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  1. Vardy showing no signs of slowing down, apparently.

    You must be trolling? Vardy showing no signs of slowing down and then share stats that he is... Crazy post
  2. another school shooting

    What, you never done laser quest?
  3. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Hahaha all these people thinking their keeper was the new Peter Shilton! He grabbed a few crosses and made a few standard saves and all of a sudden he's going on to "big things" and we should sign him up!
  4. V The Blades - Match thread

    So well organised that they've allowed us numerous clear cut chances
  5. If every member on Foxestalk clubbed together £13.50 we could afford rename Huddersfield's ground "The Barry Hayles Stadium" for a year.
  6. I'm afraid that if you're in seating area then the people who want to sit have the right to see and should be respected. If everyone is happy standing, which happens from time to time then that's great. One of my biggest issues is the unnecessary aggro and lack of manners There are some real nasty folk about, some of them on this thread that perhaps don't even realise that being angry and aggressive isn't really a good or acceptable thing. I've seen people stand up and been asked politely if they could sit down and they have swore and been really aggressive! I also saw one guy in his 80s swear and giving it large to people in front of him without even trying to reason with them first.
  7. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    When Ederson hit that cross ball from the flank to his defender on the other side the commentators were lapping it up and they loved it in the analysis. Did anyone else think that it was really stupid and high risk? If any dispossession had happened (which wasn't too far off from happening) it would have meant a certain goal. As for Kasper, checked his stats and he was in the 40%s for pass completion where Ederson was nearly 90. Sums it up really.
  8. Chilwell is amazing

    Chilwell shouldn't be anywhere near the first team at the moment. I really don't know what his position is. He seems to be a liability going forward as he sometimes gets into good positions but time after time makes the wrong decisions. He doesn't fill me with confidence defending either. The only thing he seems to do well consistently is that he has this burst of pace near the halfway line as he cuts inside but it rarely leads to anything. We need to decide what role we want him to have for the future and then find a championship team that will play him regularly there. Ben's obviously going to have good career in the game but I do wonder if he actually does have the potential to become a top 10 prem player.
  9. Dragovic

    Wes has this ability of making us think he's finished and a massive liability and then seems to turn world class for a few months. I wouldn't write him off just yet. I think we've missed his leadership on the pitch the most though...
  10. Dragovic

    Looks way better than Maguire at the moment. Here I was thinking that it would be Dragovic who loses his place when Wes returns, but I'm now thinking i'd like to see a Wes Dragovic partnership.
  11. Kasper Schmeichel

    Was thinking he was having a shocker even before he gifted that goal. Horror show from Kasper tonight.
  12. face tattoos.

    This is taking face tattoos to the extreme
  13. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Whether you play 1 min or 10 min injury time they still get a 15 min break so how does that affect insightful chat and adverts?
  14. I can see why you think that but I just felt I needed to say it.
  15. I've never shed a tear for any Leicester player leaving (came close when Muzzy left) but you need to know that to me you have been the most amazing inspiration for me personally my family and our football club. My son, 5 years old who doesn't live in Leicester is indoctrinated everyday to support the local team Newcastle, the city he was born. It's a challenge to get him to be a Leicester fan with all the peer pressure if it wasn't for you. He's watched you from a young age - some of his first words "daddy who's that good guy in blue?" Now he wears your shirt with pride and plays for "the rest of the world" on the play ground at school. He asked me after your goal against Watford "Daddy, why were the defenders not trying when Mahrez scored? " which sums you up in a nutshell. The thing is, I would never let my son support a player who wasn't a decent human being too. You've been nothing but pure class, a man that I hope my son grows up to be like. If you read this, we know that you're destined to reach the very top. I'm just going to find it it extremely difficult to sit my son down and tell him you've left.