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  1. Heads up son. We’re going to be playing all the good, and shite teams, twice this season.
  2. Once they scored the opener and then got very lucky with the second, it was always going to be hard to break them down with the players we had out today. Of course media have them as world beaters today, and you can buy that if you wish. If we played them tomorrow, I’d back us all day long.
  3. Left footed shot from outside box to top left corner.
  4. If he had gone to Arsenal, he would not be the player he has become. Arsenal is where promising players go to regress, whereas we appear to be exceptional at nurturing young talent.
  5. They have been reclaimed from an old building. Were any buildings damaged/demolished in the accident?
  6. It’s just simulation by Origi as it was by Sane. Neither contacts were sufficient to cause them to go over. Sane did it because he wanted a last minute penalty, Origi cause he had a heavy first touch. Not quite Karma, as neither should have been given, but I take great joy in their manager’s despairing outrage.
  7. Precisely. Both relatively minor non-malicious incidents that will occur in every game worldwide. Tielemans is simply putting his body across the ball which happens to involve his foot returning to the ground. It’s a standard movement, which is supported by the fact that virtually no one in the stadium responded.
  8. Bangkok goes straight to the Derby. Cue huge media interest, because of the tragic football related back-story.
  9. Wonderful to see the King Power horse “Fox Chairman” make his debut at Newbury yesterday, being heavily backed and bolting up, in the style of a proper future group horse.
  10. Not sure if a coincidence, but owners ran their horse called “Good Birthday” today. absolutely bolted up at 7-2!
  11. There seems to be a perception from many that players will simply go if clubs come in for them. Surely the past 24 months has shown that that just will not happen?
  12. Super performance. We seem to be developing a really effective system. Strange Gray selection, but players really playing for Puel. No composure from Barnes but that’ll come. Ndidi terrific and whilst we won’t get Tielemans, scouting team know exactly what they have to do now. Very hopeful about the future.
  13. Yes, but at least we have you bucking the trend, bringing joy and positivity.
  14. The pass to play was Vardy to Maddison.
  15. I can’t agree that there was a lack of professional pride. Despite several poor recent performances, we are not lacking effort, just direction and quality.
  16. Don’t judge every performance, by the result. Sometimes you get the breaks, sometimes you don’t. Don't forget we scored from our only decent chance. Players were poor first half, despite Puel setting us up well. Got goal at right time and they changed shape which suited us no end, but despite this, they could easily have had 2 better breaks resulting in the goals that would see massively contrasting posts on here. One improved half, isn’t enough to forget the drivel we are bring served up too often. Puel Out still.
  17. We’d all love him to return and make an impact, but having watched him extensively, he would struggle terribly right now. He’s doing well and improving in a very average side/league. Leave him be to learn how to consistently perform each week, then if he’s serious about being premier league class, introduce him slowly and see if he’s able to develop the multitude of physical and mental skills and attributes required at the top level. Wishing you all the luck in the world Harvey.
  18. Just so special being by L1 singing this yesterday, especially when Top stopped to appreciate it/us at the end. As a tribute song I feel it gets lost a bit, immediately after “one of our own” with the next 2 lines having nothing really to do with Vichai. If we could swap in something like:- ”With Top by his side.... Our hearts filled with pride” before belting out out the “Champions of England, you made us sing that” it just makes it more about him, which I guess is the whole idea. ???
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