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  1. I'm naturally a centre right Tory. A remainer. Socially liberal. Basically all the things Boris used to be as London mayor. But the Tory party now disgusts me. Especially the ex remain cowards like Javid and Hancock. Please god lethhere be a hung parliament on Friday am
  2. Wouldn't it be great if, like Fergie, Rodgers publicly announced he wanted to 'knock Liverpool off their f******* perch'
  3. As.contrary as it seems, the occasional player needs to.move on as this enables a side to regenerate. Mahrez going opened the door for Maddison to assume a different, but equally creative, role. Maguire obvs led to Soyuncu. Spurs are.paying the price for letting a fine set of players go stale. But overall,.I agree.Stick.these.lafs on champions League level contracts
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread for this comment....was in town last night for the AJ Ruiz fight and drinks after. Wow. Xmas dos and the fight crowd, jeez town was packed and rough. Really rough. It was an uncomfortable evening of constantly having to watch over your shoulder. I've a feeling that's my town days over.
  5. Teams play a defensivr two shifting blocks - arsenal and Everton - and we grind them down. Brighton tried a high line, which was effective at putting us under some pressure, but suicidal as we could break with a ball over the top. Villa tried a cup tie style all action blood and thunder going toe to toe with us and could easily have conceded 9 with the acres of space it left us to play in. Loving the fact nobody has cracked the code yet. We've an answer for everything so far.
  6. That big Serbian lump who spat at his own fans?
  7. I think Silva bulking up by 4 stone, growing 4/5 inches and shaving 3 seconds off his 100m PB is beyond even Rodgers. Or would attract interest from the doping agency
  8. They are worried in the way I was worried when we couldn't quite shake off Burnley in the championship and Peterborough in league 1. Ultimately, the should do it, but we stand ready if they panic
  9. Clearly a quiet lad who's prone to self doubt. Well done, son. Take a bow. Superb today. Heskey style.peformance
  10. We are a cruel team.away from home. Winning is not enough. These lads have a gleeful, sadistic, heartless pleasure in winning heavily
  11. Bit like Man City of two seasons ago, opponents are beat before they even leave the dressing room. All we can do is do our own thing and wait and see if there's a wobble on their side. Hopefully they'll shit it if there is. If there is no wobble, who gives a shit? I'm just enjoying the ride
  12. For the first time in years and years, I'm gonna sit down and watch that red filth tonight. Nice little early Christmas treat to see them struggle
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