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  1. He was always going to fall over. Cheating bastard
  2. Worst of all, we justified Dyche's style of football (I use the words 'football' & 'style' loosely)
  3. We've played poorly, but we've had enough decent chances to be out of sight Burnley are dogshit
  4. We're being bullied & the whole team is bit lightweight
  5. Burnley play a disgusting brand of hoofball
  6. My missus had a brand new Fiat 500 (they're shit btw) & she had water collecting in the drivers side footwell. It went backwards & forwards to the garage she got it from numerous times. I thought it was probably the windscreen seal, but they ignored what I was saying & proceeded to do what they thought. She eventually had it fixed, It was the winsdcreen seal.
  7. The abuse the players have been receiving is never going to help Ironically cheering Chilwell isn't doing him any favours If you treat someone like shit, don't be surprised if they turn out shit
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