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  1. For those that subscribe to The Athletic, there was a good story on the Sunderland mascot: https://theathletic.com/1199381/2019/09/11/i-was-in-a-box-at-the-stadium-on-a-saturday-meeting-nike-about-the-next-seasons-kit-designs-and-it-got-to-130-and-i-said-sorry-ive-got-to-go-and-be-the-cat/ Without wanting to bet banned for copyright, a little snippet: So I had to chip in with my Filbert the Fox/Samson story back from 1999... So Happy Birthday Filbert - you chicken! But I don't think any less of you... I don't think I'd have wanted to take on 45,000 Mackems that night either!
  2. Have you ever actually been to a game??? Or watched a game with a vested interest as a fan a team??? There are so many different sports out there which ebb and flow in different ways. I love football & being 90 minutes you can get fully immersed in every kick. But I love test match cricket, which is very different. I couldn't be bothered with some sessions last week, but incurred the wrath of the whole family on the drive home last Sunday as couldn't miss a ball with Overton/Leach at the crease. Once you watch a few games & understand how the sport works you begin to appreciate it and how to watch it. At 3 hours long, the NFL is somewhere between the 2 - you can have slow periods, but then it can come to a crescendo with a team needing to score with less than 2 minutes on the clock when you can't take your eyes off it. The last 5 or 10 minutes of a football match can often fail to deliver as teams wind down the clock or settle for a draw or just fail to build a period of sustained pressure, but the NFL regularly produces do or die finishes - and with only a 16 game regular season, each game is far more important individually than a Premier League game. It's a great sport to follow & it's your loss if you are too prejudiced by it being American rather than British to open yourself up to that.
  3. Struggling to think where they got the inspiration for D from...
  4. Admin - I'm really getting tired of the title of this thread being "Yanited". Can you please just change it to United?
  5. Slightly off topic from the thread, but given the amount of photos of Peter Taylor and his signings, not surprising he's being discussed under "Unfortunate events". I was living in London at the time & remember how brilliant that Chelsea game was when we beat them to go top - but will always vividly remember coming up for the Derby game a few weeks later in October... We scraped past a poor Derby team 2-1. I think we were 4th place in the Premier League at that point - unbelievable for us as a club - and yet we were complaining about the performance and listening to the phone-in on the drive home, everyone was complaining about how we were playing. How could so many people be complaining about being 4th in the league? - Because we knew at that point the team and tactics under Peter Taylor weren't good enough and things could go badly wrong if things didn't change. My memory is that we were hanging on after that - turning out the odd good performance (actually looking back at the games, we did have some good results over that period), but we just didn't have any ideas in that Wycombe game - and as much of a shock as it was at the time, I think there were enough signs of it coming and it just became apparent he wasn't up to the job.
  6. Interesting that Schmeichel is listed as homegrown... He came through the Man City academy, but seems odd to be able to be listed as counting as English home-grown but able to represent Denmark at International level!
  7. Wow - has it still got a plastic pitch then??? (I know the plastic pitch was installed in 1985, but why ruin a good story...)
  8. This is the point... there is far more history to this situation than is being presented in today's reports. I just had a message from my Bury supporting mate who said exactly the same thing "Dale was only in it for himself but the problems started before him". There are around 100 football clubs in this country in the league or recently in the league, and they are all individual businesses. Some will be better run than others, and if 95% are run well enough to get by (which I doubt) then 5% or 5 clubs will be in a mess - and it is their fault - either through gambling or through bad business decisions, and as gutting as it is for the fans, it is wrong for well run businesses to pay to cover those that make bad decisions. We've seen it with Newport and Wimbledon that a football club is all about having a team out there on the pitch and having fans turn up and watch. The current Bury FC may die, but the club can live on. My mum is from Newport and I've followed them over the years (1st game was in 1987 in the old Div 3: actually v's Bury as it happens) - and as gutting as it was for them, the fans rallied round, formed a club and they are now back where they were having had a lot of fun along the way: descending on non-league clubs with twice the support with a real community feel. (Think of it as our tier 3 adventure but far more extreme). If a true fan based ownership can be set up, then I think we should all do our best to support the new club and get it going in whatever way we can - but we can;t do it at this point while it is in the hands of a asset stripper like Dale.
  9. Maybe not Dyche - but I can imagine Neil Warnock at Barcelona... https://www.joe.co.uk/football/neil-warnock-barcelona-football-manager-231381
  10. Fully agree with this, but 3 or 4 years ago we wouldn't have remotely been thinking the grass was greener at Leicester rather than one of the biggest clubs in the World. Where we are at the moment: we are signing World Class players ourselves, developing a World Class training facility, hopefully expanding the stadium and hopefully pushing for top 6 and finishing above Man U - if we can do all that and keep going and start competing in Europe year after year, we may reach a point where we are not seen as career development on the way to others. It may be in another 3 or 4 years, but at this point in time, yes, we are a stepping stone. It feels like a real kick in the stomach seeing him in a Man U shirt and does bring us back to earth a little - but agree with the post: disappointing as it is, that it is the way it is at the moment. It will be interesting to see where we are when Maguire's 6 year' are up...
  11. Was really impressed with him last night... flying around, legs coming out of nowhere to steal the ball... ... but there was at least 1 occasion when as he lunged, the Cambridge player turned the way Hamza wasn't expecting and got crunched. Would have been a booking had it not been a pre-season friendly. More through circumstance rather than rashness. I'm just worried his game is based on these sorts of tackles & over the course of a season he will rack up 2 or 3 red cards. I'm not sure how easy it is to take those challenges out of his game without affecting the rest of it.
  12. First Leicester game for both my daughter and my oldest son! I live in Cambridge & am parking at the Cambridge Retail Park - its pretty much next to the ground & you do see lots of football fans parking in there. As there are plenty of spaces (particularly at that end), they don't seem to mind or have any restrictions. The traffic along Newmarket road can be slow, but will be much quicker than the Park and Ride. There are bus lanes both sides... I've been caught by the one going East, but got out of it, only for Mrs Golden Fox to get caught a couple of weeks later, but that one heading West is the real beast... the camera is just before you filter left to go into the retail park & the traffic is often backing up in the middle lane... As for the game, I'd like a Vardy goal for my son, & as tonight will be my 7th Cambridge game & I still haven't seen them score, I'll be mortified if we don't keep a clean sheet!
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