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  1. My MOM tonight. From watching him away to Watford last season I always thought his passing and decision making wasn’t up to our standard as a premiership club. But I was wrong and he does strengthen the squad and a good asset. Well done.
  2. Same every week, so slow at getting it forward. Maddison rubbish at set pieces.
  3. I think the plan the ticket office have produced is full of confusing areas and the £70 issue is a very big negative. At the end of the day our Chairman seems a person who values the feelings of the supporters and must realise from the views shown on this forum it’s a no no.The plan needs to be revised and the person/persons responsible should be relieved of there duties. A plan needs to be more fan friendly rather than grab grab.
  4. 1 Adult ticket available in G2 for this game. E-Ticket £35
  5. I have 2 tickets available for the Wolves game in G2 1 in row L and 1 in K £71 the pair.
  6. David Herd for Man Utd. in a 5-0 defeat. November 1965. Some legends playing that day. Looking at footage later ,we were unlucky.
  7. Ticket available v Bournemouth in G1 £35 E-ticket
  8. Ticket v Bournemouth in G1 £35 e-ticket
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