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  1. Our supporters should aim higher. Do you think Man U fans are saying let's get knocked out? Bunch of losers most of our fans are.
  2. Play our best team every game. When have we ever been in a position of what competition to go for and there is no guarantee we'll win the one we prioritise anyway. So, go for the lot. All 4.
  3. Names have been on match tickets for years.
  4. The refunds for match tickets do not include the £1 per ticket booking cost. Bit rich when Arsenal tickets wernt even sent out. They could've made an exception for Arsenal and refunded £31. Watford, Bournemouth and Chelsea cup were received.
  5. I still have the football special ticket. A small rectangular pink thick card. In a frame with the programme.
  6. 3 spares available. Sitting together. £31 each
  7. Still 1 spare for tonight in SK2. Meet at ground
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