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  1. I don’t see him going out on loan. seems to be a player who we could actually need next season. Can actually take a corner for one!!
  2. Is there anyone who’s “experienced” who’s contract runs out this summer?
  3. Doge dipping... can’t believe I had 13,300 of them at one point and sold them 😂😂
  4. This is what makes me laugh, he’ll cost £30m with no guarantee he’ll do well in the prem... but £40m is apparently too much for Abraham 🙄
  5. Soumare, Gosens and Abraham (or edouard) and we suddenly have a really competitive team with good talent on the bench to change the game. I think it’s probably what has cost us the most at times this season.
  6. I must admit I’m really not bothered about keeping him
  7. He doesn’t seem to be getting as stuck in visually, is he carrying a knock?
  8. If I was thauvin I’d go Mexico for definite same wages as we’d offer + likely to be the best player in the league + gignac probably put in a good word
  9. More likely the chap to replace Gosens at Atalanta!
  10. You also forgot we released him at 16!
  11. Which journalist from the athletic is this?
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