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  1. It is still too early to predict what will happen. Covid-19 has not finished with us or the world at large by a long shot and if it’s is anything like Spanish flue was recorded to be in 1918 there is likely to be a 2nd wave and even possibly a 3rd. football is literally meaningless at times like this, and yet due to the finances involved it is still massively Important to resolve things. I’m not sure this season could ever be completed without impacting massively on next season. I personally doubt this wave of the virus will subside much before mid July. Could be a very difficult 12 months ahead of us. the only thing keeping a smile on my face is the sound of wailing and the gnashing of teeth you can hear coming from Liverpool.
  2. Show me a politician who isn’t an absolute cnut and I’ll show you an arsehole that doesn’t shit
  3. Everything is a competition, even life. Funny thing, we all lose. So God must be a bookie.
  4. we’ll know tomorrow. I imagine the league will be postponed for a month at best, but more likely shelved. Reality bites.
  5. Not being funny mate but do some research. What you describe is the normal pathway for a normal virus. This one acts differently, in that it ‘appears’ you can be reinfected. In fact it seems as though the virus uses the very antibodies you create to fight it in order to reinfect. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is happening. Weird but true.
  6. Except you can apparently be reinfected by Covid-19. So not such a great master plan really.
  7. I think it’s called being realistic Mr. Trump.
  8. It likely will be. This virus ain’t about to burn out in a few weeks. Then we will probably see an uptick as winter approaches. Gonna be a long ride folks, and not much room on the four horses of the apocalypse.
  9. Not if we have any in the development squad.
  10. Think Ricardo had a very quiet game, didn’t get up the pitch much, but probably due to him carrying Grealish round in his pocket ALL fuchin match.
  11. Quite right. And Kasper has done fuch all - AGAIN. I apologise. I will step up to the plate. it’s only Villa. They’re going down anyway. Should have put 6 past these jokers. Shows how far we’ve fallen really. Puel out!!!!!
  12. Well that’s pissed me right off. Was looking forward to a proper after match moan. Now what am I going to fuching whinge about? Leicester, always letting me down. Cnuts.
  13. Don’t worry, they’ll pull the league 1 game before Liverpool win it. Then call it a blank season. I would literally piss myself laughing.
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