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  1. The irony is that this is the same Michael Vaughan who was captain of an England cricket team that included players who most definitely weren’t British let alone English such as KP? Did he complain then about the avenues that were closed off to home grown talent?
  2. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    I understood more than when Jock Wallace was interviewed so what’s the problem?
  3. Agreed. Heard that interview this morning and Puel is definitely highly regarded in France. Interestingly Laurent also said that if you look at Southampton’s goal scoring record this season (8 goals in 9 games) and points per game they haven’t improved dramatically since Puel left which may indicate that their “boring football” wasn’t entirely down to Puel.
  4. Funny how last season the media slaughtered us for sacking a foreign manager and this season they’re slaughtering us for hiring one. I didn’t hear them complaining so loudly when the “Big 6” all appointed foreign managers, or protesting that 2 of the 3 promoted clubs had foreign managers or moaning that the latest “overachieving” media darlings Watford are tarnished by a foreign manager( and I don’t intend that as a slight on Watford who are playing really well). Personally don’t give a shit what most of the media say as a large proportion of them are just trying to attract an audience by being controversial and many of the rest are just uninformed. I’ll be here supporting my club long after they've all moved on to their next target . Don’t care what nationality our manager is as long as he’s the best man for the job. Is that Puel - who knows,but I’m definitely here for the ride!
  5. He may well prove to be be an unmitigated disaster but ...last season he took a club not too different to us in size and stature to 8th in the premier league and to a cup final which by my reckoning is a better season than all but 2 of our previous managers have given us since 1970?
  6. Matias Almeyda

    Can’t stand top gear or whatever crap programme he’s in now that replaces it. What I meant was he’s hardly managing at the highest level is he? I’ve got no problem with anyone of any nationality managing my club as long as they’re the right fit but I need a bit more convincing regarding their managerial experience than this guy before getting overly excited .
  7. Matias Almeyda

    Googled him as I’ve never heard of him and it appears he manages in Mexico? It’s a no from me.
  8. Claude Puel - Contender

    Or Howard Wilkinson in.....? Probably the last time there were enough English managers around to have a real chance to be fair.
  9. Claude Puel - Contender

    And Houllier won a few trophies at Liverpool. perhaps the question should be when are English managers ever successful in this country ?
  10. Claude Puel - Contender

    Looking at his CV he’s got a very decent track record in France, including taking Lyon to a Champions league semi- final. He took Southampton to their first cup final in donkeys years and a respectable 8th place. He also has a reputation for identifying and nurturing young talent (including Eden Hazard). May not be the most inspiring appointment if it happens but sounds better than many of the names mentioned?
  11. He’ll fit in nicely then...#playerpower🐍
  12. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Agreed. I looked at the championship table the other day and 5 of the bottom 6 were ex premier league clubs. If you go down there is no guaranteed return. As a (very) long term supporter I get really fed up with this “know your place” attitude from the media. Why should my club not do everything it can to reach the highest league position possible. I don’t and never did expect us to win the premier league -what a glorious achievement- and I would happily settle for midtable obscurity and a few cup runs (wins!), but why should I / we accept another relegation just because traditionally we’ve been a yo-yo club?
  13. Thoughts on Dyche?

    I think they realise that third from bottom is a bad season for us ?
  14. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Excellent news if true!
  15. LCFC 'Enforcers'...

    Steve Kember