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  1. After x2 tickets for West Ham and x1 for Newcastle. PM me if you could help a brother out.
  2. PerfumePonce

    West Ham Away

    Ok cool thanks. I’m after x2 tickets for this if anybody knows of any going? ?
  3. PerfumePonce

    West Ham Away

    When do these go on general sale is it tomorrow?
  4. PerfumePonce

    Title Winning seasons mementos

    Does anybody know where to get one of those Champions scarfs with all the faces on? I know they were selling them off cheap towards the end of last season outside the ground but can’t find them anywhere now. Can’t even find an image of one online!
  5. PerfumePonce

    Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    After a ticket for this game if anybody is selling. I know they don’t go on sale until Tuesday but if anyone buying with the points fancies getting a spare one then I’d defenitley take it. Drop me a private message. Thanks