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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Excellent news if true!
  2. LCFC 'Enforcers'...

    Steve Kember
  3. Goals you'll never forget.

    Derek Strickland ... Notts County away!
  4. He will get you to the play offs minimum and promoted if you give him time. He will also fall out with one some or all of the local press, mouthy fans,opposition players, wild dogs, Gary Lineker etc. It won't be boring!
  5. Daniel Amartey

    I thought he allowed Ndidi to play further forward where Ndidi is far more effective.
  6. Man City Post Match Thread

    On reflection with the players we had missing and as the important decisions didn't go our way we played really well. I actually thought we were the better team in the second half.As frustrating as mahrez can be - his flashes of quality do create chances. If he goes we definitely need a creative midfielder/winger. Equally, as good as Benny can look at times he proved to me again with that tackle/ penalty that he's not a long term answer.
  7. Expand the stadium? The poll

    The latest For Fox Sake podcast suggesting that everything in place to expand to 40,000 in the summer by raising the roof and adding extra rows of seats at the top of 3 stands.
  8. Next Manager?

    If we win today (or draw but the team performs somewhere near how it did against Liverpool) then I imagine most of us including the board would be comfortable with Shakes being given the job until the end of the season. If we don't win or return to the nervous/ negative performances we've seen for most of 2017 then I think the board will feel they need to bring in someone until the end of the season - particularly as we have a long gap until the next game to let them make changes. It would then be back to who is available at the moment and the choice isn't great - Hodgson (uninspiring), Pearson(unlikely), Guus(one more pay day?),Pardew(Nooooo), the 2 Oneill's (one says no and the others a no from me) Mancini (waiting for a better offer) etc...,, We had better hope for a performance today!
  9. Next Manager?

    I think Humphrey Davy is about to sue.... well he might if he wasn't dead.
  10. Tony Pulis

    Dyche has done a fantastic job at Burnley on comparatively limited resources. He would also see Leicester as a step up, has links to the midlands and if relatively successful may stick around for a while. Compare this to many of the names supposively in the frame who are either close to the end of their management careers or have no PL experience or would see us as a short term stepping stone to something better and Dyche looks a far better fit.
  11. Johnny Giles puts boot into Claudio

    I think the Football Ramble podcast summed it up for me when they compared Claudio's departure to having the family dog put down... you hated doing it but knew it was for the best.
  12. BBC sport reporting we are contesting charge of breach of FFP from 2014.http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39134128
  13. Being old enough to have suffered through Pleat's failings as our manager and having listened to his ramblings as a pundit I'd be surprised if anything happened based on his recommendations without some serious input from the recruitment department I.e. Mitchell?
  14. James on for Kaputska