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  1. Paninistickers

    Barnes coming back

    Totally agree. I absolutely admire the guy.. Spot on attitude, immense workrate a very decent sub to come.on and rightly an immortal. But my heart sinks when he's playing. He's nowhere near the creativity, touch or style we now require to break down teams. There's a myth about his crossing ( rubbish 5 out of 6 crosses) and his set piece is a nightmare. I'd select Gray's erratics over Albrighton every time.
  2. Paninistickers

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    He's a clown
  3. Paninistickers

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I resisted the dam for years. All seemed so stereotypical, weed and whores etc. Neither of those things do anything for me! But I went with an ex. Airbnb just 2/miles out of town. Bikes came with the gaff. Classic dutch Windmills and canals and tulips bike ride into town, free ferry across the river and a stunning historic city. I loved it. Just ride, chain up to a bridge and relax and soak it in. No weed or sex shows/needed (though the red light is worth an idle wander just to people watch)
  4. Paninistickers

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    It's football without jeopardy. Following football is about death or glory. Beat man city & Chelsea, lose to Cardiff and Newport. Without risk, you get the sterile atmosphere of the emptyhad
  5. Paninistickers

    Let's have a films thread.

    Watch trainspotting t2 on Netflix last night. Wasn't that well received, was it? I loved it though. Brilliant from Robert Carlyle (again) and Spud....great location (what a change from Edinburgh 20odd years ago) and a fit as hell Veronika.
  6. Paninistickers

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Just pray to god they shift you to an emergency exit. I fluked it once on an 11 hour to Tokyo. It was blatant racism. We were the only white faces just about and the stewardess shifted us to an emergency seat...helpful.seeing as I'm over 6ft
  7. Paninistickers

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I found BA premium.economy an economy plus experience compared to Virgin, which I found a business class lite (which is kinda what you want from premium economy) ( on anither ba note, once upon a time I was a complete diva - asked for champers in BA premium economy. They said they hadn't got any. I accused them.of lying as business was awash with it and that I didn't ask for FREE champers, just that I wanted fackin champers. It didn't wash) In the past, I've booked premium economy with BA and used avios to upgrade to business for an extra £100 tax or so (club world, or whatever they call it) The lounges at T5 Heathrow are excellent....though I chose not to abuse t he free nosh and booze as I wanted to enjoy the flight experience!
  8. Paninistickers

    Losing an interest in football

    Quite. I must admit I love the invention if the stream. It still feels all rather clandestine and that you've beat the system. Sitting in the living room. Pop the kettle on when there's a break in play. Have a slash whenever. The scenes my living has seen for an away goal! Especially if undeserved. Love it.
  9. Paninistickers

    Losing an interest in football

    Never read this thread before. Quite interesting. I've changed in so much as I tend to live for the moment far more. Too many football fans seem to look ahead all the time. Where will we finish? Will Gray/Barnes/Madison be top class? Benkovic to replace Wes? Next manager! No wonder people lose interest as there's an element of missing the moment. Watching us on a stream v chelsea a few weeks back was perfection. Xmas on the horizon. Suffocating the death out of our opponent. A great goal. Riding our luck. A great win. That feeling at 4.50pm on such winning days is almost perfection. If only it could be bottled! Those are the days that remind me I could NEVER lose interest x
  10. Paninistickers

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    I did some work with Rog in Derby about 15 Years ago. Worked with him on & off for about a year. A nice enough fella. Derby thro & thro and a legend there. He was before my time. But I kept quiet that I was a city fan as I knew it hadn't gone well. He asked one day who I followed. I sheepishly said Leicester. He just said 'oh dear'.....and changed subject
  11. Paninistickers

    1970s - Enderby Town vs LCFC Help

    Before my time, but I'm sure you'd like to cover that Keith Weller played for 3 or 4 games in the early 80s. Can't add much, other than I have a distant childhood memory that he destroyed Cambridge City (a well repsected southern league big boy) on his own. Something like a 7-0 away win. He was keeping fit out of season for a US major league contract. To put into context, that'd be like Riyad Mahrez in around 3 seasons time turning out for Nuneaton whilst waiting to play for LA Galaxy
  12. Paninistickers

    Dr Alice Roberts

  13. Paninistickers

    Dr Alice Roberts

    The stars are aligning. She's doing some kind of gig at Loughborough town hall in a week or two. Sold out already. But always the chance to fan boy her at the back entrance!
  14. Paninistickers

    Carabao Cup aka EFL Cup aka League Cup Thread 2018/19

    Disagree. He chose his battles and was a vile, ferocious man in the big matches. He mentored many a manager. Heavily advised newcomers to the top division. Was a true 'MD' in his dealings with Man Utd ancillary staff. And called off the dogs if a team was out of their depth
  15. Paninistickers

    Carabao Cup aka EFL Cup aka League Cup Thread 2018/19

    Fair point. However, Ipswich were at least in the same division. Tonight was the equivalent of a year 11 beating up a year 7