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  1. Not necessarily the best, but I properly every single time I watch Crocodile Dundee Along Came Polly Something About Mary Sideways is a masterpiece for men of a certain age. Bourne films - all of them - hands down the best for a thriller.
  2. We took the loan out against this summer's money in January of this year. So we've already had last season the TV money for this season. Our 2019/20 payment from the PL goes straight to the Macquarie Bank - not to us. As I understand it (I don't understand a lot about business finance) the recent documents show that the bank have lodged a charge against us - meaning they get first dibs (or second dibs, if there are other charges prior) on any future sale (or liquidation) of the club until the loan is paid back in full. I'll happily be corrected/uodated. But I'm, frankly, baffled at why we needed the Mahrez money and subsequently the 2019/20 TV money so urgently
  3. Good post. Thanks. However, having cashed in (in january) our expected revenue for now, surely we CREATED a cash fund....the opposite to what a business might want. Surely the best (and only) use of loans is to biy/build/make something where no money exists to buy/build/create it Edited to add; the only logical purpose I can imagine is that we have artificially boosted our annual turnover by bringing forward the 2019/20 TV money and in doing so, have creatively fiddled the FFP rules
  4. I still can't quite work out the rationale. We've had this season's TV money back in January. Presumably that was spent on something - training ground?/- or at least needed for something (otherwise why cash it in?) So what money will fund any summer transfers and the running costs for this season? Ditto Mahrez money. We've long since cashed that in..Man City are paying their instalments direct to the bank.
  5. More the better for me. I'm the furthest thing from.a.militant cyclist you can get...I wouldn't dream of riding on a even moderately busy road. But increased cycle lanes that are safe and segregated would bring occasional cyclers like me out of their shells. Im limited to a set route from Glenfield county hall , past Gilroes on a cycle lane through to Rally Park and then along river towards City Centre and onwards to City and Aylestone if I want. If more routes connected, I would use them.
  6. Totally agree. But they'll almost certainly finish above us. Go figure!
  7. Football is light years ahead of 25 years ago. Check out our game at atletico Madrid in 1997 with the best team I'd ever seen represent lcfc. I watched the first 10 mins recently and was staggered at how we played I love being a relative top dog, in a world popular league where fans all over the world know us and our players. And the money that sloshes around the game adds to the glamour. That ain't gonna happen playing Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. I will be horrified if we sign this dude. We are miles and miles away from the days of picking up the likes of him, or Bamford, or Billy Sharp. Anodyne championship players. It doesn't make any sense at all. It totally goes against our recent MO If we need cover for Vardy, then if nothing else Barnes or Gray can play there - both light years ahead of this fella
  9. Albrighton's crossing is nowhere in the league of Guppy. Not even close. I would estimate Guppy nailed 8 crosses from 10 - high.or low, hit hard, deep, moving away from keeper or near post. He had it all. Albrighton is closer to 2 or 3 in 10.
  10. That's kinda my point. It's a sport where business are changing the design of the game to suit themselves. Football's about losing every much as it is about winning. Business despises that. I love it for that.
  11. I get the ideas and appreciate the inventiveness of both of the above. But both are prime examples of the game losing its soul. It's a sport, that's all. If oil states, oligarchs and state sanctioned monopolies wish to dabble in a sport where tens of millions of quid can be lost (or won) down to chance, error or even bias....then so be it. Referees are part of the game. The bad ones too. It's rather human and charming that up until now, the referee's word is final. Play to the whistle! Most sports - at their core - are the human nice side; manners, luck, frustration, respect humility, acceptance, joy, taking things on the chin.
  12. Champions league. Trophies. Fame.
  13. I've been a little reluctant to draw attention to this. But decided to do so as the poor fella, Rob, is a huge City fan. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the allegation, most of us make mistakes in life. A very ordinary, decent family man who was clearly in a terrible state at the time. He leaves a wife and two City fan kids. RIP Rob
  14. As far as I know, there is nothing legally enforceable in a bet. Theoretically, a casino or bookie can just decide not to pay out.A bet is not a contract. They obvs don't do that tho, as it's clearly an unwise business move to ne known as a reneger on bets
  15. Absolutely mystifying. Partly good for us. If his own country don't know how good he is, then scouts from Bayern, Atleti, Inter aren't gonna know either. Flip side is Ricardo thinks, wtf!, I gotta get outta here and start getting noticef
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