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  1. Jermaine has had a rough life not many people bar some come out the meadows a good person. Wes unfortunately also was raised there.
  2. Which also suggests a striker should be leaving?
  3. The Foff and Soy at the back is surely what dreams are made of! incoming 5-0 defeat 👀
  4. Could be a decent gamble and save us a lot of money
  5. French Revolution at the foxes! Soumare, Edouard and of course we already have the Foff! Probs £40m combined and without having to sell anyone. Realistically anyone else being signed probs would be on loan or with the sale of someone else.
  6. I think what’s happening around him is the more the issue.
  7. He also drank himself an early grave, swings and roundabouts
  8. So Morelos or Edouard? Or BOTH 👀🔮
  9. Keep him on the bench, bring him on when the game is already won ready to bed him in for next season or a loan move. Physically there isn’t too many like him his age and you can see technically he has a bit of class.
  10. I have to say I do hope we keep an eye on Sima, I don’t think they’d over price him think the £50m talked about won’t be true in reality.
  11. Yawn. half his goals have been penalties this season but it’s only when we lose people truly get concerned. Form changes but class is permanent keep the faith.
  12. They aren’t mugs, fair play to them hope they go even further in the comp.
  13. Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi youri Ricky Barnes albrighton Vardy Barnes to play close to Vardy or float around.
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