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  1. What's you breaking the rules got to do with the 4 Leicester players having a house party and most probably negatively impacting on one of the most important games of the season? Why don't you start a thread in general chat and ask people in there instead?
  2. Imagine the state of the match thread when he fires one of his useless corners in for the first time the next time he plays
  3. It's more do with my twisted perception than anything wrong with Rodgers himself probably. I think I find it easier to relate to managers that wear their heart on their sleeves a bit more perhaps... We don't get to know these people personally so I have to try to build an understanding of someone solely on what I see in the media. Like I said, I love Rodgers being here and am thankful for all of the things he's doing for the club, but do I feel like I know him at all? Not one bit.
  4. A few others have mentioned this "we all make mistakes when we're younger" which of course you're absolutely right and you have already highlighted that it is different for them. The big difference is that these guys are at the top getting paid millions, a part of that financial reward is for them to make sacrifices that your average younger person wouldn't have to make - like many of us I'd imagine. So the "we all make mistakes" doesn't work for me I'm afraid. Forgive them yes, but they also must understand that getting paid thousands more than your average person is
  5. Yeah. I just find it really hard to get connected to the guy. I really appreciate what he's doing for the club and he's transforming us in so many positive ways but sometimes I feel he sees us a platform for him to showcase well ........ him I suppose! I can't really sum it up in words, it's just a feeling I have. I'm happy he's here as he's brining success though, I just don't feel much towards him.
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