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  1. The type.of family.that flogs scarves on eBay is likely.to blow £150 at KFC over the course of three nights
  2. The whole thing is a massive rimming fest for Derby and Nottingham.
  3. Is phrase 'Turkeys voting for Christmas' ever been.more appropriate? A million pounds bung prob has something to.do with it.
  4. 15 plus Upton park and rushden & diamonds Edites tonadd that The best for.atmosphere. were baseball ground and Highbury
  5. As Jon says, me as a kid in the eighties I heard innumerable incidents. The oo-oo chnats when a.black opposition player was on the ball was entirely normal (despite the fact fans were perfectly happy to cheer on black players for their own team). The last racist comment I heard was in about 2000, when Frank Sinclair scored one of his trademark last.minute.own goals and a bonehead shouted black b****** about him in frustration. I emabrassed to say I was a bit too weak to take the fella to task.
  6. I want to shout out his defensive work. His positioning and decision making of when to go tight and when to drop off are impeccable. The late clearing back post sweep (learnt from.Simpson, I reckon) is good too. And he has this knack of tackling without tackling. A foot round the corner, a nudge, an anticpatory step in front. I noticed today that the deep cross that led to their goal came.from his side....and the players kind of looked over as if to ask, 'where did that come from?'.....that's how rare he lets crosses in. But, I accept, his forward play can be infuriating
  7. What about his two horror 'clearances' today?
  8. He's been remarkably consistent. A 4/or 5 out of 10 every game so far
  9. Yet another 5/10 performance. Grossly unfair that he occupies a spot when far far better players in Gray, Albrighton, Barnes, Choudhury and, staggeringly, Praet, have to take turns to accomodate him
  10. I watches on YouTube the Sibbo Minter fight a few months back at Wembley arena. Smoke filled hall. Harry Carpenter and the fight filmed by just one camera. Brilliantly atmospheric
  11. Wasn't Stafford town hall the night it kicked off big time with Londoners following a young Nigel Benn on the undercard?
  12. Was Stafford and Wembley Arena for the Tony Sibson fights? Do you go back that far?
  13. Six nations Rugby at Murrayfield and Cardiff. Absolutely love it at both. English accent just makes it that bit edgier too. Olympic Athletics London. Done an empty Berlin Olympic stadium in the mid nineties. £2 to get in, totally undeveloped (at the time) since the Nazi 1936 event - had the run of the place. Ran round the track, played imaginary football on the pitch, practiced celebrations, reenacted lighting the Olympic flame and sat in Hitler's seat. Did a stadium tour at Fenway Park, Boston.
  14. I like BT. Rio, Jake Humphrey (better than Gary - I don't know why they bother with him) , Hargreaves and even Glenn - I love his eccentricities. Fletcher is the best commentator going, which is saying something considering I despise all things even remotely attached to Nottingham
  15. What a strange sport this is. Not that I don't doubt the skill, excitement,.physicality, tradition and passion.... It's strange in that it just totally passes me by and fails - totally - to grab me I can watch just about any sport - but RL doesn't ignite one iota of interest.
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