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  1. He’s on 200k a week for a start
  3. Weird how there isn’t some real media pressure or any club really going after him rather...
  4. OH FFS... I literally read that and got so excited till I looked at the username.
  5. Lille have some fantastic talent at the moment
  6. That is the Gray we need to see, look at all that potential
  7. Sell Andy and Matty, get mcgregor simples 😃
  8. yes, let’s bring Puel up in the Ricardo transfer rumours thread.... jesus wept the way some of you act it’s as if he’s finger blasted your Nan.
  9. get him and Youri, then weve got as strong a midfield as our defence. Will just need to work on some winger/striker and then we’ll be so set its ridiculous to think what we can do
  10. Sean gets his info from a bloke messaging him on twitter, whoever the person is isn’t usually wrong especially when you see the line ups 3 hours early 😂
  11. It would be a top four side or six at the very least
  12. Well that does it, never mentioning a player playing internationally again!
  13. Benkovic starting tonight vs Tunisia
  14. Perisic on the left, vardy in the middle and robben on the right
  15. Can’t use his pace so much on the left either, for me if a winger is struggling form wise it’s best to get him back to the basics of crossing. Rather than the modern pressures of wanting a winger to score plenty.
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