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  1. Kasper Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Youri Maddison ZIYECH Barnes Vardy we’d probably have to sell Maguire or Chilwell and my kidneys but get Ziyech in somehow someway. That team would finish top 6.
  2. Linked with Ziyech again.... lord give me strength as I can’t help but get excited again.
  3. He seems a lot better at passing when we’re winning, not sure if that’s just what it seems or it’s a confidence thing
  4. That’s true, the issue is the physical ability needed to be a CM in England outweighs the technical needs. Basically we need Ndidi to step up his passing game.
  5. Every time I’ve seen him play I think dani Parejo is a cracking player. Could be the profile of CM that Rodgers wants to challenge Ndidi
  6. I’m hesitant of buying any Scottish players at this moment! all jokes aside he’s certainly not the Ndidi replacement/competition needed.
  7. He’s definitely the profile of a winger we’ll be going for, blatantly obvious.
  8. Think there will be an influx of left footed players, may sound odd to say but think only having one left footer in Chilwell isn’t great. (Evans well could be but he just seems comfortable with both feet).
  9. May sound an odd thing to say but seems him and Barnes don’t seem to get along very much... it Atleast seems evident on the pitch
  10. Great post btw. I genuinely think the team on paper isn’t far off that, I think we’ve underperformed massively. The other teams challenging us for me aren’t as good currently so 7th is for us to lose. in terms of breaking into the top 6 we just need some consistency.
  11. Next season he’s gonna be a hell of a player, starting to click with him of late which is a rather promising sign.
  12. I truly thought he was finished, but now I look at him playing and see him going on for another 2 years. You’d argue the club must think the same (or Atleast hope) after the contract they gave him. even the top clubs struggle to replace their main striker, I certainly won’t be holding my breathe. I pray Brendan can work a miracle out of iheanacho.
  13. Our academy isn’t as nearly bad as people make out, it could be improved yes but to me that’s actually a good sign that we’ve got more to still come.
  14. Without even getting out the traps at all this season, we are currently 7th. I truly think if we keep the right players we’ll be top 6 next season.
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