we have Vardy who struggles at the minute to play this style and no backup that offers any impact. Perhaps this is the missing piece of the puzzle he will address?? but perhaps Southampton and us will press the red button to soon? 7th in the league is decent, the football is not great, but the foundations of an organised team are.
  4. berniethebolt

    This loan

    I suspect this is to do with the training ground development. Very common for finance assets / investments over a longer period to ease the burden / risk on your own bank account. I suspect we have a very big early demand for payment (30% upfront?) so I see this as nice quick healthy injection of cash for a project that will run into 10's of millions by the time its done.
  5. berniethebolt

    Iborra Joins Villarreal

    A Rolls Royce in a slower league, quick brain and could pick a pass. I'm sure he will be a real success week in week out display in the Spanish league which operates at a slower pace. That was his barrier in the Prem. Liked him and his football, disappointing we couldn't get the best out of him.
  6. berniethebolt

    Sing for Claude

    Worth given him an xmas present and having us sing him a Christmas song? Puel....Puel... Puel... Puel... (to the Christmas song Noel!)
  7. berniethebolt

    LCFC Tried and tested chants

    Please feel free to merge but we obviously have a spot on this forum for new chants and song suggestions, is it worth a section on our forum where all the clubs "signed off" chants can go... ie they have been tried and tested in the stadium and the core chanters have adopted them as classics! We all know a lot of core (When your smiling/Morgans/Iborras/Vardys/Leicester boys etc) but often I suspect people supporters dont always join in as they are unsure on the lyrics which dont travel all that clear on match days.
  8. berniethebolt

    New chants and songs

    I like it and this would work and would be a very powerful gesture! ..... guaranteed everyone in the whole ground would join in. VI (BOOM BOOM) CHAI VI (BOOM BOOM) CHAI If they can not hear the drum they only need to count to two in their heads!
  9. berniethebolt

    A statue of Vichai

    All still very raw and I'm fully in favor of renaming a stand or a statue as a way of marking the contrition Vichai made to the club and community. My mind keeps drifting back to the horrific crash site and that this is LCFC land and the thought of fans and family of those lost having to look at that car park space for years knowing what happened. I'm wondering that once things have settled whether this this area should be developed into something positive, a support area or a beauty spot, a calm area and place of refection, with symbolic reference to those who have lost their lives on that spot and where fans can pay their ongoing tributes over the years.
  10. berniethebolt

    James Maddison Confirmed

    I've put in the songs topic... but though this could be a jolly one to bounce to for him! James Maddison / Leicester - Walking on Sunshine tune, (To the main chorus) Watch Maddison shine - Woooooah Watch Maddison shine - Woooooah Time to feel good! (to the trumpet intro sound) Oo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! Ooo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! Oo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! (repeat) 
  11. berniethebolt

    New chants and songs

    Jolly one to bounce too! James Maddison / Leicester - Walking on Sunshine tune, (To the main chorus) Watch Maddison shine - Woooooah Watch Maddison shine - Woooooah Time to feel good! (to the trumpet intro sound) Oo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! Ooo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! Oo la la la la la la la la lar LEICESTER! (repeat)
  12. berniethebolt

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    I want to know which mystery player is playing in a Mendy skin suit? Transformation doesnt even do it justice. Solid again. Good performances all round. Has Claude finally found a stable starting 11??
  13. berniethebolt

    Our start so far?

    We played our best football in our defeat. Winning scrappy games which we arguably should of lost (im thinking Wolves) is what will make the difference at the end. We will have our run and we still have a very exciting centre back to make his mark once fit!. That goal will help Gray no end.. ive got a feeling he could co tribute 10+ with good confidence. So all in all, im happy and i do like the transition in our styles.. although that will take time and changes to personnel, which is happening so we must be patient. Gut feeling is we will finish top half and be in the mix for Europa with a bit of luck.
  14. berniethebolt

    Adrien Silva

    First half he bossed it.. he picks up all those little loose balls and passes. He covers huge amounts of ground..often behind N'didi when we defend and often infront of N'didi when we attack! Second half looked a bit leggy But for me... a good performance.
  15. berniethebolt

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Great performance.. contolled the game for large parts.. thats 3 points more often than not outside top 4. Well done lads.