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  1. Only commenting on what I see and hear. I'm migrated over the years from the old filbert street cop to a now with a lad in the family stand, so what I see it different and cant speak for the remaining 3 sides of the ground. I think the chants are decent, and the young ones kids clearly give it a go but as soon as the f* bombs start dropping the stand turns into the library and they die on their backside
  2. I think the atmosphere suffers on the singing as our recent chants, some decent are loaded with bad language.... the stadium joins in the the Vichai song and the next ones about F*off Maguire, followed by Tielemans being f*ing dynamite and its absolutely no surprise they die off as only a handful join in. Those chants alienate half the stadium The classics over the years have all been short, catchy and clean.
  3. Tune (Do the Conga!) Soyun Cu Cu Maguires gone we're stronger Soyun Cu Cu Cities No.4 Repeat
  4. He started brightly today and the two clearances aside he had a good first half for me..and linked up and created with some superb one touch stuff with Ricardo and Youri, they looked dangerous down the right. Everyone will remeber the hacked clearances but these happen.. he was snatching trying to do the right thing in clearing the danger.. plenty of others int he game.. Evans got lucky, Kasper almost miss controlled in his own net. Hes a decent player settling in and giving 6 to 7/10s so give him time. Fans have been on Youris back for weeks... today he was superb. Im a fan of Perez.. but hes a squad player not the spine of the squad who play 90 week in week out.
  5. Wow.. I cant believe what ive read on this thread. A lad who is only 22 years old has possibly 10 plus years of playing career ahead of him, and an England international and yet he is no good for us and should be sold? To replace Chillwell would be a huge outlay to achieve his quality.. crossing needs work, odd defensive clitch.. but come 25 (a whole 3 years development.. he could be incredible.. and still Englands first choice left back!) Im afraid gents it beggars belief the delusions of grandeur which some of us have. I personally think he is excellent and currently in average form.. but form it temporary, class is permanent.
  6. Chillwells teeth glow in the dark! Vardys not so much!
  7. We do expect a lot, the lads marked as a danger man by every side, so it marked as tight as wet denim and not granted the same freedom on the pitch as others in our starting 11 are. This actually frees up spaces for other players to shine. Maddison has started the season strong, and this will be a factor... if Youri picks up a knock then watch Maddisons form change as hes tracked much tighter than he is now. squad game and he happens to be the one teams look to nutralise at present, his time will come.
  8. Like it. A song with a belter of a chorus that the world knows just like sweet Caroline! Will get the hold ground going... the current one will die a death as it alienates half the ground including my young lad as it includes as useless throw away line at then end.
  9. Some bonkers posts Wolves will be sniffing the 6th-4th spots and are a decent side. We set our target to do the same. Wolves sat deep so we couldnt play through and hit us at speed in the counter. No need for dramatics, a point vs a team that will be there or there abouts so stale mate and onto the next game. Thats not a bad result.
  10. berniethebolt


    Hes doesnt... Slimani was on Walshes hit list for two years till we finally got him. I dont get the whole bad egg thing.. ive never seen it, he was clearly an idiot in those vids but plenty were hogging the trophy, just look at Giroud for Chelsea on the Europa league.. the trophy was practically wrestled from him. Idiot footballers are not a rare breed thats for sure!
  11. Weeeeeeelllll! Whats the story we've got Youri! Weeeeeeelll! Leicester boys are on the way up, way up Weeeeeeelllll! Whats the story we've got Youri! (repeat)
  12. Skybet just suspended betting. was 1/12 when it vanished about 30 seconds ago
  13. Weve got a plant sitting right behind him! Just needs to hover about and see what kicks off!!
  14. Superb! Get Dad to track him to the carousel and then see Rudders picking him up at the meet n great!!
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