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  1. pSinatra

    2020 deathlist

    Bill Withers who is, sadly, no longer with us
  2. pSinatra

    Corona Virus

    So Boris still hiding in a fridge got the lurgy?
  3. Old People Why are 75% of the people I see out & about old people. Its like Dawn of the Dead out there. I haven't been shopping for food for nearly 3 weeks. I'm running low. When I last went, I bought as much as I could, that would last as long as possible. Not because I was hoarding, but to lessen the risk to me & other people by regular visits to the supermarket. I've been to the supermarket twice in the last week, seen the queue & thought 'fvck that'. The car park is busier now than I have ever seen it. The vast majority of people in the queue are old & have probably been to the supermarket a dozen times since I last went. I know going to the supermarket gets you out of the house, but it could also kill you & you could also pass on any virus. I'm still working 9 hours a day & I dont have 3 hours spare to stand in a queue behind a load of geriatrics who were probably in Morrisons yesterday & will probably be there tomorrow as well. Which part of lockdown don't you understand?
  4. pSinatra

    Corona Virus

    I'm still working, as a grounds maintenance manager for a town council. It's just me & a couple of other lads. We're just cracking on. It's in North Nottinghamshire & it's proper rural. Our town doesn't even have a gas supply. I'm just trying to gauge if everywhere is the same. So we're out & about all day, every day. After the 'lockdown' on Monday evening - Tuesday & Wednesday we barely saw anyone. A bit busier yesterday, but today there must be at least 50% of the normal traffic. It is a town full of simpleton in-breds, but I get the feeling they think the virus won't bother with somewhere in the middle of nowhere, or they're just bored of the lockdown already. Does it seem a lot busier outside near you?
  5. The English Game is just another period drama. It's 5% interesting, when they're focusing on football. Otherwise, it's Downton Abbey except with northerners.
  6. There has got to be someone on the dodge that owns a tiger Probably sings Country & Western as well
  7. People who cant play the drums but think they can. Tapping away to the radio like a twat & just making a noise
  8. Watching fat people eat/constantly graze. Then 5 minutes later tell everyone how they dont understand why they struggle to lose weight
  9. The missus don't understand why I'm cheering.
  10. Love it Wilder wobbling around his corner asking why they stopped the fight?
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