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  1. ARM1968

    Are we stagnating?

    No. We are festering.
  2. ARM1968

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    1-2 us.
  3. ARM1968

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    I honestly thought Itchy Nacho’s had those too. I still believe in the lad, but he’s testing me now.
  4. ARM1968

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    Oh, I hope I am, I really do.
  5. Talkshite trying to drum up calls. Standard op for such bottom feeders.
  6. ARM1968

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    Keep the French theme and bring Wenger in? Little bit of Rodgers. Could it be Rafa? whateve it’ll probably be meh!
  7. ARM1968

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    Totally agree. New manager will need to generate funds, so expect McGuire and Chilwell to go at least. Probably several others too. Not much point kidding ourselves about that either.
  8. ARM1968

    Ben Chilwell's Message for Leicester Fans

    I think we’ll all find out soon enough that we are playing at being the new Southampton. I doubt Chilwell will start next season in a Leicester shirt. We’ll make plenty of money from developing and selling younger players, but we’ll only end up feeding the sharks, not swimming with them.
  9. ARM1968

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    1-3 City. Utterly ridiculous but true.
  10. ARM1968

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Have to agree that midfield is utterly blown. Not a fan really of resigning Drinkwater, but a loan until the end of the season might help all parties. He can actually pass the ball and one of our two current DM’s might find his contribution helpful. Would still just be papering over massive cracks though.
  11. ARM1968

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Puel has to go. It’s quite simple. We aren’t even stagnating. We’re festering and the impact on players like Harry is palpable. Puel seems to to be able to suck the life out of the players, the club and the fans - just not the opposition. The spirit around our team and the ground has literally died. He is NOT the answer.
  12. ARM1968

    Wolves A Match Thread

    CP’s last game? Penultimate game? There is a pattern for in and it ain’t upwards.
  13. ARM1968

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Are we going to win this 3-4? Ha
  14. ARM1968

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    They’ll come at us. We might win. Odd really.
  15. ARM1968

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Looks like the only cents having a day off are our players.