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  1. Dog walkers that let their devil dogs just run at young kids and then just say "Don't worry, they love children" not realising that the child might not like dogs and they probably have added to their anxiety of them ten fold.
  2. Thought that was the going time out for that type of injury?
  3. Just when you think Trump can't go any lower....
  4. I think the world might be a more peaceful place with countries actually agreeing to stop investing into weapon systems and bombs and actually use it for the people. Trident costs the UK £2b a year just to run, imagine pumping that back into more useful areas for a start... America spend £650b a year on their military which is a ridiculous amount.
  5. Without a doubt. It was quiet on the morning after first lock down but I'd say there's a steady stream of traffic outside of mine like a normal Saturday afternoon. I get a feel for the traffic as well so can tell when it's commuters or people out hammering their crap sounding cars and loud motorbikes. I feel there's definitely people out for a jolly that's for sure at the moment.
  6. To be fair my parents were too. May be you're right. If they can role this test out to see if you've had it might be an eye opener.
  7. Well if that was the case surely the hospitals would have been under the cosh much earlier.
  8. I'm sure he just came by in the dark but it was hard to tell if it was him... I just pointed my camera clicked and hoped I'd get a tell tale sign...
  9. Maybe this post would be better in the betting thread? Not a having a go as I see your point but I think it would just be best to keep in here clear of any form of gambling recommendations.
  10. Yeah please don't be tempted on to the online casinos out of boredom, they're designed to keep you ticking over with free chips and before you know it they'll drain your bank account. I haven't played them for years but in the past I found them unbelievably corrupt and things I saw happening were bordering on statistically nearly impossible to happen even as a one off, let alone the numerous times I witnessed them.
  11. Half way down in the article "However, experts were quick to point out that it is not a new virus — and has only rarely thought to have been passed between humans." Unlike the media outlet looking for traffic. The world's media is a virus.
  12. Well it won't be RP as he might be out for 12-18 months.
  13. I'm cooking something new with Louis Van Gaal. Not sure he'll allow me much creative freedom in the kitchen.
  14. It's ironic whoever made that graphic probably were on their high horse looking down on all the "dumb people" when in reality it's the most stupid representation you could make. With those figures you'd be looking at a quarter of a billion deaths world wide.
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