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  1. On my Android mobile. Seems to be okay now.
  2. never had any issues until now. Happend numerous times today. @Mark something to do with server change?
  3. Not in my head at that time but after reading it back....
  4. High class journey men always deliver - Mancini, Cambiasso, Ferdinand and Phillips are a few examples. SIGN HIM UP!
  5. Collymore

    Alex Telles

    I think there a lot of left backs that are more effective than Chilwell at the moment, his ridiculous value and all the hype seems to be centred around his potential.
  6. "Have you met my dogs, Ian? ...come on you'll love them 'Fido, Max, Benji Come and say hello to my friend Ian!'"
  7. It's quite simple actually. Here's a diagram that should help simplify the tournament.
  8. I was very confident about signing Youri until I heard what he said in an interview after Chelsea. I was surprised people on here were like "sounds promising" as if they were just hearing what they wanted to hear - he said all the stuff you'd expect "great club, positive place, yadayadayada" but the way he worded some of the answers seemed to me he had made his mind up and he was out of here.
  9. As long as we stay in the prem we'll have no bother filling 40k+ and it's about a 95% chance of us seeing five consecutive premier league seasons now I'd say so now is the time to expand. I estimate we've gathered about 10 to 15k of plastics that will show up as long as they get to see Aguero and Pogba that would leave in a flash if things start changing for the worse. That would be the same for all clubs though but still... Shame on the plastics.
  10. It's not a myth otherwise you could use anything... like Fosse Park as a shopping club that steals fans!
  11. Found some photos of most of the places mentioned. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/gallery/21-pictures-leicester-nightclubs-2000-2384707
  12. Used to go to place that was like and underground cave system, very hip hop. Can't remember for the life of m what it was called or even where it was. Taxied in from out of town.. Probably late 90s era.
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