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  1. Bless em, the master fisherman reeled em all in like fat pink salmon. Vardy is legend.
  2. Mate get real. We’re winning the league again. Didn’t you know?
  3. Early days. BR seeming to want to build a solid foundation and being far more cautious than he is known to be. We are going to have to spread our wings a bit - literally. Once we do open up a bit and play with more width Youri will start to shine again. I think he has been ok, but little more than that. Then again most of the team have been just about ok and nothing more.
  4. Early days. Give the fella a break. Few in the team are anywhere near peak yet. Chouds probably close. Caglar has been decent. Everyone else a little slow and a little rusty still. He’ll come good.
  5. As expected, tough game. BR trying to set us up to be hard to beat but that is stifling our attacking threat. Sheff Utd were good value, tough team - strayed over the line a bit but were generally decent. Cracking save by Kasper. Worldie by Barnes. Onwards, upwards but we need to improve.
  6. Working closely with the physio’s I believe.
  7. Good. Long may it continue. We should calm them Everdyson - hoovering up the trash.
  8. Love these threads. I mean win the game and we’re nailed on for top 6. Lose and we’re getting relegated. No half measures on FT. Incidentally - we’re going to win the league.
  9. Who doesn’t like a bit of Pink? Get the party started.
  10. 1-3. You need look and debate no further. I’m a time traveller you know. Problem is I only appear able to move through time steadily forwards. Unless I’ve been drinking. Speeds up a bit then.
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