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  1. Ryan Christie and Morelos, Castagne and then we’d be sorted 😉
  2. If hamza is sent out on loan I can see the logic
  3. Think he nows goes under the radar if anything.
  4. Ross Barkley would be an interesting one, good player who I think is treated harshly especially by the media trying to portray him as either the next Rooney or Gascoigne
  5. Used to see him cycle through endcliffe park in sheffield
  6. £80m is where I think the bidding should begin
  7. I really think the big clubs are gonna take notice of him whenever the transfer window opens, how much is he worth is the question? Priceless in my eyes but wonder where the clubs cut off point would be
  8. Have to give him a season to adjust, has been a good signing but it’s just a shame he cost £30m otherwise I’m not sure people would be so harsh.
  9. I just sometimes can’t believe we have the premier leagues top goal scorer, I know it’s minuscule in terms of us winning the league but it still astounds me in this era where people spend £80m on strikers.
  10. Not every midfielder has the stamina of Kante...
  11. Has a similar play style to Ricardo, if he keeps this up I’d happily say bye to Chilwell in the summer. Not meaning to be too harsh 😉
  12. If you didn’t already rate him... you should now!
  13. I’ve said this before I do believe he has a future playing upfront, however atm id prefer to see us work on a front three of Barnes, Vardy and Iheanacho with barnes in the hole... hopefully get it in tune ready for Europe next year where we can be dangerous.
  14. What a brilliant signing, next year hopefully in Europe he can shine further. For me he must start.
  15. For me he needs to drop to the championship or maybe go abroad to progress in his career, he’s really stagnated and whilst he shows moments of promise he just can’t display levels of consistency. Which mind you is difficult when you aren’t starting but that is in turn his own doing.
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