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  1. We seem to travel in numbers...but the proportion of a blue rinse grandma brigade is astonishing. I've never seen another club bring to us (or on TV) the variety sunshine bus that a good 500 of our fans must rock up in. Plus, I've noticed a decent chunk of the young uns go as a loved up couple, in matching shirts. (The idea of me taking a bird is,frankly, unpalatable. Yes, I accept it's uncool to admit that, but there we go) With that sort of demographic, we are never going to be the noisiest bunch.
  2. The 'scotch' was Colin Calderwood. Not that either you, nor I, care. I instead just wanted to remark on the little used but excellent use of scotch to describe a jock. A far more subtle and withering put down. Well done sir.
  3. I like that this thread topic has been introduced. We should not take this man for granted - let's savour every second of his time with us. By Miles and miles and miles our best striker ever.
  4. Concerning for me that Rodgers appears to undervalue Mendy. I'd prefer to tielemans and maddison in advanced roles (at the expense or Barnes /Gray or today, Albrighton), wilf destructive and Mendy as the tidy man
  5. Fella. Loneliness and depression are very similar. Both feed off low self esteem. I've been there..still am to an extent. Dumped, single and over 40 was terrifying. I could bumble on but I'm at work and will write on the quick. Don't go out on the razz on your own. That'll half kill you. Make yourself a regular somewhere local. I used to pop in with a book, a laptop from.work and even sit and watch Netflix with headphones on. Point was I became familiar - and in a way safe and kinda funky - doing that every Sunday night. I sat like an idiot at phoenix cinema every Thursday for a while too (didn't work....but the discipline was there) I got a new job. I joined a hiking club. And went every 2 weeks without fail. Whatever you are into, there'll be a hobby group on Facebook. Just join and again, become familiar. Don't try and make friends. That'll come with familiarity. Get fit. Join a gym. Join weightwatchers. Do a night class. Bike ride. S Slowly acquire some well fitting clothes (don't do it all at once - do it bit by bit)....get yourself a decent haircut. Get a bit of a tan. After a few months, someone you know will randomly say 'you look well'....and hey, guess what, your self esteem starts to bounce a bit. See it as a challenge, pal. I did, and bizarrely quite enjoy it.
  6. I think playing Huddersfield, Fulham, Brighton and s woeful Bournemouth aided our upturn more than anything
  7. my own take on Puel is quite simplistic. The root of his problems was his communication. Even reading his quotes in that article were hard work. I feel he was a football boffin. Quite progressive. analytical. Tactically astute. A bit like a consultant doctor with all the knowledge but rank bad people skills. Add to that his appalling English (and it was appalling), some players were never going to warm to him. Fans certainly weren't. Overall, a.nice guy. I think history will reflect kindly on his short reign here
  8. I haven't done barceloneta in years -mainly as I live on the other side of town and queens road is a ball ache to get a taxi to. Is it still cutting it? Is Bar dos Hermanos still any good?
  9. It can't be painted any other way. City's support (like.most other teams) in the 80s and early 90s was hostile to non white faces. Despite the occasional active participant in fighting. I can recall a young academy called Rob Alleyne being 'supported' by a guy in the terrace with a supportive 'come on xxxx'/or 'well.played xxxx' or 'good lad xxxx'.....the xxxxx in each case was a disgusting racist nickname (genuinely unrepeatable) There was a reason the likes of Heskey and Dion Dublin never supported City as kids. I think there was a sea change in the 1990s Wembley play off finals when coach loads of Asian lads attended and were largely welcomed as lads prepared to 'join in'
  10. Absolutely. Them.pair were fixtures in town. I called them stringfellows. Still see the darker haired dude near my gaff. He has a flat (or his sister does) near my place. I reckon they are mid sixties now
  11. Early 1990s Dance Society was achingly cool for a year. Next to.megabowl. it was a club so cool it didn't belong in Leicester. Bear Cage was surreal. Three tiny floors on night street. Rave/techno, indie and A N Other music separated each floor There was a gaff near Starlite 2001...I'd be delighted if someone can recall.its name. All the cool dudes went there after dance society closed. Luxor. Opposite banntynes gym. You had to be handy and well connected to get on in there. Simpkins always a safe bet and winner. Did anyone else used to wonder what the hell.would happen if there was a fire? Certain death. Happy days. Funnily enough, I never considered myself a 'clubber' but when you list it down, I was quite on the scene Edit - not starlite!!!! I meant street life!!!
  12. This, sir, is a very valid point. I thought it was just me. I was shit scared of our own fans. Tbh, we weren't a friendly bunch and always felt that lads were as likely to kick off with each other. In world war terms, you wouldn't want to be in the trenches with 1980s city fans. They never had your back.
  13. Paulls from the saff and Dave Tallis van hire from Hinckley. If those minibuses were parked up at a boozer en route, it was advisable to avoid unless you enjoyed pre arranged scraps with the oppo
  14. Is that a brief view of Anna Soubry at the end of that clip. Central East's finest export! I used to fancy her a bit on Friday nights, rocking up home in.my teens after closing time and pop central.weekend on for rowdy boozy debate
  15. City Crowds dipped to around 11k for top flight football in the mid eighties. Midweek away followings could be down to as low as 150-200. So, I assume many felt the same as your Dad. It was a dark period for sure, but as many have said on this thread, had its own charm.too!
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