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  1. if he got say 10 goals + 10 assists this season he’ll be Atleast worth Maguire kind of money.
  2. Our defence was excellent, midfield far better second half and have something to try going into the next games. Vardy played well, could have done with barnes on. praet looked decent I thought, got stuck in. Will be interesting to see where he fits as I was made to believe he’s more of an iniesta type midfielder but obviously didn’t get the chance to show that today.
  3. We really need some more pace, but a very decent point
  4. Soyuncu is brilliant, think he’s become my favourite player already
  5. Idols hummels and puyol - no surprises there! Hope he has a brilliant game today, got the attributes to be a top level centreback.
  6. Without end product he’s not worth that kind of money... but age + nationality add a few £s on the potential fee. If Justin ends up playing well when he gets the chance I wouldn’t be too disheartened to see him go - bit like Maguire going.
  7. In reality, would have been greedy getting another CB when Soyuncu clearly is a decent player
  8. Chilwell on the other hand has seemed to lost his pace, has he had a leg removed?
  9. Soyuncu is the man, didn’t look out of place at all.
  10. He’ll be the biggest shock for us this season! In a good way.
  11. Anyways... you were saying bud? ?
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