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  1. This thread has given me a Laura Laura laughs.
  2. Vardy is great, but he missed a few sitters towards the end of last season.
  3. He's gonna be a fox in the box.
  4. Andy King is not crap at all. He is a solid player who isn't quite Prem standard, but I love the guys loyalty and dedication.
  5. Fuch em.
  6. He is quality. Take the risk. Get him in.
  7. I think you need a good mix of PL experience and quality imports.
  8. We will see I guess but I think Riyad may have missed the boat, train and even the automobile. His performance last last season was nothing special. Shot himself in both feet really. Personally i I hope no one comes in for him and he stays, puts in the effort required next season and helps us achieve something good. Then, perhaps, the big boys will take note again.
  9. Just get this fucher here and on the pitch. Once he starts smashing in the goals no one will be moaning about buy back clauses. Until it gets activated.
  10. Stop it Col, I'm fragile. I'll just melt and become a stain on the carpet. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  11. Col - you picked on me because I disagreed with you, don't try turning the tables. Obviously if you block everyone who disagrees with you inevitably you alter the whole thrust of what a forum is. Anyway, banter is good. Long may it continue. Right or wrong together we are strong.
  12. I no longer wish to trifle with this thread.
  13. Sticky toffee mate with clotted cream. It's the way forward.
  14. At this rate Col will be talking to himself. Probably still fall out with himself though.
  15. No mate. That was.................something else.