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  1. Aggression is what we need... in the midfield there isn’t enough bite or athleticism either; only Ndidi has those attiributes.
  2. An attacking player with some strength and height would be nice
  3. Scenes when he goes Man Utd for £70m, Rudkin statue needed
  4. Should’ve taken off Fuchs and shown faith in Thomas
  5. I’m quite sure Edouard is joining us considering the constant links + the power shift in Scotland over to Rangers. He’s done all he needs to for Celtic... Now is the time to move forward from a team that doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing anymore.
  6. I don’t mean just the Thursday I mean the long term team.
  7. So what formation do we play when he’s back? Can we make it work with a 343 or will we return to 4atb?
  8. We need to be showing we can dominate games like this, 4atb lots of possession and lots of chances created.
  9. Who cares about his speed? He gets into useful positions regardless not every player can run like Vardy but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use him
  10. Forget the goal, people said he’d need a championship loan... looks the part
  11. KDH will definitely make it here
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