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  1. I’ll let him know.
  2. We can only hand our position away. Currently it’s ours and we can keep it if we wanna, if we really wanna. But we must fight.
  3. Barcelona need money badly. Half decent offer for Trinket and they’ll accept - I know these things. £35-£40 million and done. Two good seasons and we sell on for £80 million. Happy days.
  4. Johnny, we’re sorry, why don’t you come on home - OGS.
  5. Jamie, it’s just football, it ain’t digging up roads like. There ain’t no brick wall between the posts. Smash the fuchers in and start playing guitar again. You know you facking wanna.
  6. Not having any negativity about Big Dan. The guy is versatile, honest, gives 100%, loves the club and we are lucky, I say LUCKY to have him.
  7. I hope so, otherwise my genius is wasted. She’s quite petite, small even. Now what’s that saying?
  8. They should be more concerned about us than we should be them - in terms of psychology. However, we need to capitalise on that and attack them. High tempo, high effort, get stuck in and go for it. It’s a one off semi (as I said to my wife). So let’s go for it and see if we can last 90 (secs).
  9. Wasn’t there a long running moan about 352 or 532 being our best formation? I lose track. whatever the circumstances Brendan set up badly against West Ham. He has done it a number of times. It’s never about getting your best players on the pitch, but getting your best TEAM on the pitch.
  10. Totally agree with that. Use the feet. Feet are what propel you around. They are what give you an advantage or not in reality. Fairly easy to see. Arms, elbows, upper bodies, eyelash - rubbish.
  11. Will be interesting considering what has occurred with the ****wits. Play like we did against Man Utd or last 25 vs West Ham and we win comfortably. Play like we did first 65 against West Ham we probably lose. Man City are Man City. You can beat them certainly, but ain’t ever easy.
  12. Kasper needs to utter the word we all secretly fear most. “Lads, I’m disappointed,” The worst word ever anyone can hear directed at them.
  13. This was our chance to cement it today. We blew it. That filters through a team quickly and with the behaviour of Madders and Co I see an implosion. Least Southampton will lose to Man City in the final instead of us.
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