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  1. Apparently he had used them daily, so thousands of times. Just seems to me there is in an unfounded overconfidence in helicopters. Will not let my family near one.
  2. Think it was considered but they're going a head. There was a Rockets player during the minutes silence who looked in bits.
  3. Shocking. There's an NBA game just about to start if anyone's interesting in the reaction.
  4. He be perfect for a moan in drinking game. Sip for every time he's called Kieran.
  5. What we made on no transfer fee was soon lost on canteen supplies.
  6. He'll be playing NFL in his 50s at this rate!
  7. Can't see this being mentioned in the press at all but the pages on here suggest it's a sealed deal.
  8. Yeah this amazes me. You'd think that even if you didn't really support them the chance to go and see the Premier League would be enough to sell twice their capacity.
  9. Don't get this obsession with binning squad players. We need as many as we can for the amount of games next season and Marc is an experienced, reliable and an importantly "won't rock the boat" type player who's experienced a Champions League campaign before. Let the man be.
  10. What in a "can't wait to get rid and take their eyes out" way or "no way we're going to sell "way?
  11. I doubt it and' I've never put any of these clauses in any contract on football manager.
  12. Anybody know how long this will take to make iPlayer?
  13. It looked like his arse cheek but thought that was the top of the hamstring
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