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  1. Disappointed with the result today but overall I'm over the moon we won the fa Cup. Good season,onwards and upwards.....love this club the future is bright the future is blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
  2. Rob (@Goddardinho) Tweeted: I think cameras on mobile phones & everything being filmed etc has been bad for society. Not a fan. But then again, occasionally along comes a proper ****ing gemstone. 😂... https://t.co/ssd0wDUM9W https://twitter.com/Goddardinho/status/1393913126706417665?s=20
  3. Chuffed to bits,the way he celebrated was a bit shit.........over the moon it went our way. Shit happens
  4. Wtf this is ****ing horrible..... So angry.......getting shit faced tomorrow
  5. The best team lost!! Villa lose in the final and get relegated....that'll do me. Gutted tho 😥
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