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  1. If this utter shambles continues for two or three games then I think we may find that there is something amiss beyond confidence. I’ve been a Leicester fan for years and seen drastic drops in form for many reasons, this drop in form does not appear to me to be just confidence related.
  2. Seemed to go wrong from the moment rodgers said no one would be leaving in January. Coincidence? It might be. Absolutely no reason to lose confidence like we have done. Yes we lost to Liverpool and Man City. We aren’t as good as they are, simple. We ARE as good as anyone else IF we play our game. We should have stuck with what was working and kept at it. Some blame for this goes to Rodgers for tinkering too much with the formation. Some goes to the players for losing form when they’re actually doing well. How we claw this back I don’t know. But I am concerned that we may now drop like a stone - which would be ridiculous frankly.
  3. We will win this one 1-2 or 1-3.
  4. I did tell you all. For some unfathomable reason we have fallen completely off a cliff. Long way back in my opinion. Utter dog muck from top to bottom.
  5. All the spark seems to have gone out of us. We need to find some fire soon or we’re going to struggle. No offence to Southampton but this should be 3pts if we are serious about top 3/4. Our form recently has been middling at best.
  6. Stop being linked to Chelsea I’d imagine.
  7. Can see a draw in this or a shithouse defeat. This is the way. They are a different side now and in good form. We aren’t at the level we were. I will pray for us all.
  8. Funny, I heard you were Incontinentia.
  9. Right you, outside, line in the left, one cross each!!
  10. Well, there are the roads mate.
  11. Fuch off. I’m Judaean People’s Front
  12. I should know, I’ve followed a few.
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