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  1. Collymore

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    The commentary is done after. That's why the commentator always has an uncanny knack of seeming to know everything thing in foresight. I've not watched it tonight but can imagine something along the lines of "...and Demari Gray is preferred to Marc Albrighton with Gray not scoring in his last x games for Leicester... "
  2. Collymore

    Masters Snooker 2019

    WOW! What an attempt at 147 by Ding! Would have been the second best in all time I think, after Ronnie's record breaking fast one...
  3. Collymore

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    It wasn't even like we had a plan going forward either, every single player just seemed like they were in the wrong position.
  4. Collymore


    You want to call in the backup?
  5. Collymore

    Wolves A Match Thread

    5 subs and 6 goals = 3 mins added on mins.
  6. Collymore

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Conceding so easily from a corner when we struggle so much offensively must be the biggest kick in the balls so far...
  7. Collymore

    Wolves A Match Thread

    They're the fixtures we need though. Wouldn't be surprised if got 7 points from them.
  8. Collymore

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Mendy was thrown to the floor like a rag doll.
  9. Collymore

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but we're actually looking good going forward but look terrible defensively.
  10. Collymore

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    Good luck Benny, All the best.
  11. Collymore

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Thanks but I do, it's the links to the other "so called" news stories I'm on about..
  12. Collymore

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    The Mercury site is horrible, just click bait everywhere.
  13. Collymore

    Spiderman signs...

    It's Parker.
  14. Collymore

    Ali Regbha

    Hopefully we can get another look at him tonight V Exeter.
  15. Would it be an idea for us to really try out some of our development squad in the first team? I know there are rules that govern this type of thing but if they're there on merit and we don't take the p** too much then surely now is a better time than ever. Now we're out of all cup competitions and we have little to play for, surely unlocking a gem that might be staring us in right in the face could save us millions in the summer. It might also get the fans excited and build a more supportive atmosphere at home games again. I think to be successful under Puel doesn't always come from pure talent it seems, it's more an understanding of his system, philosophy and being young and malleable that could be the key.