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  1. Fixed it for you.
  2. Puel

    Funny really. Who knows what will happen between now and the end of the season,but..... we are currently on course to equal or better our second highest ever premier league position and we have a more than decent chance to progress in the FA Cup, and it’s still mainly all gloom and doom on here. Yes we are a million miles away from Man City, as are everybody else, and I agree nobody likes being on the wrong end of a 5-1, but let’s keep some perspective please?
  3. Mahrez English translation: had a cob on but is now fully committed !
  4. So he’s back from his strop, he’ll probably be on the bench Saturday and he’ll probably be off in the summer. My opinion - it’s frustrating/ disappointing but time to move on - if he plays well for the rest of his time here I’ll forgive him - if he’s rubbish I probably won’t and he’ll deserve the flak he will inevitably receive. Keith Weller did something similar and he’s still my favourite player!
  5. Mahrez statement on sky sports just now ...” lots of assumptions made...club knew where he was at all times...will continue to give his all”. Full statement is on the Mercury website.
  6. Completely off thread here, but I’m learning some fantastic new phrases lately! This and “stop to tell bullshit” are my current favourites!
  7. Isn’t that illegal?
  8. Perhaps Riyad is struggling with the fact that despite handing in transfer requests, sitting in airports and employing a high profile agent to very publicly try and obtain a move, none of Europe’s elite clubs have ever put in a serious bid?
  9. I’m really struggling to remember a record signing in living memory that had the kind of impact you would expect. I go back a long way so can remember equally bad high value signings like Roger Davies. It’s interesting that our “legends” were nearly all bought for relatively low fees or from lower league sides, were fringe or reserve team players, were home grown or latterly French grown, or were (slightly) flawed geniuses. Obviously, in part it’s because we’ve never been big enough to attract the highest level of player when they are at the prime, but it would be interesting to see how many players we have bought over the years for a record or even substantial fee that turned out to be worth the investment. It’s no wonder the owners are investing so much in youth players and development facilities.
  10. Well done the Thais

    As I said - see the Benaloune thread -it was a joke.
  11. Well done the Thais

    Sorry couldn’t help that! See the Benaloune thread!
  12. Well done the Thais

    Stop to tell bullshit
  13. Benalouane is unhappy

    Can’t wait to use it at work tomorrow!
  14. Benalouane is unhappy

    I never thought Yohan would be the man to bring a smile back to my face after last night’s result and Mahrez’s latest mardy! Stop to tell bullshit - a considered and very accurate reflection on the modern media!
  15. Well done the Thais

    You may be right re’ Virgil but the transfer fee paid for him helped to set the bar for transfer fees involving premier league clubs - and the hugely inflated fee for Coutinho distorted it further.