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  1. Think there’s something wrong with my stream. We kicked off yet?
  2. Whatever results we get now I can see it going down to the last match vs Utd to determine who out of us finishes in the top 4. And we all know how that will pan out.
  3. So you understand then, why people are worried? 3rd today. 4th in a few days time. when should we be concerned? 6th, 7th? throwing away a golden opportunity is baffling.
  4. Right, can someone please explain to me how we put fuching 9 past Southampton?
  5. And it’s been going on since before Christmas. Diabolical.
  6. Finally they join the ranks of Premiership winners. Welcome aboard scousers. Took your fuching time like, but well deserved.
  7. I’m still at an absolute loss as to how we’ve gone from the Pre Christmas chasers of Liverpool to a team that look devoid of anything. There seems very little organisation. Pretty much no confidence. Absolutely no ability to open up a mediocre team sitting deep. Fack ALL. I mean yeah, teams lose form, but this is now approaching the ridiculous. Has Brendan literally shat in everyone’s cornflakes?
  8. Have we got any wingers then?
  9. Least in my gaff I can have a beer.
  10. Trouble is some people think once the lockdown ends and we all transition back to real life the issue with Covid-19 will have gone. However it is very likely that this will rumble on for 12 months or more. I can see many issues ahead of us.
  11. He got a cruise booked or something?
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