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  1. 4pts from 6 after what happened. Awesome. Could and should have won. But on this day it doesn’t really matter.
  2. ARM1968

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Fantastic result. Great respect from Cardiff and their fans. All round superb.
  3. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    I think it would be very fitting.
  4. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    The flowers, shirts and scarves are quite simply humbling in scale and diversity. To see shirts, banners and scarves from so many other clubs is utterly breathtaking. I imagine Vichai would have been surprised just how he was viewed beyond his beloved Leicester. More than anything this shows the measure of the man. Maybe it would be good to keep all the shirts, scarves, flags etc and create a memorial wall or something. A symbol of the global reach of Vichai and the respect and love for him both here and beyond.
  5. I bet that will be, potentially, a special night. Some things to sort out first though.
  6. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    Bless him. The whole thing is harrowing and pulls at your emotions from every direction. It’s bad enough being one of us, let alone one of those closer to situation and the man himself.
  7. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    Main rotors were still spinning, so continued to provide a lifting force. It was not a free fall as such. I still think it is entirely likely that it was down to the pilot that it landed where it did - it wasn’t just blind luck.
  8. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    AAIB will certainly be watching all videos. The sun video is actually of real interest as, just prior to loss of control, something falls fast to the ground, probably onto the pitch. What it is I don’t know. I imagine the accident was a result of catastrophic tail rotor failure. Selling the the video for profit is wrong though, but in this case it may not have come to light otherwise.
  9. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    No need for argument here. Anyone with experience of flying knows that helicopters are very different from planes. They work in very different ways. They attain lift in a different way, even if there are some vague similarities. If the tail rotor of a helicopter fails it is nearly always catastrophic. The pilot of Vichai’s helicopter pulled off the almost impossible. He got it down in about the only safe spot for ground casualties available to him. The terrible thing is that he was within an ace of getting it down in a manner that might have afforded a reasonable chance of escape for the occupants. It is truly heart rending.
  10. Great respect from Mahrez there. Good on you lad.
  11. ARM1968

    Helicopter crash

    Dan Roan is irrelevant, treat him as such.
  12. ARM1968

    Dan Roan comments

    As in every walk of life there are those who are vile scum, it’s just that the media, by its very nature, attracts more of these bottom feeding lowlifes. They are not all like it by any means, but there are a good many.
  13. ARM1968

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    Every life lost in this accident is just as important, just as tragic, just as sad. Respect to them all.
  14. And that, finally, has done me. Sat alone with silent tears.