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  1. I was being a little flippant about being the 19th biggest club I don't disagree with anything you are saying, but would add 2 points: 1) If you make a great kit, it will sell: look no further than your own Avatar - that Nigerian kit is the perfect example. And you have far more chance doing that with bespoke kits that just a lazy single colour with monochrome logos (i.e. last year maroon, this year picnic blanket). Put our full badge on the home kit, but I think having just the Foxes' Head (or even running fox) on 2nd/3rd kits would make it more accessible to neutrals.
  2. We're the 19th biggest football club in the World! All sorts of clubs have bespoke kits: even with Adidas, as every MLS club - even our bitter rivals Cincinnati FC - have bespoke kits, so it's not really that much of a stretch.
  3. Give me this over a stupid table cloth any day!
  4. I did some research for painting my subbuteo team... and read that they only wore this kit twice. I tracked doen the Palace away game in the picture, but I couldn't find out what the other game was... and whether we even scored a goal wearing it. Any answers to this?
  5. Well it is based on the first ever Leicester kit, so you'd be messing with 137 years of history, and as the point is to honour old kits, I'm not sure my OCD could handle it going the other way!
  6. And my mock up, which took 2 mins in paint to get the idea, but if we've got Adidas, why not make a feature of the 3 stripes?
  7. Sorry to bring you down to earth, but the sash actually went the other way...
  8. 2 questions: Does anyone know what the scale of the party was? I gather it was Perez's birthday & looks like he had 4 of his teammates round, who are all tested and in the same "football club bubble." The language used of "House Party" is damning, but there is a big range in the risk they are exposing themselves to: - If it was just the 5 of them, then very stupid, and breaking the current rules, but actually no additional risk compared to their normal work routine. - If it was partners as well, then there is increased risk - but given they have regular testing, then
  9. Nottingham Forest's draw at Bristol City (thanks Nige) means they can now only get 64 points and will not make the playoffs. As we cannot be relegated, teams that cannot finish above us next season are: Nottingham Forest Derby County Notts County Mansfield Chesterfield Congratulations on Leicester City being the top East Midlands Club for 2021/22 (for some of the historic numbers, see https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-leicester-city-nottingham-forest-4386162 - by my calculations, the 21/22 se
  10. The underlying message could also be that he had seen how big clubs operate and been spat out the other end. His background is a youth coach at Chelsea and maybe he appreciates being somewhere with a focus on developing players, putting their money in world class training facilities, which is where he can build his legacy. I don't know what is going on in his head - maybe he wasn't actually talking about himself - but I think you are stretching his comments to put your own words in his mouth.
  11. That Middlesbrough 3-3 game... I was house-sharing with a Boro supporter at the time & we were sat in front of Final Score watching the Vidiprinter as those goals came in. A coupe of hours later I was off for my first date with my now wife! I remember we had an excellent team that year full of goals from Ferdinand, Dickov and Bent - the games I went to were 2-0 at Portsmouth, 4-4 at Spurs, 2-3 at Leeds, and Sky games at the pub of 4-0 Leeds at Home game & 2-0 Blackburn, with only memories of sitting through the Birmingham 1-0 loss at home (F*** Off Savage) and the relegatio
  12. You need to protect your IP otherwise someone else will steal it... Newly rebranded NY/NJ Gotham FC (US women's team) have just launched their new kit, which is "black with a sky blue sash" (not that they look very happy about it): https://www.footyheadlines.com/2021/04/gotham-fc-2021-home-away-kits.html The sky blue is very light and the sash goes the wrong way, but it looks a blatant attempt to muscle in on our look which we are letting lapse by not bringing it back every few years. (Although the logo, which is pretty smart, borrows heavil
  13. I did get the sarcasm . I was just making the point that sports do exist where you just have the same 2 sides going at it year after year and it never gets boring*. However, there is a real issue here with the mismatch of revenue coming from UEFA. Take Leicester, whose base income is now around £200m. How do you budget for whether you get another £70m income from being in the Champions League or not? Consider you are competing against clubs like PSG/Bayern/Barcelona/Juve etc who have been near guaranteed this extra income year after year. You either have to gamble and pay higher wa
  14. I'm sure you watching the Boat Race last weekend then... right up you street. They figured out long ago a 2 team model was the perfect way to run a sport, and they are rewarded with prime BBC exposure and lucrative broadcast income.
  15. What a bizarre article...He makes a lot of great points - the basis of the article is that there is so much heritage in European football - there are so many different countries producing top players, achieving at major tournaments, and so many different countries have had periods at the top with Ajax, Dynamo Kyiv, Red Star Belgrade, Benfica and MTK Budapest all having had success in the past, that it is sad to see the current unfair state of the European Cup (5 out of 8 QFs are from the rich England/Germany). So you think the solution is to widen the playing field to enable these
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