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  1. Man City (H) League Cup pre-match

    We’ll win this.
  2. Fuching raving. Get yourself checked out.
  3. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Not good enough. Let’s see how Puel answers this. Easy when things are going well. Less so after a howler this enormous.
  4. Palace Home Match Thread

    Funny old game this football.
  5. Palace Home Match Thread

    Not the best. Can still see us winning this. One goal from us and they will crumble. However, we need to look like scoring.
  6. PALACE (H)..up next.. Thoughts?

    Think we might just sneak this 5-0. In reality though probably a lot closer. Maybe 2-1.
  7. Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    To be honest it’s too early to say regarding Puel. We will only truly see how good he is when we struggle for a bit. Currently he is fuching awesome, but our momentum is liable to dip.
  8. Are we gonna finish top four?

    Nothing is impossible as we have proven. However I don’t see us being better than 2 of the top 5. So it’s unlikely. 6th is likely doable.
  9. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Well that was shit.
  10. Transfer Window - January

    Everton got more chance of signing Shrek..........oh, yeah, they did. Anyway Everton or Real Madrid? Tough choice right there.
  11. Southampton (A) pre-match

    Dunno why but think we'll win this.
  12. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Yeah, but just imagine being a Spurts fan. Supporting the most thrapped over losers of all time. Best team, best striker, best manager - won fuch all, will win fuch all. Even think the players realise it now. Knowing they have such a soft centre, it must be horrible. Almost as horrible as Delicate Alice.
  13. Iborra - Key Player?

    Could be, he’s certainly unlocking some of our potential.
  14. Checkatrade v Scunny

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!!!
  15. Newcastle (A) pre-match

    Massive win. Many goals. Many pound notes. We come away with three points.