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  1. It's only because we have players that other teams want. Of course teams like Man Utd want our players. Their's are shit
  2. Southgate best enjoy the build up to the World Cup because, as soon as we get there, he'll get found out.......like all shit England managers have been before. He'll be managing in the Championship soon enough.
  3. Kane - out of form Rashford - out of form/shit Winks - meh Oxlade-Chamberlain - hardly plays Mount - Maddison's better Pickford - headcase I could go on
  4. Norman Tebbutt Bernard Ingham Michael Heseltine Nigel Lawson Douglas Hurd Under 30 Joey Essex
  5. Dodgy first goal Dodgy second goal It stinks
  6. Why no VAR replay? Looked offside Highly suspicious
  7. It's refreshing to hear a footballer that can string a sentence together & not appear like a rabbit in the headlights the minute a microphone is held to their face. I can't think of another footballer so comfortable in front of the camera. Sure, it's bordering on arrogance, but he told us more in those 5 minutes than we could ever learn from a string of footballers dishing out nothing but football cliches.
  8. Go to VAR Clear foul No penalty
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