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  1. Sorry, but you're wrong. He's a joy to watch
  2. You ain't gonna like this answer. Common sense. You play the government game if you want to though. Fine by me.
  3. Why selfish? I'm no.more likely to transmit this than someone from blaby or Anstey. So, I'm afraid, tough.
  4. Why? I've happily ignored the rules and gone away for a few days. I'm not in spinney hills and as such, I'm no more/less at risk of passing this on as anyone else in the UK. It's a political lockdown. Not a health one. It's a stunt. They don't give two hoots about 'enforcing' it. Never had any intention of enforcing it.
  5. In no particular order, these five just coincided great wins with life going well and the buzz was amazing each time; Swansea at home great escape 2-0 Newcastle away title winning 3-0 Spurs away in about 99..3-2 taggart, Muzz Villa away under O'Neil 3-1. Muzz and claridge. Marshall at atletico away
  6. On a related not to this post but unrelated to the thread .....I totally despise the oft typed out phrase 'little Leicester' Talk about self fulfilling prophecy I've literally heard nobody outside of Leicester use that phrase. We've never been little. Rank ordinary. Unremarkable. Routine. Average. Dull. Yo-yo club. Too good for the champs but not good enough for the prem. But never, ever, little.
  7. Honestly, after the lockdown bliss of no matches and experiencing the highest quality football I've ever see LCFC play inhhe autumn....I am starting to wonder if it's worth it now. There was something in last night's cowardice that has sickened me. A kinda of feeling that, even peak LCFC have the ability to appall me.
  8. The whole thing was hideous. Grotesque. Disgusting, even. But somehow beautiful too.
  9. It's almost a relief. I've been dreading the game all weekend. Now I can back relax and hope for 8th.
  10. Fack this for a game of soldiers. I've seen some shameful defeats in our time, bit this is the worst. Hands down
  11. I enjoyed lockdown so that every weekend mood wasn't dictated by City's result. I, for once, could allow Saturdays and Sundays to find a natural rhythm. Pathetic really This facking game has played on my mind all day and has a 2/3 chance of completely pissing me off for the rest of the week. Sometimes I despise football
  12. Surely upon surely the bottom four don't all win on the same weekend, do they (obvs Norwich don't count) ? I have to admit, I'm dreading this. I'm trying to remind myself these lads are professionals and do kinda know what they are doing
  13. My dad's hero. Until Vardy, his favourite ever striker. That's ahead of Lineker, Heskey and Frankie Wortho
  14. I think a draw is best for us. Don't fancy them.playing us in a six pointer. Rather keep them at arm's length. As for the rent boys, I've always half fancied them to foul up. The media way overrate them
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