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  1. Totally bizarre. He delivered like it was an academic lecture - and worse still focussed on the wrong points. Like a cancer specialist rabbiting on about an ingrowing toenail
  2. I have no doubts after today that we are better than them ....one of those where you think it's a good point at the time - then later in the season realise it was a gimme. Still, after today the season can begin. It takes two games to get going. And we've had two tough ish games to.open with
  3. His physicality seemed to be infectious with the other players Get ultra tight, stick your leg round the corner and poke it away ...grappling the oppo player down aftwrt you do it.
  4. Well, I think that post was the start. What's wrong with being proved wrong, anyway?
  5. I've posted multiple times that he's a disaster waiting to happen. But, I'm hugely encouraged by today. I like players who take their chance. He desperately needed confidence and he's building it now. Keep on keeping on, sunshine
  6. He looked a bit of a mix between Wilf and Albrighton...he looks awkward (in a good way) and slightly unorthodox. I like him already
  7. He's a Hazard. I really mean that. He's a whisker away from that sort of level. No higher praise
  8. Nope. Me neither. Zero width. No direct runners, Ricardo apart
  9. In always find myself willing on an established premier team against a promoted team. I want new boys to suffer. To understand you can't just waltz in and be part of the premier club I'd be delighted if both villa and sheff Utd both went down with sub 10 points
  10. This has nothing to do with ability or tactics or management style..... But there's something about Rodgers I don't like. I can't quite nail what it is.
  11. I'll keep banging the drum that he's bluffing. He won't drive through a no deal brexit. The leak is probably via his own team. What sane Prime Minister would want to lead a possible (probable IMO) break up of the UK & NI and have to manage civil unrest, food & fuel shortages, a surge in unemployment, medicine supply chains hit, sack the financial markets, lose required immigration overnight and cause mass travel disruption?
  12. I agree - but anyone could've told you that long before it started. I hate it. And yes, I like honest mistakes and the miscarriages of justice that have always happened pre VAR. Mistakes are reflective of real life, are character building and create legend, myth, controversy etc
  13. Funnily enough you have probably nailed the single biggest chance of this disgusting thing being banished from the game.
  14. If Puel had the English language level of Klopp or Pep, he'd still be here. He'd have a better relationship with the players, media and fans. But his language (lack of) and demeanour seemed to create a bad luck vibe around the place. I liked what he tried to do here. There were glimpses of brilliance v Spurs away (but lost), Arsenal away (lost), the comeback at Wolves (lost) and Man Utd away (lost)....at home I actually think the crowd were partly to blame for the 0-1 defeats to garbage - getting irritated easily instead of supporting the gameplan of wearing down the opposition mentally and physically
  15. The lack of a link to our immediate neighbouring cities, such as Coventry and Northampton, has hampered the City attracting working commuters, commuting students, weekend shoppers and the nighttime economy (and attracting football fans too - plenty of city fans in Kettering...but hardly any in Northampton) It's a shame the Liverpool to Norwich trundler can't make a further stop in Leicester. Adding 20 mins to that marathon journey is hardly a pain. Also, adding a, say, Milton Keynes - Coventry - Leicester - Newark route creates lots of connections for us
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