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  1. There's a hell of a lot of heroin being taken in this thread.
  2. # Any of his American Series. But this album contains his last recordings right up to his death. I think it was about a month before he died & a couple of months after his wife had died. His voice is weak & you can tell he's on his last legs. Absolutely heart wrenching.
  3. I can perfectly understand why anyone would stay with their partner - because of love, loyalty, security & all that shit. Misguided, but there you go. She asks for our support & I will tell her to chuck him out or at least tell him to choose. I'm quite happy to have a word with him for her, but she won't like it & he definitely won't. He's quite cute with it though & gets away with murder. He's let everyone think it's her with the problem & gains a lot of sympathy from people who think his wife is crackers. She drinks to forget & she can be quite snappy & vicious with her comments. But she's the way she is because of him - not the other way round. It's emotional abuse, the same as your mother-in-law
  4. Getting an emergency phone call from the mother-in-law because the dog (totally untrained) has jumped up her & has burst one of her varicose veins. "Can you take me A&E?" "Where's the old man, can't he take you?" "He's gone out" I go round, perform some first aid, shove her in the car & take her A&E. I asked her where he'd 'gone out' & I got a knowing look from her. I know he's gone to his bit on the side. An affair that has been going on for over 30 years that everyone (including the dog) knows about. She thinks she has some kind of social standing to uphold within the village & the church she goes to. She would rather put up with it than face the shame of splitting from her husband. I don't care what you do. It's fvcked up if you ask me & I want no part of it. Pack his bags & fvck him off.
  5. Used to go in the late 80's & early 90's. I worked there doing catering, working 12 hour shifts. It seems a totally different beast nowadays - the biggest difference being security. We would turn up on the Wednesday morning when it was empty (except for workers). We were given a wristband that you could easily slip off & sell to someone on the outside without a ticket. Most people had tickets, but there were thousands that used to turn up without. They'd congregate in large numbers & when there was enough of them - they'd charge the fencing & hundreds would flock in with a tent under one arm & a case of beer under the other. It was also a drug dealers paradise & there would be 1 or 2 deaths each year..........drug dealers killing other drug dealers. Struggling to remember who I saw, as I worked at Reading & other festivals as well around that time.........Johnny Cash, Pixies, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Charlatans, Spiritualized, Ian Dury, The Kinks, The Fall, Primal Scream, Nick Cave, De La Soul, Happy Mondays off the top of my head. I still enjoy watching it on telly (too old for that roughing it shit) but it does seem to be a totally commercial enterprise now, when essentially it was a religious festival to begin with. I'm not religious, but it did seem more organic. It appears to have become about money & who's wearing the trendiest wellies. I suppose the toilets are still as as bad as ever.
  6. They're making an arse of it. As you've already pointed out, having to show the same clip on a loop 50 times, when it was obvious well before that. The few times I'd seen it used before the WC, it seemed to be working fine. I hope it remains that way.
  7. This World Cup is setting a bad precedent. Every fvcking decision is going to VAR We criticise PL referees, but surely they ain't so shit that they're referring to VAR every 5 minutes
  8. Greatest save I've ever seen by a woman I always thought that the goalkeepers were the weakest position. Like they may as well have rush back goalies.
  9. I've calmed down now. Red all day long
  10. I stumbled across it by accident, but began actively looking forward to the next episode. It did soften my opinion of her towards the end, I'm ashamed to say. I now think she was only 99% rotten. It's like the fall of the Roman Empire. Excellent viewing
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