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  1. There’s very few players of mendy’s quality we can attract who’ll happily play second fiddle to Ndidi for most the season. Shrewd business.
  2. Paying say a £5m loan fee with an option to buy is roughly the same as the outcome if we were to buy him outright, fees from players are usually spread out accordingly over a few years rather than one big lump sum. So worse comes to worse st ettiene get £5m to spend on another CB, we get fofana who let’s say for some reason flops. We don’t exercise the option but St ettiene get fofana back and aren’t really any worse off, besides the fact of losing a player of fofana’s quality for a season. hopefully this comes off but like a few have said st ettiene would probs want all the money guaranteed rather than a loan fee. Although perhaps we could meet in the middle a pay them a bigger loan fee which would mean we are risking a bit more financially.
  3. Justin will have something to say about that 😉
  4. Excuse the bump but there’s a lot of teams right now that look like they need a CB (Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Barcelona?) really surprised there doesn’t seem to be any speculation as he’s really a class above most Centre-backs in this League bar van dijk and maybe Laporte?
  5. Playing CB is another string to his bow, means we aren’t screwed if this situation happens again. Very clear now why they gave Mendy another contract as I thought he’d be finished but he’s looked very good these two games!
  6. Hopefully he can get an England call up this year, think he’d offer a refreshing change
  7. Yeah he’s been hard done by that wood goal especially is harsh on him!
  8. Am I being too optimistic or could this loan before potentially buying deal mean we’ve got some free funds this summer for another attacking signing? Or Maybe that other leftback some Journalists / ITKs seem to think we’re still after that seems to have gone cold?
  9. If they don’t sign sancho I can’t imagine them doing as well as their little run last season, defence is dog shit
  10. We’ve been linked last few windows for some reason, he’d be perfect for us can play both wings but also can play as a wingback!
  11. I wouldn’t expect any different tbh, similar to us signing iheanacho
  12. Brewster could be perfect for us, I don’t think we’d get a better opportunity to sign him, we’ll regret it when he’s a 50m striker! in terms of sarr and shaqiri I just think If we were to sell gray then someone else to come in would offer us some great options. The likes of Bayern rotate their wingers a lot keeping them fresh and make them unpredictable!
  13. Three options we should be looking at, if Liverpool are to sign Jota then Sarr who plays for Watford surely is worth a go? Brewster clearly is to be sold, probably to sheff Utd but again I feel he’d be a good signing. finally, Shaqiri has to be surplus to requirements with Liverpool’s options now beginning grow.
  14. Sell him, take the profit and get someone else in. The experiment is over
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