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  1. If it's legal it definitely isn't ethical These people make a shit load of money doing what they're doing. I've been to the types of tips your talking about & you can see the money involved, it's big business & pretty easy to do. They charge what they charge to tip & then get grants off the government for being so nice & getting rid of our waste. Double your money. Criminal
  2. I'm not sure how that's legal either. That may be what's happening with Harborough Council, but it's not the case everywhere. I'm a gardener & take my waste direct to a local farm - the same place as my local district council. I can say 100% that no litter or any unwanted items go onto his land. I have to be careful with what I tip (not a problem for me) & so do the council garden waste lorries. There's an old boy that works at the farm that meticulously goes through it, pulling out any foreign objects - before it goes into the shredder & when it comes out the other end. I wouldn't want to put off anyone from using garden waste bins, as not all councils are as unscrupulous. Anyone ringing up to order a garden bin might want to also ask where the waste eventually goes if they are at all concerned. I would also suggest that it is partly up to some residents to be more careful with what they put in their garden bins. Too many people throw any old shit in their green bin & chuck a few grass cuttings on top to hide the fact.
  3. Our council have changed the weekly household/recycling bin collection to fortnightly........for no other reason than central government having massively reduced the funding to local councils. It may be that they have had to increase green waste collection rates (amongst other things) to make up for this shortfall.
  4. I can see you're having trouble from the chat section. What's not working for you? Everything? I'm watching BT2 1080 & it's working fine (better than usual if anything)
  5. Crazy game of football. Struggling to understand what I'm watching
  6. Shithoused by Spurs I wasnt expecting that
  7. Relying on Tielemans' 30 yard screamers for goals I kind of like the line up.....just because it's upset so many people & it's a free roll of the dice anyway. I wasn't expecting much from this match This could be wonderful. It could be terrible
  8. Quite unbelievable now, but it was when Andy Peake scored that screamer against Liverpool August 1980 & 2-0 I was 8 years old & didn't particularly care for Leicester City or any team at the time. The ground, the atmosphere & that goal. I was hooked
  9. Spanked 'em in Dublin Fed up with everyone bigging Ireland & talking about them wing the WC......when they're good but not all that. Excellent effort from England (even though I had £20 on Ireland)
  10. Get the fvck in!! Maybe next year Liverpool
  11. We're bombscare in defence, but I think we're playing quite well
  12. Love a good museum. As already mentioned, the British, Science & Natural History museums are a great way to spend a day. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York was excellent, but the best & most unusual museum I've been to is the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford (close to Trinity College). Loads of weird & macabre artefacts. You have to question the methods used to acquire the artefacts, plundered from all over the world during the British Empire (which can be said of many museums). It's not the biggest place, but it's all very interesting. Best being the shrunken heads.
  13. Simon & Garfunkel. Sure they wrote/sang some catchy tunes, but so did Abba. Joy Division. I kind of liked them in my youth, but a friend put them on recently & all I could think was 'switch this shit off'. It hasn't aged well
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