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  1. I imagine a rap. Bit like this...
  2. Although this is brilliant, after the day on the drink this will be like "She sold sea shells on the sea shore"! …. backwards.
  3. Especially in the penalty area.
  4. You've mentioned Benko twice now but he's surpless to requirements it seems. I don't disagree with anything you've said there but in your original post you just listed all our players as if they'd all of a sudden come of age.
  5. Electronic equipment that turns itself off after seemingly seconds to gain its A***** rating. I have this TV that when you make a brew it turns off... Now I can just about stomach this with CO2 emmisons etc... but when you turn the ****er back on, it then brags about the fact it's done it with a message with a close button! Trouble is you need the remote to close the message about the fact it's done you favour and that's ****ing hiding most of the time so I have to turn it on and off at the plug to get the message off (even the crap buttons on the back of TV don't tur
  6. Hate to burst your bubble but it does feel like quite a few of our players have all hit form at the same time. Take Mendy for example, he's looking like one of the top midfielders in the league at the moment... There's many mentioned above that if the wind changes could be capable of utter dog muck for a while. I know having more players means you're more likely to have at least one in form player though.
  7. I'm pretty sure it was Evans that some stats were dug out where he was the lowest in the league for things like last ditch tackles and recoveries etc... When analysed further it turned out it was because he was so bloody good he never found himself in the position where he needed to do those things. From the videos of Fofana he looks the opposite, but that might be just the role he plays...
  8. Do you remember that YouTube video of Mahrez with that summertime soundtrack when it was becoming apparent he was world class? Pure bliss and always think of him when I hear it.
  9. ....maybe 70% would be more accurate.
  10. With an edit that never happened!
  11. The result on Sunday and now this? Coincidence?? No That Man City result has shocked the world and St Etienne have rolled over to the superior Leicester power. We're the real deal people and with Seagrave it's exciting times.
  12. Can someone point me to the post where I should read from if there is new info on this? Thanks.
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