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  1. I've posted a while back that only we use 'bob' as slang for poo. Or at least I do. Bobbed himself. Bobbin my pants Going for a Bob. Someone's had a Bob in there.
  2. As someone who only follows them 'on Teletext'....is it worth us ever bothering with young players who are instantly transferred to Notts if any good? Can't we phase in a load of kolpak players? Not internationals but run of the mill steady Eddie's? The Claude Hendersons, Charl Willoughbys, Andrew McDonalds etc
  3. Happy with that. In fact, I might even enjoy taking in the occasional non league or lower league game (at Forest?) for a 3pm traditional fix
  4. Too few football fans enjoy imperfection. I used to enjoy Frank Sinclair's gaffs. Super player but prone to horrific footballing suicide. The more grotesque the better for Frank.
  5. I like timewasting. Obvs more when we are doing it. That temporary relief, when defending a one goal lead in injury time, of a soft free kick and you know there will be 40 seconds of fannying about. Bliss. I even admire teams doing it against us. I see it as a test of our mental strength not to get vexed by it. It's another soft skill that top teams learn to develop Edited to add that west ham in Tuesday must be the only premier side Ive ever seen time waste when losing. Extraordinary.
  6. I feel a bit for them. Their club has been stolen from them by three pornographers. Although not geographically equivalent, emotionally I think the Olympic Stadium move is similar to us building a brand new stadium next to the M69 in Hinckley. The entire soul of the West Ham has been diluted. By porn!
  7. I like him. When he was dreadful against Southampton, i.liked him then. Nice lad. Fitness to burn. Room for.improvement but I enjoy watching him play for us. We'll.miss him.when he's gone x
  8. Did Arteta really say that they were chasing a top four place? Surely he can't be that stupid.
  9. Mark Clattenburg on BT Sport hasn't got a call right yet. I think he even got the VAR keeper off line rule wrong (I was only half listening). Announced Zaha had to go for an eye poke then retracted it soon as VAR said it was fine.
  10. If they get the waterside housing on frog jslandright just down from this novotel/great central development, it will be a super part of the city inside a decade. The plan should be to link the housing along the river towards Abbey park. Speaking of Abbey Park. The space centre park ended up being cheap shit affordable housing and is the exact template of how not to regenerate an area.
  11. I reckon I've had a weekend booze in just about every city centre in the UK except for Leeds over the last 25 years. Nottingham is by a distance the most intimidating place on a night out. Edinburgh, despite all its loveys and tourists, I've had a rough ride too. Leicester probably third for someone wanting to square up.
  12. Isn't it obvious how football works? We'll lose to West Ham, lose to Brentford.....fans in meltdown. Verbal and online abuse to some of the best players we've ever had. Shithouse a win at Villa on the law of averages. Form, mood and confidence slowly starts to pick up on the back of the win and we - against all expectation - produce a magnificent performance in the final v Man City and idolise players that were being called willy pullers a few weeks ago
  13. I largely agree with you. I was more playing devil's advocate. The previous poster was describing Maddison as a typical flash bastard footballer douchebag. That was imo too simplistic. Edited to add, I can't believe he wouldn't have worked out going on a night out after being 'ill'. I imagine he probably calculatd something like, **** it and **** Southgate. I'm going out
  14. Sorry. You might be right and I could be wrong, but I think you are reacting instinctively and buying his flash bastard insta persona, which is part boyish fun and part tongue in cheek. He speaks very well post match in interviews. His free kicks and corners.smack of hour after hour of practice. A young lad who went to Aberdeen to cut his teeth. An improvement in strength and stamina since he first arrived. Finally, I felt his casino incident was far from the error.l it was portrayed to be. I thought it a very subtle, very clever pop a the England manager.
  15. Another one who should try out another sport. If you think Maddison is average you need to jack this game in pal.
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