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  1. lcfc sheff

    Linked Players

    Part of me wants more of presence upfront, we don’t seem at times to have enough physicality on the pitch.
  2. lcfc sheff

    Linked Players

    Is Edin Dzeko too ambitious/ not a necessary signing? could see him going West Ham due to location/money/manager
  3. From what I got told he had till this month, with which we're obviously only half way into; to convince the owners. Will be a very interesting end to the month, or not very depending on if the info was a load of B. Shakespeare was somewhat sacked out of the blue so it wouldn't surprise me if something similar happened with Puel. Although, personally i'm all for keeping him.
  4. lcfc sheff

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Danny Rose pulls out the England squad, Chilwell should start.... Unless Gareth feels like experimenting with the youthful Ashley Young
  5. lcfc sheff

    Who’s this trialist?

    https://gianlucadimarzio.com/it/da-cameriere-al-leicester-in-tre-giorni-la-favola-di-davide-lorenzo Davide Lorenzo apparently, never heard of him.
  6. lcfc sheff

    Söyüncü Signs

    Patience my children
  7. lcfc sheff

    Who’s this trialist?

    First name Davide it would seem, no idea on the surname
  8. lcfc sheff

    One step forward two steps backs

    Eat a snickers X
  9. Him, Clyne and a selling a few centre midfielders and buying genuine quality would represent a decent January. id love another striker with decent hold up play, bit like Giroud.
  10. lcfc sheff

    Söyüncü Signs

    such an overreaction on here, how embarrassing
  11. lcfc sheff

    Nacho man assist appreciation thread

    Let’s give him a fair shot, start him and vardy till January and reevaluate if he’s good enough to start by then. hes still contributing goals and assists, but I do agree we can still expect some improvement but I suppose it’s good to know the best is yet to come?
  12. lcfc sheff

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    yes, and should be relatively cheap.
  13. i'm sorry, but he made that many bad tackles he could well have been sent off early, with no complaints.
  14. lcfc sheff

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I hate to be the guy that rules out a player (Uche), but he looks like a failed signing already. I agree with the rest of what you've said.
  15. lcfc sheff

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Its signings like Loft and Uche that I find very odd, definitely feels like we're 'using' them like you said. We need to find a balance soon in regards to loaning out our promising players whilst somewhat being competitive in the U21s league, but that seems only something the top, top teams manage.