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  1. This was not the winger we were looking for.
  2. Lampards last game at the Chelsea helm? too soon? who knows? just facking win it and why doesn’t my phone auto capitalise the start of a new line anymore. Cnuting thing.
  3. East there some lad called Gray who used to play for us? Can’t remember, but think so.
  4. It has been a weird season and will continue to be weird. We’d be well clear at the top if we had won some of the games we should have won. Mind you, we’ve also won some games we probably wouldn’t have expected to. If we won it again it would be Leicester capitalise on Covid chaos. If Utd win it we will all have to hear how incredibly they’ve done in difficult circumstances.
  5. At least Utd didn’t get spanked off the park by Liverpool. Something we need to learn.
  6. Anybody who has played football at any level knows what kind of people refs are. You get the odd good one, but in the main they are life’s losers with chips on both shoulders. They are weak by definition and bend far to easily.
  7. I’ve been positive all my life and everything has been consistently shite. The one time I had a Debbie downer on the team we won the fuching league. You do the maths.
  8. Gingers - the last frontier of racial abuse. We are different. No body likes us but luckily we’re not all Millwall fans. Anyway Scholes - he’s a massive bellend, but by god he was a cracking player.
  9. Really? Their death rate is running at 3% ours is around 2.5%. That’s quite a statistical difference when dealing with the numbers involved.
  10. The same people who have wanted Ole out since he got in. Yeah, integrity right there.
  11. Really? You’ve got some strong contenders there to be honest. I like the guy. Done what he said on Brexit and stood firm. Vacillated like a reed in the wind over Covid, but then few countries or leaders have come out of this so far looking good. I’m not sure how you would or could. Besides that I think he’d make an excellent Forest manager. 🤣
  12. Dyche will be chewing his gums off about the discrepancy in pound notes tonight. However I hope the ginger cnut gets a result against the mangy Mancs.
  13. Valhalla. You land and start after leaving Norway in Leicestershire. There are some great accents although I’m not sure anyone could claim to know what the accents were like back then, but apparently even then Snotingham had the more successful football team 🤣
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