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  1. I'm not against selling him if the recruitment works but we will not be in the position of strength that Liverpool were, which was top 4 and also the pulling power of playing for what you would consider one of the biggest clubs in the world. We have to be careful with our top assets. If a Ricardo/Chillwell left we would leave a black hole difficult to fill, we may be covered with Maguire.
  2. We are fortunate that we have two exciting young prospects to come in should he go in Soyuncu and Benkovic, but if we are deadly serious as a club about breaking into the top 6 then we shouldn't be selling any of our top players regardless of whats on the table. As Englands first choice centreback he brings us a fair bit of positive commercial exposure as well in say the far east that a Soyuncu and Benkovic wont bring.
  3. A few weeks old now but interesting read https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/232858/spate-of-runners-signals-big-year-for-king-power-racing They have a mare Queen Power who they will target towards 1000 Guineas and a string of Frankel sired horses one Top Top is due to appear for the first time https://www.racingpost.com/news/guineas-hope-queen-power-joins-stoute-as-king-power-expands-trainers-roster/371780 They clearly want to add a classic win much like the prem title.. when they go into any sport they mean business.
  4. I just feel sorry for the bloke. Hes a premier league quality player who's confidence is absolute ground zero. Any fan who boos a player coming on in a LCFC shirt should just hang their head in shame. He stands no chance of finding his form when the very people who are supposed to back him dont.
  5. Name seems to fit nicely @ 2.34 at the end of the trumpet drum beat de de de de de de "Youri Tielemans" de de de etc.
  6. Maybe I went to Anglo Saxon then... was thinking (Tele-mans) rather than (Ti-el-mans)
  7. Should we sign the lad on a perm... option for tune, might get the terraces shaking their stuff! haha Youri Tielemans (Its raining men) To the chorus Youri Tielemans Hallelujah, Youri Tielemans, Hes our boy in blue Hes gonna run with it The lads a massive threat He'll absolutely bust the neeeet!
  8. Youri Tielemans (Its raining men) To the chorus Youri Tielemans Hallelujah, Youri Tielemans, Hes our boy in blue Hes gonna run with it The lads a massive threat He'll absolutely bust the neeeet! (repeat)
  9. Agree, it must be horrendous to your confidence if you're boo'd onto the pitch! The lad does have quality but clearly zero confidence, that freekick was superbly struck and any other keeper and Id say that's a goal. Its a pack mentality but we need to cut it out and understand we are actually destroying our own players here! https://www.laacibnet.net/en/2019/02/03/watch-de-geas-save-on-ghezzals-free-kick-leicester-manchester-united/
  10. Completely irrelevant but he passed me on the way to work this morning (8.00) down the A6 from Harborough to Great Glen. Bit early for training or not?
  11. Any reason why the Leicester Brighton fixture would be affected if Chelsea do not reach the cup final? There a note on the website.
  12. Scored some of the scrappiest goals I've seen at the KP but they all count! offered so much in our champions season to allow Vardy the freedom he thrived on. Also so unlucky, we've seen scissor kicks, overhead kicks, volleys crash of the post, bar or stopped with a worldie save from the keeper. He could of had a few specials as well but not to be. I loved his time here but do think if he wants to prolong his time in English football then this is his move and forces the clubs hand to strengthen.
  13. I agree with lots of points and getting rid now achieves nothing. Whats interesting is when you look purely at the league stats we sit 5th best in goals against @ only 23 with teams like Arsenal on 31, Man Utd on 32 - We are clearly much more difficult to beat Wolves fans as an example must be really enjoying their season. Ruben Neves sounds like the best thing since sliced bread when you follow them through the bbc. They are viewed as a good footballing side who move the ball extremely well.... They have actually scored less than us on 21 and conceded more! Funny old game
  14. Lifted straight of the comments section of when he was sacked by Southampton for finishing 8th and cup final loss, its paints the exact same pattern we see at the King Power. "Lots of uninformed comments on here. Those saying 'finished 8th and got a to a cup final = madness to sack him' didn't have to sit through countless turgid home performances last year like I did. It's not all about where the club finishes; it's about being entertained. I paid £670 for my season ticket last year and saw 17 goals in 19 games at St Marys. That's £39 per goal" "Football is supposed to be an entertainment business. 17 goals at home all season isn't very entertaining. Liverpool got rid of Roy Hodgson for the same reason. It might have all been very professional and well drilled but if smoking had been allowed in the ground people would have been stubbing cigarettes out on their arms to see if they were still alive" I actually think the team is more stable than last season - We certainly defend better, and Chillwell and Ricardo benefit alot from this system. Perhaps with time the attacking bite will appear, we have Vardy who struggles at the minute to play this style and no backup that offers any impact. Perhaps this is the missing piece of the puzzle he will address?? but perhaps Southampton and us will press the red button to soon? 7th in the league is decent, the football is not great, but the foundations of an organised team are.
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