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  1. All that way for a 10 minute Checkatrade appearance no doubt.
  2. The OH Leuven Thread

    2 mins exactly he pronounces it trainer not 'trainers' ....Although Nige is going for a more gun metal grey look than the classic ice whites. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/512564
  3. Depression

    Thought this was an interesting read and possibly some of us could relate to. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-41726067
  4. New training ground

    Can't believe the debate this is generating. People are talking about a golf club like it's a hospital or a school that's getting bulldozed to the ground.
  5. Matty James - what is the status?

    This highlight a big thing for me - the club's ineptness when it comes to keeping fans informed.
  6. Puel - Not Shy!

    nee bother.
  7. Puel - Not Shy!

    I''m rubber you're glue.
  8. Formula 1 2017

    Interesting. They certainly kept it quiet. I can't find any press releases anywhere.
  9. Puel - Not Shy!

    I wish your statement could have won me some sword fights
  10. Puel - Not Shy!

    How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
  11. Puel - Not Shy!

    then you are a criminal too.
  12. Morecambe - Checkatrade Trophy

    I went to Carlisle and we were very impressive. We could easily not progress in this if we lose though.
  13. Puel - Not Shy!

    I can kind of see your point but still disagree but dropping Vardy is ridiculous. I think Albrighton is out of form, simple as that. We've seen it in the past where he can pivotal for the side but he tends to go through long spells of being out of form. I think it's the right choice to allow Gray to take his place at the moment but I certainly expect Marc to play an important role in the near future. Simpson is without doubt the best defender at the club. His positional sense is obscenely good. If he was better going forward I think he'd be an England regular. Dropping him is not an option as I think we'd leak a lot more goals without him in the side as he has got the central defenders out of trouble on so many occasions, especially with crosses and difficult balls to defend where quick thinking and natural positional sense is key. We'd need to spend £30m in January just to get someone as good as him defensively and then probably another £20m to get someone who can go forward too. Why waste £50m when that's not where we need to invest? Fuchs is a more tricky one as we have Chilwell waiting in the wings. It was interesting seeing us incorporate both Fuchs and Chillwell the other day but I think Fuchs might become more of a squad player. I can see Chilwell starting more home games when the onus is on us to attack and perhaps see Fuchs starting more away games, especially against a top side. To drop Vardy is just a criminal statement.
  14. Formula 1 2017

    That he isn't always in the best car, and he's become pretty good a helping develop them. I still don't see your point. I don't think many people would argue that Hamilton is a fast driver but I'd say he's an awful member of the team. Hamilton jumped from McLaren to Mercedes when it was pretty common knowledge in the F1 world that both teams were going to swap places. You make it sound like Hamilton went into the Mercedes garage with a diagram of a perfect car and taught them all how to make it. Nico Rosberg was far brighter and understood a lot more about the physics of racing and did actually offer the team a lot more than Hamilton ever did. Lewis is a natural talent and one hell of a driver but I don't think being a good team member is one of his strong points.