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  1. West Brom (A) Sat 29th April 3pm KO

    1 for sale needs to be collected before Sunday evening from LE3 Sold
  2. This was posted on Facebook, 25 April at 23:16 ยท PLEASE SHARE: I have 2 Leicester vs Everton tickets (Everton end) for Sat 7th May at 17:15. I know how difficult Leicester fans are finding getting hold of tick...ets. If any Dad/Mum and Child would like to take their kid to potentially see Leicester lift the premier league trophy, let me know. They will be safe as loads are doing it for their fans. Please share if you know of any. MUST be parent and child. I have an 11 year old son and if we were lucky enough to be in their position, I pray someone would offer him the chance to see his team lift it. Preferably given to someone who can't normally afford to go the game appreciate the shares
  3. Where are you? (KP)

  4. Where are you? (KP)

    SK1 JJ
  5. Half time cigarette

    if your sat in the east stand or family stand section of the away end, you can smoke at half time in both.
  6. Sunderland (A)

    I've got mine in the north stand, Tier 2 U30, apparently in front of our support, I also know of others in the same block.
  7. Sunderland (A)

    very true, just ordered 2.
  8. Aston Villa late seventies, 1 double decker bus from humberstone gate, stood in the corner of that big open end giving it the big un, we then realised there was no reinforcements coming, quietly split up and mingled with the home fans who were filling that end.
  9. SK1 - Thank You!

    my season ticket is in N1, once or twice every game the kop used to get in full voice and I used to think to myself, what potential the kop has, then this idea came about for a singing section in SK1, I thought this is it, my thinking was justified because the noise that was generated for the last 10 minutes on Tuesday across the whole of the kop was unreal, I've relocated every game now since Charlton and for all you older ones who worry about the age band In SK1 I am 55 but I don't give a fcuk. I just want to see the KP rock, but I must admit I feel totally knackered after every game now
  10. Brighton Attendance!

    I think this will sell out by the end of today with maybe just odd seats remaining, I have noticed on LCFC direct they have changed the seating plan for the away end ?. must of been my computer playing up, seating plan back to normal now in away end
  11. Charlton (H) - SK1

    just been down and changed my seat for SK1, come on lets make some noise
  12. the residential parking scheme around the western rd (zone F) area officially starts 16/12/13, only warnings will be issued until 06/01/14.
  13. the omens are very good

    just been informed, when city last won the playoffs, man u were premiership champions and QPR got relegated, another omen to add to the list.