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  1. COVID antibodies or COVID19 antibodies? I'd imagine the vast majority of people would have COVID antibodies...
  2. Yes even the Port Vale fans were saying this.
  3. The size of the place really hits home when you see that red van looking like a Miro-Machine at the front near the start.
  4. What amazes me is the fitness off Vardy. We've seen other players in the Premier league limping around, rotated and run into the ground already where as Vardy has played the full 90 minutes of each game including the cup! What's even more amazing is that he looking sharper and sharper as the games go as if he's not even reached his fitness peak yet! I don't know another player like him. I can see him playing on at the highest level for years to come... He's phenomenal!
  5. The dubbed crowd is reminded me of sensible world of soccer with a ridiculous cheer for each shot!
  6. Surely Vardy is going to be rested at some point? He's played like 90 minutes after every game hasn't he? Then again, he's not like your average player with those red bulls!
  7. Can't remember who did the new poll after the Everton game but if you do a poll straight after we're on the end of a bad VAR decision then you're going to obviously get over Inflated negative results.
  8. I agree, but sometimes when you're playing so badly you need to be written off by everyone to regain the focus and form...
  9. Many posters have posted comments such as "if we don't beat Everton then we can forget top 4" or "that's it now, I'm expecting 7th" even after the Brighton game etc.. Maybe we need to drop out of the top 4 to really get a shock to the system we need? Say we're 5th or 6th with two pretty tough fixtures against Spurs and Man U maybe it would drive us on to dig deep to go on and ace the end of the season? I think people are in the mindset that if we're caught and overtaken then there is no way we can get it back. That's not the case. it might be the catalyst we need.
  10. I'd imagine it would be the officials to enforce and not the club. The state of the game behind the scenes is a disgrace at the moment. VAR, drinks break on cold days, time added on missed, broken goal line tech...etc
  11. Kasper Evans Morgan Soyuncu Albrighton. Gray Ndidi Praet Maddison Ihenacho. Vardy
  12. You'll at least learn the catering process in the stadium
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