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  1. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Ref has decided football is a non-contact sport
  2. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    As birthdays go - this one's turning out a bit shit
  3. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    This is it basically. Drive your kids to school if you want to, but have a little consideration for others. My parents live near a primary school, on a little cul-de-sac. It's total chaos, everyone doing whatever they want, in a rush to get to work & it's dangerous. I went to visit them today but forgot it was knocking off time for the kids. Cars parked all over the pavements, on corners, one car with all four tyres on the pavement. You can get 2 cars on my parent's drive (one behind the other) but my Dad leaves his car on the end of his drive. If he doesn't, someone will park on it. He's been out & come back to find someone has parked on his drive. So he parks behind them & fooks off indoors. I pity anyone who has to knock on his door asking if he can move his car so they can get out.
  4. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Lazy c**ts that live within walking distance of their kid's school & still drive their kids to from school. They're lazy, their kids are probably fat little fookers & they give zero shits about anybody living close to the school, other road users & bollocks to pedestrians
  5. Betting Thread

    wtf is happening at Real Madrid? Final leg of my acca & losing to Betis at home. Potential return - £103 Actual return - £0
  6. The Iborra Thread

    I thought he seemed quite composed on the ball & didn't treat it like a live grenade. I know we like to play on the break, but we don't need to all the time. We are so one-dimensional it's painful. Kick & rush seems to be the only way we can play. I've seen dogshit teams in League 1 keep the ball better than us. Possession doesn't win you anything, as we have proved, but it would be nice not to spend the vast majority of a game under the cosh. I think him & Silva playing a few triangles will help us out no end - to take a bit of the pressure off & to launch an attack from midfield - rather than a panicked lump forward from Morgan/Simpson. It's early days, it was his first proper game, but there were signs he'll help improve us.
  7. We have been excellent this half, thanks to Leo I'm not sure I should be saying this, but I think we deserved that Even Iborra has looked a million times better this half, when we look like attempting to keep the ball
  8. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Not great, but a better second half. As bad as we were, we had a couple of chances to win it.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    This is Naples Pier, Florida - roughly 6 weeks ago. Me & the missus watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. The eye of the hurricane went straight over/through Naples on the west coast This was Naples yesterday
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    20 feet over the bar from Schlupp from inside the penalty area & nobody near him
  11. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Mahrez is wide open & I'm thinking.........don't give it Mahrez!!
  12. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    pea-roller Not good Kasper
  13. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    I don't think so. She was from Newport
  14. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    That'll be my Welsh nanna looking down on me
  15. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Fancy picking Wales as the final game in my acca. Wales 0-0 is going to lose me £79