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  1. Ryan Christie could be a good shout £15-£20m?
  2. Morelos, Demiral and Rashica all for probably less than £70m.
  3. We all know what Demarai is capable of which is where a lot of frustration towards him lies. He’s so much better on the RW imo hope he can continue to give Pérez good competition.
  4. Well, it would certainly appear we’ve replaced him, but with multiple players inputs!
  5. There’s a reason Rodgers is targeting another centre back... Evans has an injury record and can’t be expected to play every game especially if we get Europe next season. Benkovic not much better either in terms of injuries so need someone else defo. evans is crucial to us, he’s two footed which doesn’t get much talking about a long with his general ball playing ability which is hugely underrated. An important cog in this Rodgers machine.
  6. I do think it’ll click for him at some point as although he’s doing well I think there is plenty to still come. ive said it before but for me he has the makings of a striker and would love to see him have a game or two up front whether alone or in a partnership with vardz.
  7. With no Europe to deal with we can definitely handle cup games + league games otherwise we’re in for a torrid time next season if we qualify for Europe!
  8. No assists for him this season weirdly! Lots of pre assists though
  9. Think he’s playing well atm but only off the bench as others have said. he’s got all the talent in the world but his decision making is atrocious. Still yesterday he’s taking shots that aren’t really on.
  10. Would Morelos be too much of a bastard to play second fiddle to vardy??
  11. Realistically it’s just a CB we need. Reassess in the summer. i would love some experienced player on a short term deal but unsure of whom.
  12. Perhaps a winger on loan who’s underperforming / Unappreciated similar to when we signed Youri?
  13. Imagine if he somehow finished top scorer in Europe in 2019! Anything is possible
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