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  1. I never thought I'd see the day where Man Utd would try & shithouse a victory over little old Leicester at Old Trafford
  2. Rashford seems to have a problem staying on his feet
  3. Needless challange? I'm not sure he touched him.
  4. Dive all day long Cheating bastards
  5. If you log into to your new account > click SUPPORT > click KNOWLEDGEBASE There's some install guides in there
  6. Mindhunter has improved the further into it I've got. It reminds me of Cracker with Robbie Coltrane, which I ended up not watching as it was just getting too ridiculous. He'd find a discarded item of little significance & from this could tell you what the person they were looking for had for his tea last night. It's similar with Mindhunter. They wade into an investigation & solve it based on the relationship someone has had with their Mum. Piece of piss. I like the characters, all the 70's stuff, the soundtrack & Ed Kemper is brilliant. Going to start season 2 later today. I've got to stop comparing it to Cracker though.
  7. Started doing it a few years ago. Like others have said, it is time consuming. I've never really fully immersed myself & still have plenty of bookmakers I haven't joined yet. For a long time I avoided casino offers (unless they were absolutely free & zero risk) because it felt too much like gambling. It was only when I started doing them that the money jumped. I've heard horror stories from people doing casino offers & chasing losses, but I've never done that. You can lose money, but if you follow the correct strategies you will end up in profit in the long run. I made about £6k from William Hill alone. I was devastated when they eventually restricted my account. I could never dedicate enough time to it, but I was making about £700 a month on average.......& I always took Cheltenham week off work. Easy money! I've never relied on the money & used it for a few luxuries I would probably never have had if I hadn't done matched betting. It has paid for my car & numerous holidays, where me & the missus have been able to stay in 5 star hotels & do anything we have wanted to do, where money isn't an issue. It is quite comforting to know that if the washing machine blows up or I just fancy blowing a load of cash on a new telly or some clothes - there's a big pot of cash I can dip into. I haven't touched matched betting for about 6 months now, but do plan to kick start it again soon.
  8. Fvck, this is painful viewing. It's like Maguire never played for us. £80 million in the bank says otherwise. Man Utd bought him because of his England form. Have a word you dicks. It's only Roy Keane who's said anything remotely true & that's only because he's a miserable shit
  9. The Olympic Games in London. I don't think it could have been any better. I feared the worst if I'm being honest, but the opening ceremony was ridiculously good. I felt proud to be British. Within a few years, we have become the laughing stock
  10. It's the Victory Show in Cosby this weekend. I've never been to it, but seeing as I live in Cosby, I don't feel I need to. I'm interested in the aircraft, but not watching grown men play war. It's a bit of a strange one living here - there's bunting all over the village, shop windows taped up & German Officers in the chippy buying a battered sausage. Nothing will ever beat the Vulcan bomber flying at a few hundred feet down our street & directly over my head with the bomb doors open. The Vulcan has gone, but I'll be keeping a lookout for the Lancaster this year. A list of the aircraft on display
  11. Pakistani spin bowler Abdul Qadir, aged 63 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/49615587
  12. If you sign into your new Universal account > click 'support' > click 'Knowledgebase' There's some instructions to install the Kodi addon
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