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  1. We have to let him go for £60m, it would be criminal not to.
  2. I bet people run their reply through a spell and grammar check ten times when calling others on their mistakes
  3. After nearly costing us points last week Chilwell disappointed me again today. He really seems to struggle when he has to think quickly, something that Rodgers will want us to do more of in the final third. He nearly got booked today for taking his time over a throwing in the first half-the ref went over to talk to him - but I've seen him spend that long when we're chasing a game and he's throwing it in the last minute, it's as if he struggles cognitively with the game sometimes... He's a great athlete and can drive forward instinctively with grace but I really do wonder sometimes if he's got it in his locker to turn into that ultimate player we all hope he could be.
  4. Really frustrating. Can't spell any of them. Has he never scored against Hart or James?
  5. Adam Pearson V "can't remember" in tournament "can't remember"
  6. Very hard to call this one. I'd imagine draw or narrow win for us.
  7. The commentary is awful. They're more interested in the Champions league games going on - if we were, we'd be watching them. know your audience LCFC TV!
  8. The windies looked like they were suffering from smoke inhalation from all those fires. England were smoking hot on the field though. What a player that Chris Jordan is.
  9. Well that'll be another thug off the streets for a bit... Hope there's a Villa fan gang in his prison.
  10. I actually think he looks quicker.
  11. This guy reminds me of Cambiasso - he makes everything look so effortless.
  12. Do the prices go up for bad press too?
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