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  1. Richard hannon is a serous flats trainer too, that coupled with a jockeys of SDS is a bit of a racing powerhouse.
  2. Too often in the wrong position and takes up ineffective space and positions when we are attacking, he needs this time on the pitch for the experience and during the summer I’m sure they will sort out his runs, his movements and his positional awareness and he will be cracking next season. He’s been 6/10 so far but I can see him being a sensation next season.
  3. Would like to see someone high flying come in, someone like Leon Bailey. Might be a step too far for us but if we’re aiming high why not, would love a winger like him.
  4. Brahim Diaz seems to want out at Man City and I know Real are reported to be interested but could just be agent talk, think he’s the kind of player we should be offering the moon on a stick to and would fit our system and our ethos well. Id love us to try for Wilfs mate Leon Bailey but I would imagine with Bayer still in Europe he wouldn’t be overly interested in us. Again young, very talented and exactly what we are looking for. Realistically would be very happy with Wilfred Zaha though. We just really need a winger thats a massive handful and a headache for opposing teams.
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