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  1. Can't keep saying he's young he's 22, players shod be thriving at that age and he's simply not good enough to play at this level, never has been. Would he have got into Leeds or West broms team this season no? So how is he good enough to play for a team wanting to get Champions League, people love him because he makes last ditch challenges but anybody who's ever played football knows that if you have to make a last ditch tackle, that means that you've not done your job, his positioning is awful he can't read a game or a ball like wilf or other players in his position can and he can't pass a ba
  2. (that first sub)Taking Kelechi off when he was our best player in the first half and keeping Hamza on when let's face it, he might be from Leicester but he is not good enough to play for a top tier championship team never mind a team that wants to make the champions league! For months Brendan been making bizarre subs at the wrong time.
  3. Yes they messaged me and offered one, I said I'd collect and no reply so yes it seems so!
  4. After a ticket for it, if anybody knows of one available.
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  6. I'm going to be in Madrid for the semi-final, just wondering if anyone had some recommendations on places to watch it with good atmosphere and hopefully with a fellow englishmen. Thanks
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