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  1. If we get champions league I think we can defo afford him (and more importantly convince him to join us).
  2. Him, vardy, iheanacho and Perez would be enough to sustain a decent campaign on all fronts.
  3. enough about his looks what about him as a player!
  4. with him also being the age of 32; the lack of playing time in his last six years is concerning. I hope we steer clear.
  5. He’s the one more striker we need
  6. Rotate him in the no.10 role or even as a striker. I’ve said it since he’s been playing for us his future isn’t on the wing.
  7. I’d love to see that formation aswell!
  8. We’re rubbish at total football get back to what we look good at! Iheanacho behind vardy and bring Perez on if need be later on. I’m sick of this 433 rubbish 😂😂
  9. Youcef atal, can play rb/lb/rm/lm and has great dribbling ability. Should be cheap-ish
  10. The biggest concern I have is I don’t even want to watch us play, so boring and predictable.
  11. I’m not sure we could afford him?
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