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  1. Justin will have easier games Wood is a big c**t & bullies bigger defenders than Justin. He's still young & only played a handful of PL games
  2. I was going to switch over to Dragons Den if they disallowed that
  3. I've every faith that it will eventually happen for him & when it does, he'll be one of the most sought after players in the PL. He's got a few tricks, he's quick & creates a lot of chances for others. We know how bad his shooting currently is because he finds himself in the right places at the right time to be getting those chances. It will click for him. I'm sure of it
  4. I'm 48 years old I've got 3 pairs of Adidas Iniki's. A pair of Raw Gold (beige). A pair in Burgundy And some in white I also own a selection of cardigans
  5. Salad cream - proper phobia
  6. Worrying This is based on 'where the money is going'. It's in decimal & 2.0 would be evens, so basically it's all square at the moment. Only a month ago, Biden was clear favourite. I can only think that things have got worse in the last month & Trump has gotten even more crazy, but he is recovering & trending towards victory in the election. The protesting/violence/law & order/fear is clearly a strategy from Trump & it's working. If nothing else, it has diverted attention away from the covid cluster**** Whatever the electio
  7. For all Flash Gordon fans (everyone, right?) Life after Flash on Amazon Prime is a decent watch. It's largely about Sam J Jones (Flash) & his behaviour at the time & what he's been up to since the film. There's stuff about many of the other cast members too. For someone who has seen the film thousands of times (I'm not joking) there's some quite interesting stuff. One particular revelation, leaving me thinking that my childhood was just one big lie. Brian Blessed is in it & yes he does. Many, many times.
  8. It's been a pretty disappointing season for the Premier League as a whole. Liverpool pissed it & the rest of us have been pretty shit. We were lucky to go into the last game with a chance of qualifying for CL. The fact that Man Utd made Champions League shows that.
  9. Man Utd didn't win We lost We have been struggling with form since the new year, but those extra injuries broke us
  10. OGS is an absolute fraud. Buying Bruno & Pogba deciding to give a shit doesn't change that. It's ours if we want it
  11. Defence is a shambles Spurs are dogshit. The defence has been worse
  12. I wish they'd have a closer look to see if Son was offside. The more they show it the more he looks off
  13. Boo hoo. We're going to finish 7th.....or some bollocks This place is the pits at the moment. They're scared of dreaming. Didn't Claudio teach us anything?
  14. Until it's mathematically impossible, I refuse to give up. Win the next game & it's back on
  15. First time I've ever switched off before the end of a game
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