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  1. You don’t see a Scouse bottle job then?
  2. He really is top notch. Several levels above Maguire and with room to improve. Frightening prospect.
  3. Doesn’t he play for that team in 4th place? Just asking.
  4. We’re very big in Sheboygan.
  5. Anyone else think this lad might prove to be quite decent?
  6. My feeling is that Liverpool are starting to wobble a bit. I can see Man City beating them And the wheel coming off as the ferry sinks - or something like that. anyhow I think the title race will get closer and we’ll be in it.
  7. VAR will only improve when they stop using eunuchs to review the decisions. Indeed, once they remove the current referee element from the process altogether. There are enough retired refs with excellent track records who could do the job without worrying about shafting a colleague.
  8. Well that was reasonable all things considered.
  9. How are we not winning this, or losing?
  10. It’s a cunty little award anyway. It’ll probably wind him up a treat.
  11. I really think their players will see this game as the one that could sink Dick. If the rumours are true, that they want him gone, then I can see a relatively straightforward afternoon for us. Mind you, winning 6-0 will shock a few. 😂
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