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  1. If that late win is in exchange for West ham and Liverpool defeats,.I'll take it
  2. I.never cease to be amazed that lifelong football fans still.don't understand that the whole sport is heavily influenced by form, confidence, fitness, luck and the unexpected. Being spanked by Newcastle and then winning the last 3 and a cup final is entirely normal,.plausible and realistic football behaviour
  3. Must've been conflicted feelings.in nottingham. Their entire raison detre depends on playing Derby. At least we have no such qualms. I would happily never play either team ever again if it meant permanent PL football for us
  4. Humble brag weren't it? The highest 'status' bird I've ever had was an HCA (auxiliary nurse aka arse wiper). I wonder what it's like to date someone clever and earns a decent wedge? Of.course,.Costock_Fox's bird could be a fella...
  5. Workaholic xi. Put in the miles. Schmikes Castagne Fofana Soyunci Fuchs Mendy Tielemans Wilf Praet ricardo Vards Bring on kel, perez, Albrighton and madders when it becomes clear after 18 mins my tactics, formation and selection are that of an amateur.
  6. Cold light of day, morning had 13 hours off this site and any thoughts of football It seemsnPL coaches and video analysts have now worked out how to play our emergency 352 system, a luxury we exploited for 6 or 7 games from.Burnley onwards. Press our sideways pass to the wing.back around or just over halfway to steal possession Put Tielemans under pressure anywhere but deep .....imo, we've got to reboot and form a tweaked system as we did at Burnley. I'd actually consider flooding midfield and bringing Mendy back to allow Tielemans further up t
  7. Logic says he will rest playets v Villa, since they played Thursday. Close to.full.strength v us. Scratch team v Liverpool (on the basis this fixture was enforced on him and can't have been planned for) then back to normal at the weekend.
  8. I'm gonna enjoy the game on TV at home,.ride around blaring my horn if we win and then when worse for the wear and euphoric late at night, send a bird I fancy a cock pic on WhatsApp
  9. I'm not bitter. But I hope it opens up a conversation what it is to be a fan. This notion that the old dears on fox travel are 'better' fans is, frankly, nonsense. Most are there simply as they have nothing better to do. There are all sorts of grades of fan. I represent my club in the office in London. In a Spanish beach bar. In conversation with an American client. Or lending my elderly neighbour who avidly follows us on radio Leicester my season ticket for a match I can't make
  10. The old biddies weren't around when I used to go to away games 25 years ago. Looking at the approx age of the old dears now, they'd have been in their mid to.late 70s at that point. So they ain't been going that long. I wonder when they actually caught the bug and jacked in bingo and scooting round poundstretcher to start going down the City?
  11. So what's the thinking? It seems my account (set up just now amid much faff) has 304.00 away and 10.00 home. What are expecting.points to go down to?
  12. Still find the whole thing upsetting. On a personal note, my eldest is the same age as the mccann twins. Everybody told me how quick childhood goes. They're right. My lad's -and obvs the twins' too - entire childhood has started and basically now finished in the whole period maddie has been lost. On so.many levels, how sad
  13. I agree. But in a way, it might not be a bad thing and suit the players, feeling as if they have a huge away support instead of a.bland 50/50 As for FA tix, The chairman of my workplace is an FA 'nob'....so I emailed him earlier on the scrounge, despite the fact he hasn't the foggiest who i am. 🤞
  14. Looks dreadful. But no worse than trvaleodges I've stayed in in the harlows and Basingstokes and bracknells. Seems to be an awful lot of hotels opening up in the City. Not quite sure why. Not that long ago there was only the holiday Inn, grand, ibis and trvaleodge casino and station. Now add this, the novotel, the gaff under construction at the tigers/Granby halls and the Fenwick development.
  15. I hope so. The sun is blinding on the lower terrace on the other side. The sun and heat in the charity shield was almost unbearable
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