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  1. Personally I think it was a massive mess up not finishing top 4 from the position we were in at christmas and even down to the last game against Man U where we set up to defensive! With our current squad I think 7 or 8th at best, all the other teams will be stronger next season, hopefully we will be making some new signings before the season kicks off, but i still don't think we will have a better chance of a top 4 finish than we have just had!
  2. Not as bad a manager as our fans made out!
  3. Puel had fans on his back from the start had no chance. He played 2 defensive midfielders fans go mad Rodgers does it and they love it! He made some very good signings, got players to extend contracts and brought through youth. Some games were poor but also some decent ones, our first 4 ganes this season have been pretty boring lots of sideways/backwards passing, game on saturday was loads better i think we had more shots on target in that game than we did in the previous 4 combined, we were crying out for width and had it on saturday made a difference. Puel lost Vardy which cost hi
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