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  1. Also if @Phube and others could but the date and time of the match in the pre-match thread title that would be useful.
  2. I think Rodgers doesn't want him to run forward with the ball like he seemed to do under Puel, which unfortunately happens to be Ben's biggest asset. When he did do in the past, it was very unpredictable what he was going to do when he arrived in the oppositions final third and if he doesn't know what he's going to do, how will his teammates? His 'threatening positions' to 'chances created' stats would have been shocking. Ricardo always seemed the opposite of this and more likely to make something happen and It still seems he's encouraged to run with the ball and get into the box under Rodgers. Brendan being so obsessed with his statistics wouldn't like play occurring that didn't have a definitive outcome, so he's probably worked with Chilwell to play more simple balls so we start phases of plays that have more structure - the problem has been that Chilwell seems to struggle when he has too much time to think and he seems to find the simple side of the game overly difficult for my liking at times. Having said that, I've been his biggest critic recently but I did see an improvement yesterday.
  3. Anyone else notice him with the pile on celebration for Maddison's goal? he ended up launching himself over the top and he went flying! You can just make it out on the TV highlights.
  4. https://www.ebuyer.com/743272-acer-ka240hbid-24-full-hd-dvi-hdmi-led-monitor-um-fx0ee-005
  5. You would still have to cross roads wouldn't you which is really the only annoying thing when getting to and from the game on match day.
  6. ...but we didn't win. Anyway, I'm very happy with our start and proud of the team. I'm just playing devil's advocate as don't want us to get carried away. Even Rodgers has said there's loads we need to improve on.
  7. I've always thought of Kane as a gentlemen on the pitch. Yeah he's annoying because he scores shed loads against us but temperament wise, he's as chilled as they come.
  8. I was just trying to point out that those games we didn't start with a mindset like you mentioned in your post. It's alright for Madders to talk the talk but I'll truely believe they believe when we control a game against the top 6 on their yard.
  9. To be fair to kane he took it and didn't flinch.
  10. If he gets to 10 in a row I'll triple captain him on Fantasy which will guarantee he won't score.
  11. Still think some scientists are too scared to publish findings on fear of ruining their reputation. I remember reading about a scientist who claimed he had conducted a homeopathy experiment where he could prove that a drug that had been almost incomprehensibley diluted still retained the same strength on a quantum level. He risked his career publishing his findings but did it anyway. Another scientist claimed that was he proposed was so ridiculous and impossible he set about disproving it. He too did the experiment and to his surprise found the same results and set about doing the experiment another ten times or so as he simply could not believe what he was seeing. For the fear of his reputation he quietly let everybody forget he even did the experiment and never published his findings.
  12. They should get the Sky guys on there. Would love to see Jeff and the rest doing the show.
  13. I feel we did ride our luck at times today and there were worrinngly spaces in our midfield where Spurs were through with a simple pass. I think Brendan will be looking at getting that side out but tighting it up in midfield, possibly looking for a bit more defensive work and energy from YT or perhaps even trying to get Praet in some how...
  14. He looks like he's playing at about 70% which is making him look like an average premier League midfielder. Not many players can afford that luxury and need to be 100% all the time to be effective.
  15. Did talksport send @UpTheLeagueFox to Turkey to ask some people in a restaurant about Soyuncu or did I get the wrong end of the stick earlier? 😂 Nice to hear from Muzzy, good bloke isn't he, Geoff?
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