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  1. Be interesting at xmas when he will play 2separate teams v palace and Man u
  2. I agree with you but have a slightly different take. That season was the birth of the new Leicester City. UFS, L1 TIFO, foxestalk generation. Basically 'the kids'....first time anyone aged 8-25 had seen any semblance of success. 80s /90s fans had promotions x 4, play off finals and league cups....so league one success was just more of a relief for my age group. But if defo created what we have today And at the end of the day, football for me is all about the silverware
  3. Honourable mention for Wes The big man never lets us down. In fact one game I thought he was motm (Athens away?)
  4. And women? If you fellas react like that to 20% of kids fancying this euro super league, what do you reckon to the 35% of women who like the idea?! 😛
  5. So true. It's all it takes. That's why the Europa has been so healthy for us this season, quick change to wipe the slate clean. Man U have been similar on a couple of early season occasions. I was sickened to the core Monday night. Right as rain today 😀
  6. At some point, I would like to play European royalty -;even if they might not be what they once were. Which this season may offer; AC Milan. Ajax. Real Madrid. Napoli. Lazio. Inter Milan.
  7. At what point does it become possible to play spurs or arsenal?, It's a grotesque thought that we could go out to one of them in either the last 32 or last 16
  8. I'm guessing there will actually be a crowd! Krasnador have a few in v Rennes. And I'm presuming krasnador are Ukrainian or similar ex USSR state that has an admirable scant regard for covid
  9. My identity has always been Leicester. Made much easier now that, wonderfully, just about everybody has heard of us. That said, I've always felt at home.in Europe..Never felt like an outsider. I was in Canada pre lockdown and in a bar with plenty of moustachioed, checked shirted, blue collar workers drinking Miller lite or whatever they quaff.... and I ordered a white wine. At that point I've never felt more European in my life.
  10. Real question. Is Barrie related to the hangman Albert Pierrepoint?, Unusual name , can't be.many of them.
  11. And Leuven youth system may well have a 'campus' at Seagrave. Off on antangent, does/will Seagrave have a formal name?
  12. Was there any update on Castagne? Hamstring is a dodgy injury and l was surprised at the initial prognosis of 3 weeks (not quite the same obvs, but i pulled mine a couple of years back and had problems with it for a year)
  13. Same as Claude. But he was on 1/3 the money. I want more.from.an elite manager
  14. Lol, how true. I'm the wrong side of forty!
  15. Fkin Ada. We really don't deserve players. The slagging madders gets is from the exact same punters who would swap maddison for a noel Cantwell or David Brooks at a drop of a hat. Some people just don't know how good things arectil its gone
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