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  1. My surname is actually Fox My mates call me Fox I'm on a Leicester City forum Seemed obvious to call myself pSinatra
  2. It has nothing to do with Frank Sinatra. Pondo Sinatra is the main character in a film from 1985 called Party Animal. He goes to college but struggles with the ladies so sells his soul to the devil, invents an aphrodisiac, becomes irresistible to the opposite sex & eventually dies in a stampede of fat women. It's Bronson in my favourite scene from my favourite film
  3. They not going to even suggest the foul for Leicester's goal was a bit soft?
  4. We'll just brush aside that little nothing
  5. Runs into Nacho Arsenal win a free kick
  6. pSinatra

    2020 deathlist

    I'm fvcking devastated Seriously
  7. pSinatra


    I used to live within sniffing distance of Cosby chip shop. Is it still decent since changing hands? I know the new owner worked alongside the previous owners (miserable fvckers) so that things wouldn't change too much.
  8. Barnes must have forgot his boots & is wearing someone elses
  9. No Madison on the bench either
  10. As strong a line up as you're going to get
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