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  1. I think it is has been pretty obvious in the last few games that the injury has affected Jamie's game. If we can somehow get through this period of his absence still up there fighting at the top, a fresh reinvigorated Vardy is going to be like a nuclear weapon when he returns...
  2. Nice to see Everton with a few before we play them.
  3. I have got the BT Sport app free with my phone contract. I've found that the subscription doesn't work when logging in to BT Sport on my PC, only on the app. (Which is a shame as I have my PC connected to the TV) The app does however allow you to cast but my TV is too old to accommodate that. Should I get a Chromecast or firestick? Is there any other cheap device I'm unaware of? Anyone in my same situation came to a cheap solution?
  4. I've never rated Eriksen as a top top player. Always found him a bit too lightweight at times and could disappear completely from games. I would be bothered if nothing came from this.
  5. Brings back the days of the old man recording my Sunday League games with his Sony Handycam.
  6. 14 goals in his last 14 games for Henry. Quick loan over to Leicester to cover Vardy absence?
  7. Can't believe we'll likely play Cags, Ricardo and Under and call this a second string.
  8. Ahh thanks, even better value then.
  9. He doesn't seem to be the type of player who suffers with confidence problems which is good, a bit like Madders. Definitely a good squad player that is capable of brilliance from time to time.
  10. I can't remember so many players looking so sharp and in form as they do now, perhaps the 2015/16 but we rode our luck in some of those games still. Maybe this is Rodgers' philosophy of getting unbelievable fit in training starting to pay dividends, we looked so much fitter than Chelsea last night...
  11. Heskey's cross with his right foot for Izzet's diving header against Derby back in 1998. When we panned them 4-0 in 15 mins or so. https://youtu.be/8HMRbGgl5wc https://youtube/8HMRbGgl5wc
  12. Or get Domenico Beradi from Sassuolo who can do both. **Disclaimer - he's said he doesn't want to move from Italy.
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