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  1. 100% yes on this one. I'd predict 20 goal a season man with a full season under his belt. Much better option than Bony.
  2. The Waghorn and Dodoo show?
  3. A) Doesn't make sense mate B) The only way we'd keep Shaky with him not getting the permanent job would be to hire a new manager on the proviso that Shakes stays. The higher calibre of manager the more unlikely this would happen. It's an all or nothing situation for him I think now.
  4. I'm not being funny but wouldn't 99% of people do the same if they found a wallet and had the means to perhaps track them down?
  5. Always mention the pitch to a person I'm with, one of the first things I look at. Actually I probably think it as I'm usually on my own
  6. I've hated these designs with a passion. Thank god these are being banned. If you've got enough time as an employee to be designing and implementing crap like that (that only distracts linesmen and fans away from the action) then your time is not being spent wisely. Go and spend your time improving grass root pitches or giving your services to groups that actually need it. A football pitch should be a simplistic nod of approval. The fine sight of a well kept pitch with straight lines, robust penalty areas and goal mouths are 90% of conversations when you walk to your seat, The shit parade of designs on show of at the KP this season has been nothing short of disgusting.
  7. Do people realise that footballer's aren't robots and they have different personalities? Demarai is basically saying he's found it tough because he wants to play more and some people are criticising him! Unbelievable. Good on you Demarai, I can see how you've found it frustrating as you were the only bright spark at times this season and ridiculously over looked on so many occasions.
  8. This thread is turning into a massive tool for understanding my hay fever timings. People at work have been complaining that it's starting to get bad but I have not had one symptom yet, not one sneeze or anything. I thought I might be finally over it but I checked back through this thread and found a pattern to when I come on and moan, normally early June to late July. I still might be pleasantly surprised as I'm sure I might have normally at least experienced it by mid/late May but I feel great at the moment. The only thing I've changed this year is that I'm eating more healthily and I use Cold Pressed Rape Seed Oil for my cooking and dressings. I thought this might have been a miracle cure but I can't find even a hypothesis anywhere on the internet, unlike the local honey idea. How's everybody else finding it? It might be worth you checking back and looking at dates too, we all tend to actually come on around the same time.. I think people who haven't suffered chronic hay fever don't understand just how debilitating it can be. I'm actually feeling at bit anxious about the next few weeks as I really hope I may have turned the corner with it.
  9. Ndidi is the real deal IMO. He makes it look effortless as he struts around the midfield and I think a preseason will see him improve further next season. Yes he still has some things to learn but for him to be this good at the age of 20 is frightening. Best signing out of them all I think.
  10. Ha! I actually wished my colleague luck yesterday! Best way to do it, they can't make out of you're being sincere or sarcastic and now I can pretend I was being sincere if they try and brag "did you not hear me wish you luck yesterday? I'm happy for you, always knew we'd lose" If we'd won "told you you'd need a bit of luck to even get close to us"
  11. Some of the reactions in this thread are so over the top. The whole point of getting up to 11th when we were staring relegation in the face is that you can afford to have an off day. An OFF DAY. That's all yesterday was. We all have them from time to time and a football club is no different. I'm glad some of you lot are not in charge! Jesus! Shakespeare to get the job full time 100%.
  12. What video?
  13. I thought it was going to be a lecture but it actually turned out to be bizarrely the opposite. The people running it genuinely didn't want us to be caught speeding again and told us all the places in the future where mobile speed traps might be planned.
  14. Most of the time they are head hunted by the intelligence agencies to work for them targeting who they want and helping them to improve their defence. If they refuse they're locked up and the key would be thrown away. That's how the world works I'm afraid, it might sound Hollywood but it does happen.
  15. Is there a hidden meaning to this tweet or your post?