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  1. Indeed. And it’s not Smelly Deli
  2. Rather be taken up the back alley than sign Deli Alli
  3. Opinions are like arseholes. Thanks for showing me yours.
  4. Not sure you’ll know this, but he’s had a couple of issues recently 🤣 When he did though, mate?
  5. Poor effort Babs. You know well enough his actual position is CB.
  6. I’m not saying we should not strengthen our CB numbers. However I’m not in the bin big Dan socially distanced club. I like the guy. I just don’t want to see us blaze £35 million on Mr. Average. Forfana is a gamble, but if it pays off it pays off bigly. Tarks is just flushed money.
  7. What’s his actual position Hanging Boy? Where does he play for his country? What was his position at the club we purchased him from? 😛 we’ve only played 3 games all in so far - didn’t actually play against Arsenhole. Perhaps, you know, play him in his actual position and be less of a Cyril.
  8. Not sure in those games we would go 3/5 at the back. More likely 442. Let’s be honest, Tarkowski is NOT £30 million better than Dan. He just isn’t.
  9. ARM1968


    Just don’t want him to string us along. Don’t want to be sea sick again steve.
  10. Despite the haters I don’t see a massive difference between Tarkwoski and Amartey. Dan is a player who we have played mostly out of position. He would do a solid job at CB and we already have him. Why spend £30+ million on an older and possibly slightly better CB? Don’t get it.
  11. I’ll just go with Mr. Bang Average
  12. Pep struggled to work it out. You’re not alone.
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