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  1. Annoys me that they play reduced stoppage time when someone's hammering someone. If England had been losing this 1-0 they'd have played at least 5 minutes with all the injuries but because they think the score is irrelevant they only play 2 minutes.
  2. They're good players but not sure if they're going to take us to the next level. It's going to be difficult to improve the team from here at the moment - (the moment being January) and will be very expensive. I think the training ground and KP expansion can't come sooner as the new facilities (along with the potential of Champions League football next season) are going to be key in attracting the right players next summer. Possibly Bowen in January to play second fiddle to Vardy.
  3. It's a great question and I think I'm going to sit back and relax and draw the positive out of any result. Draw - possibly the best result for us as we obviously gain 2 points on both teams over the weekend and it would make our title shout a little more realistic. Liverpool win - Think Liverpool will win the league if they win today and think Pep will put even more eggs in his Champions League basket opening up 2nd place as a real possibility for us which would still be obsene. Man City win - Would mean that we'd be closer to first place but also think Pep would start thinking realistically about the double and taking the league more seriously. I think a 3-3 draw would be good as it'll make both teams question their defenses and get used to conceded.
  4. I'd love to know where that ball ended up, in the Sour perhaps? In which case it could have made its way to the Grand Union Canal so it could be still on its journey around the UK.
  5. In an infinite universe (where every atom combination possible is happening) there's a team full of Vardys somewhere that has been bread to play in every position (6ft 5 version in goal) I'd imagine that team would be better.
  6. I just watched MOTD and was shocked by Aubameyang for his offside goal. Surely he can't be that bad tactically to not realise he was offside. it was as if he just ran offside on purpose almost...
  7. I can't remember if they were involved in the minutes silence... Never a good idea!
  8. I loved it how "Rag Head" was just used in conversation as if it was on his birth certificate. Marshall and Claridge must have been the most crap looking good players ever to grace an attacking line up anywhere in the world ever...
  9. Yeah that squad had some quality in that's for sure. Even DJ Campbell was unplayable on his day, trouble was he rarely had his day with us...
  10. Can't believe Kasper hasn't been mentioned yet. The man gets us 3 points on so many occasions, the saves for Denmark the other week were unbelievable. Would put him in the top 5 keepers in the world...
  11. I remember when we were dropping like a stone he still had time to do a weekly comedy (well what he thought it was funny) article for the BBC. We'd have fallen to new depths and then you'd find a new article appear called "Bubble bath and cake mix, my take on the weeks football" or something like that. It made me so angry that he was using his time to do that rather than fixing the club that was rotten to the core, to be fair, I don't think there was much that could have be done - although a Nigel Pearson military setup would have been a start.
  12. I would imagine Benkovic will be playing against Grimsby in the paint trophy.
  13. If things are going well like they are at the moment there's little to discuss really. If Brendan went on a 10 game losing streak playing awful football then all the negative callers would come crawling out of the woodwork and their switchboard would be going crazy.
  14. I found some in the cupboard that was about 15 years old. Was like cat piss and took days to get the smell off my skin..
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