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  1. Sounds like a fake Amazon review...
  2. "Nine of the 10 hottest Junes on its 1880-2019 record have occurred in the past nine years, it said. Last month beat June 2016 to be named the hottest" I used to be a bit sceptical of climate change but this stat blows any argument out of the water. The Earth would go through natural warming and cooling cycles with out any human activity but not as quickly as that I'd imagine, unless some super volcano errupted of course...
  3. One of my all time favourite players. Yes yes and yes.
  4. Collymore

    Papy Mendy

    Yeah he does the basics so well.
  5. Yeah at 3:30am - their economies are going to take a massive hit with all the sickies being pulled the next day...
  6. I would imagine so and by the looks of it they've opened up a new section so there will be plenty of seats available. The online system was fairly painless if you fancy an e-ticket... https://www.sufctickets.com/scunthorpeUnited/ASP/selectArea.asp?bookEvent=true&eventID={43EF62DB-E877-4A24-828D-994AC5925442}&packageID={6F9619FF-8B86-D011-B42D-00C04FC964FF}&homeArea=away
  7. They probably would - I tried ringing Scunthorpe TO this morning and there was no answer...
  8. I have a spare ticket for tomorrow night. Ticket was £10 but I'd accept £5 - could meet at ground. Sold
  9. True - but you're also relying on an injury free season. Even though there has been no sign of it, he might start slowing down a bit (you can lose your pace very quickly at his age) and not to mention other teams having another year of data to help nullify him. I hope I'm wrong obviously and he bangs in 30 goals, but too many variables to be confident of 20-25 goals IMO.
  10. Wait... What? Sorry, can you explain what this post means? Why didn't you want to post because it was "a lad from Valencia"? Loads of people repping you so people understand it but casting eyes on this post for the first time I'm utterly confused!
  11. I think people are being a bit optimistic giving vardy 20-25 and Perez 15-20! Vardy 15 and Perez 10 is a more conservative and realistic forecast and that isn't to say we won't be successful, especially if other players contribute too...
  12. I think you get a feel for people on how long they've posted on here. If it's someone that's been registered for years and has thousands of posts then I wouldn't think twice about getting scammed - in fact, I usually find people go above and beyond. I'm more weary of the members that pop up with 1 post that are selling tickets. I also have to have my tickets posted which also has the slight worry of sending money before receiving tickets but not had any issues yet (touch wood)
  13. Mine's coming out right on the crown in a perfect circle that seems to be expanding. The thing is you only notice this yourself on rare occass like if a photo is taken from behind with you sitting down - I actually got a nasty shock after viewing some recent drone footage I used to worry a little bit about it, not enough to think of hair transplants but enough to research sprays and natural remedies. I think the way forward has to be with you being totally open with friends and family because there's nothing worse than making major hair coverups and then going about your business as nothing has happened! I'd be pre-warning everyone!
  14. The days where I had Max Gradel's phone number as he thought I was a scout or connected to Newcastle Utd in some way Remember speaking to Fryatt outside the ground at Hartlepool in the paint trophy and telling him I'd lumped on him big time for golden boot so he better produce - he nodded his head and looked deep in thought as if I was being serious with him! Remember the ticket office sending my last minute away tickets up on the team coach and me having to wait while the players got off to get my tickets off the driver! Remember Bruno Berner slotting into to midfield one time and looking absolute quality. It was the season that allowed me fall back into love with football after years of abuse at the hands of jokers.
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