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  1. Rumours are Rudders has put the paper work in the post without any stamps again.
  2. Looks like there might be highlights on SS5 at 8pm and then again at 11:30pm. They're an hour highlights too so tempted to not check the score and then just watch it in the evening after work.
  3. If they're as quick as the speed in which you reply, then yes, It's all convoluted!
  4. ermmm I thought the Telegraph were respected?
  5. Ross Barkley. The Telegraph hinting we might be in for him?
  6. =
  7. These are brilliant! Looks like a regular feature on LCFC TV. Some of the hints and answers had me in stitches but also a lot of insightful stuff regarding the "banter" and player's opinions of each other! "Huth only trains half the time and then ends up reffing!" I think Hamer genuinely didn't think it was him until he said himself!! "Iverson?"
  8. You can't drive a car after you've lost both keys
  9. There's one lurking still near the centre
  10. Any one else struggling to verify their email address for LCFC TV?
  11. "Never judge ethnicity by skin colour..." Shakespeare, 2017
  12. The Premier League hold the power but they sell their soul to the devil every year giving control to Sky. I don't know why The Premier League don't just offer a streaming service themselves direct to the fans? Sky and RM can fook off. Just charge £5 a game or something along those lines from their website and they'd make killing anyway? Imagine what they'd get from worldwide revenue! Sky, BT etc would probably still pay them for rights, probably a bit less, but that wouldn't matter as they'd be raking it in with a streaming service. They'd have to invest heavily in the technical infrastructure to stream reliably though...
  13. Their other striker Berardi would be a much better choice.