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  1. lcfc sheff

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    think thats quite a realistic post, besides the highlighted who i can see going chelsea!
  2. lcfc sheff

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    iheanacho's play last game was reminiscent of how he ended last season (fairly strong) so i hope he gets some gametime as a n.10 / inverted winger
  3. lcfc sheff

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    how exciting on paper is our team?! just need the results this back end of the season to prove it. Vardy, Gray and Ghezzal for me need to show what they can do, that will determine everything. i think someone like Januzaj would be an interesting signing with lots to prove, definitely gonna get grief for saying that but he's someone that i think looks very good for real sociedad
  4. lcfc sheff

    What's Wrong at Leicester City?

    We are easily the best positioned team outside the top 6, our playing squad is young, exciting and of considerable value. Patience is whats wrong.
  5. lcfc sheff

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    @Cujek You're acting as if what Claude had done has affected the game, when it was something that occurred outside the game so doesn't exactly matter.
  6. lcfc sheff


    Vardy could benefit more if we persist with this formation, the signs are there from that cameo. Problem is, he’s been out of form and only looked good for us after coming off the bench. Needs to sort himself out as his finishing has been questionable this season to say the least.
  7. lcfc sheff


    think thats our best partnership 100% just saying why hasnt he gone out on loan or something considering the investment made in him?
  8. lcfc sheff

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    None of us are responsible for our dad's opinions, but Puel definitely shouldnt be happy with the comments regardless.
  9. lcfc sheff


    also, i think if he does well we'll buy him regardless of the cost; we've got the cash and if it looks like a sound investment we'll certainly invest
  10. lcfc sheff


    Drinkwater replacement, found!
  11. lcfc sheff


    Wouldn't surprise me if he's sold in the summer, such an odd situation. Is he injured?
  12. I wish he had a right foot! his runs are insane its just a shame about the end product; needs to look at what Ricardo and copy
  13. lcfc sheff

    Barnes coming back

    Think most with the patience can see he’ll be a top player, days like today just getting in the positions to score are promising signs so early on in his career. Could still see him as a striker (as much as his finishing wasn’t great today)
  14. lcfc sheff

    The ones that got away

  15. lcfc sheff

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Get a target man in and I think Maddison would shine even more than his good DEBUT season in the prem.