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  1. Sadly, it looks like you have to beat this on your own and rely on your immune system to win. The doctors can barely help if the body starts to.lose the battle
  2. Arise, Sir Ian of Stringer
  3. Pretty much it, except I'd put Cobb in at 1 for the explosive start at the expense of Stevens
  4. Quite fit. I prefer her with her umade up mask face than the heavy make up selfies.
  5. I'd make room for Josh Cobb to open and Jimmy Allenby at number 5
  6. Big TJs special. That third burger! Edited to add that David Gower, no less, was a big fan of the original Clarendon Park TJs back in the day. A man who normally eats Caviar as a snack. No higher praise.
  7. Which Tjs? Btw, I've never had a problem with their hygiene. Always look we'll run franchises to.me.
  8. You're right. But it won't harm.me in the future being a bit more aware of a product's build; how and where and with what
  9. You can influence that. Buy UK made stuff. Or at least, refuse to buy Chinese tat. In that way, they pay. No more haemorrhaging of money to enrich factory owners over there.
  10. Yep, you're right. Searched Glenfield, Anstey, and down to woodgate and Hinckley rd
  11. Had a TJs last Saturday, no problem. Went and collected it myself. Went to order a birthday takeaway on Thursday at 7pm for my little girl. Both local chinkys were closed. Domino's unanswered. TJs unanswered. Both local chippys closed. Local curry house closed. So I drew from that that they'd all jacked it in.
  12. Clearly I'm only guessing here, but I can't see any chance whatsoever that this season will resume.. In fact, I'm convinced the entirety of next season is in major doubt. From way I've read, watched and a bit of reading between the lines....there is no daylight from Covid19 until at least 12 months away, unless the world stumbles across a vaccine and)or treatment in record quick time
  13. I was in the member's terrace and various punters with radios in ear confirmed that west Brom had lost. This started some tentative excitement until several others with a radio confirmed it. It sparked brief scenes of excitement but all the terrace switched away from.excitement to communicate the final.score to the players. Colin Gibson on the bench came over to check and then barked in panicked excitement the news to the players. The final whistle went and in my head I don't remember cheers....just silence and jostling as the terrace bundled out onto the pitch
  14. Nothing about being a joy vacuum. My employer asked us to take 20% cuts and volunteer for as much unpaid leave as we'd like. It was approved in a flash. Anybody with half a brain cell could work out our employer had lost its entire income overnight What's so different in players working out they are doing nothing and the club's are earning nothing and collectively deciding to make thier last month's salary of around £250k (after tax) last for four months instead of one?
  15. Jesus H. Token reaction to some bad PR. Bite the bullet and PFA should volunteer all PL first team squad members over an unspecified salary to go unpaid leave for the next three months and review after that
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