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  1. Paninistickers

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It's a deal. Nobody would claim it's good, brexiteer or remainer Gove is too calculating to simply go along with the party line.
  2. Paninistickers

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Anyone clued up enough to know why Gove is backing this deal? What's he playing at?
  3. Paninistickers

    Adrien Silva

    It's a sad situation for the guy. He's paid nigh on 10 times a week more than he's worth. teams suited to his ability level would even be pushed to pay the tenth he's worth. It leaves the rather brutal choice of informing him we'll honour his contract, but will train with the u23s for the remainder of his time with us. Or he can accept a modest settlement and clear off. Gokhan Inker had the dignity to accept that type of offer (guesswork, from me). I suspect Silva would too, rather than destroy his career for money.
  4. Paninistickers

    Bring back Shakespeare

    Why close it? This thread has all the ingredients to be comedy gold
  5. Paninistickers

    A Photo for the Ages

    l love that football phrase, 'show us your medals'. It's all about silverware. Three trophies in that PIC, and another two sat in the stand. Not bad in 22 years, eh? If Claude can now add the holy grail, the FA Cup, we may as well jack it all in.
  6. Paninistickers

    Susan Whelan

    Good business nowadays is down to the likes of talented administrators like Susan Whelan. That's a compliment, not a dig. I think any prior questions over her role were largely due to her perceived lack of personality and charisma. But those traits are so very 20th century Quiet, diligent, process driven strategic management means we have a very modern 'leader' whose actions speak far louder than her words. She's my kind of chief exec
  7. Paninistickers

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    Totally agree. He's miles and miles the best full back in the country. Few people outside if Leicester know this yet. And this comes from me, who insisted that schlupp was a better option til the start of this season. once his delivery tightens up - and it will - the lad has absolutely everything you could possibly want in a full back. Ashley Cole level. I hesitate only a little when I say this, but if he carries in he's gonna be amongst the best in Europe.
  8. Paninistickers

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Pure guesswork, but the tone and wording has Susan Whelan written all over it. Very detail orientated. Ultra respectful of Thai/Buddhist traditions. Sensitive,and a little surprised even, at how the fans have reacted. Was it Henry Winter or Rob Dorset who wrote about her clarity and decision making in the minutes after the crash had been impressive?
  9. Paninistickers

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    It's not a club enforced party line though is it? IS appears welcome at press conferences and commentary box and by the manager. I presume it's an independent voluntary boycott by the players. The OP is probably right though. It's time for the players to ,'be the bigger man' and end the boycott. In work and in life sometimes you just have to deal with people you don't like. IS is an amateur broadcaster. A citizen journalist (at best) Lacks intellect. But is clearly a talented chancer who's maxing out his life. Fair play to him in that respect.
  10. Paninistickers

    The Funeral

    That's what got me thinking. The occasional long haul I've done, I've suffered badly from jet lag whilst away (largely that I'm a creature of habit by nature and actually find being away from Europe slightly unsettling) ....but slept like a log on my return. Early nights all round for the players tonight!
  11. Paninistickers

    The Funeral

    Not that this is important, or even interesting, but my brain is wanting to work out the plan to combat jet lag for such a rapid trip. I'm guessing the players were advised to stay on UK time. kipping on the sarurday flight over, bed about 5am local time sunday ' lnight' whilst there ....and then only sleeping during the latter half of the return flight.
  12. Paninistickers

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    It rings a bell to me that Cambiasso didn't wear a poppy. I might be wrong though.
  13. Paninistickers

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Worrying start to the prem this year. Nobody has been able to lay a glove on the top 5. And if an appallingly ran man utd had even a 10% increase in performance, they'd be unbeaten too. In recent seasons, Palace could be relied upon to floor the big clubs at home. West Ham too at Upton park. Swansea even at the liberty....Spuds and liverpool struggling for at least one match per season every year to us. I think a part if the problem is - us included - we all try to be man city lite....playing out from the back ...Surely decent coaches could/should work out game plans to nullify the big guns?
  14. Paninistickers

    The Funeral

    I think it'd be a nice touch if a 'football side' representative - Rudkin? Puel? - attended the poor girl's funeral and the chap's too whilst put there. Same goes for the pilot and his girlfriend co-pilot.
  15. Paninistickers

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Just wanted to echo this. We each are moved in our own ways, but that little clip on motd of Wes delivering to the entire staff a pre match rally did it for me. I'd love to have a still picture of that.