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  1. Cheers man, hopefully be some more stuff on the way with regards to a different insight 👊🏻
  2. What makes it worse is he’s from Leicester!
  3. Definitely, literally everyone I have spoken too talks about how good the club is behind the scenes.
  4. In speaking to Guy, he says he’s in contact every week. Even now during lockdown and is often up there watching. Episode is here if you did fancy it: bit.ly/FoxesFancastSpotify
  5. I’ve spoken to both Dean and current Loan Manager Guy Branston if anyone is more interested in the role and how it works 👍🏻
  6. Nice analysis of it all @StriderHiryu Can’t really argue with anything you have said in all honesty. Certainly think it’ll be interesting and would be intrigued to see what we have lined up. Time will tell as to everything that pans out.
  7. Also the offer of Champions League (touch wood)
  8. Yeah I would agree with this too. Probably Coutinho the other side but that’s just being pedantic!
  9. Tend to be pretty good mate yeah, transfers are tough though. So many hidden factors.
  10. Yes I’ve heard it from a reliable source. But I was also the person who first spoke about Robben and look how that ended up 😂
  11. I think the training ground will be massive in this all too. Everyone I’ve spoken to in podcasts and stuff keep saying how big it’ll be for the club and getting lads in
  12. Hahaha no disrespect taken! Not asking you to believe don’t worry!
  13. Yeah I agree with this. Cambiasso was one thing but Coutinho be in his prime!
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